Eight things you need to know about the Israel Folau saga

This is Raelene Castle.

And even though she looks like she’s auditioning for the lead role in a Hollywood blockbuster in which a transgender woman and a radical lesbian feminist find common ground through gentle and tender comedy while raising awareness about the threat of climate change as they travel across America on a stolen electric scooter with an incel hitchhiker named Jason, she’s actually not.

Instead, she’s a great leader. See:

Like all great leaders, Raelene Castle has principles and she sticks to them. She says what she means. For instance, just a couple of days ago she said this:

Rugby is a sport that continuously works to unite people, regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexuality. All people are welcome to be part of the rugby family.

This great leader uttered these words at the end of a press conference in which she announced that Israel Folau would be sacked for his Christian views on sexuality. Also see:

Obviously, when the Great Leader Raelene Castle said that rugby welcomed all people, she did not mean Christians. Indeed, she probably doesn’t even think that Christians are human. So why would they be welcome in Raelene’s castle?

If you are a grown up and all of this is doing your head in, don’t worry, I’m here to help.

There are eight things you need to know about this Israel Folau kerfuffle.

Let me list all the other ways that Raelene Castle is a great leader and Rugby Australia is not imploding and taking down the last edifice of freedom in this nation with it.

1. Raelene Castle is destroying Australian rugby

Rugby Australia decided to axe the Western Force in 2017 to save $6 million a year. And this decision was made even after Andrew Forrest offered to stump up $50 million from his personal piggy bank to keep the team alive.

And now it seems highly likely that Rugby Australia will be forced to pay out Israel Folau’s $4 million contract (the ink on it is still wet), foot the bill for Raelene Castle’s extraordinary leadership at $815,255 per year and stump up for the legal costs of this saga as well. That’s likely to add up to a tad more than $6 million.

Guess what? It would have been cheaper for Rugby Australia to let Israel Folau have his say and keep the Western Force alive.

But that hasn’t happened.

So now guess what? On the eve of the Rugby World Cup, Rugby Australia has gone to war with its star player and sent a message to all the other Israel Folaus chasing the ball around that they are not wanted either.

Given only half the Australian side are Pacific Islanders and the kids of this community are basically keeping junior rugby alive, it’s a good thing that Raelene Castle is such a brilliant boss that she understands Pacific Islanders have a strongly held belief in the separation of church and the footy field.

2. Rugby union in general has gone nuts

Bear with me because this is so weird that you couldn’t make it up, even if you were partying with Karmichael Hunt (we’ll get to that later).

There’s a rugby team in New Zealand called the Canterbury Crusaders. And even though they had nothing to do with the Christchurch terrorist attack they’re considering a name change anyway because to keep it would be Islamophobic.

And on the other side of the world, there’s another rugby team based in London named the Saracens.

The saracens spread Islam at the point of a sword throughout the Middle East, across North Africa and into Europe, including the Sharia law bit justifying the execution of homosexuals. The crusaders attempted to free the Holy Land from saracen control and jihadis are still miffed about this, hence the umpteen thousand Islamic terrorist attacks across the globe.

But the Saracens rugby club are not changing their name again, presumably, because it would be Islamophobic to do so.

There’s a bloke who plays for the Saracens by the name of Billy Vunipola. And he has earnt himself a formal warning for daring to agree with Israel Folau. He didn’t mention hell but he did state that men were meant for women.

So, in general terms, it’s ok for a rugby team to be named after the saracens who used force to spread the belief that homosexuals should be executed but it’s not ok for a person to play in this team if they believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. And it’s definitely not ok for a rugby team to be named after the crusaders, who fought the saracens.

And somewhere in all of this is Sonny Bill Williams, the high profile Kiwi player who converted to Islam, quotes from the Koran on his Twitter page and who converses on social media with a mufti who once said:

“gays are worse than animals”

Like the Exalted One Raelene Castle said, rugby welcomes all people – even the ones who think the other ones are not human.

