By George, it’s unbelievable

On December 6 last year, District Court Judge Roy Ellis handed down a remarkable decision.

It acknowledged that the criminal justice system was tainted with anti-Catholic bias, resulting in an unjust 12 month jail sentence (reduced to 6 months of home detention) being imposed on the former Adelaide archbishop, Philip Wilson.

While setting Wilson free, Judge Ellis addressed what he termed the ‘elephant in the room’: the media and the mob and its demand that Wilson be jailed ‘simply on the basis that he is a Catholic priest’.

Ellis went on to say:

This may amount to perceived pressure for a court to reach a conclusion which seems to be consistent with the direction of public opinion, rather than being consistent with the rule of law that requires a court to hand down individual justice in its decision-making processes.

The potential for media pressure to impact judicial independence may be subtle or indeed subversive in the sense that it is the elephant in the room that no one sees or acknowledges or wants to see or acknowledge.

In case you have any doubts about this bias, consider this.

The media simply was not interested in covering Wilson’s acquittal to the same extent that it trumpeted the now overturned and completely unjust guilty verdict or crowed at his resignation ‘in disgrace’, as shown below by Google Trends. It just didn’t fit the vicious anti-Catholic narrative the majority of journalists want to run.

And even the media that covered the acquittal still left its bias firmly on display. For instance, the ABC story reporting it started with these words:

After less than four months in home detention…

Instead of these words:

After more than three months in home detention…

Both of these sentences report the same facts. But the former is a tantrum that Wilson is free, whereas the second emphasises his subjection to an unjust punishment.

I guess we all know where the ABC stands on bishops: the key should be thrown away, regardless of guilt.

Five days after one court acknowledged that the media and mob are filled with a bloodlust against Catholic priests to such an extent that it is compromising the justice system, another court convicted the most famous Australian cleric of them all: Cardinal Pell.

Yet in the wall to wall exultation at this verdict, it’s hard to find a sentence anywhere about the Wilson case or its disturbing implications.

Pell was only in court after the Victorian police commenced ‘Operation Tethering’ in 2013. It was an investigation into Pell yet it didn’t have a single complaint to probe. But the police were on Pell’s case anyway and went sniffing for anything.

It was a classic case of build it and they will come. And come they did.

I have no idea whether Pell’s accusers have suffered the trauma of sexual abuse. They may well have. However, studies have shown that those with PTSD can have their memories distorted by similar events witnessed in the news or media. And Operation Tethering went looking for dirt on Pell in an environment where he was consistently smeared by the media as the face of child abuse.

Many of the allegations against him did not even make it to the committal hearing. Half of those that did were dropped with the judge noting that:

…the most serious offending could not have occurred in the time frame alleged.

And now we all know about Pell’s guilty verdict because the remaining charges against him have fallen away, resulting in the lifting of a suppression order. But this fact is only mentioned in passing.

In other words, the only reason the mob is baying is because the latest claim against Pell was hopeless, joining a long line of others.

All we have left is the grossly fantastic: we are supposed to believe that Cardinal Pell abused two boys in the busiest room in St Patrick’s Cathedral after Sunday Mass. While the door was open. The Archbishop of Melbourne supposedly did this after disappearing from the rear of his own procession for some unknown reason, in some unknown way and without the notice of his attendants. And it’s claimed that the abuse occurred even though he knew that at any moment this procession would march into the sacristy after him.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Pell was also vested. Over his clerical suit was a ground-length robe called an alb with no splits. Over that was a cincture (rope belt) that also tightly held in place a scarf-like stole that crosses over itself at the priest’s front and then extends down past the waist. And on top of it all there was a heavy and ornate poncho-like chasuble that also reaches towards the knees.

The two choir boys he supposedly abused also left the same procession (again without notice), dressed in robes as well. Somewhere that clothing disappeared but no one seems to know where.

And the icing on it all: after the abuse the boys never spoke about it to anyone, not even themselves. However one of the boys, now deceased from a heroin overdose, did tell his mother that he had never been abused. Twice.

