The ABC: Promoting utter filth with your taxes

As I wrote earlier today, there is a fresh push to sell the ABC.

And it cannot be sold soon enough.

For example, your dollars are funding this:

It was written by a gay activist and starts with these words:

Are you terrified of sucking d*ck? If you don’t have one yourself, it can be quite confronting. Even if you’re a guy and it’s your first time getting one in your mouth, it can be daunting.

And while that particular article may be two years old, don’t for a moment think that it’s a one off.

Just three days ago the ABC spent 30 minutes giving a ‘beginner’s guide’ on how book a hooker, which included promotion of certain establishments:

In May, the ABC ran this article:

The ABC website proudly displays an article published in April that contains these words:

I don’t care if you’re the most virile person on earth, no one can produce 13 litres of cum in one go. (Though I’m willing to be proven wrong if you have the receipts.)

And nine months ago it thought it was a good idea to produce a program about this:

Ever thought of putting a steel rod into your urethra for sexual pleasure? Sounding can be done no matter what genitals you have. You’ll hear from Mistress Tokyo on what’s involved with this act and why it might be best left to the pros, and producer James Findlay goes to a sounding workshop to see how to sound a penis first hand.

Remember, all of this occurred because the government skimmed your wages and handed the dosh over to the people producing this garbage.

Given the ABC is promoting this filth, it is not hard to understand why it’s basically been running cover for programs such as ‘Safe Schools’. Indeed, it is completely unsurprising that almost every single tweet issued by The Drum’s Twitter account regarding Safe Schools quotes a defender of the program:

Sell the ABC. And save our taxes. It won’t end this filth but at least the weirdos who want it will need to pay for it themselves.

And finally, there is at least one person at the ABC who also acknowledges that this is a serious issue. If there were more Steve Austins, the ABC would not be held in such contempt…


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Thanks for alerting us to this situation. Hopefully this situation with the ABC will become known by more of us in the heterosexual community, that is now under strong attack by the LBGT activists who want to ‘normalise’ their minority psychosexual affliction. Read comments at bottom of this story that attempts to explain the promotion of this gay filth to our children by homosexual activists, as a part of an ideology that seeks to destroy the main hurdles to a homosexual dictatorship (viz cultural Marxism).

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  2. Their ABC is one massive pile of steaming leftist s@#%. How about a box on tax returns to tick if we want to pay for it or not? Unfortunately this will never happen because the modern LNP is as week as p%$@, afraid of everyone.

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  3. I have a niece who is a biology science teacher so I asked her ‘how do you teach genders in a science subject, do you just teach x and y chromosomes and the fact there is biologically really only 2 genders?’

    I got a very evasive answer about being careful and having a few kids who identify differently etc etc. I said ‘ but you teach science not human studies, how can there really be any grey area on this scientifically?’

    I then had to change the subject to ensure I still had a relationship with my family 🙂

    Seriously, this nonsense is dangerous as we are changing science to fit the narrative of the PC clowns.

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    • Sean, you’re an example of the reason why all this nonsense has gained so much traction. Biologically, there AREN’T two GENDERS. There are two SEXES! LEARN THE DIFFERENCE! Get your fundamental terminology straight. >|<

      But don't expect to get clarity from academics, lawyers or politicians. They're all, if not actually leading the charge into total ignorance, deceit and confusion, as ignorant, deceived and confused as everyone else. The liars who have carefully and deliberately sown this confusion are delighted. And are determined that any voice to unscramble the confusion they have created will be silenced.

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      • Sorry, Adrian but there is and has always been two genders which are male and female. Those in society who are trying to convince us that is not true are afraid of the truth so they have to deny it with lies.

        Do0 what you like but you cannot change your DNA. That remains fixed and if you cut off bits you are still what you were born as your DNA will tell you.

        To tell children otherwise is child abuse of the first order. And if providing therapy to those under 18 who are homosexual and don’t want to be is illegal, it should be illegal to tell children under 18 that they can be what they are not. There is no difference.

  4. The ABC has been garbage for a long time now. It has not produced anything of worth for decades. Time it was sold off.

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  5. The ABC, the place where all the spoilt ‘white feminists’, drunk on power, congregate to virtue signal to the rest of us from their trendy studios and suburbs.

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  6. Australia 2019 is a joke
    We are taught morals by gays
    ..human rights by abortionists..biology by transexuals..economics by socialists
    Tolerance by muslims

    Sick perverts run the place

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  7. I just tuned in to The Drum and had to turn the rubbish off. So much BS on this program. There is nothing that is educational or informative on this show. It is just blind trying to lead the blind.

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    • Not just the drum but all similar shows and loosely based current affairs broadcast on all networks. I won’t start on brain numbing morning television

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  8. The campaign will never stop until they are satisfied that they have proved that “right” is wrong, and “wrong is right. That’s the end game.

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    • “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20
      Nothing new here. It’s a communist ploy to de-moralize society.

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