A canary named John

Meet John Sunol:

And meet him again:

From the videos you can gather that John Sunol is not the brightest spark to have graced this world. And you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to grasp the fact that Sunol suffers from some kind of physical and mental incapacity.

That’s because he does.

According to Sunol’s website, he was involved in a car accident in the late 1970s. Unwisely, he’s also publicised to the world that he received $400,000 in compensation as a result of that accident. It was placed in trust for him and now the vultures are circling.

And when I say vultures, I mean the anti-discrimination industry and its hanger-onnerers.

They can see a big fat payday coming their way. And to get it, they are prepared to send John to jail.

Because that is exactly where he is headed. And he’ll wind up there because John Sunol is the kind of guy that the world would cross the street just to avoid.

So much for our ‘compassionate society’.

Anti-discrimination law, which pretends to have disabled people at its heart, is soon going to claim as its greatest scalp a brain damaged man who lacks the financial, mental, social or intellectual skills to defend himself or even understand the situation he is in.

And let’s be honest about John. Most of us would cross that street if we saw him coming.

He’s barred from being a taxi driver because he defecated in his pants and fell asleep at the wheel.

He’s simple. And neurotic, narcissistic, prone to conspiracies and has delusions of grandeur.

He can’t get a job.

But he does believe that he will live until Jesus Christ returns.

He also believes that his YouTube rants reverberate around the world when they only do so around his mind. The first video above was published almost three years ago to the day and had just 75 views this morning. A leader of an army of vigilantes ready to wreak havoc across Sydney John Sunol most certainly is not.

One of those views was mine today. The rest probably come from cellar-dwellers who want a laugh at a mentally and physically disabled man before they lodge anti-discrimination complaints against him.

And that really is John’s sole purpose in this world. He’s the guy that anti-discrimination case law is built upon.

Even the New South Wales Attorney General acknowledges this. In his speech to parliament yesterday announcing new laws and changes to the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW), Mark Speakman cited Sunol’s name. But he didn’t mention that he was brain damaged. Or mostly legally unrepresented.

All that mattered was the case law that the anti-discrimination industry has created at the expense of this mentally-incapacitated shell of a man. Case law that now applies to the rest of us.

Sunol has been taken to the cleaners since 2005. Hundreds of complaints have been lodged against him, firstly by Henry Collier and more recently by Garry Burns.

The old Administrative Decisions Tribunal (ADT) and the new New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) have heard at least 15 cases against him. Sunol now owes Burns close to $60,000, despite Burns’ public protestation that he does not seek financial reward for his ‘work’ (as he describes it).

Sunol is unable to pay and has been bankrupt since 2014. Now the justice system has turned its focus to the trust controlling his compensation payout.

And just what was Sunol’s crime?

Posting incoherent rambling and ranting about homosexuality in general and Burns in particular onto a website that is pretty much frequented only by Burns. This is an exact copy of the first of Sunol’s statements to have been found to be unlawful:

‘I have spoken out sharply against the Gay Lobby and feminist lefttist social changes which are anti-God and out to destroy todays society. This includes,

Same sex partners Marriage:

Adoption for homosexual couples:

Decriminalised drugs, Mariuajana and Heroine ect:

and other such evils.’

Sure. Some may disagree with this but if that is ‘hate speech’ then no one is safe from the anti-discrimination industry.

And it’s also true that Sunol’s other writing contains vulgar language and common slang to describe homosexuals. Some of the content could be likened to that of the Westborough Baptist Church, which infamously and grotesquely picketed the funerals of US personnel who had died in Iraq.

It’s not very nice stuff. It’s certainly not Catholic. But Sunol isn’t picketing funerals. His main point, as far as can be ascertained, is that he believes homosexuality to be immoral. There’s nothing earth-shattering about that.

But mostly he’s blowing into the wind and the anti-discrimination industry is busying itself capturing the fragments of his unpunctuated, poorly capitalised and incomprehensible sentences and analysing them for Thought Crimes.

Burns is just about the only person in the world who cares what John Sunol says. He’s even told the NCAT that he has a ‘google alert’ so that he is notified every time Sunol posts to the internet. What a life Burns must lead…

Sunol has not helped himself by granting control of his website to an autistic man living in Vietnam who fled Australia because he believes he is in danger from Gay Liaison Officers in the New South Wales Police.