Perhaps if Israel Folau was Muslim, Raelene Castle would have gone with him to visit a mosque after he expressed his views. But he isn’t, so that didn’t happen.

3. The other Kiwi lady joins in

Raelene Castle isn’t the only Kiwi woman swinging handbags at Israel Folau.

New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, stated that she disagreed with Israel Folau before adding that this was a matter for Australia. At least she knows her boundaries.

Those who can remember back to, oh, the end of March, will know that Jasinta Ahern donned a hijab, broadcast the Islamic call to prayer across the length and breadth of the nation she leads and then personally expressed her acknowledgement that Mohammad is Allah’s prophet. In Arabic.

And those who can remember back to, oh, point number two will know that this is the same ‘prophet’ who decreed that homosexuals should be executed.

Luckily, it seems that Jemima Astern has been decreed a great leader in the mould of Raelene Castle. Otherwise people might think that she has no idea what she’s doing.

4. Israel is a very naughty boy

To add some perspective to Israel Folau’s crimes, ponder this:

Todd Carney urinated in his own mouth and went on to play Super League in Europe.

Wayne Carey had an affair with his then-captain and former best friend’s wife before being picked up by the Adelaide Crows. He is a regular face of football broadcasts today.

Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft blatantly cheated during a cricket test against South Africa, using sandpaper to alter the condition of the ball. All three are now eligible to represent this nation again.

And Karmichael Hunt was arrested for drug use. He’s now playing rugby for the NSW Waratahs – the same team that Israel Folau can no longer train with.

Clearly, Israel Folau’s call for virtue is an affront to Australian sport. Tumbleweeds would be rolling across the stadiums if you had to be a good person, rather than a good sportsman, to earn the big bucks.

If Israel Folau had got blotto last weekend and set fire to a school for disabled kids it would be lumped in the ho-hum section of sporting scandals on page 47 of the local rag.

If Folau had run stark naked through Bill Shorten’s latest press conference and was unlucky enough to get the sack, Peter Beattie would be on the phone to his manager in an instant.

But because Folau said it was wrong to get drunk, the Head Honcho of the National Rugby League has slammed the door shut. Given Peter Beattie has his hands full dealing with the habitual indiscretions of the ‘professionals’ in the ‘industry’ he runs, he should win the Virtue Signaller of the Millennium Award for that effort.

5. The anti-Christian witch hunt is on break for Easter

This is probably the best part of this entire saga.

Rugby Australia wants to sack Israel Folau for his Christian views but it can’t do it yet because there needs to be a kangaroo court first.

And it can’t hold that because everyone at Rugby Australia is about to go on holidays to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which still happens to be a public holiday in our heathen land.

It’s called Easter.

6. It will be interesting if this goes to court

Personally, I hope this goes to court.

Because that’s when affidavits will be sworn and witnesses will take the stand. And our legal system, in its zeal for the facts, will allow people to swear on the Bible that what they say is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help them God.

This would be the same Bible that Israel Folau quoted from.

The same Bible that Raelene Castle says is so offensive that merely quoting from it should see one cast, weeping and gnashing their teeth, into the exterior darkness.

The same Bible that our governors-general and prime ministers have taken their oaths of office on.

Basically, Raelene Castle is not just at war with Christianity. She’s such an impressive figure that she’s decided to take down our entire civilisation as well.

7. Lies, lies, lies

At the heart of this farce is a single, massive lie.

Raelene Castle claims the decision to sack Israel Folau has nothing to do with his religious views. See:

“This is not a religious discussion this is a discussion around the employee-employer relationship and the values and contractual arrangements within that agreement. That’s the basis on which we’ve served him a breach notice.”

Just for the record, here is Israel Folau’s post:

This post mentions ‘Jesus’. It says repent. It quotes from the Bible. And it lists a bunch of people that pretty much the entire world has always accepted are destined for hell unless some form of remedial action is taken.

As far as religious things go, Israel Folau’s post is about as high on the scale as you can get without stepping foot inside a church on Sunday.

