Who the hell is Garry Burns?

So Garry Burns has lodged a complaint against Israel Folau. I guess he’s done so in order to demonstrate the ‘tolerance’ of the rainbow.

And, in that, he’s doing a great job I must say. Garry Burns has given us the best demonstration yet that when we get to the end of the rainbow we will not find any tolerance at all…

Most Australians would be wondering who the hell Garry Burns is. Being somewhat acquainted with him, courtesy of his obsession with me (he has lodged 36 complaints against me since 2014 and sent me hundreds of charming emails), I suppose I am well placed to answer this burning question.

So here goes.

Firstly, Garry Burns has complained that Israel Folau vilified homosexuals by warning on social media and in his sermon that those who engage in homosexual activity face the prospect of hell.

And Garry Burns knows a thing or two about condemning people to hell himself:

Screenshot of an email I received from Garry Burns on 1 September, 2014.

Secondly, Garry Burns has complained that Israel Folau’s statements are hate speech. Fortunately, ol’ Gazza is able to make that judgement as he is one of Australia’s foremost experts in this particular field:

Screenshot of an email I received from Garry Burns on 28 October, 2014.

Thirdly, while Burns is quick out of the blocks to use the ‘justice’ system, he also has quite a fondness for the idea of vigilante justice:

Screenshot of an email I received from Garry Burns on 17 July, 2019.

Fourthly, Australia’s favourite human rights warrior isn’t just doing this for sake of humanity, you know. He understands very well that the anti-discrimination industry also helps you to seize other people’s assets. All for the greater good, of course:

Screenshot of an email I received from Garry Burns on 26 October, 2014.

Screenshot of an email I received from Garry Burns on 26 October, 2014.

Fifthly, Garry Burns likes to tell the world that he doesn’t lodge complaints for his own financial gain.

Which is why it is sooooo odd that his private correspondence tells a different story:

Screenshot of an email I received from Garry Burns on 31 July, 2014.

Sixth, while Garry “I’m-Not-In-It-For-The-Money” Burns has publicly stated that he does not believe in free speech, he likes to freely express his views about violently assaulting Catholics:

Screenshot of an email I received from Garry Burns on 26 Ocotber, 2014.

Seventh, our good friend is also of the intellectual type. His actions are based on high principle and name calling and crude commentary is just not his thing:

Screenshot of an email I received from Garry Burns on 3 September, 2014.

Eighth, being such a hard working professional whinger, it can sometimes be difficult for our man Burns to find enough to complain about. However, Garry has a solution for that problem: when there’s not much action he then complains about his own comments!

He simply posts comments on other people’s Facebook pages, screenshots them and fires off a complaint to the ‘Thought Police’:

Screenshot of a complaint lodged against me by Garry Burns with the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board on 4 May, 2014.

Screenshot of a complaint lodged against me by Garry Burns with the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board on 4 May, 2014.

Just for the record, the words Burns’ complained about above were clearly written by him and the only time they ever appeared on my social media was when he posted them there. But that did not stop the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board from accepting his complaint that I had ‘published’ on my Facebook page the words “Exterminate the Homos” and this complaint eventually made it all the way to the High Court of Australia.

And it should not really fill you with confidence that I eventually defeated this complaint.

Why? Well, I won because I live in Queensland (a jurisdictional reason) and not because the complaint was fabricated (which is the common-sense reason it should have been dismissed).

Ninth, given all of this, you might not think too highly of Garry Burns. But don’t let that worry you. He has an even lower opinion of himself. He believes that he’s akin to a sexually-transmitted disease:

Screenshot of an email I received from Garry Burns on 16 August, 2019.

And tenth, it is unsurprising, given his line of work, that Old Mate Herpes also wants the taxpayer to kick in and pay for his legal fees:

Screenshot of an article published in The Australian on 4 July, 2018.

Now that you know who the hell Garry Burns is, you’re probably not surprised at all that he has lodged a complaint against Israel Folau.

Neither am I.

Burns is merely following his ‘principles’.

And it is simply a matter of coincidence that Burns sprang into action against Folau months after the Rugby star made his comments. It has absolutely nothing at all do with the fact that just days before Burns lodged his complaint he was hit with bankruptcy action.

