An open letter to Australia’s Catholic Bishops

For anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear, the Plenary Council in Australia has become a scandalous disaster. We are watching a train wreck unfold in Australia.

On Monday the Final Report for the Plenary Council Phase 1: Listening and Dialogue was released by the National Centre for Pastoral Research.

This organisation reports directly to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

And chapter 16 of this report argues that the Catholic Church should ‘modernise’ to accept things such as contraception, homosexual marriage and euthanasia and even change the concept of sin.

Other large segments of the report are devoted to calls for female ordination.

And this document is written in the context that the calls have come directly from the ‘people of God’ who have been inspired by the ‘Spirit’ to answer the question: what do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?

It is clear that, as a collective, bishops are either allowing the Church in Australia to start on a path that will see it formally break off communion with Rome, or they have lost control of the Plenary Council process and we will end up, for all intents and purposes, in a mess that looks much the same.

We are faced with a disaster of calamitous proportions for the true faith in this nation.

I have sent the open letter below to every bishop and hundreds of priests. You might like to sign the petition below it in support – however due to technical limitations this will only be sent to the Secretary of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Archbishops of Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

But, most importantly, it’s time to get on our knees, pull out our rosary beads and beg Our Lady Help of Christians for assistance…



Dear Australian Bishops

An open letter to Australia’s Catholic Bishops: The Plenary Council has become a scandal!

The release of the Final Report for the Plenary Council Phase 1: Listening and Dialogue dramatically makes clear two things: the bishops have lost control of the Plenary Council and the Catholic Church in Australia is in the midst of a full-blown revolutionary crisis.

This report gives credence to all manner of heretical, blasphemous and evil ideas, including:

  • Female ordination
  • An end to priestly celibacy
  • Communion for all
  • Contraception
  • Divorce
  • Euthanasia
  • Homosexuality

It is scandalous that this document has been released under the authority of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference via the National Centre for Pastoral Research. It not only fails to condemn the above and other evils but instead cloaks them with a veneer of legitimacy by claiming that they are Catholic answers to the question: what do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?

This document stands in stark contrast to Mirari Vos which condemned attacks on religious celibacy and liberty of conscience. There can be no doubt that in saner times the very documents of this Plenary Council would have been condemned and destroyed and the words of Pope Gregory XVI almost two centuries ago ring ever louder:

The Church has always taken action to destroy the plague of bad books. This was true even in apostolic times for we read that the apostles themselves burned a large number of books.

The Plenary Council process has now descended into a farcical and scandalous sham that, at best, will plunge the Catholic Church in Australia into a civil war for generations. At worst it will result in open and defiant schism, heresy and destruction of the Church morally, institutionally and financially.

That the Plenary Council process is now dangerously out of control of the bishops is plainly obvious.

The Plenary Council cannot change the doctrines of the Church, yet all the documents released to date are filled with revolutionary cries in relation to Church teaching on basic morality and attacks on the very nature of the priesthood, the holy sacrifice of the Mass and the sacraments. Consequently, the spirit of the Plenary Council is now one that revolts openly against apostolic authority and the laws of the Church.

The Plenary Council is harming the mission of the Church to save souls by sowing dissent, revolt and confusion by also aiding the great attacks on the family and the very nature of man that we are assailed with today.

Worse, while the Plenary Council documentation is filled with buzzwords and phrases like ‘discernment’ and ‘listen to the Spirit’, there has been no training or guidance given to Catholics on the basics of discernment, which is to recognize and perceive that not all inspirations come from God, but that the evil spirits are also active.

Thus the process of the Plenary Council has opened the Church to Satan himself and it is now clear that his diabolical and destructive suggestions are wreaking havoc.

The only benefit that comes from this latest report, albeit accidentally, is that it highlights the true and sorry state of the Church in Australia today: most who call themselves Catholic do not know the faith and are openly opposed to the teachings of the Church.

Therefore, there has never been a more important time for Australia’s bishops to strongly defend the faith and clearly teach it to all.