But if you believe this has nothing to do with religion, then you’ll also believe that the Bledisloe Cup has nothing to do with sport and is merely an international business meeting between representatives of Australia and New Zealand to decide the geographical location of a disputed historical artefact.

The deceitful arrogance of people like Raelene Castle, quite frankly, does my head in.

She knows full well this is about Christianity. And she is leading the charge to destroy religious freedom for Christians in Australia. And, just like all the others of her ilk, she is so tremendous that she cannot bring herself to say what she is actually doing.

8. The Gaystapo has been unleashed

In late 2017, Australia was warned that homosexual marriage would result in the loss of religious freedom for Christians.

And this is exactly what has happened.

It has now been deemed unacceptable to represent this nation if you accept that homosexual acts are immoral. As Miranda Devine reminded us earlier this week, the CEO of Qantas, Alan Joyce, boasted during the homosexual marriage campaign that:

If you’re unhappy with a company that’s involved with the campaign you won’t be able to bank and you won’t be able to fly anywhere.

And now it seems that you won’t be able to play sport either.

Joyce and his cronies are intent on using the financial power of big business to turn us into political and religious slaves.

It should be noted that the drunks have not called for Folau’s head. Nor have the fornicators or adulterers, the thieves or the liars. And the atheists and idolators are silent.

Hell, Folau has even criticised the teachings of the Catholic Church. But Catholics don’t want him sacked for that.

It is only the homosexuals who have demanded a sacrifice. This mob are drunk on power and by their actions over the past week they have shown themselves to be the real bigots, the real purveyors of intolerance and the real threat to unity and freedom in this nation.

The LGBT activists have taken up arms this week claiming that Israel Folau is free to say what he likes but not free from the ‘consequences’ – which include losing his job. This is another lie in the free speech debate.

Unless Folau is free to state his Christian views, he does not have religious freedom. It is becoming painfully obvious that these activists want a world in which Christians cannot speak at all.

If action is not taken swiftly to repeal the anti-discrimination laws that empower this assault on the freedom of Christians (especially through their implementation in workplace HR policies), Folau will not be the last Australian thrown to lions. And in the future the punishment will be considerably more painful than not being able to play rugby for Australia.

Folau can probably afford some time off. The average punter will lose his house if he can’t keep up his mortgage payments.

Australian Christians stand on the threshold of a dark age.

And the real point of the Folau saga is this: Christianity is so unprepared for this attack that a man who plays a game for a living is doing a better job of defending Christian beliefs than the bishops.

If we are to defend ourselves, this had better change, especially as Bill Shorten may well be Prime Minister in a matter of weeks. And he supports the action taken against Israel Folau, despite promising all Australians that he would protect religious freedom…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Israel threw a spanner in the wheel of the same sex agenda that Rugby have plastered over their web site.The spanner represents a hold on,let’s think about this agenda.The spanner(hell-a place without God)is what they,ss agenda,that they want removed so their wheel can move ahead.People cannot contract on people’s souls 24/7.No one trains their body for sport,to then find later a sport body wants them to sacrifice their soul to it 24/7.Rugby web site has the ss agenda plastered on it,a later development and an unfair and debauched agenda pushed on families a and kids.Families need to take Rugby to court over that.It is good Haynor recognises Jesus is a living spirit and statues are not to be worshipped.

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  2. I hope Folau takes this to the supreme court where everybody has to swear on the bible. The very book that seems so despicable to all the pompous hierarchy and the very book that they are using to beat this believer over the head with.

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  3. PS- And Bernard, playing the man (actually the woman) and not the ball in this case doesn’t help rational argument, which is what we need more than ever in this time of hyperbole and fake news. Please stick to the arguments without the anger. I do appreciate the points you make by the way.

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  4. Good on Israel for showing the courage of his convictions, and I hope and expect he will continue to do so. If he had quoted Galations and not shown the technicolour statement, this might have not gone as far as it has. Let’s hope this court of appeal uses the letter of the law and he gets his job back.

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  5. They seem to miss that only Jesus saves. This is eternal truth.