I’m pretty sure that no one in Australia could possibly think that Israel Folau is flush with cash and an easy target for an anti-discrimination complaint…especially if your ‘work’ consists entirely of lodging anti-discrimination complaints.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. PLS update the article Bout Mark Latham’s bill to show year besides the date April 26, ? Is it 2022 or a previous year?
    Thanks from Carmel

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  2. Bernard, you are an inspiration. You motivate me to carry on with my own teensy daily battles. We know that “Mary will crush the head of the serpent”- we just have to hold on and keep the Faith til then!! We will be praying for you! In Jesus and Mary, Meg and John

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  3. Hi Bernard
    Thankyou for not caving in like folau did.

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  4. Keep the fires burning, Bernard. This fool Burns needs to be pulled in to line, and taught a MAJOR lesson. Prayers to you and yours.

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  5. The existence of the publicly funded anti discrimination industry salaried and administered by politically correct fanatics demonstrates the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the three major political parties. Yes there are other thus afflicted parties but the trio of major party oligarchies
    are the ones who hold office at federal and state levels. Expecting an authentic moral stance from any of them is to succumb to credulous fantasy.
    If you want much more of the same vote for any of them. They are irreformable

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  6. How can one “LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS THYSELF”…Am I an Agnostic, Heathen, Non Christian or whatever. This individual is a low down Filthy, Vexatious, Litigant of the lowest of lows. In the old days at school he would be known as a “POONCE” or worse. Today, this world has gone down to the lowest of the lows and sadly the Governments of nearly all persuasions have, and are contributing to this. Excuse my FRENCH but all this Political Correctness, GREEN following, GAY RIGHTS and Same Sex Marriage IS ALL BULLSHIT.Let us bring back FREE SPEECH, GET A LIFE, BE A MAN/woman, WORK Hard and Make Australia Great Again….Get Australia MANUFACTURING AGAIN.

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  7. The rainbow is a covenant from God to mankind. When God destroyed all the wicked people with the great flood. Noah, his family & 2 of each kind of best animals were saved in the Ark.

    The beautiful rainbow is God’s only, & no one else can claim it as their own.
    Some bad people today have taken one colour out of it & are trying to claim it as their symbol.
    Such fools.
    Terry F exactly correct. Each person’s soul/spirit is eternal & their deeds, evil & good are recorded during their life on their soul ready for judgement day. True repentance though Jesus Christ is the only way a person’s sins can be cleansed. Once a person repents his/her sins the devil’s advocate at judgement will see a clean record.
    Pray for all that they will repent before they depart this life & they will then be at peace with God.

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    • Keep on fighting for the truth of the Bible Mr Gaynor.

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  8. Keep your Faith Bernard. Please believe that we are here to support your righteous endeavour.

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  9. Bernard, have a happy and Holy Christmas with your family.

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  10. “These are the times that try men’s souls; the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”
    Thomas Paine.
    Read the book by Sidney Powell “Licensed to Lie” a brilliant lawyer exposing the corruption in the justice system and take heart.

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  11. If hate speech is a crime then he should be charged.

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  12. In NSW there are proceedings with Which Burns should be dealt with. All of those mentioned above,including mr Gaynor need to band together as a group and have Burns declared a vexatious litigant.
    I see at least one reason for his naming as such,declaring that he is going to try and gain a hold on the Gaynor family home. Another is ,instituting proceedings to harass or Annoy. I would be incredibly annoyed if someone took me to court because their feelings were hurt because i don’t particularly like the activities that homosexuals engage in .Especially when the number of complaints reached 38 .
    What are vexatious proceedings?
    Anyone who frequently and persistently takes legal action without reasonable grounds or for improper purposes can be subjected to a vexatious proceedings order under the Vexatious Proceedings Act 2008(the Act)

    Section 6 of the Act defines vexatious proceedings:

    (a) proceedings that are an abuse of the process of a court or tribunal, and

    (b) proceedings instituted to harass or annoy, to cause delay or detriment, or for another wrongful purpose, and

    (c) proceedings instituted or pursued without reasonable ground, and

    (d) proceedings conducted in a way so as to harass or annoy, cause delay or detriment, or achieve another wrongful purpose.

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    • Thanks Ron – I have taken advice about this.

      A difficulty is that the NCAT has upheld so many of Burns’ complaints that it will be risky to ask a court to declare him vexatious. Essentially, we basically need a court to have the courage to also declare that NCAT has aided and abetted this farce.

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      • I have always been a slow learner ( long story) but….once I get the basics I make up a lot of time ..
        Thanks Bernard.