The only question is whether any will do so. It has now been four days since this report was released and the response has been mute silence in the face of this scandal.

Now is not the time for inaction, sluggishness or hiding! In moments of great crises we can be sure that God stands ready to provide great graces to those who have the duty of acting boldly and courageously to defend His Church.

There is great grace available for any bishop who stands ready to do his duty and become the saint that he was made to be.

I pray that you accept this grace. All Australians, whether they adhere to the true faith or are unwittingly or even knowingly part of the revolution against the Church need you to. God has ordained a hierarchy and unless the bishops do their duty of state all of society faces natural and supernatural perils.

The Plenary Council should be stopped. In its current form it will only endanger souls.

Will any bishop state this plainly obvious truth?

May Our Lady Help of Christians, Australia’s great patroness who has so protected the Church in other times of crisis and who has been so rudely and scandalously ignored in the Plenary Council process, guide and protect us.

Bernard Gaynor

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I have studied the research surrounding homosexuality for many years! The only reason as to why homosexual marriage succeeded was because the media, most politicians and the general public were uneducated and ignorant! For much more scientific info please visit Mass Resistance and and click on homosexuality.

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  2. Go Bernard.!!
    We’ve all been waiting for years for someone with the guts to do this.
    With you all the way mate-take on the Modernists in our beloved Holy Roman Catholic Church.
    God bless you and yours in every way.

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  3. Dear Bernard, it takes a rare form of intelligence to talk oneself out of a job.

    Don’t need to obey the Pope and tradition…conscience does the trick;
    should have more girls at the altar…don’t need priests;
    don’t need priests…so, why have bishops?

    It makes my stomach churn to read about it, but it is also a blessing. The errors of modernism are as plain as day, so obvious that they give me a sure lodestone to help chart my course through life.

    Keep up the great work. God bless you and your family.

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  4. What you are seeing is rampart Marxism which has infected every level of our society.
    The churches were one of their first targets….

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  5. Thank you so much Bernard.

    You are doing great work here.

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    • Thank you Mary

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  6. Ok Bernard…….The day that a ‘Theme Park’ is installed inside the Rome Basilica is the day your denomination is REALLY in trouble….. You have no idea the anger that is burning inside every Protestant right now…….A true Protie is a Puritan by nature – It’s the bible way or the highway…..

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  7. Pope Francis is backing this “Plenary Council” and has sent it his blessing. It is essentially no different to the teachings he has been promoting since the beginning of his Nontificate. St Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church: “Therefore, the true opinion is the fifth, according to which the Pope who is manifestly a heretic ceases by himself to be Pope and head, in the same way as he ceases to be a Christian and a member of the body of the Church;and for this reason he can be judged and punished by the Church. This is the opinion of all the ancient Fathers, who teach that manifest heretics immediately lose all jurisdiction…”

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    • Perhaps it is time to consider the options to bring an end to the current pontificate. Can the faithful cardinals begin this process?

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  8. For what it’s worth Bernard you have my full support and more importantly the support of my busy Rosary Beads imploring Our Lady Help of Christians to protect our beautiful Catholic Church and its faithful parishioners from the evil attacks of Satan. Only with unceasing prayer will we overcome evil. God bless you and keep you strong and safe.

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    • Thanks Louise – I really appreciate the prayers!

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  9. I agree with evrthing written in this open letter. Saints never dislosed what God wanted them to do but rather worked towards it.Spirits could be also from the devil itself. Apostols proclaimed the truth, not mob . To discern you need to be delivered from lies, media influences. We have to go back to traditional Catholicism.

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  10. Thank you Bern for this insight into just how dire the situation is within our Church.
    We absolutely must fall on our knees at such a time and pray for our leaders.
    Our Lady, Help of Christians. Pray for us!

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  11. Support for Abortion!!!!! How about calling it what it is “worshipping Molech”. Abortion is the number 1 killer of human life. Just read the stats, All in all, a black day in deed, but we know it is coming though and the prophecies have made it clear enough. Hell is a long time to be wrong!