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    • Just to clarify point 1, Raelene Castle was not part of the board that culled WA Force. She replaced Bill Pulver after this event.

      However, that said, I believe she is useless, & that in any case, the culling of WA Force was a treasonable action by an administration against its own people.

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    • Im an atheist but I support non violent religious freedoms. The injustice visited upon Israel Falou is worrying.

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      • Good article. Well said!

        Was Raylene Castle born a male?

        My guess is yes.
        And that then explains almost everything that’s happened to Israel so far.

        This is personal revenge for Raylene and there’s a lot of money and prestige at stake for Raylene.
        But eternity is a long time to be on the wrong side of God.
        And God will have the final say. Raylene’s hour is but one breath compared to eternity.

        Why do some ‘atheists’ come across like they hate God and the Bible so much? It’s like deep down they really do believe but are angry with God for their personal pain and atheism and hating Christians is their way of getting revenge with God.

        God can heal the pain that causes someone to try and change genders and he loves them too.

        But like ALL sinners – (and we are ALL sinners. None of us is righteous. Not one)
        We ALL must repent and follow Jesus if we want the non-smoking section in eternity.

        Following Jesus means setting out to try and obey His teachings.

        Raylene has a lot of anger and bitterness.
        My guess is Raylene needs our prayers even more than Israel

  6. Really funny, salient and true. Question is how do we react? These people are always offended and always on the offensive. What would be the best tactic (aside from hilarious ridicule which will upset but not stop them) to use I wonder..

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    • I think raelene has a conflict of interests, besides the Christianity phobia her and her constituents portray it is the year for World Cup rugby. Isn’t raelene a kiwi? It would be in her best kiwi interest of heart that Israel Folau didn’t play for Australia anymore If he poses any threat to the All Blacks it is her duty as it is in her power to get rid of him. The real person that should be ousted is raelene castle ( all lower case ) for her attempt to sabotage the Australian Rugby Union Wallabies team
      I think Australia, especially those who are followers of the faith should get behind Israel Folau with a voice and a prayer.

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  7. Point two. Well that’s just a silly idea BG because you know that if raelene and isreal visited the mosque she’d have to go upstairs covered and he’d go downstairs!

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  8. Brilliant piece Bernard and I just love the satirical turn of phrase.

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    • Love it Bernard!!LOVE YOUR OPENNESS!!
      Love to see also Royal commission into
      Rugby Australia
      And Nrl.
      Anywhere there is that much money there is a boat load of corruption.
      But gamble responsibly!!
      2019 Parra can finally win
      It this year. Nrls been too busy recently trying to look legit to bother Parra.
      Who is watching NRL And RA while they are pointing fingers at every player and team.
      They are not Holy themselves We all need Jesus.
      Thats the point!!
      No ones coming out saying ah this is a Christian nation we don’t marry 6 year olds and consummate marriages when they are 9.
      we call that peadophilia.
      I don’t wanna sound phobic. But I’m the one who suffered abuse from
      2 -12yrs so I don’t give a rip if my opinion is considered hate.
      I love all people which is Israel’s heart cry also.
      We would love to have him at Parra.

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  9. Great article Bernard,
    As a Kiwi I would love to see Israel in the All Black team, but sadly the political correctness is just as rife on this side of the Tasman. As a Christian I really admire the guy for the stones he has to speak the truth and to hell with the consequences.
    Israel Folau is what is so sadly lacking in the so called “Christian” community.
    He’s a “real” believer, not just a Sunday pew filler.
    I even saw your “so called” Christian PM criticize Israel on TV. What a politically correct wimp. I thought NZ was lost, but I believe from what I’ve seen lately that we’re just following the leader ie Australia.
    Stand up and be counted all you who profess the Messiah, the war is raging.

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  10. Well written Bernard, I wait in anticipation for the court case where Raelyn and other Football executives put their hands on the Holy Bible and swear.to tell the truth and nothing but the truth

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    • Myl sons being dragged through court by his first girlfriend for the usual. Believe me you don’t have to swear on the bible anymore . You have a choice now to simply swear an affirmation! Helps enormously when you just wanna make it up as you go along.

