Mark Latham roasts Burns/NSW Anti-Discrimination Board in parliament

Last week it finally happened.

Mark Latham stood up in the New South Wales parliament and became the first politician from that state to call out the obscene waste of taxpayers’ money that has been thrown away supporting serial litigant, Garry Burns.

You can watch his speech below:

No one knows for sure exactly how much has been spent by the New South Wales government to prop up Burns’ obsessive witch hunt.

But considering there have been hundreds of complaints, ‘investigations’ by the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board and hearings before the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Local Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court of Australia over the past 20 years it now surely runs into the multiple millions.

And that’s just to hold the hearings.

On top of that the New South Wales Attorney General has even intervened against me in multiple proceedings, wasting further money to directly support Burns.

Yet not a single, solitary finding has been made against me.

At least in the old days witch hunts would manage some sort of guilty verdict. This kangaroo court system is so farcical it can’t even conjure that up.

Unsurprisingly, Burns has reacted to Mark Latham’s speech with all the grace of a triggered old hag.

I’ve received numerous abusive emails including one just this morning which contained these words:

But Garry Burns is just like a good dose of herpes because he doesn’t go away or ever give up…

…There will always be minor league dills with domestic trimmings like Mark Latham in our parliament and we the sensible folk should deal with him like passing a motion ( bowel movement ) and just flush the chain and let the the poo poo disappear.


The guy even likens himself to a sexually-transmitted disease. It’s not a bad description, to be honest.

This is the man the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board has wasted millions of dollars protecting. These are the words of the bloke who is the face of anti-discrimination law in Australia.

Why the political class and the vast majority of the media have allowed him to wage his obsessive, fanatical, abusive and vengeful campaign of terror for so long is one of the great mysteries of our times.

It will forever be a stain on the New South Wales justice system that the vast majority of vilification case law has been generated by Burns and his decade-long taunting of a legally-unrepresented and brain-damaged man from Newcastle (you can read about John Sunol here).

Burns will eventually be stopped.

But the real problem is the Anti-Discrimination Board and the Tribunal which have long-known about Burns’ abusive conduct and John Sunol’s disability and turned a blind eye to both.

This is where the true evil in this farce lies. It needs to be confronted and weeded out.

Please take the time to write to Mark Latham to thank him for his courage. And it would also help if you wrote to the New South Wales Attorney General and asked him why the Anti-Discrimination Board has not been sacked.

Mark Latham can be reached by email here:

Mark Speakman, the New South Wales Attorney General, can be contacted via an online form here.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. It’s very well to cheer and shout on this site….but where are you the rest
    of the time….How about writing and ringing anyone you can think-of and demanding
    Australia be returned to us. The “poll’ was a farcical string of lies from
    beginning to end Objectors were not printed…and who own the Cowra paper
    which refused to accept objectors but would publish any drivel and lies in
    support of homo-marriage. The pathological liar throughout was Abbott’s sister
    and appalling accusations and surmises were made by the tissy hussies. The ABC
    ran a discussion with a sensible male and on the screen flashed a picture of
    Osama bin Laden designed to corrupt the process. The ABC held it didn’t
    happen…it did and the smarties at the ABC made it happen. Now this Fascist
    Burns is intent on making a big name for his miniature self by punishing
    anything that moves but isn’t like it. It’s not any point preaching to
    the converted and whilst at it…cane Morrison for introducing Kava to
    Australia and promoting the parasite of the Hillsong church…get our acts
    together and demand Australia be returned to us, not handed over to foreigners who
    are prompted by creatures like the bigoted Commissioner for racism or whatever
    it calls itself to just become a non-entity in serfdom under the “On World