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    • It is just farcical that they are debating whether to bring this in. Babies don’t ask to be conceived, their parents should take precautions. Children are a gift from God. Ask anyone who has given birth and lost a baby through a terrible accident or illness. They deserve better that abortion.

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      • Bernard,
        We need only to ask king Louie and Queen Marie Antoinette (RIP) what the end results will be for us, The Plenary Catholic Church, Her dear Bishops, Priest and us the people.
        These two conserened souls asked the same public question.
        Initiating the same train wreck.

  12. Very difficult to believe. We need to pray the Rosary daily for our Bishops that they will have the courage to be faithful to the
    Catholic Church and it’s teachings.
    Patricia Keane

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  13. The (real) Catholic Church is holy and spotless and cannot teach error and heresy. The Australian bishops (and everywhere else, really), and Bergoglio, are anti-Catholic impostors. They are heretics and apostates and it is impossible that they have the authority of Christ to teach, rule and to sanctify. They are responsible for the spreading of heresy, blasphemy, and for all of the filthy perversions, in order to blacken the name of our Holy Mother Church. They hate the Catholic Church. But… your so-called “traditional” priests desire to be in full communion with these disgusting men, and they are teaching your children to do the same! Hypocrites! There is, however, a real traditional Catholic priest in Australia, ordained by Bishop Sanborn, who has nothing to do with Bergoglio or Vatican II… if you are serious about your Catholic faith, ditch the SSPX and seek him out!

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    • Thank you Brendan.

      I will never leave the Church to join a group that rejects the papacy.

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      • You seem to suggest that I have left the Church and that I reject the papacy. On the contrary, I believe in all the things that the Church teaches concerning Herself and the Papacy. But which church are you talking about anyway? Because your SSPX priests keep changing their minds… is it the “conciliar church”? Or the “mainstream church”? Or the “official church”? Or are they just plain old “Roman authorities”? If it really is the Catholic Church, why do the SSPX keep you separated from it?

        So, unfortunately, you ARE in a group that rejects the papacy, because if Francis is the Roman Pontiff, they refuse to submit to him unless it is under their own conditions. But Catholics do not negotiate to make deals with the Roman Pontiff; they unconditionally submit to him. I encourage you to look up the Dogmatic Constitution “Pastor Aeternus” from Vatican I (1870) which sets out the Church’s teaching concerning the Papacy, and how glorious it is, and how it doesn’t fit with the current heretical claimant. Rather get your Church teaching from official sources than believe what the SSPX tells you. Another one to look up is “Cum ex apostolatus” of Paul IV (1559). The SSPX will never tell you about that one.

    • Sedeprivationism is not the answer, nor is sedevacantims. To cut oneself off from the papacy is schismatic. The Pope is the vicar of Christ. He is still disposed to human weakness and failings. Even if he is deliberately causing harm to the Church, we cannot break from him. To break from the Pope and the Vatican is to break from Christ. The FSSP and FSSPX are doing wonders to preserve the authentic faith.

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      • Regardless of sede-this or sede-that, it is Catholicism that is the answer. I am in total agreement with what you say concerning the papacy. Yes, the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. Yes, the Pope can be weak and have failings… but, the Pope can never be a heretic, and can never be the cause of the spread of heresy, apostasy, and blasphemy. The SSPX, unfortunately, teaches this. So I disagree that the SSPX is preserving the authentic faith. Because the SSPX also teaches that the Catholic Church can err in her teachings, that one can habitually disobey the Roman Pontiff, that the Roman Pontiff can be a heretic and vice versa, that one can set up a chapel without the permission of the local bishop and operate without the necessary jurisdiction of the Church… it goes on and on. So how can you say the SSPX be doing wonders if they are cut off from the papacy, which you correctly state is schismatic? As far as the FSSP are concerned, their Orders are invalid. Look up “Sacramentum Ordinis” by Pius XII (1947) in which he laid down the requirements for validity of Holy Orders. In 1968 Paul VI disregarded this and totally botched the form for episcopal consecration. With the benefit of hindsight it is clear that it was done on purpose. One would do well to steer clear of priests “ordained” by non-bishops, because those Masses are invalid and you are not receiving the Holy Eucharist; neither are your confessions valid. This is yet another issue on which the SSPX is two-faced.

