A little question

Who made the statements below? More importantly, when were they made and what major political battle occurred shortly afterwards?

I think you may be surprised. But, then again, you may not.

There will be brownie points and perpetual boasting rights on this site for the first person with the correct answer.

Who said this:

But the truth is our Western societies are not ageing; they are dying.

And this:

Tonight I will argue that Australians should pursue some clear national goals in the field of family policy. These include:

  • Generally, the promotion of pro-natalist policies designed to ensure that, ideally, our birth rate increases closer to replacement level (2.1) or at least does not decline any further;
  • The recognition that “children are a social good and not merely a private, optional pleasure.” We all have an interest in each other’s children and nobody more so than the childless.
  • The recognition that women and their families’ desire to exercise their human right to have children is being restricted and in many cases denied by the failure of the world of work (mostly ruled by men) to recognize that women are not identical to men, but are, uniquely, able to bear children and should be given every encouragement to do so, as those children, their health and education are a vital national interest.
  • The recognition that a higher birth rate requires us to ENHANCE rather than restrict the choices of women and that it is desirable for women to fulfill two goals: childbearing and a career; and that our society’s survival depends on making it possible for them to do both.
  • The recognition that the dramatic decline in marriage and increase in divorce has had profoundly damaging effects on our society and that we should take steps to promote the traditional married family with a view to increasing the number of marriages and decreasing the number of divorces.
  • In summary, the recognition that our nation would be stronger and our future more secure, if there were more children, more people were married, fewer were divorced and, as a corollary, more children grew up with both their biological parents.

And this:

There is nothing more natural, nothing more human, than the creation of new life when a man and a woman come together in marriage and create a family. That human right has never been more challenged.

And this:

The gravest threat to Western society over this century is neither global warming nor international terrorism. Rather it is the unprecedented, sustained decline in the birth rate in almost all developed countries to levels that are well below replacement rate.

And this:

We should not be afraid to make the case for marriage. There is a very high correlation (higher than there is for race or poverty) in most of the research between the absence of the biological father and child poverty, juvenile crime and sexual abuse.

And this:

We know that children are in every respect better off if they are living with their biological parents, formally married (as opposed to cohabiting). We know that there is a social cost (and not just in dollars) from marriage breakdown and single parenting.

Here’s a little hint:

And thanks to Sean for the tip!

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I maintain it is most likely Malcolm Turnbull.

    He uses some of the the same sentences again at “Malcolm Turnbull’s address at the Connections WJ Craig Lecture.” published by The Age 25/11/2005.

    Speech writers are very likely to use again and again, phrases, sentences, and even paragraphs that have been carefully crafted.
    There is little doubt that Jesus’ “sermon on the mount” was preached in varying forms many times.

    But that is only a third of the answer if I have that right.

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  2. I think I found out who.

    Malcolm Turnbull in 2003.
    “The article reports that in 2003, Turnbull gave a speech to the National Population Summit under the catchy title, It’s the Birth Rate, Stupid.

    In that speech Turnbull said,

    ‘The gravest threat to Western society over this century is therefore neither global warming nor international terrorism. Rather, it is the unprecedented, sustained decline in the birthrate in almost all developed countries … ‘”


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  3. Clues from photo
    The rainbow flag is seven colour not 6, so it may not be a gay flag.
    So it is more likely to be over 25 years ago, and maybe 40 years, if it is a gay flag, for the six colour was first used in 1979 thanks to WikiP.
    There is also a symbol in the middle of the flag which looks like a vertical red symbol in a white disc with a black edge.
    The mobile phone camera in the foreground looks to be much newer than 30 years old.
    Hope that helps.

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  4. The quote can be attributed to me, I said this because the cowards that control Western Democracy (actually they are multi party dictatorships, they say you do or they send out their mercenaries with guns to penalize you) are sitting on their hands and alowing the Islamisation of the countries.
    Islam making a difference in the world!
    One body at a time!

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  5. It would have to be Rudd. I can’t imagine Turdbull saying that. (Nah, not a typo).

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  6. I don’t know who made all those statements but they espouse far too much common sense to be taken seriously in this degenerate day and age.

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