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  2. An urgent question of our time is if China is a National Socialist NASO state much like Hitler’s 3rd Reich was a NAZI state? The Chinese government persist in calling itself a “dinky die” communist government, but the Beijing rulers self-image have changed radically since the Tiananmen Square massacre 1989 in the center of Beijing. In the 30 years since a new “creature” has evolved and is now on the prowl around the globe. Today there’s nothing like a traditionally “failed communist state” about the extreme state-capitalist People’s Republic of China! We are dealing with a racist hyper-nationalist socialist controlled military dictatorship… exactly like Germany 85 years ago.
    No longer can “communist commune cadres” be seen toiling out on the rice fields of China. The Chinese has retained an old outdated name despite evolving into a ruthless “laissez-faire” capitalist state (no workers rights, wage negotiations or free Labour Unions) with an almost religious nationalistic expansionist urge. The ancient “Middle Kingdom”, then 1912 “The Republic of China” and then from 1949 the “Mao Zedong State” has evolved into a expansionist military Social Nationalist State with many ruthless imperialist ambitions”
    Fact is that China 2019 emulates the Socialist German Nazi government to the letter up to 1937-1938! It is already impossible to find one single significant difference between the two undemocratic centralist nationalist totalitarian military expansionist ideologies that (somewhat contradictory…) loves and protects profitable private industrialism under their control. Think Krupp, Siemens, BMW, BASF, Bayer, Volkswagen and many other “Hitler pets” and today Supreme Leader Xi Jinping’s cooperative “Industrial pets like dangerous Huawei, Bank of China, or DJI and Alibaba plus, plus…
    Maybe the only difference is that in Germany 80 years ago it was perfectly clear from day one who was in charge! It was Adolf Hitler of course, but what person, or “what” is really in charge in China? Is it still a strong powerful “Darth Vader” like Chairman Mao Zedong that marched China into mass-starvation and wars with neighbours like Tibet, Korea, Russia (USSR), India, Vietnam. Or is it perhaps a more polished version of the de-facto Beijing managed province of North Korea?
    Truth is that we did not know until recently when the self-appointed Sino-Führer and Chinese politician serving as general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC).
    In short: The Sino-Fuehrer Xi Jinping have come out – “Heil mein Führer Xi Jinping'”
    And yes, we must be careful with the ongoing NASO China infiltration of Australian politics, education and commerce! It is also wise to realize that it was not the NAZI system that killed off the incredibly successful, innovative and rapidly expanding German economy, it was Hitler who provoked World War 2 that ground Nazi Germany down at a formidable cost in lives and allied resources. If it had not been for communist Russia… who knows how far the NAZI German expansion would have been able to go?
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    – 1938 the Sudetenland was taken in October 38 from Czechoslovakia
    – 1939 the Memel Territory or Memelgebiet north of the Neman River and including the city of Memel in German on 22 March 39.
    -1939 The Freie Stadt Danzig, incorporated, on 8 October into the newly formed Reichsgau of Danzig-West Prussi.
    -1939 on the 12 October a large part of western Poland, the result of a “fourth” partition of Poland between the friends Nazi Germany and the USSR.
    – 1941 “Unternehmen Barbarossa” was the code name for Nazi Germany’s invasion of their socialist brother-state, the Soviet Union during World War II.