    • Dear Brendan, Please don’t scandalise good traditional Catholics with your false,bitter, sedevacantist nonsense. Fr Francois Chazal’s masterly treatise, Contra Cekadam provides a powerful refutation and reductio ad absurdum of all versions of sede theorising. You and your schismatic friends have foolishly and arrogantly dismissed this master-piece of theological sanity,thereby failing to demonstrate the goodwill and basic integrity of people genuinely seeking Catholic truth. We all know Francis is a truly bad Pope, hell-bent on destroying the remnants of Catholic faith. Nevertheless, there is an established Canonical process which must be implemented by at least a substantial portion of the Catholic Bishops in order to depose a Pope and elect a new one. The authority to undertake and execute this process belongs exclusively to the episcopy, not to rebel priests and ignorant, uncharitable, insular Protestants who identify as sedevacantists! May God grant you and others afflicted with this invincible and deadly pride the Grace to come home to true Catholicism by joining the growing numbers of true and fervent Catholics in the SSPX.

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      • Dear Marc

        I wonder if you will listen to Pope St Pius V and Pope St Pius X and the Angelic Doctor St Thomas Aquinas, or will you also despise their teachings for the Chazalian heresies. Be careful, you have already given up the teachings of Popes, will you now give up teachings of saints and Doctors of the Church as well. These things are a matter of salvation for Catholics and we must be careful not to have “itching ears” which “turn to fables” as the Scripture says.

        1. The Council of Trent catechism:

        … just as this one Church cannot err in faith or morals, since it is guided by the Holy Ghost; so, on the contrary, all other societies arrogating to themselves the name of church, must necessarily, because guided by the spirit of the devil, be sunk in the most pernicious errors, both doctrinal and moral.

        2. Catechism of Pope St Pius X:
        33 Q: Can the Church err in what she proposes for our belief?
        A: No, the Church cannot err in what she proposes for our belief, since according to the promise of Jesus Christ she is unfailingly assisted by the Holy Ghost.

        3. Catechism of St Thomas Aquinas:

        The Church of Peter flourishes in faith and is free from error.

      • Dear Marc,

        I know all about Fr Chazal and his works and pomps. He is just another priest who makes up his own theology, ignoring popes, saints and doctors of the Church, to suit his circumstances. He is a law unto himself. Another “resistance” priest even admitted to me and my wife that Fr Chazal is no theologian. “Masterly treatise” my foot! Instead of wasting your time with him, you would be better off scrubbing up on the catechism and any other Catholic books published before Vatican II. You will be surprised how many errors Fr Chazal, the SSPX and Resistance are guilty of. One of them being this supposed “established Canonical process” for deposing a pope. There is no such thing! Most theologians agree that a pope becoming a heretic loses office automatically without declaration. St Robert Bellarmine called this theory of a council of bishops deposing a pope as being “indefensible”. Also, true popes cannot destroy the Catholic faith – read anything published before Vatican II to verify this. The notion that God can send a pope to destroy the Church was made up at the SSPX general chapter in 1982 in order to support their estrangement from the Church. What a blasphemous scandal!

        As for joining the ranks of the SSPX… I have already demonstrated in an earlier comment that the SSPX refuses to be submitted to the Roman Pontiff, and to be a Catholic you must be submitted to him with all your strength. Why anyone would wish to place themselves outside the jurisdiction of the Roman Pontiff and the Catholic Church is madness, is illogical, and will send you to hell.

        You have accused me of bitterness yet your comment is loaded with it. Not only am I supposedly bitter, I am also schismatic, foolish, arrogant, and an ignorant uncharitable insular Protestant with an invincible and deadly pride! I think you’ve covered every rash judgment that has been raised against us by these groups. That’s quite amazing for someone who doesn’t even know me.