This is the real world of anti-discrimination law, where mental insanity is presided over by Thought Police intent on sending a message to the rest of Australia: you’re next.

As I’m caught up in it, I’m either part of that world or rapidly heading that way. This stuff does your head in.

Sunol doesn’t stop. So the complaints don’t stop.

But Sunol can’t stop. He doesn’t know how to. The truth is that he cannot properly be considered responsible for his actions. He needs medical care, not questions from an anti-discrimination commissar.

So he will most likely end up in jail.

Sunol was referred to the Supreme Court for contempt on 25 May. Yesterday he was ordered to pay Burns another $2,500. And he’s also been convicted of using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend Burns. On Burns’ Facebook page there is a comment that Sunol will soon face court again in relation to that matter for breaching orders not to use Burns’ name on the internet.

These charges, by the way, were brought by the same police force that found Burns’ emails offering Islamic organisations my address or threatening me with assault were merely ‘free speech’.

Burns claims that Sunol’s actions have threatened his life. Yet he goads Sunol to continue. Burns’ webpage is often devoted to taunting Sunol and boasting of his victories over this disabled man. In contrast, if I understand the situation correctly, Sunol cannot even launch a GoFundMe page for his legal fees because doing so could identify Burns, breach his orders and land him in the slammer.

Sunol has appeared in courts or tribunals too many times to count. Yet his stuttering words, clear lack of comprehension and incoherence has never once caused anyone to question whether natural justice is served by forcing a legally unrepresented and brain-damaged man to account for his beliefs to the Thought Police.

And now the state that could not bring itself to jail Man Haron Monis, the perpetrator of the Lindt Café terrorist attack, after he was charged in relation to a murder and a series of other violent and sexual crimes is in the final process of incarcerating John Sunol.

This is the sad truth: John Sunol is the canary in Australia’s free speech coal mine.

He’s a nobody. He has no following. He has no influence. He’s not a person in a position of power. He doesn’t even have his mind.

The only things Sunol has left are his freedom and his life. If he loses the former he may well lose the latter too. It’s hard to see him lasting behind bars.

This canary is about to be snuffed out completely by the anti-discrimination industry. And the message will be loud and clear: if it can destroy a loser with nothing left to lose, it can come after the rest of us who do have things to protect and save.

All of us are somebodies compared to John. All of us have more following, more influence and more power. And that means we will also be deemed to have more responsibility for our thoughts and words than John.

That’s the chilling implication in all of this. The anti-discrimination industry does not show its power by taking down the Prime Minister. It shows its power by taking down a John Sunol.

If it can destroy a no-one, it can destroy anyone.

If it has the power to jail a mentally-disabled man, it has the power to jail anyone who is not mad (and drive them insane on the way).

When the John Sunols of this world are shut up, millions more will choose to mute themselves.

The response is silence. Fear-filled, chilling silence.

Let’s hope sanity prevails in relation to this surreal case of John Sunol. The rest of us need this canary to survive, even if for no other reason than pure self-preservation.

If John is jailed, some of us will become the next canaries. The anti-discrimination industry needs them to justify its very existence. And they won’t be someone important (yet)…


Please sign the petition to the New South Wales Attorney General calling on him to hold an inquiry into the conduct and operation of the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. What defies me is why anyone cares what John Sunol thinks or says. They are his opinions. Where have the days gone where one’s beliefs were personal and if they offended someone, so what? I have never heard of a right not to be offended, and how would it be possible for virtually any speech or thought not to offend someone, somewhere!
    The world has gone mad I am afraid and is being run by a lot of morons pushing their own society destroying agendas surrounded in a mantle of self righteous satisfaction, and in order to stop anyone expressing dissatisfaction with their behavior we are being subjected to idiotic and malignant laws that shut down any dissension or discussion of the madness.
    ” Mr Speakman said. “The door is never closed to reform.” Well all I can say to Mr Speakman is that these ridiculous, humiliating anti-discrimination panels need massive reform and at least a modicum of common sense injected into them.
    As for serial idiots and individual destroying thugs like Burns they should be totally ignored by the powers that be or incarcerated for awhile to shut them up. They are the destructive parasites of our communities. But then these are just my personal thoughts.

