The Ruddock religious freedom review is a sham

The Ruddock religious freedom review is a sham.

During the homosexual marriage debate we were told that religious freedom would not be impacted.


Bill Shorten promised this:

“I can give this guarantee to the Australian people: I and Labor not support legislation which impinges upon religious freedom in this country.”

And Turnbull truffled in with this as well:

“I just want to reassure Australians that as strongly as I believe in the right of same-sex couples to marry, even more strongly, if you like, do I believe in religious freedom.”

And then both of them duly voted against every amendment put forward to protect religious freedom in the homosexual marriage legislation.

Instead, Turnbull asked Ruddock and his team to provide advice on how religious freedom should be protected. You know, after the fat lady had already sung.

And this team consisted of the High Priestess of the Temple of Militant Secular Humanism known as the Australian Human Rights Commission, Rosalind Croucher, and the Commissar of the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board, Annabelle Bennett.

You may not know who Annabelle Bennett is but that this will give you some background.

Over the last four years I’ve been dragged through unconstitutional anti-discrimination litigation by a self-described anti-free speech activist for my views on marriage, family and morality, all of which are derived from my Catholic faith. In February 2017 the New South Wales Court of Appeal ruled that the President of the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board had no power to refer these complaints to the New South Wale Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

This decision was upheld unanimously by the High Court of Australia in April this year.

Exactly one month later, Annabelle took time out from her busy schedule ‘protecting’ religious freedom to give the High Court the finger while she referred three more complaints from this activist against me to the tribunal.

So much for the human rights mob respecting the rule of law. They think they are above the law and enforcers of a new revolutionary morality on the plebs they’re forced to live with.

That’s the calibre of people who are now recommending how religious freedom in this nation should be ‘protected’.

Like I said, the Ruddock religious freedom review is a sham.

And the proof of the pudding is in the leaked excerpts of this report. They show that the religious freedom response to homosexual marriage will be to wind back the existing flimsy protections even further, enhance the powers of the Australian Human Rights Commission and then give oversight of the whole shebang to the Commonwealth and its Labor/Greens dominated Senate.

Of course, whatever the planned ‘protections’ consists of now will be whittled down further during the process.

And then Bill Shorten and his cronies will repeal the remainder as soon as they get the chance.

News that there would be any protections at all simply cued an immediate wailing frenzy from LGBT activists who are only intent on forcing the rest of us to shuffle by and drop incense at the rainbow altar of ‘Love Is Doing Whatever They Say’.

Not happy with legislating the impossible (it is impossible for two people of the same sex to marry and anyone who has passed Sex Ed 101 knows this), they now want religious institutions to pay their salaries.

The mob cried that Catholic schools should not be able to discriminate against gay teachers. And if they get their way there will be no such thing as a Catholic school in, oh, about three years. And that’s me being optimistic.

What remains will be an eviscerated historical remnant of what used to be called Catholic education. It will be complete with its own ‘Safe Schools’ program lovingly featuring an image of St Mary McKillop on a rainbow. There will be no difference between it and the state education system, except that the remnants of Catholic bureaucracy will probably be a little better at securing government funding while the modernist elements will probably be more enthusiastic at encouraging children to transition their gender.

The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts are ‘acts of grave depravity’ that are ‘intrinsically disordered’, contrary to natural law and cannot be approved under any circumstances.

Given this, any logical person would ask why a homosexual would want to teach at a Catholic school?

The only answer is because the school is not Catholic anymore (that explains why there are already so many in the system) or because they want to subvert those that are.

And here’s proof that most aren’t Catholic. It’s just the Archdiocese of Brisbane’s education office tweeting recently that attendance at Sunday Mass is not important. That’s probably why 97% of graduates from Catholic schools don’t bother:

But for Catholic schools that want to be Catholic, homosexual marriage has opened the door to an attack on their very ability to hire Catholic teachers.

It’s not good enough for such a school to have a good maths teacher. The Catholic faith is a whole of life endeavour, not something remembered dimly on Ash Wednesday. That’s why a good Catholic school will strive to have a good Catholic who is also a good maths teacher.

