Plenary Council 2020 Submission

The Catholic Church will hold a Plenary Council in Australia in 2020.

This is a dangerous time for the Church. There is an external hatred against it that has infected society and has even been acknowledged as a reason for the wrongful jailing of former Adelaide Archbishop, Philip Wilson. Within, there is a strong push to radically overthrow Catholic tradition.

The Catholic Church is not a democracy but is the Church established by Jesus Christ. Faithful Catholics must defend that Church and the truth.

Although there are only 24 hours until submissions close on Ash Wednesday, please feel free to sign my submission.

It essentially calls for a return to the basics: Mass and sacraments and a strong defence of the Church’s traditions.

Those involved in the Plenary Council must be faithful Catholics.

The Church must once again engage in Catholic political action.

The Catholic education system has failed and must be thoroughly overhauled so its graduates know and love the faith.

The Mass, sacraments and the Rosary should become central to the lives of every Catholic family.

Bishops must teach the faith.

And the sexual abuse crisis must be thoroughly addressed, including the issue of homosexuality and the vicious anti-Catholic bias that has infected the justice system.

You can download my entire submission here. You can also lodge your own submission here.

Please sign the petition below.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. since the abolishion of the white AUSTRALIA POLICY by the late PM,H.HOLT and the election of G.WHITLAM on many occasions the constitution and immigration act has not been adhered to.things which were enacted should have been put to a referendum,AUSTRALIA is losing it’s moral value and freedom,the judicial system is corrupt,you get hammered for illegal parking but certain imported cultures do not have to live by our laws.i could go on and on.,,,,,i am proud to call myself AUSTRALIAN but nut sure for how much longer.

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  2. As a Baptist Pastor I am very aware that the current warfare is directed against ALL of the Christian church and not just against the Catholics. We must all stand together for the Kingdom of God. Last night’s ABC Q&A program contained a destructive and divisive attack by a “Baptist pastor” against the Baptist movement…

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    • Thanks – I will look into this. There are many Christians who are also persecuted.

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      • It is an attack on all who oppose sexual deviance. I do not have to name them. Suffice to say the Sydney Mardi Gras grows year on year. I naively did not expect same sex marriage to get to first base. I am a fool. I am chastised and ostracised in my own extended family. They have won already.

  3. I am not Catholic either but I am a Christian by faith. I am ex Army, having served 20 years. When I see the way that our major political parties and the Greens have destroyed the Australian way of life my heart goes out to all of those people who sacrificed their all to protect the beliefs and freedoms we had. What I find hard to believe is how our politicians and government officials stated before the referendum on same sex relations that they were going to vote YES. I believe that in doing so, they influenced the outcome. They should have simply announced the date when the referendum was to be held and kept their mouths shut as to how they would vote. Those politicians are responsible for the fiasco that the Australian people have had foisted upon them and our children. Not one of them is morally fit to be in any public forum.
    Apart from that, why isn’t the High Court of Australia instructing the NSW Attorney General to pull his head in?

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    • My advice was to seek a writ of prohibition, based on rulings in the NSWCA and HCA, in the NSW Supreme Court. That is what I have done.

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    • As I understand it, one of the first persecutions of Bernard came from a very senior army officer….Bernard was ‘disciplined’ for not breaking military rule by refusing to walk in military uniform in a political demonstration : the homosexual Sex Parade – Mardi Gras.

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      • Hi Treasa – I was never ordered to march in the Mardi Gras (that pressure is yet to come!). But I was told that my view that I would not allow homosexuals to teach my children was contrary to cultural change policies and Defence’s decision to march at this sordid event.

  4. Those trying to change our lives should be open to investigation also.

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  5. I am not a Catholic, but I do concede there is definitely an anti catholic bias in the media, that like to proclaim they are progressive.
    What I call are conventional, conservative family attitudes are being undermined by so called modern ideas. For example we are being more defined by our sexuality as if its the most important part of being human. It should not be, sure it is sort of important but for example we get rammed down our throats that if you are against “gay marriage” that you are some kind of intolerant monster.
    At my work place flies a “gay’ flag, do we consider that the gays are a nation. When I was in Wales I saw the beautiful Welsh flag being desecrated by having its background in rainbow colours. I really felt like tearing it down. There is something really sick in our modern society.
    I consider myself to be on the left and yes I vote Green at times. But our Christian values are being trashed by mindless so called progressives

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    • Please don’t vote Greens again. It only enables the crazies.

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    • One suggests there is no anti-R.C. media bia, but the purpose driven attack is against non-denominational Christians, who understand the origin of the ‘not so great whore’, and continue to reveal her plan for global dictatorship.
      Christianity is non denominational, especially not those subservient to the fatican, and is the only target of media, globally!
      It is not the citizens who have been deceived into her clutches, but the anti-Christ hierarchy who claim the pope is the head of the world church instead of Jesus Christ!
      Yes indeed, don’t vote Green, but what politician, in any party, is worthy of respect?
      As has been stated, many hundreds of years ago, “You can always tell when is politician is lying, (male or female), they have their mouth open!”

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      • John, the Catholic Church teaches that Christ is head of the Church. The pope is only the head of the Church here on earth.

        Please understand Church teaching before you attack it. It will help everyone, yourself included.

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