Twenty years later, after the Victorian police’s empty Pell probe commenced, the surviving boy came forward and on his word alone guilt was declared.

And this just happened to be the second go around. Pell was put through the trial twice after the first attempt resulted in a hung jury.

If that is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, then you could jail a politician on allegations he raped an entire schoolboy football team on the floor of parliament while the division bells rang out. Or you could dig up and convict St Mary McKillop for molesting alien children on another planet.

In other words, no one is safe in Australia anymore, especially if they are Catholic. The lynch mob is on the prowl and, as the Wilson case proves, it has infected the justice system.

The Catholic Church has had clergy who have terribly abused children. It is still failing to address this problem, as demonstrated by the fact that ex-Cardinal McCarrick has only just been defrocked, even though the knowledge of his abuse was well known in the Vatican three popes ago.

This evil will not be addressed until the Church publicly confronts and removes the lavender mafia networks outed by Archbishop Vigano last year.

But it most certainly will not be addressed by an unjust and malicious anti-Catholic witch hunt that does nothing more than discredit the justice system itself and is as likely to jail the innocent with the guilty. Or, even worse, jail the innocent while the guilty remain free.

I have served hundreds of masses as the master of ceremonies. I have never seen a priest, let alone an archbishop, leave a procession. Ever.

And I know what sacristies are like after mass.

The allegations against Pell are impossible to believe for anyone who has the slightest understanding of what happens inside a church and its sacristy after Sunday mass.

That is why the anti-Catholic bias tainting the justice system that resulted in the unjust conviction of Archbishop Wilson needs to be addressed.

It must be spoken about.

Bizarrely, not even the Australian bishops are prepared to do this. The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has not issued a single media release about this remarkable judgement. However, it did release five statements about Archbishop Wilson’s trial, guilty verdict and resignation, effectively submitting to the mob and throwing Wilson under a bus.

This points to a hierarchy of the Church that is punch drunk, frightened and that has lost any self-preservation mechanism.

The bishops need to find it. Or they’ll quickly join Cardinal Pell in the slammer as well. After all, when it comes to being priests, all of them are guilty as charged.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bernard I think you meant to say the chausuble drops to the ankles, not the knees. Excellent article. I’ve posted it to the Facebook Page: Cardinal PELL TRIAL. Other media there may be of interest to those here too.

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  2. Interesting that of the many articles in the main stream media about the Pell trial, that of Brennan in The Australian came out in his defence. And in all cases, comment was not allowed. This case was a travesty of justice. The timing, the clothing, the lack of grooming, the fact that Pell could have stayed in Rome all point to his being not guilty. Comments and interventions from the bench would strongly suggest judicial bias.And it has long been a principle in law, that when two people state opposing views, with no other evidence, that a decision of not guilty must be made.
    Elsewhere Gaynor has written “My trust in the system is an entirely different thing.” Sadly, I can only agree.

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  3. About time someone spoke the truth of this injustice, thankyou Bernard! We pray the Catholic Church may find the courage you have.

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  4. The first trial stalemated 10 to 2 – NOT GUILTY and declared a mis-trial because unaminous decision couldn’t be reached . The second trial resulted in 12 to 0 GUILTY- how can that be: same charges , statements ,defendant ,complainant , judge , prosecutor, defence ! . As they say ” something is rotten in the State of Denmark” !

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    • An excellent commentary Bernard.

      Also let us not forget that over the Cardinal’s street clothes and before the alb is vested, he is wearing his soutane which has 33 small buttons that can neither be parted nor undone quickly. Having been involved in liturgies and especially cathedral liturgies all my life one can only say that the story is untruthful and absurd, something for an anti Catholic comic booklet from years ago. As you say maybe this man in his youth was abused…..but I’m certain he wasn’t abused by Cardinal Pell.

      Having organised a 40th HSC class reunion some years ago I was totally amazed by the stories told to me by former classmates and how the memories of events positive and negative contradicted each other. Also the classmates with the negative reminiscences were A class boys, well behaved good students not the clowns and rabble-rousers.