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  11. Rugby Australia is doomed to debt & destruction at the hands of her corporate corpulence.

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  12. Thank you Bernard. Totally agreed.

    Btw, this isn’t just about Folau as he’s only a messenger, but the real battle here is against God’s Word (Bible). The real haters are the ones who hide behind unfair laws passed by corrupt leftist spineless politicians fueled by political correctness. We’re in End Times where evil is called good and good is evil. Amazing of how over 2,00years ago Christ compared us with Noah’s generation for its wickedness, plus Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. The King is Coming.

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  13. Homophobia is defined as an “irrational fear or hatred of homosexuality”. Israel’s comments are described everywhere including on the ABC as homophobic? Whether you agree with him or not he is not expressing a hatred or fear of homosexuals. It would be more correct to say that he expresses a love and concern for their future. He like Christ loves the sinners but hates the sin.

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    • In other words ‘ a true Christian’.

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  14. Brilliantly written, thank you Bernard!
    It seems that attack on Christianity is a part of a well orchestrated campaign to dismantle the whole western civilization as we know it. Family, freedom of speech, expression of any kind other than approved by the leftist elites, our national and cultural pride, patriotism and Christianity – all has to be sacrificed on the altar of new world order where even countries do not exist replaced by small economic regions that are easy to control, specially when white population is replaced by third world people. Islam is instrumental here because it has similar goal and as such is fully supported by the leftists. And it’s all for the benefit of small group of extremely rich with aspirations to rule the world. They are the ones pulling the strings.

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  15. Thanks Bernard, you are the voice of reason as always

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  16. Ironic, most of these powerful feminists are rich white women, who live in trendy suburbs. no offence meant, just an observation of the irony of it all.

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  17. I presume that the Bible, sworn-on by those fronting the Independent Panel, will have any alleged, non-inclusive bits redacted out.

    “I swear that the evidence that I shall give, shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God”.

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    • Most likely redacted to “…..so help me!” The truth statements will be altered to “my truth as best I can remember, and as much as serves the agenda”

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  18. Channel 10 had a display of Israel Falau’s post on the TV last night.
    I am waiting for the Gay brigade to complain.
    There it was on #10 “Homosexuals….. Hell Awaits You”
    Channel 10 are responsible for their content, aren’t they.
    I’m still waiting for the Gay brigade to complain and take channel 10 off the air.

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  19. More evidence that there is a spiritual warfare going on.
    Rejection of the word of God will bring its own judgement.
    Friendship with the world is enmity with God.

    World is more interested if Israel is going to lose his money.

    Reminds me of John (called the Baptist but he wasn’t a Baptist) who said “He must increase I must decrease”
    John stood up for what was right and suffered with the loss of his head.

    Jesus himself said that he didn’t come for the spiritually healthy, but for the sick. “I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance” (Luke 5:31–32)

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  20. A well written and expressed article Bernard. I know that Israel Folou follows a version of Christianity that is not quite the same as mine but he’s committed and devout. His right to express his views on twitter with thousands of followers should be without prejudice. That over 46,000 people ‘liked’ his post is a sign that they take his point and reminder. It’s that simple.

    The more publicity Israel’s dilemma receives, the more his post is shared. Isn’t that ironic? Castle and Joyce could only wish that their respective companies should receive such free advertising.

    Happy Easter Bernard. I met you in Cairns a few years ago at an ALA meeting and glad to hear you’ve joined Cory.


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  21. It seems only a matter of tim before the bible is made illegal or put to the fire ,will history repeat itself? prisons are already full where will they put all the faithful Christians?

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    • I’m sure they’ll be happy to empty the prisons of the real criminals to put us Christians behind bars – anything to shut us up. Praise God we’re in the end of days and the church will become like the book of Acts church. No fence sitting, luke warm Christians will survive the testing. Its hotting up. Pray up and be ready to share the hope you have because despite what it looks like there are many, many lost souls out there desperate for answers to the state this world is in.

