Tim’s out

Tim’s out.

That’s what his Twitter handle says.

And that’s what will be happening in August when his term as ‘Race Discrimination Commissioner’ ends.

And he’s done such a good job of being a Commissar of Race Discrimination that at the end of last year he was able to boast that racists were now freely roaming our streets.

Well done to Tim. He clearly used the first four of his five years on $346,000 to meet all his KPIs.

True, according to Tim some of the racists were merely those who want immigration cut. I guess they’d be labelled political racists. And others just don’t like Islam. They’re the religious racists.

And although he didn’t mention them specifically, there are probably others who just enjoy Western civilisation.

I guess they’re the middle-aged white-Anglo supremacists, or plain old bigots for short.

Anyway, thanks to Tim, in all these categories number are up.

As he stated so well in the Sydney Morning Herald on 29 December 2017, last year was the year ‘racism surged’, gaining new credibility and potency.

It kind of indicates that it’s not such a great idea to pay someone fistfuls of cash to go around being a Race Discrimination Commissioner.

Get rid of Tim. Then get rid of his position. And the racism will go too.

The government would be far better scrapping this Leftist rort altogether and putting the money towards something useful: like new police cars…

By the way, Tim’s not so sure we need them. This is what he had to say on 22 April this year:

The panic about African youth crime has undoubtedly done significant damage to racial harmony in Melbourne and Australian society more generally.

Obviously, according to Tim, there’s far more important issues to worry about. Like the diversity of board members at Australia’s major banks…

Tim Jong-Un

One of the late, great Bill Leak’s best cartoons.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Hello. The job title ” Race Discrimination Commissioner” sounds like something from the Stalinist Soviet Union. A political ruse to repress free Speach. “A feel good,don’t be rude or upset anyone with your comments or observations of other peoples bad behavior position” Oh and it pays very well.
    Sadly, people like Tim and there are many of them that are only ready to tell everyone how to behave,what to say or not say and how to think or else you may find yourself fronting a judge and jury if you don’t follow the politically correct Line. Just turn on the TV and there they are very morning, daytime and at night, these pathetic,narcissistic wet tissue talking heads. My impression of Tim is that he is copromised by his role, just following the script written by someone beyond the screen.
    Sadly this observation also applies to the political class and MSM, they are all pushing the same agenda.
    The more we see of them and their pontificating/scaremongering the more shallow and transparent they become.
    Just switch off the programming and they will quickly fade away.


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  2. I don’t recall that Tim was unduly exercised about Paki rape and grooming gangs in Australia – as we are reminded this Ramadan, the month of jihad.

    Oh wait. Because they were fast-tracked to Australian citizenship by Dutton – they must now be referred to as Australian grooming and rape gangs. Shouldn’t this remind the Kaffirs that in the U.K. the Paki rape and grooming gangs must (by law) be referred to as ‘Asian’ gangs and ‘youths’.


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  3. Sadly not enough realise that the left went to war with our western values years ago, every level of our society, including the Liberal part leadership, has been infiltrated. If people do not soon wake up our society will be totally destroyed by these idiots. The first part of the fix is to clean out the left from the Liberal party, so they can get on with making some good decisions. instead of being part pf the problem. Half the ministers in the government seem to be on the wrong side, this includes Turnbull, Payne, Hunt, Freidenberg and many more. If these people are allowed to run the main conservative /Liberal party then there is no hope.

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  4. Bernard, I would like to nominate you as the next Anti Discrimination kommisar

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  5. Australia is not a racist country. We have welcomed immigrants from many different nationalities & they have largely contributed to our wonderful country in many ways. Sadly the moslem ideology is hell bent on destroying our way of life, & that of all democratic countries globally! They don’t want to assimilate, they don’t respect our freedom of speech, they don’t respect our religions (which as I pointed out before is not like islam which is an ideology) they don’t respect our laws, they don’t respect our National Anthem or flag, & certainly don’t respect us as Australians or us as a nation! They clearly don’t like it here so send them back to their country of origin. Of course there are good & bad in every race but firstly Islam is not a race (it’s an ideology as I said before) & secondly it’s the moslem gangs causing the crime rate to rise dramatically & other than imam Tawhidi no other moslem seems to be prepared to speak out against these thugs.

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    • I agree wholeheartedly,
      My father, along it with thousands of other Australians, fought to win our country from the Japanese.
      He was never the same man again after he returned.
      The Australian soldiers fought for our FREEDOM…that includes freedom of speech.
      Now we are slowly passing our country over to the Muslim immigration.
      They would be as welcome as all other refugees & immigrants to our country if they were to assimilate…but they won’t & never will.
      I am very elderly now but worry that our politically correct politicians are not serious about the future of this country.
      If Sonia & Bernard are lost to this madness, we are finished as a free nation.

      Although t

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    • Bernard you are spot on about the discontent of Aussies regarding Muslim clergy promoting a way of life that is not acceptable to our dudao Christian following, they will ruin this country in unchecked.

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