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Whatever Archbishop Coleridge is doing, it is hard to see how he is doing the “bishop” part right.

His statements on moral issues, at best, are confusing. At worst they directly condone grave evil. Regardless of his intention, the objective reality is that his statements on issues such as abortion, homosexual behaviour and adultery can, and are, interpreted to mean that Catholics can approve of these evils.

Archbishop Coleridge’s statements on the kingship of Christ, his decision to allow a Catholic church to be used for scandalous conduct and his failure to prevent nonsense being taught in Catholic schools in his diocese also are of the greatest concern.

Finally, the Plenary Council in Australia, which he is largely responsible for, has been used to promote heresy and schism. It is a trainwreck unfolding before our eyes.

Archbishop Coleridge would need prayers, even if he was perfect. Bishops have very difficult jobs. Please sign up to pray the rosary for him each and every day. May he become a truly great bishop, bravely defend the Church and lead the souls under his care to Heaven.

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Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The main problem I see with the Qld Bishops is that they do not seem to see the crisis we are in. With less then five percent of catholic school leavers attending Sunday mass many parishes must close in the next few decades. Even if they can import enough African or Inidan priests to man them, the small number of parisiners would make tbem unsustainable. We need to catechize tbe next generations of catholics. We need the rosary.we need Fatima.We don’t need another fifty years of catholic lite.

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  2. Well done Bernard! Near the end you mention an intention to produce more presentations. Australia seriously needs someone to do an investigative series at journalistic standard on all our bishops and the Aussie Church as a whole. There are a number of USA youtube channels dedicated to either reporting the bishop/priest scandals and/or educating the Faithful. I know more of the o/s problems than here. The Australian Church seems to operate in a vacuum. What can we do about this? On the eve of a devastating 2020 programme we need to raise the alarm bells!

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    • Hi Luke – thanks for your encouragement. We need a strong independent media in Australia to focus on the Catholic Church. The mainstream media is not interested and the Catholic publications exist only to promote false agendas and personal interests.

      I will do whatever I can to bring a spotlight – but it is not easy and it is time consuming. It is only because of the support I receive from ordinary Australians that I can continue this work.

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  3. There is and will remain the one true holy,catholic and apostolic church of Jesus Christ.Very sad that many Bishops along with the Pope do not appear to belong to it.

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  4. Hey Bernard, what do you think of your favourite litigant (serial pest) having a crack at Israel Folau for preaching the Bible in his own church ???

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    • I think that too many ‘conservative’ institutions have ignored this problem and now it will completely undermine Israel Folau’s case…

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      • Now that Folau has privately settled with the ARU, we are no further down the road with respect furthering the cause of freedom of religion. So our favourite litigant has a clear path to do his usual mischief.

        I personally think Folau has been foolish – not like a rugby player is likely to be an Einstein – but he will be drawn through the kabuki theatre of a ‘Woke’ judicial system which has shown contempt for the constitution & the law.

      • Well – 24 hours is all it took to prove me wrong on that point! I wish Folau had fought this. It will be interesting to see whether he chooses to fight Burns or decides to settle with him…

  5. We have been abandoned by so many Bishops

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    • Francis is an Apostate!The Vatican is corrupt and has to be cleaned out!!!Arch Bishop Vigano is a light here…Francis has to go!

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      • Sadly it may have been corrupt for many years – long before Francis. There was a Pope back in 1978 who might have tried to do something about it but he disappeared rather suddenly. We’d be better off without the whole Rome colossus and devote our energies to building local communities like they had in the early Church. Having lain down with secular power early in the 4th Century and then repeatedly thrown in our lot with it since that time we have been systematically and continually compromised by it

      • Hi Lucy,

        I share your exasperation with Francis, and your respect and love for Abp Vigano.

        I am trying to take on Abp Vigano’s tone of respect for the office of the Pope and to pray for Francis, but it’s a struggle!

        Best wishes

  6. Very disappointing to hear negatives about this Bishop.
    I feel this with my own bishop but was hoping more faithfulness from B.C. In God I Trust. Anne.

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