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  22. I wholeheartedly agree…
    I think every point is an accurate account of exactly what is happening, let’s mussel free speech in Australia ??

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  23. Brilliant, Bernard, thankyou.

    The big problem with this is there there is a sizeable portion of the so called “Church” who have changed their beliefs lately.

    The power of their argument is the newish (and false)idea that “God made me like that”, so I cannot change. Any attempt to change is a denial of the creation of God, and shows that I am not grateful, nor indeed faithful; therefore He has to bless me and love me as I act out who He made me to be.

    Well we are all born sinners, so I suppose we must say, “God made us like that”. He should not at all judge us for being like that, nor expect us to turn away from being sinners, but He rather should just forgive us, because after all He loves us, just as we are.

    St John is his gospel reminds us that Jesus himself said “You must be born again” before we can even see the kingdom, let alone enter it. Repent and believe the Gospel.

    Born again!!.
    That means that the way God MADE US us is not good enough, not good enough for anything.
    We all, each one, need to begin again right from the beginning. Born into God’s family.
    Born into a completely new set of dimensions that enable us to be God’s children morally, and spiritually.

    But as I said, there is a large part of the C?hurch? that has rejected the scripture witness, rejected the traditions of our ancestors, rejected the wisdom of the ages, and rejected the findings of medical science.

    They still strongly profess to be God’s beloved children. Hence they have taken to themselves a new moral authority based on their new idea of love. The old, the scriptural, the traditional, the wisdom, and the scientific findings are now proudly regarded by them as hateful and un-Godly.

    Hopefully we will soon see an end to this populist theology.
    Unfortunately the whole world it seems has gone after the existentialist model of truth, where truth is determined by me, seemingly quite apart from facts and evidence.

    Raelene Castle is simply a woman of this age attempting to negotiate all the other metruths.
    She knows where to go with this because of the populist theology.
    Izzy…. well Izzy is persona non grata. He is hateful and unGodly… of course!

    We are in a war.

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    • Spot on Bruce, well said mate!

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    • “God has made us this way” cry the homosexuals and other deviations of nature. But which God?

      “Inshallah” – It is the will of God, doesn’t seem to hold much sway with muslims as an argument.

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  24. Heard recently:
    You can say whatever you like in Russia, but only once!

    Seems we are heading in the same direction.
    Would Israel be in as much trouble if he had written:

    Evil is that for which they have bartered away their souls. To deny God’s own revelation, grudging that He should reveal His bounty to whom He chooses from among His servants! They have incurred God’s most inexorable wrath. An ignominious punishment awaits the unbelievers.

    This talks about death for those that don’t believe and is a quote from the Quran which would no doubt make it all OK!

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  25. A warning by a man named ‘Israel’, is denigrated by a man named ‘Joyce’.

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    • And a lady named Raylene that seems hhas a temperature that has made her blood Boyle!

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  26. Great article Bernard. I noted in a Facebook post when Israel previously spoke out, that the only two high profile Christian leaders who defended him were Philip Jensen and yourself.

    Others tried to ‘clarify’ or contradict what he said.

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  27. Agree with everything you said. You’ve got it spot on dude. Brilliant, love it???

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    • Well said Bernard. It is indeed frightening. Thankyou for writing so well and eloquently about this issue.

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  28. I am a catholic gay man. While I don’t think I’m destined for hell. I respect Israel’s right to hold his beliefs. Jesus was a loving man and we are all sinners. We should not judge those who we believe are destined for hell rather to encourage them to be more like Jesus. I will face god one day and be judged I feel it is not for others to judge for me. I admire his passion and faith in god. I hope he fights this and wins. This is an attack on free speech and Christians

    God bless mark

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    • Thanks Mark for this comment and also for your courage during the marriage postal survey. I admire that.

      We all have different weaknesses and unless we overcome them and become perfect like God, we cannot be with Him in Heaven. I pray that you overcome yours just as I need prayers to overcome mine.

      God bless!

