Iffiayah Wazza-Lefte: Australians are liars so electoral reform is required

Iffiayah Wazza-Lefte is an occasional contributor to this website and does her very best to promote and explain the benefits of the progressive agenda. 


For the last three years, opinion poll after opinion poll indicated that Labor would win government with its progressive, modern agenda for a fairer Australia.

As a committed humanitarian, Muslim and lesbian feminist concerned about the tremendous damage being done to our climate by uneducated, ignorant and selfish families living in the suburbs, these polls had filled me with hope.

And not just me. Many others too.

For instance, twice a month my group of girlfriends would gather on a Sunday morning for our little ritual: a communal assembly in the lovely lounge room of our defacto neighbourhood resistance leader, Tappioqua Destiny – a spirit-filled transgender woman – for a silent viewing of ABC’s Insiders accompanied by our vigorous and committed hashtag activism on Twitter.

The responses we received to our participation in democracy online demonstrated that outside our small inner-city sanctum the vast majority of thinking Australians whole-heartedly supported our views.

So we would depart with hugs and tearful joyous smiles, reinforced and strengthened with the affirmative retweets we received and basking in the knowledge that Ipsos had once again prophesied the doom of the pale, male and stale Coalition government.

And now we have been thrust into some dystopian nightmare where no one is prepared to speak the unspeakable truth.

The polls were wrong. That is clear and being shouted from the rooftops. It’s the cause for at least three of us to consider travelling to New Zealand. As a group we have already pledged allegiance to Jacinda.

But no one is prepared to state why the polls were wrong.

True. Our beloved Peter FitzSimons has already noted that people appear to be saying that they will vote one way in public and another in the privacy of the ballot box.

Ipsos has used more careful language, issuing a statement attributing the difference in the predicted outcome and the actual election result to the fact that the ‘stated voting intention’ of those polled ‘may change’ after they’ve given their answer.

But I will be blunt:  it is obvious that Australians are liars. They lied to the pollsters.

And then we allowed these liars to choose our government.

It should come as no surprise that liars would elect war criminals and climate vandals to oversee the continued destruction of our planet and wage further micro-genocides against vulnerable minorities.

Reform is obviously required if we are to address this issue. We cannot continue to have liars elect our leaders.

As a first step, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) should be empowered and entrusted to poll Australians every fortnight about their voting intentions. This should be conducted in an independent process overseen by professional public servants working in conjunction with the Australian Human Rights Commission to ensure that the mandated polling is respectful of people without privilege.

The ABS already has powers to compel Australians to answer questions about their lives so this necessary expansion of the ABS’ role only makes sense, especially given the damage done over the past few days by unvetted voters.

Although there will be much refinement required (necessitating a process overseen by government-funded special interest and advocacy groups), the basic question asked of all Australians should resemble something like this:

Secondly, any Australian who indicates that they would vote for a party that represents a threat to social cohesion can then be re-educated to ensure that they provide a democratically-correct answer in future.

If they continue to show defiance or recalcitrance to humanitarianism then re-education programs could be intensified to ensure outcomes that meet community expectations. This could include loss of employment, loss of privileges (such as drivers license and/or certification for approval to use public transport), loss of access to the use of government tender or even voluntary compulsory detention.

Thirdly, voting should no longer be ‘private’. If people are to participate in the privilege that is democracy, their vote should be made proudly and publicly.

This is essential to ensure that liars cannot vote.

Every vote can then be checked against the polling intention records and where there are discrepancies those votes should be discarded to ensure that only Australians who have demonstrated integrity are able to participate in the election of a government.

Obviously right wing fascists will object to these reasonable reforms with claims that they intrude into the privacy of ordinary Australians or that they undermine democracy or even freedom of speech.

But such claims are nonsense.

Ordinary Australians have done an ordinary job of electing a government and as a result they have abused the privilege of privacy. Until they can be trusted to vote correctly in future there is no choice but to watch the votes as they are cast.

Additionally, these modest and sensible reforms do not undermine democracy. Indeed, they will provide Australians with more power than ever to send a message to politicians in Canberra. If voters have the ability to provide a rolling fortnightly judgement on the performance of the parliament, politicians will be able to more readily represent them. And if voters endorse the Green/Left agenda then that will also strongly reinforce the willingness and political capital of Green/Left parties in the national capital.

Finally, concerns about freedom of speech are entirely unwarranted.

This system would not stop voters from expressing their support for bigots.

But freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. If voters do support bigots then they should rightly face the consequences for doing so. This is necessary to maintain peace, order and stability in our diverse and tolerant society.

Moreover, it is readily apparent to thinking and educated Australians that such consequences have nothing to do with attacks on freedom of speech or religion. Instead they stem entirely from breaching the social contract that all Australians must comply with in return for participating in our democracy.

As such, any Australian who loses their job, privileges or even freedom for supporting bigots only has themselves to blame for failing to meet the terms of their social contract.

The election result shows that modest reform is necessary. Our very democracy is at stake. I now look forward to Labor and the Greens committing to these ideas to ensure a fairer Australia for all Australians.

Author: Iffiayah Wazza-Lefte

Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte is a modern, secular, progressive Muslim feminist, deeply concerned about the loss of social justice and humanitarian values in today's deeply divided and fear-filled world. Embrace the love is her motto and it applies to all.

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  1. It’s well known that only insane people wouldn’t vote for the Socialist Workers Alliance. As the insane don’t have voting rights, this means only SWA votes are valid. An AEC worker would hand you a ballot paper with Socialist Workers Alliance “1” printed on it so all you had to do was drop it in the box. Done!

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  2. What happened to your website. It was down for a few days ?

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    • It was but is back online now

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  3. Bernard

    Really enjoyed this latest missive. Perhaps Iffiyah might next direct her attention to the recently sanctified Jacinda Ardern with her embrace of the “religion of peace” on behalf of all right-thinking New Zealanders.


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  4. Nice one Bernard. Keep up the great work.

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  5. The piece is impeccable precisely because it is NOT expressed in jest, but reveals very clearly all we need to know about the farcical beast called “politics”. What we must conclude with pride and joy is that, the Australian responsible bloke/sheila will NOT allow hysteria to take charge particularly when running the country is at stake. Pollsters are arrogant speculators who like to think that they can penetrate the inner workings of the poor bugger who aims only at a decent life without anyone’s intrusion for whatever reason-purpose, people whose happiness depends on what they make of their lives and not how politicians and their lap dogs – see pollsters – seek to intrude with. It is very like some moron pollster coming up to me and asking what kind of creature I’d like in my bed tonite, my wife of 37 years or a 18 to max 22 yr old siren. I can tell youse that my immediate, firm and very convincing reply would be “I adore me missus !!”.

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  6. Excellent. The worry is that there are actually people out there who think like this and would support such measures.

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  7. I actually thought this was for real Bernie. Nearly popped my lid.

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    • Don’t pop you lid Andrea – we need you!

      The scary part is that some people do think like this. But we can laugh at them anyway.

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  8. Smiled all the way through this – hilarious!

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  9. This women is a feminist and I have heard over again feminism is for gender equality, I’ll maybe believe that when feminism does someone about the gender inequality in homelessness in Australia as more men than women in Australia are homeless.

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  10. Took me a bit..but I got it haha..the first paragraph I was er this shit for real!? Morty

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  11. Very funny Bernard.

    As I am seeing on other forums (fora?), it is getting hard to tell the difference between satire and the actual thought bubbles of the “left”.

    Try submitting this article to the ABC Facebook page. You’ll probably get lots of “likes”.

    Kind regards.

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    • I might try that…

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      • And… don’t change the authors name.

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