    – In 1950 Tibet Region was annexed by communist military force the formerly self-governing Tibet, plus Qamdo Territory.
    – In 1952 military annexation by NASO China of independent Mongolia.
    – 1969 Chinese Soviet seven months border conflict at the height of the China-Soviet split in 1969.
    – 1977 attempted military annexation of Northern Vietnam in a coordinated operation with the genocidal Pol-Pot regime invading the southern Mekong delta region.
    – 1997 the annexation of former practically independent democratic Hong Kong state.
    – Current ongoing annexation of all Mei-Kong river water resources that has been shared over millennia with Cambodia and Vietnamese cultures.
    – Planned future annexation by expansionist militarist China of the island state Taiwan that historically has never been part of mainland China administration. Historically militarists Japan have got a much stronger claim on Taiwan under Japanese administration for generations until 1945 prior to fleeing Chan Kai-Chek invading 1949. Today such claim is unthinkable between two free and democratic states like Japan and Taiwan. Only NASO China makes claims on Taiwan for no historic justifiable reason.
    2017 aggressive military annexation by force of the entire SOUTH CHINA SEA region of international waters. NASO China ignores the ruling of the international court 2016. Ignores territorial and traditional uses of these waters by Vietnam, The Philippines and other coastal nations.
    The “NINE DASH LINE” is a delusional fantasy by NASO China ignoring all legal and historical and good neighbourly considerations.
    – 2016 NASO China owns and operates the most important strategic harbour in the equatorial area, a harbour sold out by Australia located in DARWIN. NT. Nobody has been jailed for this national treason of Australia.
    Free and Democratic India with a huge population and from 30% up to plus 100% tariffs on all imported goods is not in a “Trump Trade War” according to our Western media. Nothing heard from India! Similar to democratic India today USA also need to protect its domestic economy with tariffs on imported goods, especially goods from communist slave-labour supported “NASO” China. This not about a dramatic “trade war”, not for USA or in India and many other places, it is about USA realising a new reality.
    Despite of what “Globalist Socialist Media” are screaming about USA, it is factually only about USA adjusting to a dramatically changed global trade environment. Don’t expect that free and unionized workers on good wages and civil rights can compete against ID-branded slave-labour kept in hi-walled guarded caserns!
    It is certain that the protective Trump’s tariff system will stay in place for generations… a very long time so business and media should just get used to it because it is no “war” and it has no “end”. It’s a necessary regulatory correction instrument.
    The lawless expansionist “NASO” military dictatorship in Beijing never have, never will and cannot accept a fair “level playing field” so Trump must act in kind so the US economy can survive into a prosperous future.
    Australia is NOT a big economy with a huge domestic market so Australia must submit to the “Globalist Route” to be able to continue exporting its dug-up raw-materials to advanced overseas manufacturing economies.
    But we desperately need a government that is vigilant and always ready to act against the rapid “silent invasion” of Australia by “NASO China”. China already control all our most important export harbours in Australia and they are buying our farms, hospitals and more.
    And NASO Beijing never stops looking for more… Look at Canada’s rapidly deteriorating relationship with China. In addition to holding Canadian citizens as hostages, China’s communist dictatorship has slapped massive trade sanctions on Canada — banning crops and meat with the spurious claim that they’re unhealthy. That’s obviously fake. Canada’s crops are one of the healthiest in the world. NASO China’s just playing with Canada. The future is as always a very interesting unwritten story. Good luck!

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    • Fantastic summary of the threat the Chinese communist government pose to our way of life. Unfortunately Australia has become so dependent on income from China, that we have lost our voice, and allow the regime free reign to do as they please even on our own soil.
      I have much sympathy for the Chinese people living under this oppressive regime, but am hopeful that the latest virus to appear out of Wuhan will change the Chinese/Australian relationship, and more of us become aware of just how dangerously dependant we are on this communist dictatorship.

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  3. At long last someone with the courage to stand up and support Bernard Gaynor in his fight for justice.

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    • My sentiments exactly. Let’s hope Mark can prevail over this ridiculous excuse for a man.

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  4. Well done Bernard and Mark Latham -We are with you all the way. The ADB should be censured;sacked and fined for abusing the power of their office and Gary Burns should be jailed and fined heavily for unjustly causing a heavy burden on the Australian tax payer – like me

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    • Burns is not the problem. It is the ADB which encourages him where the real evil lies.

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      • At last Bernard Gaynor is receiving the support from the excellent Mark Latham which he has long deserved.

        Shame on all those who have left him as a target for the shocking treatment meted out to him. And a previous commentator is quite right. None of these things would persist if those in charge of managing and administering our institutions had the moral courage and integrity we should be able to expect from them.

    • No Gary Burns should be made to pay ALL of the costs the ADB, Bernard Gaynor and the Court coats. Until this nasty vexatious litigant pays up everything he has should be seized and sold off in order for those moneys obtained to be used to partially pay down the debt.

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  5. Thank you, Mark, for having the temerity to say what should have been said a long time ago. By the sound of things, Burns would be much happier in a home for the mentally challenged.

