Cheering in the Gaystapo

Israel Folau has been sacked at the behest of rainbow activists using one of Australia’s iconic brands to pull Rugby Australia’s purse strings.

And now Israel Folau’s fundraising campaign has been deleted by rainbow activists at GoFundMe.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I might have mentioned sometime in the past that something like this would happen.

If we cast our mind back, oh, a mere 500-days we were told that legalising ‘homosexual marriage’ would not threaten our freedoms.

And in a mere twinkling of the eye all those who sounded the alarm have been proven right.

You can’t quote from the Bible and keep your job. You can’t even quote from the Bible and play sport. And you certainly cannot run a fundraiser now to try and fight this insanity in the courts.

Welcome to freedom, 2019 style, where the maddening mob is rampaging across the carcass of civilisation to demand the enslaving chains of slavery.

The insanity of this situation is beyond imagining.

As I write and you read there is a full scale campaign underway to ensure that your boss owns you, your beliefs, your private time, your social media and even your very ability to spend the money you earn as you see fit. And this comes after the former head of the Australian Human Rights Commission – the peak body of those driving this insanity – bemoaned the fact that she couldn’t eavesdrop on the your dinner conversations as well.

It took hundreds of years after the coming of Christ to eradicate slavery from Europe and many centuries more to see it abolished in the greater Western world. And just a few days after our modern, progressive and enlightened society threw off the yoke of Christian marriage it’s banging down the door of slavery again.

If you voted for homosexual marriage, you need to own up to your part in this lunacy.

If you could not be bothered to vote, you also need to accept your burden of responsibility.

And if you want to understand what it was like in Germany in the 1930s have a look around Australia today.

Then work out whether you are part of the cheering mob welcoming the Gaystapo, a member of the silent and irrelevant ‘middle ground’, or if you are one of the few prepared to put everything on the line to defend truth, justice and freedom.

I have no idea whether Israel Folau will launch a new fundraiser. I hope he does. And as soon as I hear anything I will publicise it as much as I can.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. GaybarSocialists are cheering their own persecution.

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  2. Israel Felou deserved to have his go fund me campaign shut down. The guy has a massive property portfolio and more money than most Australians. When James Hird took the AFL to court over the Essendon doping saga he used his own money and didn’t beg for funds for the public to pay his legal fees. Israel was warned when he signed his new contract that the ARL would not tolerate the type of behaviour that got him sacked and when he didn’t abide by his contractual obligations, his employment was terminated. When there are clauses in employment contracts about what you can and can’t say in the public domain, then there are simply certain things that you can’t say. So everything that is going on with Israel Felou has nothing to do with religion and more to do with a loudmouthed bigot who just could keep his mouth shut and his ego in check. He deserves everything he is getting.

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    • I assume you have read his Rugby Australia contract and are able to say state “when he didn’t abide by his contractual obligations, his employment was terminated.”
      If you have read it I would like a copy also!

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    • James. Virtue signalling is not your best suite and contract law does not appear to be one of your strengths either.

      Fair Work Australia over rides any employer/employee contract with regard to “Fair Work”
      An analogy would be a contract where an employer could require an employee to say assault or murder. This would clearly be invalid in any contract. RA cannot demand something that is not permitted by Fair Work
      In a secular society you cannot prohibit an employee from being a Christian any more than prohibit them from being a Muslim. What Israel did was independent of his contract to play rugby. What Israel’s financial situation is, has no bearing on his right to challenge RA’s position or his right to ask others to support him financially.
      It is a fallacious and irrelevant argument that “others” are are more deserving or have different financial constraints. What James Hird elected to do (and I fully support his actions) is not relevant to this case.

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      • Well articulated Dave Black.

    • “… there are clauses in employment contracts about what you can and can’t say in the public domain …”

      Clauses which may not be worth the paper they’re printed on (according to some legal opinion) and CANNOT overrule the law of the land, if tested in court.

      It’s funny how leftists only become interested in someone’s else’s contractual obligations, but only when it is used to put down someone they hate or disagree with.

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    • James – your arguments are pretty pathetic. Why should he be punished further by losing all his family’s wealth fighting for his rights which are our rights? He is embarked on this fight in our interest, the public interest. The massive support of the fund is evidence that it is in the public interest and many of us WANT to contribute and choose to contribute. The gay lobby should not attack Folau, they should attack all those who contributes. Because Folau is a good man, an amazing sportsman, and very much admired by ordinary reasonable Australians, he is the right person at the right time to finally expose the hypocrisy and the corruption of the anti discrimination industry.

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      • Israel has been courageous and is to be commended for putting his faith before his obvious love for sport. RA are at a loss in every respect – they have just lost the best player they have ever had, and have shamefully caved into the immoral pressure from Alan Joyce and others. Quantas needs to be boycotted for this. Regarding the support others are offering Israel financially, God bless them. They have the sense to realise that he is in for a battle and opponents will most likely attempt to drag the court proceedings out to bleed him dry. Likewise, the ACL should also offer support, and others help to finance Bernard Gaynor for all he has been through and is going through. What a wonderful man! He is standing on his convictions, challenging falsehood and error in the church and the political arena. God will surely greet him with “well done, good and faithful servant – enter My Kingdom prepared for you …” If I had 1Million dollars, I would gladly give it to Bernard and I offer support to him in every word he submitted to the plenary council 2019. People need to wake up and realise we need to oppose the torrent of oppression coming against Christians. I could say so much more …

  3. Hello, I am offended by the anti freedom of speech that exists in this country in recent times. Islam has become an untouchable force that has privilege beyond all others. In the case of Israel Felou it amazes me how similar it has become to Nazi germany. Things need to change, this rainbow agenda has gone stupid.

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  4. Cannot understand why “no win ,no fee” lawyers aren’t jumping on this bandwagon,

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