Commander Forces Command speaks his mind

I saw this tweet today from Major General Gus McLachlan:

Given the female infantry fandangle that has taken off in recently, I was rather curious. So I wanted to know if any females had been selected to play rugby with the blokes:

That was when the bloke who runs the Army for the Chief of Army let us all know what he thinks. And it’s bad news for the men he commands. According to their boss pretty much all of them are weaker than the women:

The good news for the dudes inside Forces Command is that I can guarantee none of them will ever be asked to play against the girls on the footy field…

…and as for ‘ill informed’, a phrase the good general brought up, I remind him of this recent statement by his boss. Major General McLachlan might like to direct his fire at the correct target:

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. If the 5 women he is referring are “fitter and stronger than the vast majority of male soldiers in Forces Command” that would indicate he has failed and should resign.

    He must be accepting a low standard.

    But doubt what he said is the truth. What a bullshit artist

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  2. Err
    *serious question

    Army life *do

    Feel free to correct my typos

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  3. Does Gus have personal protection? If so how many of them are women?

    Also series question how do women in Frontline positions manage their monthlies? What if they’re pregnant without knowing it yet? And what damage does army life due to their fertility and when it does do that damage what costs are incurred by taxpayers? Or is it only the boys that get funded for their sex change operations?

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    • It happens that some women, having deployed on ops, discover they are pregnant.
      And they occasionally have miscarriages either over there or during their return to Australia.
      Pretty traumatic for all involved.

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  4. COMDFORCOMD knows where his bread is buttered.
    He knows what the party line is, that must be repeated loudly from blokes in positions such as the one he holds.
    He’s worked out what works to maximise the chances for future promotion.
    And so he can be relied upon absolutely to tell the world – as he has just done (“They are fitter and stronger than the vast majority of male soldiers in Forces Command”) – that his best soldiers are female.
    Pity about those poor two female police women in Belgium a day or two ago.
    What went wrong there, for flip’s sake?
    Attacked by one man.
    Stabbed by him.
    Then shot to death after he took their personal weapons.
    A blip.
    So never mind any of that.
    You all out there just listen to Gus.
    Women can do anything.
    Got that?
    Hollywood tells us so.
    “Care Bear” Campbell also tells us so.
    And now – so too does Gus McLachlan.
    Rest easy, citizens.
    Our generals have got our safety all squared away.
    And we are in very good hands.
    Female hands.
    The best of the best.
    So good are those hands – who needs any men?

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  5. Plenty of international studies show it isn’t a good idea both for the damage it does to women physiologically & for combat effectiveness.US marine study from 2013 that can be found on google very enlightening with stats. However look how progressive we are (sarc off)

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  6. Maj Gen McLachlan obviously never listens to himself when he speaks, therefore he never realises when he sounds so patently ridiculous.

    Unless of course……these “women” he is referring to were once blokes…or still are sporting (pun intended) mens junk…..But assuming we take his response at face value then this guy is what Borat would say, “He is mental retard”.

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    • Wow.firstly I seriously challenge the assertion. Secondly you are comparing apples with oranges. 5 unique women compared to a large group of men? Turn the tables around. 5 unique men compared to a large group of women AND the 5 unique women. Know doubt who would win a serious combat fitness test there.

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