Lawfare is silencing this webpage

This will be my last post for a while.

Over the last week, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that I simply cannot continue producing content for this website, even though this is how I feed my family.

Simply put, lawfare has forced me to take this decision.

I must focus my attention on:

  • three matters that have been unlawfully referred to by the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) in violation of High Court and Court of Appeal rulings;
  • three matters that are unlawfully continuing in the New South Wales Local Court even though they were all stayed pending the High Court and Court of Appeal rulings which found they were referred to the NCAT in breach of the Constitution;
  • a further seven matters that are poised to be unlawfully continued in the Local Court;
  • a defamation matter based on comments that I did not write, publish or even know about;
  • bringing my own legal actions to enforce the rulings in the High Court and Court of Appeal on the anti-discrimination Thought Police.

When it comes to the anti-discrimination industry, the process is the punishment.

And because I am not a pathetic, cringing, apologetic white guy ready to embrace the rainbow, I simply must be punished.

That punishment must continue even though three rulings have now found that there is no legal power to bring complaints against me and that the entire process used against me has been in violation of our Constitution.

The cost of obtaining those wins was over $200,000 and my house.

Yet the only people who have broken the law in this four year scandal are the President of the ADB and NCAT officials who have unlawfully presided over the complaint processes. This has not cost them a cent. Instead, they have done all of this with the taxpayer’s dollar.

Obviously, I have not taken this decision lightly. But I must let you know that I do not have the time to continue writing and that I must seriously focus on defending the victories we have won and that must now be enforced. For the immediate future, I will be focused entirely on the litigation ahead.

I am proud of the work that this webpage has achieved.

Over the past four years we have forced the Defence imam to resign and dragged the politically-correct agenda within the Australian Defence Force into the light of day. The senior hierarchy in the military have hated every moment of this.

But doing so has forced some enormous admissions in the Senate. The incoming Chief of Defence Force has stated, on the public record, that females are prioritised by Defence recruiting and that there has been no research whatsoever to support insane decisions to feminise our combat fighting units.

This webpage has also been heavily involved in defending Australia’s Western Christian values. I do not overstate its importance but I think it has been a significant voice. Its article have been viewed well over a million times.

I thank all of you for reading these articles and donating to keep this webpage going, as well as for the legal fights that have ensued. The successes that have been achieved would not have been possible without that support.

My decision to cease writing for the immediate future should be rightfully seen as a consequence of the efforts underway to silence conservative Australians. These efforts are not just a threat to content producers like myself, but also to the freedom of those who are content consumers as well.

Every reader of this website has been targeted by this litigation. The anti-discrimination industry is desperate to ensure that you do not have access to this site. It wants to see this site disappear entirely.

This is a temporary defeat resulting from unconstitutional lawfare.

I have every intention of returning to public commentary. But I must focus my attention on defeating this ongoing unconstitutional litigation. The enemies of freedom will not take the defeats we have dished out lying down.

They are prepared to fight. And so must we.

That is what I will do.

If you can support with meeting the financial costs of this fight, please donate here.

If you would like to continue receiving my update emails, please register via the newsletter sign up form on the right column of this webpage.

And please sign this petition below to keep the pressure on the New South Wales Attorney General to hold the ADB to account.

Bernard Gaynor

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. We as a Nation have no hope, Satan means (the one who leads the whole world astray) is at work undermining our once Healthy democracy that Australias fought for has failed, we are to become a new age Communist dictatorship.
    Satanist all reject Jesus Christ.

    You can promote yourself nowadays as an Anti-Christ and this is incouraged nowadays in the schools, goverments and ADF.
    The day is coming that true Christianity will be banned because it is not Politicaly Correct and this is because it offends the Marxist PC gods, that the new age dupes idolise nowadays and they are just brainwashed militant moronic thugs just as Nazis and Communist were, who in the end went around killing all who did not fall into line with total obedience to the morons who had cuningly over powered them to become like cattle.

    The key to dictatorship is Political Correctness, without such dictatorships can not over power the people.
    Most people do not understand the depths of what the workings of Political Correctness truly is, it comes across firstly as as somthing cute precious, but when it morphs into it’s true colours you find it hads become a Serpant your dealing with.

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    • Lets be frank … Political Correctness is an attempt to structure our language and resides within a framework of censorship.

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      • Ben Clayton. Your comment that Politucal Correctness is an attempt to structure our language and therefore a kind of censorship, does make sense. But here’s another concept: “neurolinguistic programming”. When it comes to language all we can do on a personal level is to resist. For example, their PC directive that we and students use non-gendered language in our speech and writing can be resisted by deliberately going the other way. We who resist can take delight in using our own traditional language in the face of their PC language and concepts. I notice Bernard does this well. You won’t find him sucked into inadvertently using a neurolinguistic programming concept like “marriage equality”

  2. Anyone who supports the socialist totalitarian doctrines of communism and Islamism (only 14% is religious). After their long history of humans rights abuse is a profound idiot.

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  3. Dear Bernard

    You are doing what many of us should be doing, but we are too scared or apathetic, to do.