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  5. The injustice of ‘justice’

    My heart goes out to all the victims of abuse; something which should never happen or have happened. It is a clear crime against humanity and the rights and dignity of the person. But injustice is also a crime. To declare someone guilty when it is clear that the grounds for doing so are not convincing and are completely flawed, when the truth is set aside and someone’s life is taken from them because there is a jury cannot rectify, this to me is truly criminal.

    Defense of the suffering (abuse victims), is a right, but it should not drag in the abuse of the rights of the innocent.

    Can the court be taken to court??

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    • Reasonable doubt by the bucket load in this case.

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  6. I have no compassion for George Pell,
    I find him arrogant, dismissive and dishonest. I believe he has been complicit in church cover ups and has actively protected pedophile clergy and has bribed and or attempted to bribe and intimidate victims into silence.
    But I don’t think there was evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty of the what he has been convicted of.
    This sets a dangerous precedent for justice in our country.

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    • Thanks Rick – if you have evidence Cardinal Pell has done criminal wrong doing, it should be presented to the criminal authorities. If it is moral wrong doing, it should be presented to ecclesiastical authorities.

      I do not say Pell is a saint. He may become one and I hope we all.

      But he may also have done wrong in the past. I could believe it if evidence was presented. But I cannot believe the fantastic allegation against him that resulted in his conviction. It can only reduce trust in the legal system and, ultimately, bring no justice to victims of sexual abuse.

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  7. If only the Christian hating Leftist dominated media would drop their double standards and apply the same scrutiny and vilification against ALP leader Bill Shorten for his alleged rape of a fellow ALP member.

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  8. The fifth charge for which Cardinal Pell was convicted calls into question the invalidity of the verdict and the trial itself.

    The Cardinal is apparently guilty of abusing a choir boy, now deceased, some 20 years before with no evidence presented other than a statement by an aggrieved third party, a denial that it ever occurred from the victim himself, and not a single reference from the poor boy to any third party in the interim period.

    How is its beyond reasonable doubt to convict on this basis ? Yet that is exactly what the Jury decided.

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    • I don’t believe this is correct. The fifth charge related to the surviving boy, although we are supposed to believe that Pell attacked him in a busy corridor in the presence of others and that no one noticed…

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  9. I think the whole Pell episode is strongly ANTI-CHRIST, as an aside why can’t we let Priests marry?
    Anna xo

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    • Anna, the “priests should be able to marry” argument is a red herring. Most priests who abuse children are not good priests who have gone bad, but paedophiles who have disguised themselves as priests to make it easier to prey on their victims. They have no wish to marry. On the rare occasion a good priest wishes to marry he resigns from the priesthood.

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  10. Pell is trial by media writ large. I have seen it build for years. And worse, public institutions have got involved. The evidence of where and what occurred is ridiculous, yet accepted by a jury. Any normal innocent person would have called the accusation rubbish. Pell is doing the penance for his brethren. That he came back to face the crowd because he is an honourable man. I fully expect the appeal to be upheld, but am not sure. In any case, Pell and the Catholic church will be tainted. And that is their goal. They want the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman destroyed. And by the way, I am absolutely non-religious. The Catholic church has to clean up it structure, not it’s high moral values. Celibacy has to been in question, but is that their ultimate goal, to weaken the church?

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  11. What a calamitous mess these traitorous, feckless and weak clerics have brought upon the Church and society. As we’ve seen so many times before, it’s the innocent who are the first to suffer, just as the Innocent One did after the crowd bayed for blood on that dusty Friday afternoon…

    Whilst I can’t possibly know for sure, I believe Cardinal Pell to be innocent of these grotesque abuses. He has certainly for many years been the target of a vicious campaign of vilification because his moral and political stance shows up the deviancy of his detractors.

    If he is innocent (and I believe he is), then he is a white martyr. And that witness, joined to Our Martyr King, will in time help to heal the Church. As will yours.

