Defence bans cross symbols as activists fight for Satanic chaplains

As if we didn’t have enough problems, there is now a ‘progressive’ campaign underway for Satanic chaplains inside the Australian Defence Force.

‘Humanist’ chaplain at the Australian National University and Canberra Hospital, Justin Murray, has lodged a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) against Defence for its failure to appoint him as a military chaplain.

Justin Murray

The AHRC has taken this complaint seriously. Not only has it been accepted but the mediation process has been underway for about six months now.

We’ve been down this path before.

In March 2010, the AHRC received a complaint from a transgender officer. And now Defence pays for sex change operations.

Murray told Atheist Nomads that he was hopeful his complaint would open the door for Satanists and pagans. See:

That would be a great outcome because then that would open the door for the other denominations which are not on the board. So not just humanists but, you know, Satanists, pagans, Muslims again…

And he also said pretty much the same thing to She Talks Atheism. Again:

So that would mean opening the door to other Christian denominations which are not currently allowed, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus…all of the above, Satanists, maybe some pagans in there would be nice too.

I’m not sure Australia is ready for Dr Evil to officiate at Anzac Day services. But that doesn’t really bother Murray.

He believes that if he can’t succeed in opening the door up for Satanists, his next best option is to take legal action to ensure that no one can have chaplains at all, as he stated to She Talks Atheism:

That’s a dangerous path for them to go down but I don’t think they’ll realise because that would also then open up the door for me to go to the High Court to challenge them in terms of it being a breach of section 116 of the Australian Constitution.

Basically the end game of that will be there will be no chaplains for anyone…

In other words, Murray is so selfish that he is prepared to go to court in order to obtain a result that would, practically, prevent Defence members from receiving confession before battle. And he would also deny them the last rights or even a Christian burial if they do happen to lay down their lives for this nation.

It seems Murray is not flying solo in this endeavour either. He has stated publicly that he has teamed up with Professor Luke Beck from Monash University. Murray claims Professor Beck provided support and information for the High Court legal challenge against school chaplains and that he also helped to prepare the AHRC complaint against Defence.

So there is a good chance this issue will be before the courts in the not too distant future.

Given the head of the Catholic diocese for military personnel was unprepared to utter a single word in public about Defence participation in the Mardi Gras, I very much doubt that military chaplains are ready to face this direct assault.

And given the legal system in the Australian Capital Territory decided that a Satanic cult should be the very first ‘religion’ to be protected under recently enacted religious vilification laws, I also doubt that the courts will worry too much about whether revolutionising chaplaincy will open the door for devil worshippers to shape the culture of our military.

Now, I don’t often say this but to its credit Defence has so far resisted Justin Murray’s attacks on chaplaincy.

However, this opposition appears to be weakening.

Defence has recently told Senate Estimates that it is planning to increase the ‘diversity’ of chaplains:

In appointing Chaplains to the ADF, and in appointing members to the [Religious Advisory Committee to the Services], representation of the diverse and changing cultural and spiritual needs of Defence members is a key factor. There are plans to increase the diversity of faith leaders to the RACS such as an Imam and other faith leaders who suitably represent the current spiritual composition of the ADF.

That is hardly encouraging. It seems that the very best we’re gonna get out of this mess is another Hizb-ut Tahrir supporting Defence imam. So get ready to sign those petitions again because it looks like we’ll need to re-run that campaign.

To make matters worse, Australian Army units have also recently removed symbols and logos containing crosses, as they are deemed to be in breach of General Angus Campbell’s directive banning ‘offensive’ imagery.

Defence informed Senate Estimates on 29 March 2019 that this symbol, used by the Direct Fire Support Weapon platoon of 6 RAR, had been removed as it was in breach of General Campbell’s directive banning ‘offensive imagery’.

Even if Defence is prepared to fight this battle into the future (which seems unlikely), it looks like its defensive campaign will be waged with all the intent of a limp lettuce leaf.

There is another massive defeat headed our way.

And when the smoke clears we’ll be able to choose between joining a dawn service with a Satanist or attending a Remembrance Day ceremony presided over by a guy who hails Gallipoli as the last great victory of the Caliphate, while the AHRC ponders whether the crosses on every war grave should be removed because of their ‘white-privileged racism’.

To make matters worse, the role of the military chaplain will be completely revolutionised.

They will have nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with enforcing the new moral order.

New ‘chaplains’ will have been inserted at the behest of the Australian Human Rights Commission and they will essentially act as its agents. They will become political officers who have the job of hunting down and weeding out Defence members who have unapproved views on religion, politics and sexuality.

If you are a Defence member who happens to hold views that were normal five minutes ago, prepare yourself for the Inquisition…


Unfortunately, Australia is not the only Western nation facing this diabolical madness.

The American Civil Liberties Union recently won a court case so that pentagrams could be displayed on the graves of US military personnel.

And a few years ago the United States Air Force spent $80,000 to provide a place of ‘religious’ worship for pagans and witches wishing to ‘celebrate’ the Winter Solstice.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Use your vote at the election… Conservatives, One Nation, United Australia to name a few all against this rubbish going on.

