Milo’s not great but the ‘conservative’ Coalition is worse

Here are two things you should know.

Firstly, if you think Milo Yiannopoulos is a good guy, then you are wrong. He is not.

Secondly, if the government bans Milo from Australia then it is outrageous. Any ban will be for all the wrong reasons.

The word ‘conservative’ doesn’t really mean anything these days: it seems to be applied to neo-nazis and supporters of homosexual marriage in equal measure.

However, if being conservative has anything to do with defending the truth, then Milo is not your man.

He might think he is. He might even want to think he is.

But he just isn’t.

It’s possible that he could be that man. He certainly has courage. He certainly has conviction in some areas. He is certainly on the money on some things.

But until he addresses his own personal sexual problems, he is simply a guy that sows confusion. And he cannot be taken seriously.

Milo rails against homosexual networks inside the Catholic Church while promoting his own homosexual lifestyle.

Milo claims he is against the new age woke madness destroying our society while making it ‘cool’ to be ‘gay married’ and ‘conservative’.

This means that Milo can never be what he thinks he is: the guy that can save the world. Truth be told, none of us can do that.

But we can aim a little lower and defend the good. Milo cannot do that because he promotes something that he himself acknowledges is contrary to the good: homosexuality.

In an interview with Michael Voris earlier this year, Milo’s contradictions were laid out, as well as his blinded approach to what he has done, is doing and can do.

Milo stated this about his homosexual lifestyle:

The person that I am with now has brought me closer to Catholicism…

…I am faced with two choices. One, give up one of the fonts of joy that I have in my life which would significantly weaken my ability to fight the good fight…

Do I give up something that gives me power? That gives me reserves of strength and enables me to do good in the world?

No is the conclusion that I have come to because it would make me less good at all the good stuff that I do.

He went on to claim that he sees himself being martyred while helping lead an army to victory.

Milo claims to take his Catholic faith seriously. So he should stop lying to himself and others.

He cannot fight any good fight if his strength for the fight is something gravely immoral. Whatever fight he is in, he is not fighting on the side of good, however he may sell it to himself and however it may appear to the world and his followers.

And whatever army he is leading and wherever it is going, it cannot be an army of good or heading in the right direction. It goes without saying, if your plan to do good involves touring Australia as part of a business deal with a pornographer, then you are probably doing ‘good’ wrong.

All Milo has done to date is send a message that the insanity of this world can be fought by embracing that insanity. It is not a solution but a message of madness.

The sexual abuse Milo suffered as a child has shaped his character and he is deeply wounded by it. But if he truly wants to do good, he must be good. That will require him to step out of the evil world into which he states a Catholic priest thrust him.

All of that being said, any decision to block Milo from visiting Australia will have nothing to do with any of this and everything to do with the fact that Australia has caved into the ‘Thug’s Veto’.

Most of the vitriol thrown at Milo by leftist activists is because they hate those things Milo says that make sense.

They hate the fact that he defended the Covington Boys. They hate the fact that he ridicules feminism. They hate the fact that he represents a stubborn refusal to accept the new moral totalitarianism of a radically atheistic society.

And the Antifa thugs that are intent on using force and threats of force to silence any debate in this nation now know that the state is on their side.

Already one state, Victoria, will hit ordinary Australians with astronomical bills if there is even a hint that violent protesters could show up to events they organise, instead of fining those who use violence as a political weapon.

And now the Commonwealth won’t even let people into this nation if radical anarchists might get upset about it.

The ‘conservative’ government has abdicated its responsibility to govern, handed control to the anarchists and written to Milo that he may be denied a visa because:

There were significant protests at Mr YIANNOPOULOS’ events in Sydney and Melbourne in December 2017, despite the location of Mr YIANNOPOULOS’ speaking engagements being withheld by event organisers until 24 hours prior to the events.

To highlight how corrupt all of this is, the Commonwealth recently allowed an Egyptian sheikh to tour Australia. He has a history that includes describing the September 11 and Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks as ‘comedy films’.

He travelled Australia urging Muslims to maintain their home culture despite living here. Yet he was not banned despite his great risk of inciting discord in the Australian community.

Australia faces the likelihood of a Shorten Labor government later this year. If we get it, freedom in this nation will be trashed even further.

But the Liberal/National Coalition is hardly inspiring Australians to support them or demonstrating that they are any better. The one big difference between it and Milo is that, regardless of his flaws, Milo is prepared to defend his principles.

You can hardly throw that claim at the conservative Coalition.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. This is the sad conclusion of neo-Liberalism in the church now….anything goes. ON QandA with Jordan B Person some silly Feminist insisted she was a Marxist and a Catholic…go figure! Being a Catholic today means nothing because even the Pope can’t tell the difference between heresy and the True Word of God. We may as well all be worshipping that Golden Calf of Exodus as it seems nothing that Jesus died for has been retained in the moral evolution of mankind. Return to Tradition.

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  2. Milo needs to know of the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. He needs to know the grace of Almighty God through His Son Jesus Christ.
    Praying for Him.

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    • He knows it. He just doesn’t to accept it because of what it will mean for his life.

      But the reality is he will never achieve anything good unless he is prepared to face this inner fear…

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