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      • We all have different weaknesses and unless we overcome them and become perfect like God, we cannot be with Him in Heaven

        This seems to be a Catholic view of works. IF would says that all are sinners but are saved only be the grace of God, and that we alone do not “overcome” our weaknesses.

      • Well said Mark. so proud of you. Love u and God bless!!!!

    • Yes we are all sinners. But Jesus said love the sinner, hate the sin. It is one thing to be a sinner but we have to strive not to sun. If you know you are sinning but make the decision to do it anyway… your soul is in peril.

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  29. Facts well described,why is it one religion is being quietly promoted by these people while destroying that which has made our way of life the envy of the non western world?

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  30. Well done.I am a christian but if I am lying, commit adultery, cheat, fornication, drunk I am STILL going to HELL, unless I REPENT. Why just focus on GAY only. Where is the FREEDOM of RELIGION in AUSTRALIA. Folau you put GOD first. Trust in Him the Most High and you will be bless.

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    • Exactly Sana economic exploitation is still in active in our society today but we stand strong against the storm. Bless you and have blessed holy week.

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  31. Forgive me if I’m wrong – but aren’t tattoos and mixed thread garments ALSO decried as sins in the Bible? As in the ones Folau has and the jersey he is about to be stripped of?

    I’m all for someone (in this case Folau) expressing what they believe. But it is clear that what he says his Bible teaches him is sifted through and cherry picked by him.

    Don’t know why I am bothering, however. You only publish the comments of those who gush over your writings…


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    • Yo get a grip of the truth!!! It was a personal status and comment by Israel folau that is being taken out of contest. The fact is no one has a right to heaven period.

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    • That’s Old Testament law Panda. It’s Judaism that follows those laws not Christians. For Christians the Old Testament is predominately a history book (especially the 1st 5 books which you are referring to).

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    • How do you know he didnt have the tats prior to becoming a christian…..

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    • You are referring very narrowly to chapters in Leviticus. This requires a bit of study to understand the context of those scriptures. A great debate I watched on YouTube recently between Dr James White and two gay pastors is fascinating. Dr White really knows his stuff when it comes to understanding the bible in its context and the culture of the day.

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  32. Stumbled across your website from The Bolt Report supporters group on Facebook. Totally agree with your article. Israel did nothing more than a Mormon or Seventh Day Adventist would say when out door knocking. I hope Israel sues the arse off the ones responsible for wrecking his career.

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  33. Calling it the way it is is dangerous in this country. I’m now a diest and as such I no longer Belong The to any theist religion, but in saying that I believe the Christian religion has played a major roll in shaping all that is decent in western democracies.
    I become very sceptical when I hear so many so called Christians openly accepting that God created the universe and all life on earth but say he got it wrong about homosexuals. The church today is supporting this stuff as well so I’ve come to the conclusion that the main denominations of Christianity are nothing more then big,very big businesses and are without any moral standing.
    Muslims get away with all the atrocities they aspouse to and our so called leaders are nothing more than the people the Quran instructs them to be. I commend Israel for his courage and his conviction.

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  34. Great reporting Bernard. It really does worry me the way we are going. I have long disagreed with Qantas’s Joyce having such a public say on his personal views when he represents and works for Qantas.
    Keep us informed and thank you

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  35. Fantastic piece. I am going to hold off on entertaining the Qantas virtue signaling until they cease their flights to Brunei where their new law is to stone homosexuals.
    Look up hypocrite in the dictionary and you will find a photo of Alan Joyce next to the meaning.

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    • Betty, maybe you could entice Joyce to go to Brunie to negotiate a Qantas gay free zone. Then again he may not be given a visa. Oh well it was just a thought!

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  36. Spot on Bernard all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted.???❤

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  37. Very well written, Bernard.

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    • Thank you David

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      • This is a fantastic piece.

      • Loved this very well written had me in fits of laughter . Thank you look forward to more reads from you . I agree with all you had to say .?

      • Well written Bernard, Spot on.

      • Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.The ARU are the laughing stock of the world.They need Israel to win the World Cup and money as well. We Kiwis are happy. Go Raelene


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