Interviews with Sky News and 2GB

Yesterday I spoke with Ben Fordham on 2GB regarding the failed plan to place females in the infantry:

And I chatted with him last night on Sky News’ Bolt Report:

I have also spoken to the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail Australia – you can read those stories here and here.

Thank you all for your encouragement, donations, support and tips. Without you, this would never have made it into the media.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Global Firepower ranks Australia as #21 and Indonesia as #15, with the US as #1.

    President Widodo and his generals are no doubt killing themselves laughing at these fools in South Irian who somehow think ‘nice’ Indonesia will reciprocate by preferentially putting women into combat roles.

    The left are not preening themselves with virtue signalling, rather what they are doing under the cover of political correctness, is consciously sabotaging Australia on two levels; have the women not produce the next generation to induce Anglo European collapse on this continent, and to invite Indonesian invasion by this demographic collapse, while Indonesia’s population will swell to 400M, from the 250m at present, by 2050.

    Well before then, folks, well before another 32 yrs has passed the population pressures will be so great in Indonesia that they will see this continent as the Terra Nullius more so than those who came before us saw it as.

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  2. Absolutely ridiculous .No place for female soldiers.End of story

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  3. History shows that even in the times of greatest need, during 2 world wars, Vietnam, Malaysia, Iraq, Afghanistan when our forces required maximum numbers, neither the Army nor the governments considered that females could play an effective role in the front line. They perform magnificently in the support units thereby releasing more men for combat and the army should be encouraging them to enlist in those units.
    Politics has no place in the defence forces and the push towards so called political correctness is a subversive action that will ultimately result in our once highly regarded army, navy and air forces being debased by other nations around the world.
    Seeing how all these changes in philosophy are being instituted by our current and recent generals,
    I wouldn’t put them in charge of a boy scouts jamboree, let alone our countries defence forces that we all rely on for our national security.

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    • Couldn’t agree more, also on politics not belonging in the armed forces I have heard (needs to be verified) that armed forces are also being subjected to openly supporting homosexuality or else it will be noted unfavourably on their service record. Is that correct? Also the involvement of the armed forces on the streets participating in the Sydney Mardigrass is making a political statement which surely is a breach of military conduct, can that be verified?

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  4. I served in Vietnam in armoured and saw action and to my mind it is no place for women if we have all female units okay but the way I was educated you look after the women and in action you are to busy doing your job to worry about the safety of women and I am a firm believer in the equality of the sexes combat is not nice and it is not like the movies when someone gets killed or wounded it is not pretty so no to women in combat rolls

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    • This has all come about because the Left politically correctness brigade decided the abolish the Women’s Royal Australian Army corps. Where women served and did a brilliant job of support for the male units. And had their own trades, Corps song and history to be proud of. No sexual harassment when an all female command.
      And of course women aren’t built like men – their traditional role is to support the male who will fight off any attacks on the family unit and for her to bear the children. Meaning not built for combat. Yes they can do martial arts and sports but combat isn’t just a game, its a fight to the death. Men are built for this role. And many wont join if they have to be chosen only if a woman cant do the job. This is just the Left destroying our ability to defend Australia in their insane plan for the world to be governed by the UN once chaos is achieved and Law & Order broken down.

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      • Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! appraissal

    • We should be listening more closely to those who have “been there” so that all can learn from their valued experience.GBU mate

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