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    TUESDAY JUNE 19, 2019

    Crusader sparks talk of reform

    NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman has said the “door is never closed to reform” of antidiscrimination laws after it emerged one person was responsible for lodging more than 100 complaints that were then referred to the state’s administrative tribunal.

    Serial litigant Garry Burns pursues people who make homophobic comments in public, primarily by complaining to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board.

    The Australian revealed his one-man legal crusade has resulted in the bankrupting — and potential jailing — of a former cabbie whose family says is brain damaged, and taken up countless court hours at significant cost to taxpayers, prompting calls to overhaul the law.

    Mr Burns has lodged 77 complaints about former Newcastle cab driver John Sunol, leading to about 24 tribunal or court matters and about 29 days of hearings.

    Mr Sunol suffered a serious brain injury in 1978, and his family says he does not properly understand the consequences of his actions. He faces a federal criminal charge and a possible charge of contempt for failing to abide by tribunal rulings.

    Mr Burns has also lodged 36 ADB complaints about conservative Christian blogger Bernard Gaynor, leading to 18 NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal cases, three NSW Local Court cases and litigation in the NSW Supreme Court, NSW Court of Appeal and High Court.

    The litigation has cost Mr Gaynor, a former army officer and father of eight, more than $200,000 and forced him to sell his house.

    Mr Burns has also pursued high-profile personalities, including radio broadcaster John Laws, former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett and actor and singer Rob Mills.

    Asked if he believed Mr Burns’s pursuit of the pair was oppressive, and warranted a review of the workings of the ADB, Mr Speakman said anyone in the state could “lodge a complaint with the Anti-Discrimination Board if they believe they have suffered a detriment”.

    The Attorney-General said complaints not resolved by the board’s conciliation process were determined by the tribunal. Respondents in tribunal proceedings could apply to the Supreme Court to have an applicant declared vexatious.

    “The operation of the ADA is monitored to ensure the legislation is operating as intended,” Mr Speakman said. “The door is never closed to reform.”

    The Institute of Public Affairs director of policy, Simon Breheny, said it was time to review anti-discrimination laws in NSW.

    “The NSW government should be looking at a full review of the way anti-discrimination law operates,” he said.

    “We’ve had piecemeal reform over a number of years, rather than looking at the whole system and the way it interacts with commonwealth law and other areas of the law in NSW.”

    Mr Breheny said he believed the threshold for launching complaints under anti-discrimination laws should be lifted.

    “Lifting the threshold substantially to the level of a crime and allowing the police to investigate would be a good resolution as it would virtually eliminate the problem of serial complainants,” he said.

    He said no-cost legal regimes should be abolished because they encouraged the initiation of “frivolous legal disputes”.

