Cardinal Pell’s appeal to the High Court

I have been tied up lately with a number of pressing legal issues – some of which are positive and others not so much – as well as working on a number of new projects. An update will be sent in coming days.

In the meantime, I am pleased that Jim From Boomba has returned to the fray and will be posting regularly here into the future. He is after your commentary as he likes arguing.


It has just been confirmed that the High Court has accepted Cardinal Pell’s appeal.

This is great news and confirms how serious the circumstances surrounding his conviction are.

Make no mistake – reputations will be utterly and irretrievably destroyed by whatever decision the High Court ultimately reaches.

If Cardinal Pell’s conviction is upheld, that is the end of him, forever and ever.

And the Catholic Church will also suffer reputational damage of the most serious order (not that it hasn’t already – most of it self-inflicted).

But – if the conviction is overturned, two judges of the Victorian Court of Appeal may well be exposed as partisan, legal incompetents whose continued presence on that bench is untenable.

If Pell is acquitted, those judges might need to search the web for further employment opportunities.

And Premier Andrews will have to see that they do so with impressive alacrity.

Further – if Pell is acquitted, then legions of anti-Catholic, leftoid sneerers and jeerers will also have to eat humble pie, admit that they have been mercilessly hounding a man who, like Linda Chamberlain, faced false and terrible accusations – and publicly acknowledge that Pell is innocent.

Chances of that happening?

Probably a big, fat zero.

Leftards don’t do humility.

We shall see.

The next 12 months are going to be tumultuous indeed.

And they will go down in Australian legal history.

Please God justice is done.

Let me know your thoughts below and I’ll certainly respond if they deserve to be pilloried.

Author: Jim From Boomba

Jim from Boomba is a grumpy, old, white man and contributes to with 'Despatches from the Field' - regular contributions that poke fun at the insanity unleashed on the world by philosophers from the Left...

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  1. I am please that Cardinal Peal gets another day in court but I am ver apprehensive about him getting a fair hearing. For him to be found guilty on no evidence except the word of 1 person so many years after the fact makes me think that they will not let him walk away. They needed a scapegoat and they got one. I feel deeply that he is an innocent man.

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  2. What annoys me about this situation is the attitude of the HCofA. The pomposity of them to decide whether or not we can appeal to the highest court in the land is a fundamental right we enjoy in the Westminster system.

    The fact remains that many of our courts & tribunals are not constitutional. So are many of the “laws” that are imposed upon us. Our Country has degenerated into an unlawfulness which we the people allow these scumbags to rule over us by taking away our rights.

    There is a fine line between between freedom & oppression. In Australia we are seeing a continued slide into oppression.

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  3. This is agood wrap-up by Jim from Boomba. Whatever decision is finally made by the full bench of the High Court of Australia will have profound repurcussions. If Pell is acquitted then I would like to see the Victorian Public Prosecutors charged with a crime. Due to lack or evidence, the matter should never have gone to court. Some other thoughts: Judicial Corruption in Australia – the End Justifies the Means

    Also: George Pell takes the rap for the Church’s homosexual problem . .

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  4. its pretty clear even to me that Victoria did not give Pell a fair go.

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    • Matt, I agree. More like a “witch hunt”.

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  5. Hmm I am still unsure about his innocence,or guilt but i am open to discussion. as i have not read the courts transcripts about this case i could not truthfully make an informed judgement either which way, so as i said i am waiting to hear the final Judgement on this. If he is Innocent then i feel very deeply for him. If he is guilty then whatever may come to him will be deserved.

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    • I agree with your caution – it is certainly prudent to wait until the full bench of the most important court in the country delivers its considered verdict.

      As opposed to shrieking and wailing that Pell’s application for appeal has not been dumped – as more than one anti-Catholic has done today on social media.

      Where I differ from you is that I am much more confident of his innocence, for three reasons:

      1. As a Catholic, I understand what happens in St Pat’s Cathedral at busy times such as at high Mass. Cardinal Pell would have had more privacy on the main platform at Flinders Street Station at peak hour than he did at the Cathedral, at the time the complainant says the abuses occurred. That’s simply a fact.

      2. His conviction has to be on the basis of “beyond reasonable doubt”. You’ll never get that outcome when there is only one complainant, no witnesses and all the other factors of the situation are taken into account. As in – “Never”.

      3. “The Vibe” was what won the High Court case in the movie “The Castle”. It appears to have been what also convinced the two judges in the Victorian Court of Appeal who dismissed Cardinal Pell’s appeal. Any judge who convicts someone because of “The Vibe” is one who confuses Hollywood with real life. I strongly suspect any applause that may have arisen from that decision from the PC set who are determined to destroy Pell, will be short-lived.

      Here’s trusting the High Court’s decision is based on foundations more solid than “PC”, “witch hunt” or “vibe”.

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  6. As I understand it, 2 judges on the High Court have referred the application to appeal to the full bench of the High Court to decide if Pell can appeal. That he will be allowed to appeal is not a foregone conclusion.

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    • Yes, Barbara, that appears to be correct.

      Which indicates to me how seriously the High Court is taking this case.

      If the application for Leave to Appeal is rejected – that will be a decision of the entire bench.

      As opposed to being a decision of just two or three of the justices, as is (so I understand) the more usual approach.

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