A homosexual maths teacher may have all numbers sorted. But he is still a cause for scandal to the school community. The school cannot hope to have a Catholic ethos if it cannot discriminate against teachers who openly live a life rejecting that ethos.

Sure, at the moment the Ruddock religious review recommendations are that Catholic schools can discriminate. Provided they publicly state that they intend to do this.

Given the outcry already, if this is even enacted it will be more than a miracle. And there won’t be much to celebrate anyway. The schools that dare do this will be become battlegrounds with prep students having to break through the Antifa lines just to make it to class.

I’m yet to hear anyone claim that teachers don’t have an impact shaping the character of their students.

Gay teachers at Catholic schools will graduate ‘Catholics’ who think that homosexuality is good.

A Catholic school forced to hire such a person is no longer free to be Catholic. And that’s the whole point of this frenzy of fury from the rainbow activists. They don’t want Catholic students who grow into Catholic adults who won’t accept that homosexual acts are normal.

They can’t stand that thought.

Which is why they are now demanding religious freedom laws in Australia essentially remove the freedom from religious schools to be religious.

And the Ruddock religious review will give these bullies just that unless it is rejected.

The Lord knows, there’s enough evidence to reject it and the plan to increase the power of the Australian Human Rights Commission.

The Sex Discrimination Act has given this mob the power to wage war on men.

The Racial Discrimination Act has given this mob the power to wage war on white Australians.

And a Religious Discrimination Act will give this mob the power to wage war on Christians.

Thank God this mob don’t have a ‘Life Commissioner’. We all know that they’d be jetting around the country promoting late-term abortion and euthanasia for anyone who disagrees.

The solution to religious freedom will not be found until the state steps back from creating morality (that would be homosexual marriage) and accepts that there already is an existing natural order that is beyond the power of amendment by the circus in Canberra.

It must accept and protect that.

And instead of enhancing the powers of the Australian Human Rights Commission, and all the state versions mirroring it, they should be bulldozed into the ground.

That would be a real, concrete step towards enhancing freedom for all Australians.

And that way homosexuals who don’t get their rainbow wedding cake could do what the rest of us normal people do when we come across someone who doesn’t support our wedding: find a baker who is actually happy to make a cake instead of using the big day as a political weapon.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Now that the Oz Silly Season is upon us we can get the measure of just how much Christianity is despised – and I am sure this is not lost on the religious freedom review.

    Australians generally want freedom from religion.

    They don’t want Islam, but they respect Islam because Islam has political power to back it up. The Oz Dhimmis wouldn’t dare insult the prophet or the quran or the hadiths with cards for the Muslim holy days such as are seen openly on display for Christmas – that would be Christ’s Mass for those who don’t know and don’t care if they did know. Sifting through these cards at the local shop depicting the holy nativity as a beetroot asleep in the peas and the Virgin Mother as a kangaroo (and those are just the funny ones), I am coming around to the conclusion that Islam is just what we need. We despise Christ. So the alternative is moving in with its laws and demands. Good luck to those that think fair go, mateship and freedom from religion are going to cut it in the battle with Islam.

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  2. What I find totally fascinating in all this debacle, there is no mention of forcing the same on Islamic schools. Forcing their religious leaders to abide with the laws of the land regarding second or third wives.

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  3. Bravo to the Sydney Anglicans (eg Bishop Michael Stead) for banning SSM, Yoga religious practice and smoking ceremonies on their properties, saying such things are not consistent with church teachings. Why aren’t the Catholic Bishops showing leadership in this? Don’t they know that you can “sin by omission” and well as “sin by commission”. Like the Pharisees have they become too comfortable with their present lifestyles?

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  4. The problem isn`t the politicians per se , it`s a supine clergy . An Archbishop who doen`t want Christ for King is a recent example of clergy bending the knee to the world and perhaps the government cash cow.Maybe they should bear in mind that God is not to be mocked . The clergy has the numbers & the power to successfully oppose these laws . The anti discrimination laws are in fact laws to positively discriminate against people who oppose the agenda of the Bennetts & Crouchers et al .
    Best wishes to you & yours,
    Pax et bonum

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  5. Being an arch Protestant myself (neither Anglican nor Catholic) I agree with Bernard. The issue of course is that Australia is being choked to death by insipid, lying, treacherous, treasonous Politicians & Senior Public Servants.