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  6. It’s sad that potentially the only half-reasonable party in Australia is Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. Good work Mark

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  7. I am a lowly educated ex-serviceman, whose thoughts seem to be echoed by many that I speak to. I was a Liberal voter, but have reached the conclusion that unless something drastic happens, our wonderful country is doomed. The major parties seem gutless and afraid to show that we don’t have to always show the world that we can stand up for ourselves. The voters, however feel to make their vote count, they must vote for their nominees A few Independent politicians, such as Pauline Hanson, speak the situation how I feel it is. I don’t think Pauline has the support of the people as a leader, mainly because her voice doesn’t instill confidence in her. Now Mark Latham is a different kettle of fish….He can speak !!! Could Latham be the person to band together, the supporters of Hanson, Gaynor, Lambie, etc.,to give enough numbers to put up a fight. I have thought for some time… less “sophisticated”countries in our position of unrest, would simply have a “coup” and insert someone more popular ! See….I told you I was un-educated.

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  8. Tank you Bernard.
    Thank you Mark Latham.
    Good men in the right spot. It is a joy to hear some common sense and it now requires courage and cunning to be like that. We appreciate your efforts in not wasting your time and tax-payers money in trying to keep this country sane.
    You have our support and prayers.

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    • So glad to hear that someone is at last responding to the abusive treatment that Burns has been dishing out to you, Bernard. Something should be done also to recompense you for the money you have had to waste in defending yourself from his vexatious claims! Mark Latham is not a man to be intimidated, and I believe that at last there’s a chink in the threats that you have had to endure from this apology for a man. Wishing you God’s Blessings as you begin the road to victory! Sincerely,
      Patricia Dillon

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    • Thank you Mark and Bernard for your fight against this insanity.

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  9. Many MP’s – or should I say most – only want to support the “popular” issues – the ones where they can get the most praise and good publicity. They will support the “big guys” and ignore the “little man” – and they especially do not want want to “get their hands dirty” by getting into a fight defending the “little guy” who can’t defend himself.

    Except for rare individuals like Mark Latham….. you are NOT afraid to “get your hands dirty” in an unpopular fight – such as in the defence of Bernard Gaynor.
    Thank you for your outspoken criticism of Gary Burns and your clear message to him that you will not be intimidated by him.

    I hope you shut him down in his vile and unfair persecution of Bernard Gaynor – which everyone else has lacked the courage to do

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  10. Mark Latham the Andrew Bolt of parliament , saying it like it should said , calling out disgusting little money wasting oxygen thieves like burns .
    It’s time the boot was on the other foot

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    • This nation needs more people like Mark Latham.

      In times where being forthright and assetive is a sin, a voice of sanity and reason stands out like a single glowing red poppy in a newly ploughed field

      In the washup, it’s the fools who vote for partly loyal hacks who are the problem, and suffer the result of their collective stupidity.

      But the REAL danger is the bureaucracy that supports and promotes nonsense and abuse. If not of like mind to Burns, then their persecution of Bernard would not exist – but it DOES.

      Worse – the Anti discrimination lot are just one of the bureaucratic infections we all suffer – just pick your topic – the government sponsored Climate industry being a classic.

      All that which Bernard suffers can happen to ANY citizen who is deemed to have offended.

      This destructive social engineering nonsense is endemic in the Educ … (sorry) Indoctrination system too often becomes the floatsome that enters “Governmentium” and PRESTO – here we are.

      Personally, I see the only solution to stopping the nonsense is a full on war, where people out of necessity need to unite to survive, and irrelevance be quickly discarded.

      WIth China now well netrenched above and in Pacifica, and idiot “leaders” from that region with their hands out for freebies, by stupidly assigning whole blame for climate variations on Australia …. I don’t thnk we will have long to wait for China to step in and manage this nation properly, because we certainly cannot.

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    • Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best speeches I have heard, to have allowed this clown to have gone as far as he has at public expense is nothing short of a criminal act.

      Well said Mr Latham

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      • Here here!!!!

    • I agree. When the prophets are too afraid to speak, God can cause even teh stones to prophesy. Thanks again Mark, Latham for riding to the challenge.

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  11. Thank you Mark for speaking the truth!! Well done. You spoke without the high pitched emotion that many politicians do. Your speech was delivered calmly, honestly and was extremely necessary. I believe this speech should be replayed again and again on many TV and radio channels. It is so nice to hear someone speaking up for what is right, calling out serial abusers when necessary and defending just causes.
    I also believe the ‘anti discrimination act’ needs an overhaul, and the Governor General needs to be called to account. It would also be good if the said Mr. Burns concentrated on his portfolio instead of pursuing vindictive acts.

