Watch #MAFS? You’re part of the problem…

Before, during and after the homosexual marriage campaign there was a claim thrown around constantly by those who supported this radical idea.

Basically, the argument goes, heterosexuals have made such a mockery of marriage that opposition to homosexual marriage was pointless and hypocritical.

And, I must admit, there is a skerrick of truth in this argument.

Heterosexuals have made a mockery of marriage. And they also did it without any help from the LGBTWHATEVER community.

Unfortunately for the rainbow activists, however, is this implicit admission in the argument: recognition of same sex relationships has only occurred because society in general has no respect for marriage at all.

So applauding homosexual marriage is like applauding at an event where everyone gets a trophy for being a loser.

It is only once the idea of marriage has been so sullied that it is basically a rotting corpse that a nation will shrug its shoulders and say whatever to demands from activists that the gay community should be able to feast on it too.

And all of this is a long way of stating the obvious: if you watch Married at First Sight then you are part of the problem.

I have no idea how long this show goes for or how many seasons have run. I have zero interest in the sleazy scandals that are pumped out for profit each week. Other than to take screenshots of the ‘headlines’ below, I have not watched an episode or read a single article about the latest (or any other) series.

But I do know this: this show epitomises the decline in respect for the most fundamental institution in our society. It is to our national shame that it is the highest rating television series on our screens.

More importantly, when ordinary Australians begin to shun shows like this, we will know we have reached a point where we can start winning the ground back on marriage. Until then, get used to the fact that our society is mucking about in a fetid swamp…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. #Morons At First Sight

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  2. So glad I do not watch that rubbish.

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  3. The original Marxist Soviet objective was to destroy the institution of marriage and the family unit. The experiment proved to be an abject failure by the 1930s, but has re-emerged as one of the Neo-Marxist strategies to destroy our Judeo-Christian society. MAFS is just another tool to destroy our society from within.
    Whilst I abhor the barbaric ideology that is Islam, marriage and fidelity(by the woman) are in its culture and homosexuality is not tolerated. The Sultan of Brunei has just introduced the death penalty (by stoning) for homosexual acts.
    If our western culture is toppled by the socialists, aided and abetted by the muslims, there will be anarchy as each culture turns on the other.

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  4. This show just proves how far our Western society has fallen. No wonder Islam believes we are ready for invasion and takeover. We deserve it and probably won’t care or fight when Sharia law is introduced as the law of the land. Those leftist and green supporters of Islamic and LGBTIQ rights will be shocked when they find out what is in store for them under Islamic rule. I almost want to become a Muslim to watch them cry out in horror when it happens.

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    • I have zero desire to see Lefties suffer.

      When they start having bad days, our children will need to endure them too. I am desperate to do all I can to stop that from happening…

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  5. MAFS is nothing more than a freak show for bogans….

    There you Bernard, something I’ve written you can feel safe to publish….

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  6. You sound like a MAFS Addict Molly. I’m sorry but I have to agree with Bernard, the show does nothing to actually uphold the structure and values of marriage. They say it themselves – it’s an experiment. And the bigger the scandals the better for viewer ratings. My wife and I watched it this season out of interest for what it’s about and I have to say I will not be watching next season. It’s a total mockery to the foundation of what marriage always meant.

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  7. Really Bernard. You of all people should know not to condemn anything without the facts, and to know that trashy headlines are not fact. This show is not any worse than much of the rubbish on TV today. They are bringing complete strangers together and putting them through a ‘marriage’ and then getting them into situations to see what transpires. They are not really married and some of the couples hate each other on sight, so I’d say if they see someone they like better then at this stage it isn’t a problem and better than hanging in there and trying to love someone you just can’t. The headlines do not reflect what has actually happened.

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    • Thank you Molly for proving my point: ‘this show is not any worse than much of the rubbish on TV today’.

      MAFS is not educational. It is not an experiment.

      It promotes titillation, gossip and sexually immoral behaviours. If you watch this show, then you are part of the problem.

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    • “They are bringing complete strangers together and putting them through a ‘marriage’ and then getting them into situations to see what transpires.”

      Sounds a bit like Islam, maybe the start of our indoctrination!

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    • At ‘best’ (if there is one)
      they are treating people as guinea pigs, in their ‘cage’ with a ‘transpire wheel’. and we are all ‘entertained’, and our time watching this ‘joke’ earns them money.. (not the ‘contestants’/’candidates’, but the ‘jokers’ themselves)

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