‘War crimes’ report written with a ‘gender lens’

Today we woke to headlines from the left-wing Fairfax and ABC media that Australia’s special forces units were involved in ‘war crimes’ in Afghanistan.

Yet there were no specific allegations from this ‘leaked’ report, which has very coincidentally hit the media just days after the Army sustained criticism for its push for ‘Xena’ women warriors and lower standards for entry into special forces.

And the media reporting did not mention at all any of the following about the author of this report:

  • Samantha Crompvoets proudly describes herself as a feminist.
  • She has now been paid more than $4.6 million by Defence to promote politically-correct cultural change agendas.
  • She runs a firm which is almost entirely staffed by females and which she admits is unable to attract job applications from males.
  • She has called for Defence to apply a ‘gender lens’ to everything it does.

Rapid Context, the firm she runs, has just won an award for ‘flexible working hours’. Given special forces soldiers operate 24/7 on a battlefield with a severe shortage of childcare centres, this makes it well placed to provide useless information to Defence.

This is especially so, considering that most of those who work in special forces are men and Rapid Context is a testosterone free zone.

Samantha Crompvoets has a history of investigating ‘war crimes’.

She has been involved in investigating war crimes at the AFL, at the Australian National University and at Sovereign Hill mining.

And her work is replete with sentences like these:

Payne has asked that she be judged by her work, rather than her gender, and I, like other feminists, would hope that’s the case. However, it’s her experience as a woman in Government, as a woman who knows the Defence landscape, and as a woman who proudly calls herself a feminist, that brings an unprecedented vantage point unseen in the Department until now. It is this vantage point that will be a significant point of difference from her predecessors.

And these:

…Further, gender remains a central cultural lens necessary to understand the take-up of flexibility options. The ‘preference’ demonstrated here by males for more informal options may not be such a ‘free choice’ but one that is a shaped and constrained by the ADF circumstance; that is, an environment that values and rewards those members who are fully present and able to ‘render unrestricted service’. Formal FWAs require men to challenge such constructions. ‘Informal’ options thus emerge as the middle ground, enabling the balancing of ‘work’ and ‘life’ spheres. Strong associations between family/childcaring (traditionally more ‘feminine’) reasons marginalise non-family reasons as legitimate reasons for requesting FWAs.

It would be a strange world if units like the SAS did not have problems to overcome. This unit has a proud history. But it is still filled with humans who suffer from faults and flaws.

However, the problems that may exist are being seized upon by social justice warriors to feminise our elite fighting units and neuter our military.

There is a broader push underway to transform our special forces units into ‘safe spaces’ for women.

I have no doubt that at some point this will occur. I also have no doubt that to make this happen people will be thrown under the bus.

The careers and reputations of some of Australia’s bravest fighting men are now in the process of being sacrificed on the altar of diversity and political correctness.

Since 2012 the Australian Defence Force has basically come under the command of the Australian Human Rights Commission. Special forces are the last bastion holding out against human rights commissars.

I fear that this final stronghold is about to be overcome. Australia’s military will be far worse off as a result.

The changes underway have been in train for many years but really began in earnest in 2012 by Labor’s Stephen Smith. They’ve been further entrenched under the ‘leadership’ of Australia’s feminist Defence Minister, Marise Payne.

There is no chance that action will be taken to stop the rot in the military until Turnbull is replaced by a proper conservative. That is unlikely to happen any time soon and it probably won’t occur until a Labor government is defeated. Given the electoral cycle, that may not be until 2025.

By that stage, the social justice warriors will have been running Defence for 13 years. It will take just as long to rectify the damage that has been caused.

Australians should prepare themselves for the likelihood that our military’s moral compass, morale and leadership will be out of action until almost 2040.

Defence documents state that they are preparing to fight the return of Xena then. Australians should be far more worried about China’s ambitions.

I can absolutely guarantee you that its special forces units are not subject to a ‘gender lens’. Or to reports about ‘war crimes’ written by feminist academics who have interviewed a bunch of bureaucrats from the public service about OH&S problems…

Samantha Crompvoets

Samantha Crompvoets has been paid more than $4.6 million by Defence for cultural change ‘research’ since 2012.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Dutton needs to clean this one up also.

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  2. The $4.6 million would have been better spent on the physical and mental treatment of veterans past and present. PC has no place in the battle space and will be the first casualty.