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  12. A great speech from Mark in support of a great Australian Mr Gaynor. Now as for the “Liberal” NSW government and the bureaucracy, would seriously doubt they have the backbone or intestinal fortitude to make changes to the system and the lefty ideology that infests it and the media that will criticise any change. Hopefully I will be proved wrong in time……..

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  13. My letter to Mark Latham.

    Thanks Mark for your powerful speech in the NSW parliament. I have donated in support of Bernard Gaynor whose family have suffered tremendous hardship as a result of Burns serial vexatious complaints. It is high time he is brought to account.

    I appeal to you Mark as I have to many other leaders and commentators resisting the left wing PC movements advance throughout our society. We need a united conservative movement in this country. We need a national coalition of conservative or anti leftist leaders and journalists. We need a nation wide union of everyday australians signed up to a a national coalition of conservatives who will stand as one on the main issues and say no we will not submit.

    I dont know what behind the scenes efforts are happening to acheive something like this. I presume you and others are networking, are in discussion about united efforts. All I can do is appeal to you and other leaders to make this a priority. I see the left as having gained so much ground because they are organised, they have infiltrated the institutions of society, they have clear goals, clear strategies and they have numbers.

    We conservatives need to acheive the same. Currently it seems we are smaller groups fighting as local militias.

    food for thought.



    Father of 3 and former Australian Conservatives member (sadly disbanded)

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  14. Please everyone, help Bernard and his family out with a financial gift. The Gaynor family have lost their home in legal fees. I have made another donation because Bernard is in effect a front line soldier fighting for my children as well as his own. He needs and deserves out support. Thanks

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  15. Mark,
    What a Great Speech. Following exactly Pauline`s beer coaster: I`VE GOT THE GUTS TO SAY WHAT OTHERS ARE ONLY THINKING.

    Big Thanx mate

    George Jilecek

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  16. Garry Burns appears to be a bitter hateful person that has a huge chip on his shoulder, he needs to be stopped and if there are any decent people left besides Mark they need to stand side by side with him, I can only hope there is. Thank you Mark you speak for many of us.

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  17. Mr Latham, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  18. Email of thanks to Mark sent.

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  19. Great work Mark Latham. You won’t be intimidated by Burns! God bless you Bernard.

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  20. It is just pure evil that allows so much public money to financially destroy prominent people in order to shut down contrary opinion.

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    • Thank you Mr Latham for standing up to this madness that comes out of an extreme leftest idiopathic nonsense .
      It is self serving and irisponsible to spend our taxes in this way peddling their hurts and an erroneous assumption that ordinary hard working citizens care or support his view’s.
      We have external Debt as a nation at over 2trilion dollars.

      You Mark are a breath of fresh air ,as a great parliamentarian and honest no bones person ,thanks for all you do.

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  21. These incompetent Government bodies should be disbanded ASAp.
    A complete waste of taxpayers money.

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    • Graeme, ytou are far too kind. Missapropriation of government money for purposes of unjust causes should be held accountable and the persons concerned sesverely fined at the least, as well as replaced in their jobs.

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  22. Why is it only a few politicians like Mark who speak for common sense and with logic? Why are those with the major parties, Greens, Labor, Liberal and National appear to be censored in speaking on pertinent social subjects and problems? They will do exactly what their party tell them to do. In other words they are controlled and do not represent us.

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  23. Well done Mark Latham. That Burns person seems intent on breaking Bernard Gaynor financially and emotionally. Time the courts woke up to this vexatious and nasty tactic.

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    • I agree the sooner this legal intimidating stops the better for all of us Mark is a Great Australian.

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  24. I thank you Mark Latham

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  25. Wow, now there some common sense. Well done Mr Latham.

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  26. Thank you Mark Latham for your comments. These proceedings brought about by this disgraceful person against Bernard Gaynor and others AND at the taxpayers expense must be stopped. It costs Burns nothing to lodge these claims whereas the defendants have to pay their own costs. That is disgraceful.