    You are very courageous.

    May God richly bless you and your family.

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  4. The Lawyers are like the political commissars who prosecute the objectives of a Marxist state upon us. Our legal rights – although a semblance remain – we cannot prosecute due to both lack of financial resource and lack of will on part of the legal fraternity.

    We see this when people try to defend themselves also against Banking interests. No lawyer will fight for the oppressed because he knows where the career money lays.

    That you have been exhausted financially and endangered your family home is a testement to the pressures exerted upon decent people all across the nation who dare oppose this juggernaught of decades of social change forced upon us.

    The Family courts were the first to enact these outrages – once the foundation and fabric of the family weakened so did our resolve and ability as a community – in respect to be able to co-operate as a group against a common backdrop of values (Christian based) – to be able to defeat this Marxist framework.

    Many people cannot even identify it.

    Prayers are with you and your family brave man.

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  5. I cannot understand how the behaviour of the NSW ADB is NOT in contempt of the High Court of Australia.

    Bernard, have you considered raising this with the HCA ????

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    • I am in the process of pursuing the ADB for this. I will not go into details here.

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      • Why not ? You talk about everything else that you are against.
        What was your exact military history and record of your time especially in the reserves?
        Who exactly presented you with an award ie the person , their name and rank and where they were from ?
        Haven’t you been in contempt of any court or tribunal previously and refuse to accept the judgement ?

      • Ah Graeme. I won’t go into all the details here because it will only help people like you.

        But thank you for your questions anyway.

        I served in the Army Reserve as an infantry soldier from 14 June 1997 to 22 January 1999. On 23 January 1999 I was appointed as an officer cadet in the Australian Regular Army and I served full time until 17 July 2011, first as an officer in the Royal Australian Engineers and then within the Australian Intelligence Corps. From 18 July 2011 until 11 July 2014 I served in the Reserves.

        Given you want details, here are some excerpts from my annual reports.

        2003: “LT Gaynor has successfully completed a high tempo year…”

        2004: “LT Gaynor is ready for promotion and will make a very good CAPT now. He has the potential to go far both within and without RAE…”

        2005: “LT Gaynor is a motivated young officer who has performed extremely well as a Tp Comd in both MGI and Specialist Troops…”

        2006: “CAPT Gaynor has been a key member of the J2 cell and I have been fortunate to have had him as part of my team. He has impressed me as a competent and capable intelligence officer who is well suited to deploy on further operations…”

        2007: No PAR due to posting to School of Languages but this was stated in my annual career guidance – “You currently have a well balance profile and are performing competitively with your peer group…”

        2008: “He has demonstrated the ability to surge and has produced high-quality work at short notice, gaining praise from senior Defence leadership…”

        2009: “Captain Gaynor’s performance of duty as the Chief, Security Ministries Team and Acting Governance Team Chief was superb…”

        2010: “CAPT Gaynor has performed very well during his reporting period…I am disappointed to see CAPT Gaynor leave the regular Army…”

        I did not receive any annual reports after this, despite requests to do so and the requirement under policy for them to be made. I simply can’t think why the Lieutenant Colonel who wanted me out of the Army refused to put on paper his assessment of my ‘poor’ performance…

        I received the Iraq Medal around Christmas 2006. It was probably presented by the Commander of JTF633.

        I received the Australian Active Service Medal with clasps ‘Iraq 2003’ and ‘ICAT’ sometime in 2007. It was probably presented by the CO of the ADF School of Languages.

        I have no idea when I received the Australian Defence Medal or who presented it to me.

        I received the Defence Long Service Medal in late 2013. I received it via Australia Post because my Commanding Officer refused to recognise my 15 years service.

        I received the United States Meritorious Service Medal sometime in 2010 for operational performance in 2008/09. The citation is dated 27 October 2009 and reads in part: “This is to certify that the President of the United States authorized by Executive Order, 16 January 1969 has awarded the Meritorious Service Medal to Captain Bernard W Gaynor, Australian Army Multi-National Force-Iraq for exceptionally meritorious service during Operation Iraqi Freedom…”

        If I had served two more days in Afghanistan I would have received that medal as well.

        As for contempt of court, the answer is no. I have not refused to accept any judgements and nor have I ever been found to be in contempt of court.

        I will put on the public record here just for your information that I was charged with 12 military offences and was the subject of an administrative inquiry in 2013.

        Both disciplinary and administrative investigations found in my favour.

        In relation to the charges, the Acting Director of Military Prosecutions terminated all charges against me after I elected to have them taken from (biased) unit proceedings to a higher level hearing and wrote that “In all the circumstances, I have formed the view that there is no reasonable prospect of conviction…”

        In relation to the administrative investigation, the inquiry found that “…the allegations against [me] are not substantiated and [I] have nothing to answer with respect to those allegations…”

        Despite these findings, I was sacked and the Full Court of the Federal Court upheld the decision on the basis that I failed to fit with the Defence Force’s new cultural change agenda. I’m pretty sure similar statements were made about high performing officers in Communist Russia.

        Now get on your bike Graeme.


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