    You have shown immense fortitude, Bernard. Thank-you for your witness and courage, which we know is rooted and centred on the Truth. You too have incurred the wrath of the father of lies and his minions, and he is out to ruin you and all you love. As you know, he cannot succeed while you remain close to Our Lord in fidelity to His Bride.

    Courage, brother-in-arms! You are chosen to lead. If you stay the course, and diligently follow the training course (one starts today, Ash Wednesday) then one day the story of your persecution and valour under fire will be taught in Australian schools, and you will be celebrated as a hero not just in your country but in mine (South Africa) and around the world!

    The mission has one goal: sanctity. Thank-you for your service.

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    • Thank you for your kind words – I have a long way to go though!

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    • Magna est veritas et prævalet.

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  12. Some people might be wondering how a witness can give credible, convincing evidence of something that did not happen. It is called “false memory” or “false memory syndrome”.
    I have not seen any mention of this in the on-line comments I have looked at regarding Cardinal Pell.
    Just google “false memory” and read a few of the results.

    This is a snippet of one:
    “The Potential Impact of False Memories
    While we are all familiar with the fallibility of memory (who hasn’t forgotten an important bit of information), many people do not realize just how common false memory really is. People are remarkably susceptible to suggestion, which can create memories of events and things that didn’t really happen to us.
    For example:
    Most of the time these false memories are fairly inconsequential – a memory that you brought the keys in the house and hung them up in the kitchen, when in reality you left them out in the car, for example.
    In other instances, false memories can have serious implications. Researchers have found that false memories are one of the leading causes of false convictions, usually through the false identification of a suspect or false recollections during police interrogations.”

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    • I think that the “witness” is simply a liar.

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    • Searching for documents on the net on how to induce false memories, I found that people can be coached to have false memories. There are psychologists who will provide this coaching for a fee. Richard Mullins

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  13. Are you are aware the Blessed Virgin just appeared in Ireland saying Cardinal Pell is innocent. The visionary correctly predicted the twin towers, Asian tsunami,Japanese earthquake, war in Rwanda and many other events.(Christina

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    • There is something unsettling about these kind of mystics that appears in conflict with the virtue of humility. I would steer clear of them…

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    • This appearance is deception my dear lady not to be believed

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    • The Virgin Mary died in the 1st century, never to be seen again.

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  14. Well the catholic heirachy in covington in the USA were busy throwing one of their own 16 yo students under a bus for smiling incorrectly and wearing a maga cap.

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    • It was disgraceful.

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  15. I think the media has bias against all Christians, not just Catholics. Remember Lyndy Chamberlain? The press had her convicted and guilty from the beginning, before any evidence, because it suited their prejudices against Christians. ( The other day a dingo had to be put down because it attacked a child.) I believed in her innocence from the beginning, but the press have never admitted that they got it wrong and apologised to her. I don’t know one way or the other about Cardinal Pell. Only two know the truth: God and Cardinal Pell.

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    • Yes Lindy Chamberlain and niw Archbishop Pell

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    • More than 2 know the truth

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  16. Well said. Wish you could submit your eulogy to all the newspapers the appeal has to find “ not guilty”!

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  17. The accuser remains anonymous; imagine standing trial and going to jail while one’s accuser is not required to front up …..

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    • Exactly Margaret – if someone is going to make a serious accusation, they should be required to make it in full view, as the defendant has to answer it in full view. A serious flaw in our legal system that creates a bias against the accused.

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  18. Thanks for this article which addresses my own concerns. I particularly agree with the part about priest’s vestments, and the sacristy, which I know from many years’ experience, is the busiest place in any church, and especially in a cathedral, at the end of Mass.

