Why I donated to Israel Folau

If Twitter is your thermometer, then Israel Folau is a whiny, rich kid diverting money from real Christian causes and getting others to pay for his inability to adhere to a contract.


But Twitter is not my thermometer and those who use it as one are still scratching their heads about the election result.

So I donated to support Israel Folau as soon as I heard that he’d set up a GoFundMe page.

Here are five reasons why.

  1. I’ve been there

I’ve been at the edge of the cliff where Israel Folau now stands. Actually, I’m still there.

Since 2013 I’ve faced 50 separate allegations of wrong doing, all directly brought against me by LGBT activists or commenced at their behest. One single activist has lodged 36 complaints against me under New South Wales anti-discrimination laws and even stated that he was doing so in an attempt to bankrupt me and seize my assets.

Not a single allegation against me has succeeded and I’ve defended myself in military inquiries and state tribunals, before magistrates and even in the High Court in Canberra.

Despite this, LGBT activists know that a mere complaint can destroy a career, a life, a reputation and so the complaint process rolls on. The only reason Folau is in this situation is because LGBT activists have been hectoring Rugby Australia and its leadership have cravenly caved to their demands for a beheading.

Israel Folau will need to steel himself for the likelihood that anti-discrimination attacks will be opened up against him to tie him down and wear him out.

Defending myself has cost more than $400,000 in legal fees.

I still remember receiving the very first bill of $2,200 and knowing that if I paid it I would be entering a world which I knew nothing about and into a battle that I would much rather avoid.

Pressing ‘pay now’ used up pretty much every cent my wife and I had free. It literally felt like stepping off a cliff when I processed that bank transfer.

I takes courage to do what Israel Folau has done. He needs support. I know that too.

It was only my father’s support, advice and encouragement that stopped me from resigning and backing out at the very first skirmish. And the kind words and donations I’ve received from average, ordinary Australians – many who do not even agree with my views – that have kept me going ever since. I would never have made it to court and successfully out the other side without them.

Izzy needs that support now too.

  1. This is about far more than Israel Folau

This battle may look, on the surface, to be one between Israel Folau and Rugby Australia over an employment contract. And that is exactly what the activists want you to believe.

They want to keep us isolated and divided. They want to hide the truth too and with hypocritical words.

On the one hand they say this has nothing to do with religion. And on the other they claim Rugby Australia’s contracts limit Christian religious expression through words such as ‘code of conduct’ and ‘respect’ and ‘diversity’ that are interpreted to mean whatever the corporate elite want them to mean.

This is a fight that impacts every single one of us. Truth be told, it even threatens the freedom of the very people clamouring for Israel Folau’s head.

Any Australian who believes in freedom has a choice: to sit and watch or to jump into the trenches with Israel Folau.

We may not have the talent to play beside him on the footy field, but each and every one of us has the means and ability – in our own way – to run with Izzy in a much more important match.

If Israel loses this fight, we all lose. But if he wins, we all do as well. We need to make sure Israel Folau succeeds.

  1. The principles matter

Make no bones about it: this battle centres on the attempt to silence Christian expression.

But it is also about far more than that. Our very freedom from slavery is at stake. It’s as simple as that.

On one hand are those who argue that our free time and beliefs belong to our boss. They might not know it, but they are new age slavers. They think ‘The Man’ owns us. They argue for the power of money interests over personal freedom.

Ironically, if these people win they will find out the hard way that they have obtained a bitter chalice indeed. No one will be safe from the ever-expansive reach of the corporate and political slave traders.

And on the other hand there is Israel Folau and those who stand with him defending true freedom and human dignity. And even if this ship was sinking, I’d still rather go down with it and with my colours proudly nailed to the mast.

With these principles at stake, we cannot afford to sit idly by.

  1. Every bit adds up

I donated the princely sum of $100 to Izzy.

It is really not much more than a token gesture. But it was about all that my wife and I could do.

However, every bit adds up. I know this very well. The average donation I have received since 2013 is $50. It takes a lot of them to reach $400,000.

But if enough people are generous each little gift adds up to something much, much more.

Millions of Australians support Israel Folau. Hundreds of thousands are actively watching this fight unfold. Tens of thousands are prepared to express their support.

But it’s just the way of human nature that only a portion who want Israel Folau to succeed will do something substantial to help him on his journey.

These are the people who will donate. Some large. But it will be mostly small donations that get him the firepower we all need him to have in the court room. In doing so, they will also send Izzy a message that he is not alone. That is very important when most in the media and the corporate world are intent on mocking and ridiculing him.

And despite all the money Israel Folau has been paid in the past, this battle is one that will cost him and it will probably cost him millions.