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  27. Whatever Mark Latham is on, I want to be on………….Mr Gaynor has been wronged at the expense of ABC qi etc, nasties that have marched us up “shit creek”. The silent deplorable’s have gotten off the canvas, thanks to the courage and civil intelligence of Mark Latham.

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  28. Mark Latham . You are a legend. About time a politician expressed concern about the waste of tax payer dollars! Gary Burns’vendetta against Bernard Gaynor must be halted and Gary Burns made apologise to taxpayers and for the distress and financial ruin he has inflicted on Bernard Gaynor & his family.

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    • Well said, I couldn’t agree more!

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  29. Thank you Mr Latham for standing up for Bernard Gaynor. He has been a voice for many others who feel that our right to free speech and freedom of religion are being attacked. Those who have facilitated Gary burns relentless persecution of Bernard Gaynor ought to be sacked or resign

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  30. Thank you Mr Latham, for bringing up and discussing the vexatious comments by Garry Burns. This needs to be looked at and Mr Speakman needs to be honest and say why the Anti-discrimation board has allowed Mr Burns to waste court time, appearances and money.

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  31. Thank you Mr Latham ;for speaking out you are courageous in al you have stated. ,with the publics best interests at heart ,we applaud you and Mr Gaynor, keep up the good work.

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  32. At last, a dose of common sense and reality. Burns has been getting a free ride for years and should be told by the courts to pull his stupid head in.

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  33. Why does the Anti-discrimination board pursue this? Because without burns complaints, it would be a one-man-band.

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  34. Thank you Mark…Evil burnings will contnue in our society until good men say & do something.

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  35. Activists and troublemakers like Burns should be compelled to fund their own battles, not taxpayers or governments.

    That will soon shut them up.

    Anti-discrimination boards as in NSW may have originally been set up with good intentions (but you know what they say about “good intentions”), but have become what they always were going to be – standover bullies and a honeypot for every left wing activist and stirrer.

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  36. Well done Mark Latham.
    Bernard Gaynor and his family have put up with so much over the years from Mr Burns.
    It is overdue for all this to stop.
    God bless Australia

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  37. Although he thinks of himself as an STD and a bowel motion , the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board or the AG haven’t exactly been protecting Garry Burns as a vulnerable member of society or protecting others from his delusional system. Rather they have wasted millions validating his delusions, compelling others to go along and enabling his vendettas based on his delusional system. If he must be a No2 , they are the ones who have made him the unflushable floater.

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  38. Thank you, Mark. You are what we need in our parliament, someone who has the guts to speak up!

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  39. Thank God for Latham. Some public vindication at last. Lets hope and pray Burns sees the writing on the wall and quietly goes away and crawls back into his little hole.Great news Bernard,I am sure this takes a certain load off your shoulders now that it has become a more public issue and it seems you have a determined supporter in Parliament to keep an eye out for you.

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  40. Garry Burns needs to get a job.

    Beggars belief that the Anti Discrimination Board has even given him the time of day.

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  41. Thank god that we have Mark Latham in parliament. Mark latham brings common sense and justice into the political arena. Something that is being passed away for agendas.

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    • I Second Barry Cockinos remarks re Mark Latham and his sense and justice.

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  42. Thank you, thank you Mark Latham for speaking out in support of Bernard Gaynor against a person who has no qualms when it comes to milking millions of dollars from tax-payers to finance his personal vendettas.

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    • I also second John Millers remarks and Thank Mark Latham for speaking up in truth. Enough is Enough.

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  43. Great comments and what the State has been lacking for some time. I look forward to future addresses by Mark Latham to bring the Loonies into line.

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  44. Fantastic speech by Mark! It’s high time the NSWDC was wound up, and that Christian Porter does his job and bans Burns from ever again
    lodging vexatious law suits against innocent people!!!

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  45. Well done Mark , go after the truth. About time someone stood up Bernard Gaynor.
    Obvious the people running these Gov bodys and need to removed for improper use of tax payer funds which is talking fund away from more important people in real need

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  46. Thank you Mark, for standing up for decency and common sense.

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