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  19. Brendan, I don’t think your comments are fair or reasonable – I have offered to make the following information available to the Victorian DPP. If I do not hear from him I will be contacting the Media to make the information available. If the media is interested in publishing any of this information I will supply to them the links to the 12 Speech Reversals that I found from my examination of the Police Interview of Cardinal Pell. Here is what I found –

    Transcript of The Pell Interview

    This transcript was taken from a 42 min video and audio recording released by the Victorian DPP on about 2.3.2019 and depicts an Interview conducted by Victorian Detectives with Cardinal Pell in Italy as a result of which he was charged with Sexual Abuse of two Children and subsequently convicted

    F1: I have to rely on the Law and my Conscience which say that I am innocent and I have to rely on the Integrity of Investigators not setting out to make a Case but actually searching for the Truth. [Despite requests] which would have enabled me to gather Evidence refuting these Allegations I haven’t been shown Statements which my accusers arh have made.
    R1: Felt the opposite – VF4, Normal Structure, Incongruent Reversal
    F = 0:02:53 to 0:03:17, R = 0:03:05 to 0:03:07
    – The Speech Reversal clearly illustrates that Cardinal Pell is lying to the Interviewers and he tries to distract them by claiming he has been treated unfairly

    F2: Proceed with the Allegation a proper assessment might fairly be made about where the Truth resides. The allegation…[the programs are a fantasy]…I am told that they related to two Choir boys in ’96 when I as Archbishop of Melbourne was in the process of actually re-formulating the Church’s approach to allegations of Child Sexual Abuse.
    R2: His head was tied up – VF4, Normal Structure, Expansive Reversal
    F = 0:04:24 to 0:04:51, R = 0:04:34 to 0:04:36
    – This is an Extraordinary Response as it gives additional information indicating that the head of the Victim was effectively immobilised

    F3: When I as Archbishop of Melbourne was in [the process of actually re-]formulating the Church’s approach to allegations of Child Sexual Abuse.
    R3: Guilt. His head was too soft – VF4, Normal Structure, Incongruent Reversal
    F = 0:04:40 to 0:04:52, R = 0:04:44 to 0:04:46
    – Forward the Cardinal is claiming to care for the Church’s sexual abuse victims whilst his Reversal is providing information about the State of the Head of his Child Victim

    F4: Whenever there I was always accompanied by Church O[fficial or Officials.] I had nothing to do with the Choir
    R4: Bullshit row, Bullshit – VF4, Normal Structure, Incongruent Reversal
    F = 0:04:60 to 0:05:09, R = 0:05:04 to 0:05:05
    – The Speech Reversal directly contradicts his Forward Speech and basically suggests this was just a cover enabling him to sexually abuse the Choir boys

    F5: And I invite many of the viewers to tell me who they have spoken to…I am happy to pro[vide them in due course] with the names of persons who can speak authoritatively about my functions
    R5: So freak me out – VF4, Normal Structure, Incongruent Reversal
    F = 0:05:39 to 0:05:50, R = 0:05:43 to 0:05:45
    – The Speech Reversal indicates that he knows that if a proper inquiry is made of his Church Associates additional information will be revealed of his Sexual Abuse behaviour

    F6: See I am now happy to provide them in due course with the names of persons [who can speak authoritatively about] my functions, presence and conduct about the Cathedral generally, and more particularly at times when abuse is alleged to have occurred.
    R6: I began to develop the kids and actors – VF4, Sentence Building, Expansive Reversal
    F = 0:05:42 to 0:05:57, R = 0:05:47 to 0:05:49
    – The Speech Reversal confirms that he was grooming Choir Boys for further sexual abuse and that this was covered up by the Cathedral Staff

    F7: Q. Immediately on the left as you walk in. To the room? A. [Now are we in the Archbishop’s] Sacristry or the Priests’ Sacristry?
    R7: Arh! You drink wine? – VF4, Sentence Building, Expansive Reversal
    F = 0:18:55 to 0:19:08, R = 0:19:00 to 0:19:02
    – This Speech is querying whether the Interviewer is interested in consuming the wine

    F8: Q. That at that time you moved your robes to one side and exposed your penis? A. Stop it. Q. While still at this stage standing with your back to the door? A. What a load of absolute and disgraceful rubbish..dreadful…madness..[There were all sorts of people used to come to the Sacristry] to speak to the Priest. Q. Yes? A. The Sacristans were around… The Altar Servers were around. Q. Ahuh? A. They should have been on their way to change their vestments. A. Ahuh.
    R8: House of Democracy we live with the Horror – VF4, Sentence Building, Expansive Reversal
    F = 0:24:08 to 0:24:51, R = 0:24:34 to 0:24:37
    – The Speech Reversal suggests that sexual abuse of Choir Boys is a common occurrence at the Cathedral