        Finally, to you, Bernie, and Joseph H: in previous comments I have recommended reading the teachings of the Church such as “Pastor Aeternus” of Vatican I, and “Cum ex apostolatus” of Pope Paul IV. I beseech you all to look them up and read them, in order to have the correct understanding of the Papacy; Church teachings you will not be given by querying an SSPX priest. You need to look at the substance of the sacrament for episcopal consecration in “Sacramentum Ordinis” by Pius XII and then compare it with your supposedly “valid” Novus Ordo form for episcopal consecration. A non-bishop cannot ordain priests. Hence the reason for my initial comments to Bernie that there is no point in writing an open letter to the Australian “bishops”, because they are not bishops, and they do not even have the Catholic faith.

  14. Thank you Bernard for informing us what is going on in our beloved Catholic Church. May our bishops have courage and do their duty to prevent the outbreak of heresy and division. May Our Lady Help of Christians pray for us all and protect our country and its Christian foundations.

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  15. The Plenary Council will only bring more rampant modernism. The Church in Australia is weak enough as it is. Modernism is the synthesis of all heresies as Pope St Pius X said. How can our bishops and priests be so lax when we face such a crisis?
    St Pius X pray for us, St Joseph pray for us, Our Lady of Christians pray for us!

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  16. Diabolical disorientation runs rampant. Can’t wait to see the finale as its false life writhes with Our Lady’s heel on the head (Bishops and groupies of an anti-faith).

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  17. For even the gates of hell shall not prevail over her.

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  18. Being an ‘Arch’- Protestant myself I certainly do understand how my catholic brothers & sisters feel about some of this.

    Most of the Protestant denominations are currently in Apostasy over their pluralism & have totally lost all moral authority & credibility.

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  19. Bernard, Very well said and I agree completely. The Church in Australia is on a downward slope. As far as I can see, we would do well to promote the Traditional Latin Mass much wider. I personally much prefer the TLM and attend (at Annerley) as often as possible. God bless you and your family.

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  20. You’re a brave and courageous man Bernard Gaynor doing what many religious and laity should be doing. God bless you in this Holy War.

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  21. On the subject of abortion, so many women exclaim that it is their Right, to kill the unborn(their body,their choice etc ) . I have been thinking lately that it is not the women’s initiative but that of men who have seen abortion as means to evade responsibility ,and have succeeded in convincing women in the 20th Century that it was their initiative.
    For the Church to fall for this fallacy of “womens choice” shows a total lack of empathy ,indeed of common sense.
    It is now 2019 and still women are using abortion as a horrific means of contraception .
    The Church has abrogated it’s responsibility as the device to which social cohesion should be maintained and nurtured as it has been able to for the last 300 years at least by simply joining the herd mentality in accepting sexual deviance and the ugly idea of Euthanasia .
    Is it little wonder that orthodox Church in Putins new Russia is seeing such a huge reawakening as people see that true civilization is only capable of permanence when the Church is spiritual guide and it’s emphasis on the mystical to illustrate the deities majesty. .

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  22. God Bless you for this! Thank you for standing for God. You will be rewarded by Our Lord….God bless your family.

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  23. I am not a church going Cristian, how ever. I do resent those who place them selves above all others trying to dictate to my self and others how we should except their teachings and barbaric ways. As an individual my God is my private mentor and guide in this life. I do not need any minority group telling me what I must do and must not do. I will always remain a male in this life, my wife is a female, and we have sons and daughters who will be secure in their acceptance of them selves until they are called away, as my wife and I will be also. May the Good Lord Protect the innocent and devoted.

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  24. How sad that God is being deserted by His leaders.

    Mary Help of Christians, Pray for us.
    St Michael Archangel defend us in our time of battle.

    May God’s Truth prevail

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  25. I think that O’Sullivan’s Law applies here:

    “Any institution that is not explicitly right wing will become left wing over time.”

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    • The correct terminology is that any institution which does not explicitly stand for truth will accept error over time…

      The Church will survive. But those who fail to do their duty in positions of authority will answer for that.

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