    Malcolm Turnbull’s “greatest achievement” was the SSM debacle. What a disgusting debaucherous & divisive disaster he wrought upon Australia. Simply, Turnbull was THE most destructive Prime Minister in our History. These scum do not dare persecute Moslems in the same manner because it would prompt them into the most unholy of holy civil wars. These Parliamentary scum persecute Christians because we don’t react violently.

    It will very soon be illegal to be a Christian.

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    • “It will soon be illegal to be a Christian.” How very true and soon we will be able to follow the European Court and make blasphemy against Islam a criminal offence.

      Will the same rules be applied to the Madrassas? Will the imams be held to the same restrictions on LGBTQI teachers?

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  6. What a man sows he reaps. I wrote to Malcolm Turnbull about his rejoicing over the legalising of homosexual marriage and saying that was his greatest achievement.

    I told him that what he considered his greatest achievement was his downfall as God is not mocked and if you stick two fingers up at him as he did, he will reap what he has sown.

    No wonder that he was kicked out by his party a few months later. Or should I say he was kicked out by God and replaced by someone who actually believes in God.

    How ironic.

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  7. Thank you Bernard for this enlightening article, I’ll be praying for you.
    Referring to Phil’s comment regarding the Catholic Archbishop not being a Christian,it is the same with the Dean, Peter Catt, at Brisbane’s Anglican St John’s Cathedral which I used to attend. Peter and his homosexual cronies, who, in the words of one “are everywhere in the cathedral” believe the Bible is a collection of myths. Peter actively preached this from the pulpit, which shocked me when first I heard it. Last time I was there I was accosted by two amorous homosexuals asking what I thought about Peter’s vision to marry homosexuals there. When I said it was un-Scriptural, they used the law about not mixing two different cloths together as their reason to believe the Bible is a bunch of fables. After explaining the meaning of this law, one of them became offended that there was actually a good reason for it and that I called them homosexuals rather than gays. He literally ran away in fear.
    As for Catholic schools remaining Catholic, I was pleased to hear this, as my step-daughter attended a Catholic High School, her parents believing it would be better than a state school. She never learnt a single Biblical thing so far as I could tell and had never heard of even the Ten Commandments, nor attended mass. I was saddened by this as she has lived in sin now for many years and teaches at a Catholic school.

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  8. So the Archdiocese of Brisbane’s education office says “If you’re judging a level of lived Christian belief based on Mass attendance, you’re looking at the wrong indicator.” Well thats not surprising now that we know Arch Bsh Coleridge doesn’t recognise Our Lord Jesus Christ as His King (refer Lifesite news). And thats not surprising since Arch Bsk Coleridge’s former boos Cdnl Pell thinks the book of Genesis is a myth (refer ABC’s Q&A program). Who is educating our Clerics? And if our misinformed clerics are educating the poor children attending our Catholic schools no wonder they don’t go to Holy Mass. But then again so many people these days send their dear little children to Catholic schools more for their elitist nature than religious nature.

    Nice article Bernard, especially the triad bit….
    The Sex Discrimination Act has given this mob the power to wage war on men.
    The Racial Discrimination Act has given this mob the power to wage war on white Australians.
    And a Religious Discrimination Act will give this mob the power to wage war on Christians.

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    • The Book of Genesis is a mixture of mythos and history. Anyone with even a half-decent theological education knows that.

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      • I disagree. People should read from the voluminous works of Christian scientists who accept the Genesis account.
        Dr Michael Heiser for in depth analysis of literalism of Genesis and all the Bible
        Dr Barry Setterfield for the Biblical cosmological physics perspective that cuts across traditional cosmology.
        People with only half-decent theological education need to speak to Christian-committed scientists – not lukewarm believers posing as theological experts.

      • In terms of the empirical sciences you can have either the theory of evolution (even without the Missing Link) or you can have the science of genetics. Rationally,the latter is entirely harmonious with the Genesis.

