It’s exhausting being woke (or poor Peter FitzSimons)

It’s time to pity Peter FitzSimons. He’s exhausted.


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Posted by Wide World of Sports on Saturday, 22 June 2019

And why wouldn’t he be a little tuckered out, the poor fella?

After all, he’s been quite busy of late.

FitzSimons has been hard at work organising lynchings and generally hectoring us:

In 2019, you better stand for diversity, or you will lose the support of enormously diverse and newly empowered swaths of the Australian population.

Those words came after GoFundMe closed down Folau’s fundraiser and FitzSimons went on to exult in the fact that the ‘Australian mob’ (his words, not mine) had left the reservation with their pitchforks to go Christian hunting. And then, almost as if to prove FitzSimons wrong, Australians mobbed the Australian Christian Lobby’s website and doubled down their support for Izzy.

FitzSimons has been busy constructing the narrative for selected ‘victims’ and beavering away badgering us:

There is no way around it when you see the doco. Goodes was simply hunted out of the game. And to witness his treatment sheer takes the breath away.

Those words came after a documentary was released about Adam Goodes. Its general premise, I understand, is that Goodes was the victim of ‘racist’ Australia. You may remember that, unlike Folau who has been banned from playing, Goodes retired on his own terms and after being named ‘Australian of the Year’.

And FitzSimons has been flat out haranguing the guy who apparently has not been ‘hunted out of the game’:

Israel? Can you seriously make a case that you’re NOT damaging the game? You think rugby is stronger because of this debacle? #FFS!

Those words come after Rugby Australia chose to initiate action against Folau which has been so successful that, for the sake of brevity, it can best be described this way:

Since Rugby Australia decided that it was an authority on the existence of hell it has managed to get the Australian public offside in a world cup year, the New South Wales coach has quit early, crowd numbers have crashed and the Waratahs, who were leading the Australian conference shortly before Folau was sacked, managed to limp to the end of the season in 12th position overall.

I guess Rugby Australia has proven not only that hell exists but it has managed to do a fairly good job replicating it here on earth.

And, of course, there’s FitzSimons’ endless hashtag activism:

When I do a good tweet, on a good day, I’ll get 2,000 likes. On a great day I’ll get 5,000 likes.

FitzSimons used those words to explain that Twitter metrics meant Folau had lost the support of Australians. I’m not so sure about that but it was brave of the man to out himself as the Labor Party’s chief pollster for the last election.

Anyway, we should all feel a little pity for Pirate Pete.

No doubt it’s a tough slog slagging off other people, trying to get them sacked and overseeing how each and every Australian should spend their hard earned cash.

It’s a hard gig, being woke. It’s not a calling for the faint-hearted, especially when the rest of society is non-compliant. Someone should launch a GoFundMe so poor old Pete can take a holiday.

Not that he’d take it. There’s too much work to be done.

As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. My recollection is that Peter Fitzsimmons stopped being selected as he deliberately started brawls. He believes that he has an entitlement assault a person simply because they were on the opposite team and wearing the wrong coloured jumper.

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  2. I am not a fan of Peter Fitzsimmons or his poorly written books. It is always great when someone takes him to task. One of the more enjoyable reads was from NRL icon James Graham.

    “Graham said in 15 years as a professional he had never felt the need to respond to an article about him until now, such was his anger at being the subject of what he called a “condescending portrayal” littered with “glaring errors”.”

    The article is worth a read if you missed it:


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  3. FitzSimons really needs to stand down. An ex-sports star who writes turgid Aussie prose masquerading as “history books”. Recycled rubbish. Never had an original thought in his life.

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  4. Just remember……Fitzsimmons is just another one of God’s noisy little creatures

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  5. I love the way Fitzsimons knows the thoughts and feelings of all Australians The arrogance of the man rattling off percentages of Aussies who did or do support Folau is breathtaking. With absolutely no empirical evidence whatsoever.

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  6. Narcissistic depravity syndrome perhaps. A legend so far up himself that he qualifies as a one man homosexual.

    Crudity aside, Israel Folau and you Bernard both need to be applauded for standing firm in the face of an unremitting onslaught by the perpetually offended.

    We won’t hold our breath waiting for our New Prime Minister to take up the cudgel. After all, Tony Abbott, a god fearing man was nobbled and then assassinated with the final coup de gras performed at the last election.

    They say that “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned”, but not only is it a gross insult to women, not even the worst of them can hold a candle to the venomous and unrelenting attack by the Gaystapo.

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  7. Bernard

    – how/when do we get our donation to Israel Folau’s fighting fund back from GoFundMe? I donated $100 (plus 10% to GoFundMe). Have they returned your contribution? The logical way for them to do it would be to reverse the payment on the contributor’s credit card
    – I was so angered by GoFundMe breaking their contract that I doubled down and donated the same amount to the alternative fund set up by ACL. It is extraordinary that that fund shot to over $1 million very quickly.

    It is in THE PUBLIC INTEREST that Folau win, that is why we the public contribute. Of course that argument is buried by the media thought police

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  8. This fight is not about “Israel’s fight”.. it is about everybody’s right to have a sound opinion and not be silenced for having that (widely shared) view.

    The more they attack him the stronger my support of him is getting.. he is now fighting for all Australians rights.. in Whatever area you believe which may one day not be mainstream and someone wants to take it away from you.

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  9. Me thinks Pirate Pete is a little too nice after all he has done. He reminds me of the rabid Jew-hating Brown-shirts of the early Nazi regime. I think Pete needs a name change to something like “Fascist FritzSimons”.

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