    F9: A. You grabbed him by the back of his head and forced his head down onto your penis? A. In the Sacristry after Mass? Q. Yes? A. [And Completely false]. Q. This has gone on for a short period of time?
    R9: I helped him with that – VF5, Normal Structure, Incongruent Reversal
    F = 0:25:39 to 0:25:60, R = 0:25:51 to 0:25:53
    – A terrible admission from the Unconscious Mind of Cardinal Pell in which he confirms that he compelled the sexual assault on the Choir Boys causing him to have Oral Sex

    F10: A. After Sunday Mass? Q. Yes? A. [Need I say anymore]? What a load of garbage.
    R10: Yes I in – VF4, Normal Structure, Internal Dialogue,
    F = 0:27:00 to 0:27:10, R = 0:27:04 to 0:27:06
    – The Speech Reversal confirms that the Cardinal was a willing participant in the Sexual Abuse of Choir Boys

    F11: They would always procession before. On top of that there would be half a dozen servers erh..those in deja vue they were adult servers and [I was always] accompanied by a Master of Ceremonies. Erh There would be incense… always incense.. solemn music so it was erh a big operation
    R11: I say it wasn’t like that – VF4, Normal Structure, Incongruent Reversal
    F = 0:35:36 to 0:36:16, R = 0:35:54 to 0:35:56
    – The Speech Reversal indicates that the Cardinal is lying

    F12: A. There were some who were always out the front and by the time I got around they were long gone…I just wanted to…just to say Thank you. A. Anything? That’s it, if no one has anything further…A. [But Ron never] your job is important to Society. It is a most unpleasant job. You have treated me with courtesy and I appreciate that. Q. I appreciate the way you conducted yourself today here as well and I thank you. Now there is some more formal…
    R12: Just arguing…I know that – VF4, Cause and Effect, Expansive Reversal,
    F = 0:40:07 to 0:40:38, R = 0:40:23 to 0:40:27
    – The Speech Reversal indicates that Cardinal Pell has been lying throughout his interview

    I am quite happy to discuss any of this with you and I can also provide you with information with respect to the RS Phenomenon should you be interested.

    BTW – if you had audio recordings available of the many persons who have complained about you to various Courts and Tribunals it is possible that I can satisfy you and your legal team as to which of the complainants is telling the truth and which ones are lying.

    God Bless You
    Lawrence Myers
    5 Mar 2019

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    • Have you sought the help of a competent mental health professional?

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    • Lawrence Myers -Are you for real -I think you need help you poor delusional head case, what else do you fantasize about besides the ill-informed ignorant analysis of the published snippets of an alleged discussion.
      Bernard Gaynor is right in his judgment of the circumstances surrounding this case. Suffice to say that in six minutes what the Cardinal is alleged to have done is a physical impossibility and totally devoid of intent, inclination or pattern. There is no history of offending, everything that has been brought before Victorian law enforcement prior to this case has been dismissed as unsubstantiated.
      Of the most concern to me however is that very little media or public attention has been given to the accuser, probably in fear that any scrutiny might be seen as persecutory of a delicate/frail mental capacity.
      Sorry I don’t buy that!!!
      These “boys” were 13 years of age – well and truly old enough to know right from wrong and to have the ability physically to defend themselves in any threatening circumstance. They also were on the cusp of exploring their entry into adult persuits as acknowledged by the alcohol they went in search of, which coincidentaly they must have known was available.
      Any suggestion that the supposed events of that Sunday were the cause of the spiralling downhill road they both found themselves on is not believable and in my opinion should not be used as the cause of one of the offenders eventual drug overdose.
      These kids were already on a downhill slope.
      Pell is the victim of an unsavory law enforcement establishment which it seems has the power to arrest and prosecute any public figure they happen to take a dim view of and who dares to take matters out of their hands particularly relating to the compensatory conditions of victims.
      It should also be noted that the Cardinal did not have to return to Victoria to face these charges – he is a citizen of the Vatican and as such could have refused, but chose to do so to clear his name and put an end to the constant innuendo surrounding his tenure.
      Please God justice will prevail.