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  3. BG: “…this ‘leaked’ report, which has very coincidentally hit the media just days after the Army sustained criticism for its push for ‘Xena’ women warriors and lower standards for entry into special forces…”

    Spot on about the timing: pure PA / perception management, I guess now within the “Information Battlespace” AO mashed by Strategic Policy closely with Deputy Chief IW, then lawyers getting the orders both formal and loose / verbal OTR. Public shamings and scapegoats to come, possibly even discrete exonerations of actual rogues and psychopaths deemed useful for later on…

    This sordid tale seems an update on the Boer War Morant-Hancock scandal a la ‘Scapegoats of Empire’…

    The choice of civilian Irvine looks like cunning sleaze: likely with detailed preparatory and ongoing discussion with Duncan Lewis to help goad and ensnare any SAF members less than forthcoming or just less than intimidated.

    An obvious question: if the allegations are so serious and long ago, how come the chain of command has not dealt with them via the DFDA? An obvious answer: because it’s politically expedient to stymie or neuter summary authority responsibilities while actually encouraging scandal as useful political opportunities i.e., yet further politicization of the scene.

    The allegations have been there since years ago but the matter kept on the boiler to be served up for external public distraction and internal bureaucratic leverage.

    A deeply and widely demoralized military due to it having been completely politicized long ago. Time for a diagnosis by the likes of Beck, Stauffenberg et al

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  4. This is frightening, Is the Dept of defence out of Control?

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  5. The answer is simple. Give women their own battalions. Run by there own commands,

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  6. “She has now been paid more than $4.6 million by Defence to promote politically-correct cultural change agendas.”
    Before her Firm can carry out the job they have been hired to do surely they should get to know their subject. Therefore what should happen is that she and a select group that are going to be carrying out the task, should, a. Attend the Basic Training course at Kapooka, b. Whether they pass the course or not they should work with an Infantry Unit for at least six months, c. Do a limited three month tour of duty in Afghanistan d. Submit a comprehensive report on their experiences to the Minister of Defence, then perhaps they might be qualified to carry out the assigned task of promoting PC cultural change agendas in the Defence Forces. Has anybody asked the PM or the Minister for Defence (I use both terms very loosely) why this project was authorised and who authorised it? If any reporter has the gumption to do that and gets a realistic answer it should be published immediately in the MSM after all doesn’t the public have the right to know where they are wasting our money and why.

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  7. What ? Samantha can’t attract a man to work for her company ???? Well if she’s into flexible – working arrangements – for her staff I could show her a thing or two :))) …. How about employing a big fat hairy burnt out, dysfunctional, PTSD suffering, anger management, anxiety, severe depression, short fused, arrogant (so I’m told), Veteran as her public liaison officer…….I’m really a sensitive new age feminist when you get to know me….

    I’d be taking sooo many sickies she would never see me. If that doesn’t test her flexibility, nothing will.

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  8. Bernard, I see that the new submarine contract has gone pear shaped for the workers in SA

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  9. Rapid Context sounds to me like a Cultural Marxist investigation unit for hire. I confidently predict they will be very productive in using the ‘gender lens’ to create made to order atrocity propaganda for their clients. And this will play in all the FAKENN for the Long March Through the Institutions.

    Whatever they contrive for the DF or any of their other clients, they will be incapable of discovering the social carnage of the Long March.

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  10. Australian marines in PANTIES will be impotent at winning and fighting infantry in hand to hand combat missions, special forces operations.Feminists are by definition socialists and our countries defense ministry is led by one.I just hope we never have to go to war while fighting over who wears the pants and how many of them and how many of us there are.DUMB & DUMBER!!

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    • The answer is simple. Give women their own battalions. Run by there own commands,

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      • Possibly the stupidest thing i’ve heard….ever!!!

  11. FMD Zena & now this. Sad to say I believe you, this about pushing females into SF. Fear not though sometime in the next generation the PRC though careful IMO will overstep the mark somewhere in the Asian region or other events such as an unknown unknown will trigger a conflict that will put all this by the wayside very quickly and decisively.

    Interestingly I have walked through the area where the last unlawful killing complaints came from. I did hear some home truths about the incident but don’t think it warranted the Courts Martial. The locals were untrustworthy and resented our presence to the point they weren’t shy about it. Had soldiers pelted with rocks by children. So when the allegations of a war crime was made I was not surprised where it came from, what did surprise me was the speed which the ABC ran with a story with a lot of holes & how the Labor Government at the time was so willing to sell out our boys.

    This time I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few people hung out to dry. I hope I am wrong though…

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  12. Well I’ve got to agree with her. Sooner or later men are going to realize they are defending a system that is so discriminatory toward them they’ll have no choice but to ask themselves ”Why?” Any sane person would. All males who want to join the Services should be required to sit at the back of the Family Law Courts of Australia for a week. If they still want to join after that, go for it. They are exactly the kind of people the military want!

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