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  2. What has our country become ? I’m 49 yrs old and I don’t recognise Australia anymore .
    My parents came here from Greece as teenagers in the 50s
    The reason they crossed the world to come to Australia was because it was Anglosaxon , it was Christian , it was an extension of England and it was a monoculture .
    Which meant it was a stable high trust society perfect for a future .
    Today it looks like the fracticidal Balkans we fled from .
    It resembles the Middle East we ran from .
    This terrifies me because with Islam here it can only get worse .
    Way worse .

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  3. Does the banning of crosses mean that the Red Cross symbol will be banned.

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  4. While ADF is spending time designing campaigns to attract recruits, rather we should be examining the world’s most successful recruiting campaign.

    That powerful recruiting tool, is the 72 virgin ‘Houris’ promised to the ‘Shahid’ in paradise.

    ‘Mujahideen’ recruitment information is accessable at Qur’an 56:35–38

    and at

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  5. As I have long thought, most ‘atheists’ really do simply support other gods. THey tend to be very anti-Christian and very ‘who cares?’ about all the other religions. If they were really about ‘freeing people from irrational superstitions’ then they would go against aboriginal religion, Ialam, and others. Satanism too, by the looks of it.

    As for Satanist or Islamic chaplains at dawn services, I’ll reiterate a previous comment. God (i.e., YHWH) has been put second at dawn services for about a century now. A huge number of obelisks (i.e. symbols of the Egyptian god Ra) were built after WW1, and we revere them to this day. They are untouchable; even the most miserable left-wing academic wouldn’t advocate knocking them down. Not yet, anyway.

    The cross at the war cemetery at Adelaide River War Cemetery, a copy of one in France, has a two-handed sword on it. I don’t remember Jesus being nailed to a sword. Anyway the sword-cross is supposed to draw an equivalence between Jesus’ sacrifice for sinners, and soldiers sacrificing themselves for their friends, referring to John 15:13. While certainly not diminishing the effort of our veterans, whose courage and sacrifice I respect, these two things are not equivalent. Many of the dead in WW1 were conscripts, forced to fight. This is not the same as willingly sacrificing oneself, yet year after year it’s implied that it is. Moreover, many who served did not lay down their lives for their friends, but were simply murdered, like the gas attack victim written of in Wilfred Owen’s poem, ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’.

    The war they were fighting was a senseless slaughter that destroyed la belle epoque and ushered in the downhill slide to the anti-Christian present. Why was WW1 fought? This is not often talked about at Anzac Day. Too disrespectful to go over it all now that it’s all done with. However, the best I can offer is that Franz Josef and the Kaiser, like Hitler after them, wanted to be Charlemagne. Envy and murder. 100% Satanic. Those ’emperors’ should have got on their knees and accepted Christ as their real emperor instead.

    So, while it’s shocking that we are even talking about Satanic chaplains, it’s also not that strange. We’ve been sliding that way since 1914.

    Lest We Forget should mean, ‘For fear that we will forget how wrong we got it, and how far we turned away from God’. It instead means to most people, ‘let’s not forget their sacrifice for our country and our freedoms’. I suspect most Aussies would not know why the war was fought, or even why Gallipoli was attacked on 25 April 1915, i.e. why exactly the ANZACs were sacrificed. I reckon that’s been largely ‘forgotten’. Anzac Day is all so hazy and sentimental now. Anyway, our country they fought for is no longer the same one, and our freedoms are being eroded. Just ask Israel Folau!

    Bernard, you are doing a great job at this website, and I am so pleased you are back to regular blogging. You are passionate, you pick your topics well, you argue well, and you back up your arguments with solid reasoning and evidence.

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  6. I saw Waleed Aly on an ABC sports program 21 April. He said Israel Folau should be penalised for breaking his contract.

    Aly never mentioned, and was not asked about, homosexuality or Christianity within Islam.

    If Aly is to be used a panelist on TV shows, he should be asked about: Qur’an (7:80-84) on homosexuality, Qur’an (5:51) on Christianity (and specifically ‘Shirk’ and ‘Easter’ in Islam) and Qur’an (9:5) on terrorism.

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    • What about Allah being a self confessed TERRORIST!
      Quran 8:12
      [Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast TERROR into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

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  7. Toil toil bubble & boil. No good will come from this witches broil.

    Yet another academic idiot whose been slapped across the head by the good ideas fairy……literally…

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  8. The reality is we are de-arming (if there is such a word) our defence forces. How is it that one man can do this?. Recently I looked at the Australian High Court judges who handed down a decision that it’s ok to murder our next generation by implication that 2 people who silently worked at abortion clinic doors to tell the girls who faced a sad decision that there are alternatives. They are all legal egalws if the highest order, I suspect without experience of normal life or broad education. And this man will take his case there? One man to change the law which the rest of Australia agrees with. My prayer is that the men and women who sit in these rarefied places of judgement are inspired by the Lord Almighty. One man is not enough to change our laws, only Jesus who is truth. May His kingdom reign not the kingdom of man.

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    • Satanists seek to destroy the karmic nature of this universe. They thrive on destroying the spirit and denying life and they wish to do so to the extinguishment of all life, but without consequence or karmic payback to themselves. They do this to spite the deity of creation.

      Not too sure how this is going to be a force multiplier on the battlefield eh?
      & ya know? probs not a top idea to give those cruise missile codes to that satanist commander maybe…… yeah naaaaaaah

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