  9. Activists seem to be craving for publicity and promote themselves more than any ideology. They confuse themselves and everyone with their comments.

    I watched a little bit on the drum on the 12.10.2018. The girl activist totally didn’t know what she was talking about and didn’t make sense.She had no principles and that came through her pointless comments.

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  10. I agree with you Bernard. I am Anglican but of the same opinions as yourself. The problem with all of the farcical promises made by our so called politicians is that they are pushing this garbage so that with enough saturation of this evil scheme, people will eventually think that it is normal, especially the young who will grow up knowing nothing different to what is being thrown at them from every turn. Keep up the good fight and good luck.

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  11. Antidiscrimination laws should be removed as they violate our fundamental right to freedom.

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  12. Okay, so Bernard is doing an excellent job as a front-line infantryman.
    Prayer is his long-range artillery cover.

    Bernard, do you have adequate artillery back-up?
    “More things are wrought by prayer in Heaven and Earth than this world dreams of.”
    Bernard (if you are not already), PRAY without ceasing.
    All the rest of you, PRAY for Bernard, and for victorious battle outcomes.

    2nd Chronicles 7:14 ” .. then if my people will humble themselves and pray, and search for me, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from Heaven and forgive their sins and HEAL THEIR LAND.”

    $200 deposited into your account today.

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    • Another $20.00 from me! I wish I could put more. Keep fighting Bernie, we are with you.

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  13. I admire you and your wife immensely Bernard, for living a Godly life despite the heinous attacks on you and your family. God bless you.

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  14. Exactly Bernard. You actually predicted last year. The ‘effort’ preserve religious freedom against SSM will be a sword against Christianity. We only wait to see how the shield for Islam will play out.

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    • I’d be interested to know why, in this age of gender quotas, the two people on Ruddock’s “team” are both women. And it is disturbing to note they are both from left-leaning institutions. Ruddocks “team” should consist of people from each of the TWO genders in equal numbers. One gay,one trans-sexual at least or perhaps as a representative ratio of their occurrence in the population, one from each of the four major religions by proportion of the population, one indigenous and one atheist. 33% from the right, 33% from the left and 33% centrist/no political persuasion. No politicians or civil servants. People drawn from the general public, workers/non-workers, across all age groups and professions, blue collar, white collar and professionals. Gay marriage Yes and gay marriage No voters equally represented throughout the team. Affiliations undeclared as for conflict management reasons. Yes it sounds like a committee and we know what they say about committees. How else could this be made into a fair review though? As it stands the review team is loaded and the outcome is assured. God help us. (And I’m neither Catholic nor religious). Good luck Bernard, a true warrior.

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    • Bernard I am not a Catholic but I can sympathise with the points you make about teachers. The Ruddock report that has been leaked so far also extends the right of discrimination to students. I object to this on several bases.
      First is that I do not believe that youths even in mid teens, which is about school leaving age, are not mature enough nor have had enough life experience to actually know if they are fundamentally gay or not. It may be the result of misconstrued inner feelings brought on by a lack of self esteem, self consciousness or teasing by others of similar age.I am not a fan of the rainbow warrior mob by any stretch. However I do accept that gay people do exist through a quirk of nature and they should not, at a tender age, be subjected to discriminatory rules.
      Secondly and flowing from my belief that immaturity should be given the chance to ripen the exposure of youths to discrimination at these early ages will send them into some kind of emotional isolation and guilt feelings. This is turn will, not could, result in suicides of young people for no good reason at all.We read regularly of youth suicide resulting from torment transmitted by peers via mobile phones. Adding a further layer of discrimination will only raise the risk and volume of youth suicides.Most gay people are not overtly outrageous or offensive as those who get all of the publicity.Let them live their lives in peace. The Catholic Church is riddled with dogma from centuries old beliefs and practices.It is slowly being dragged into the 20th century and one day may well catch up with the rest of us.It should practices what it preaches as far as youth is concerned:- “Brotherly love, Relief and Truth”.

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    • Lynda – 100% correct !

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