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      • Geoffrey – thanks. I neglected to mention Cardinal Pell’s voluntary return to Australia. Hardly the action of one who is guilty.

      • I agree and also believe that there was pressure from the bank in Rome.they did not want him back there,he was doing too good a job! A year before any complaints were made a police file was opened on him.
        God bless you Cardinal Pell,whatever is dished out to you here,a lot worth awaits those hyenas!,,

    • You’re either making this stuff up, or you’re mad.Lawrence.

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    • RS or Reverse Speech is the subject of a Monash University paper the summary of which can be accessed here;

      RS is basically the examination of an audio track run in reverse to see if there is any discernable intelligible speech in the same language as the forward play.


      We believe that we have given Oates’ ideas a fair examination in this paper. There are a number of specific issues which we have not examined; we hope to tackle some of these in later papers. There are also a number of issues which fall somewhat outside our range of professional expertise (qua linguists) and which might be of interest to experts in the relevant disciplines. However, many of these latter issues do not arise in practical terms unless the basic theory of RS, which is essentially a linguistic theory, ‘holds water’. We think we have shown above that the status of the RS theory is theoretically and methodologically problematic, that the theory’s factual claims could very well turn out to be largely false and certainly are not supported by our own investigations, that the theory is implausible in various ways, that the background knowledge of linguistics displayed by the originator and promoter of the theory is inadequate, and that there are various other problems associated with the theory and with the associated practices.

      Given this, we do not recommend that the RS theory be accepted (unless much better evidence and argumentation is advanced in support of it) nor do we suggest that any action (especially in sensitive or important areas of activity) be taken solely on the basis of any aspect of this theory or any specific claims associated with it.”

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    • Lawrence, this sounds like a pile of codswallop to me!

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    • Lawrence, your evidence would be dynamite if it was true. I think it is nothing but lies. I will humbly apologise if I am wrong. I have Audacity on my computer so I can easily reverse speech downloaded from youtube, and copy your experiment.
      Richard Mullins

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  20. Why were the two 9 year old in this part of the church in the first place? To steal alter wine,they said.hardly the actions of a normal 9 yr old.Their development of substance abuse in later life seems not out of character.

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    • To Stan Mackenzie, They were 13, not 9.
      I think the story of sexual abuse by Pell is nothing but lies.
      The absurdity of the prosecution case is that the prosecution emphasise that it is important evidence that the accuser must have been in the room “at the time” because he count describe the room with some accuracy.

      I think the claim that he was in the room “at the time” (drinking wine) is a fairy story. If he was in the room drinking wine I agree that this means that he has got part of his story right so maybe the other half of the story (sexual abuse) is also right. But this could only be weak evidence that Pell was in the room.

      I think it is more likely that his story is a total fabrication.

      The mischievous rhetoric of the prosecution is that the phrase “at the time” is intended to make the listener believe that if the accuser was in the room (drinking wine) then the other part of his story is true.

      I think it is more likely that the whole story is nothing but lies.

      In the Billy Doe case in Philadelphia in 2011, Billy, a 24 year old heroin addict, said that when he was a 10 year old altar boy, the priest caught him drinking altar wine after mass, poured him more wind, and showed him pornographic magazines. (Billy claimed he was sexually abused by the priest, but at a later event). I think the police trawled to find someone who would give phony evidence, and did not charge Billy with possession of heroin. Did something similar happen with the Pell case? Surely the question must be asked?
      I asked myself if Milligan’s “The Kid” is a recycling of the story of Billy.
      If The Kid is a fake, and has been prepped by a psychologist to give false evidence, it would not be surprised if Billy’ story was used as a starting point for coaching The Kid.

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