No one should expect him to wear the cost of fighting for the rest us of alone. Now is the time to help.

  1. I hope Izzy succeeds where I failed

The only legal battle I have lost was the one over my sacking.

Despite every military investigation clearing me of wrong doing, the former Chief of Defence Force and new Governor General, David Hurley, sacked me anyway.

He wrote that the expression of my views, even when off duty and out of uniform, had caused him to lose confidence in my ability as an Army officer. This was despite the fact that he also acknowledged that I was a high performing member of the Australian Army who had been decorated for operational service.

The truth is that my private views no longer fit in with Defence’s new politically-correct cultural change agenda and its demand for the adoption of an essentially pagan and man-centred religion. And senior officers are simply too afraid of being seen to cross the LGBT activists in Defence and wider society.

Although I won the first round, the Full Court of the Federal Court decided on appeal that it was lawful for the Defence Chief to terminate my commission for the private expression of my Christian beliefs.

One thing I have learnt since 2013 is that the law is full of technicalities. For that reason, Israel Folau’s sacking is different in many ways to mine.

But I hope he succeeds where I did not. We need someone like Israel Folau to push back against those who believe expressing Christian views in your own time is a sackable offence.

If you wish to donate to Israel Folau, you can do so at the updated funding page here.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I am a disability pensioner so I can’t donate much, but both Messrs Folau and Gaynor are recipients this week.

    Thank you both.

    Just out of interest, what position does Raelene Castle play?

    Front Row Forward?

    It certainly could never be “Hooker”.

    Well, not in a sane world anyway.

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  2. GoFundMe has closed Folau’s account and is returning the money raised, because they don’t approve of him or what he said.
    Meanwhile, they allow GoFundMe pages for Muslims and mosque-building.
    Despicable and hypocritical.

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  3. I’ve gone to donate, and it appears that his gofundme campaign has been dropped. Gofundme owners have capitulated to the QUILTBAGZ lobby already?

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  4. I’m not a Christian but I donated within minutes of hearing of the fund. I think this is bigger than just freedom of religious expression…. it’s the freedom of any expression that is contrary to the extreme left narrative. It does seem strange that no-one seems to be offended on behalf of the liars and adulterers and thieves etc??? I have committed most of the acts listed on Israel’s post and wasn’t the least bit offended…. I don’t agree with the post but strongly support his freedom to post it …. and am even a bit grateful that he cares for and loves me even though I don’t share his views. Perhaps there should be more of that in the world??

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  5. Bernard, your video is so true.
    I’m a Kiwi and an All Black supporter who has donated to the Israel Folau “give a little” fund.
    Firstly, let me say how ashamed I am of my Prime Minister and Raylene Castle, both Kiwi’s.
    These politically correct feminists disgust me.
    Secondly, I believe this to be a landmark case which must be won by Israel Folau.
    If he were to lose this case the repercussions both in Australia and New Zealand would be catastrophic for both free speech and Christians.
    I believe the concept of free speech down under is on a knife edge right now. Our current leftist government is considering enacting “hate speech” laws.
    We all know what “hate speech” is according to the left. It’s anything decent, moral and Christian.
    Yes this truly is a landmark case and if you value free speech it’s your duty to donate to this worthy cause.

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    • Well said Comrade. I heard that in New Zealand the LBGT activists had got at the management of the All Blacks. I read they the team got the ‘Rainbow Tick’ when management announced that they were going to work harder to eliminate ‘homophobia’ within the All Black team and their supporters. The evidence of homophobia? Apparently only 1 player had come out as openly homosexual in the 100-odd year of their history. Whereas they claimed, at least 20% of All Blacks shoyuld be gay. Proof of homophobia! The LGBT rights movement must be one of the most successful movements in modern history. One explanation is that it is fully backed by the so-called progressive left in Western politics. This can be explained in terms of post-Marxist ‘cultural Marxism’.

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      • You’re right Geoff. The NZRU has sucked up to the alphabet brigade.
        I’ve got to say I’ve become homo-nauseous.
        The whole homo LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ debauched movement sickens me.
        It’s my grand kids that I worry about.
        These deviants can’t reproduce so they recruit.

  6. Bernard I read your story and I believe God has set you free to be with your beautiful family. God uses rejection (satan) to move us into a new life in Christ, to a place of protection and peace.

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  7. Is that Paul Syvret the left-wing Brisbane journo?

    I wonder if those attacking Folau for seeking financial support for his legal action objected to another “multimillionaire,” Adam Goodes, and his public shaming and monstering of a lower-class 13 year old girl?
    My guess is not, because many lefties are hypocrites.

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