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  3. A note to the above “Craig Young” who seems to be suggesting that Mr Sunol should be put into protective custody, before some homosexual psychopath seriously hurts him. Who else would hurt him? Anybody who knows John Sunol knows he is harmless and wouldn’t hurt a fly. And he was a brilliant cab driver in the past, pulling in 4 to 5 thousand dollars gross a week. But “Garry Burns” conducted an ultimately successful political lobbying campaign to have Sunol’s taxi authority removed. What I find objectionable and reprehensible about this judgemental and virtue-signalling attitude of “Craig Young” is that it is based on a complete lack of knowledge and insight into the root cause of the epic Burns v Sunol saga, as described on the front page of ‘The Weekend Australian’ today. And his comments show ignorance about the person he wants locked up. Sunol has been demonised by all and sundry. Reports of adverse NCAT decisions in the gay media, such as the Star Observer, do incite hatred and contempt against Mr Sunol on the grounds of his disability. This theoretically is also unlawful under anti discrimination law, but we won’t labour that point. This “Garry Burns” person published on his Facebook – between his gloating over court wins against his impoverished and unrepresented victim – that Sunol is a “defenceless fuckwit”. The irony and poetic justice in this long legal dispute between Sunol and Burns is that the doggedness and childlike innocence of Sunol, at the end of the day will prevail, and Burns has now been made by Sunol to look like a bloody idiot for bringing the vilification law’s into disrepute, wasting taxpayers money, and ruining the lives of good people. Burns thought Sunol was a pushover – a “useful idiot” to make case law and get money from – and to some degree he was – but his resilience and financial protection against orders to pay Burns money have humiliated and angered NCAT, making them look like a “paper tiger”. That’s why they want him jailed for Contempt. I think that at the end of the day folk might see Sunol as a comical working class hero – an “idiot savant” – who, without the aid of lawyers and money, has shone a light on the whole corrupt punishment-by-process anti discrimination industry in NSW, and defeated it, leaving Burns wallowing in self pity, nursing his hurt narcissistic ego, being despised by the homosexual community and the general public alike. The movie script for this story will be somewhere between “The Castle” comedy and “The Trial” by Franz Kafka. John is a devout fundamentalist evangelical Christian and of course this automatically makes him an “ignorant bigot” through the eyes of Bible-hating homosexual activists. But one thing John Sunol has said that seems to suggest an act of pure religious faith over reason: “The ways of the Lord are mysterious”. They sure are, judging by this story!

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  4. The big one will be Sonia Kruger, if she gets in trouble then we are all in deep s**t. Unless, unless we get off our asses and protest to close down the thought police

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    • El,
      “…unless we get off our asses…”
      Why, are we riding donkeys?

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  5. “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

    Copyright © United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC

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  6. Heterosexuals who are not kneeling to Allah for Ramadan will not have to miss their opportunity to assume the position because Gay Pride Month is upon us.

    In the vanguard of the Infernal Column is the campaign against ‘toxic masculinity

    No they are not talking here about sadists and serial killers. They are talking about designated homophobes like John and ultimately they are talking about normal blokey blokes and our hometown heroes who think and act for themselves.

    Nanny Oz simply can not have that in The Era of Equality 2020-50.

    Aussiest Interview Ever. What a Legend!

    Designated homophobes like John will be the first in the frame for state sanctioned ‘due process’ and treatment. I seriously doubt that freedom of health choice (everywhere being rolled back in Oz) will have any bearing on him as a ‘case’. Unless a lot of people follow the lead of blokes like Bernard and Daniel McConnell, Oz is in for a Category 5 shitstorm on this issue alone.

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  7. So the legal profession is quite okay with this debasement and politicization of their institution? None in that profession dare speak out about it?

    A rather pathetic and short sighted bunch aren’t they.

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  8. In which case, why aren’t you personally encouraging Mr Sunol to accept the medical care and treatment he so clearly needs, Bernard? Why aren’t you personally advocating strongly for protective custody and medical care to remedy his behavioural and conduct problems before he’s seriously hurt?

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    • Craig I am really interested in your response here. Just who are you suggesting would ‘seriously hurt’ this man?

      It’s interesting that since I posted this article an LGBT advocate has already stated on Twitter that John should be ‘shot in the head’.

      John needs help but we all know who the violence-advocating bullies here are…

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  9. The Burns v Sunol saga is a public scandal. An estimated $3 million of taxpayers money has been consumed by staff of the NSW Anti Discrimination Board and by highly paid judicial activists on special panels at the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal. But they see the money as not wasted.

    The 74 formal complaints against Mr Sunol’s blog comments lodged with the ADB by Mr Garry Richard Burns, over the past 8 years, were all ‘rubber-stamped’ by fellow gay activists on the staff of the ADB and sent to NCAT for ‘external judgement’. There was no attempt to investigate or conciliate in accordance with the theoretical statutory obligations of the ADB.

    You see, that is because Mr Sunol has the perfect qualifications to act as a ‘case law donkey’. He is expendable because he is on the very bottom of the social and political hierarchy in Australia. He is suffering from brain injury caused by a near fatal car accident in 1978 that put him in a coma for 6 months and after that many years recovery working in a sheltered workshop. He got a insurance payout of $400,000 in 1984. Due to remnants of brain damage his relatives created a trust to look after that money for him and get him a house which he lives in now but does not own. Other than that he is bankrupt and his only creditor named on the bankruptcy paperwork is one Garry Richard Burns to whom he owes $49,500 in cumulative damages awards made in favour of Burns for hurt feelings – caused by reading derogatory comments about homosexuality and the homosexual political agenda on a blog that was hijacked by an autistic man who befriended Mr Sunol but who lives overseas and is therefore outside the reach of the Thought Police.

    Now here’s the rub. On May 25, 2018 Mr Burns won a contempt of court application to NCAT, based on the premise that because Mr Sunol has not paid Mr Burns $55,000, therefore he is in contempt of tribunal orders. In a nice touch, Burns has added $5,500 in interest to the sum of money he is demanding from Mr Sunol. The Tribunal has referred Mr Sunol to the Supreme Court on contempt charges for disobeying their orders to pay Burns large sums of money, when the lawyers for the bankruptcy authority have said that the $55,000 debt to Burns is not a court-ordered fine or debt, it is only an award made in a civil dispute resolution Tribunal and therefore can be avoided by bankruptcy.

    What is going on with this hard-to-believe story that is taking place in our community while everybody (apart from Bernard and his supporters) look the other way? John Christopher Sunol has been used, brain damaged and unrepresented in Tribunal hearings, to make very severe and onerous case-law in relation to the use and impact of section 49ZT of the Anti Discrimination Act 1977. That particular Orwellian amendment was implemented in 1993 when it passed into legislation by a majority of one, when the police minister Ted Pickering crossed the floor.

    Once they have demonised Mr John Sunol and locked him away in jail much to the delight of the gay media around Australia (such as the Star Observer) – the case law that cost $3 million to create, remains. That case law is horrendous for anybody passionately opposed to e.g., homosexual marriage or homosexual propaganda in our schools and who operates a blog to crusade on these and related issues. You will have to fork out money to any gay activist who stalks your blog for that purpose, or go to jail for contempt. You see, this case law could only be created using a damaged and disabled human being as a means to an end. It is considered more than unethical. It is evil in the sense of ‘the banality of evil’

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    • This country has gone to hell. The UK is further down the path than Australia. I refer to the case of Tommy Robinson who got locked up & tried by a secret court recently. The authoritarian UK Government & EU are heading for a violent backlash & fragmentation if they keep up their policy of persecution. Even George Soros told the EU parliament to back down in the case of Italy’s election.

      At some point we will see the growing over-reach of routine judicial tyranny into the lives of non-christian Australians. Then, it will be a question of whether the community will rise against this like we are starting to see in Europe…..Who knows but you can guarantee life will get much worse before it gets better.

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    • Arthur,
      Thanks for this information, which gives a fuller context to the article in today’s Weekend Australian. The headline calls Burns a ‘crusader’, but perhaps ‘jihadi’ would be more

      “Anti-discrimination” allows the subjective, self-identified minority status of LGBTIQA to receive more legal protection than the genuine minority status of people whose physical and mental disabilities have been observed and tested by medical professionals.

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  10. The ADT has sunk to the lowest of the low in persecuting a man whose communication consists of disjointed, rambling thoughts. He says in his first video that he does not believe anyone can know truth about life or morals or right or wrong because of the size of the universe. So clearly he takes his beliefs about right and wrong from what he learned in his childhood.

    The government is prepared to send a man like this to jail?

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  11. Clearly, Mr Sunol needs a carer, or at some point, he will end up antagonising someone who will subject him to interpersonal violence, perhaps even life-threatening. He seems to have no insight into his behaviour, and by promoting it, you do him no favours. I think this gentleman needs to be in the protective care of a rest home environment, where he will receive expert and compassionate care from qualified professionals. Surely, whatever one’s views are about homosexuality, one can agree on that?

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    • I’m not sure what part of this you didn’t understand:

      But Sunol can’t stop. He doesn’t know how to. The truth is that he cannot properly be considered responsible for his actions. He needs medical care, not questions from an anti-discrimination commissar.

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  1. Part Three: I told you so, Australian Christian Lobby – Bernard Gaynor - […] Instead, write to the ACL and ask it this: what has it done to help John Sunol? […]

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