    • Exactly, something needs to be done about people like Gary Burn’s abusive behaviour. It never fails to amaze me that people like Gary can say what they like with no consequences but someone like Bernard with deep held beliefs too has cost him dearly for defending what the majority of us think. Gary Burns needs to be registered as a serial pest & should have no access to taxpayers money to fund his personal complaints, he should be made to fund his own complaints

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  13. Bernard, the language used towards you speaks of an unsound mind and one with a specific vendetta. It’s interesting that in Australia how the law can be used by such people to vindicate their need to totally finish a person’s reputation, finances, and life generally. And there is no law against that!! The case of George Pell is a classic example. I have looked up the people on the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board as they are working hand in glove with him. Maybe it’s not possible for you to write a resume of these people, as it may be used against you. I’m saddened by the NSW Government not being able to, or want to do something about those who are elevated to these roles, as they are certainly not people who ought to be in such positions either as they are prepared to tolerate this type of language, which says a lot about them. May 2020 bring a new perspective, to all this and may the Lord bring a miracle solution outcome to you and your family. Merry Christmas.

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  14. Ah, the irony of someone demanding tolerance (the new buzz-word is ‘inclusive’) but only when it suits himself and his decision to endlessly politicize his own lifestyle orientation and sexuality. It’s a massive con and I don’t buy it or believe it for one moment. I am probably nothing like Bernard Gaynor. (I never got married, never wanted kids, don’t go to church) but I can still easily see and sense the hypocrisy of politicized gays and other minority groups who take advantage of the system or abuse the legal process.

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  15. I am disgusted that our Courts and judges have not seen fit to tell this person to go away and stop bothering them with his insults , slander and abuse to Bernard and Folau.If I was a judge I’d have him up for extortion, because, plain and simply, that is what it is.
    What has happened to Australian justice?

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    • Many years ago now, a QC told a colleague of mine
      ” The courts are not about justice, they are about
      WINNING “

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    • He certainly has demonstrated his attempt at extortion in the past. Why cannot a supposedly intelligent judge see this and take appropiate action against this person.

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  16. Serious question and might be simplistic but is why I am asking. My understanding from when we were actually taught civics at school is the states are separate entities when it comes to jurisdictional grounds, hence extradition requests and the likes for anything other than a Federal matter. Why not ignore all the BS from NSW & stay away from the state. If they want your money certainly they would have their Kangaroo Court which would certainly award costs but they would have to apply to a Queensland Court to seize assets wouldn’t they? Then you could apply to strike out on jurisdictional grounds.

    Secondly just curious why the HC hasn’t started contempt proceeding against HRC NSW? Clear case of contempt in my layman’s eyes.

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    • The reason you can’t ignore it is because if the system was allowed to grind on there is a likelihood that you’d be arrested and jailed for contempt of court.

      That is exactly what Burns was seeking to do to Tess Corbett (a Victorian grandmother) who attempted to just ignore it all. Contempt proceedings were underway when the High Court ruled the whole show was unconstitutional.

      Burns is also seeking to have brain-damaged man John Sunol face contempt charges.

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      • Clear Thinking 101:
        B Gaynor. A+
        G Burns. F-

        Bernard. You have again clearly demonstrated the hypocrisy (some would say ‘delusion’) of the Left.

  17. How can someone with such a terrible history of abuse and hatred towards people be taken seriously by the Discrimination Board and given a platform to sue Israel for quoting from the bible. If he is so offended let him take it up with God

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  18. Izzy also said that Atheist would go to hell. If an Atheist doesn’t believe in the teachings of Christianity, how can he believe in hell.
    I,when I die, will be cremated and the ashes scattered in a secret place where people like Izzy and yourself can’t find me. Very Secret; maybe even Top Secret!

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    • Maurie Young, you are in for a big and shocking surprise. You don’t really think that cremation and scattering your ashes ends your existence. You are not just flesh and blood. Yes, you have physical body, but you also have a soul, (the real, immaterial you) who will stand before the creator of the universe, one day, to give an account of your life, and atm, you will be found wanting, unless you come to know Him, whom to know is eternal life.

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    • But how can it be secret from our all-knowing God?

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    • Unfortunately Maurie Young, it will only be your physical flesh & bones scattered as ashes in your “secret” place. Truth doesn’t change just because a mere human being chooses to declare that he doesn’t believe there is a God or a h*ll & therefore no heaven either.. the part that occupies the flesh & bones suit you are wearing is called your spirit and that part lives on into eternity. I can hear you protesting but it changes NOTHING… your spirit goes to heaven or the other place you don’t believe in depending on your choice while your body & spirit are still together..!! Jesus bridges the gap between here & heaven… give it some serious thought… 👏😁

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  19. Please don’t refer to activist inverts as “rainbow” people because (a)no one should appropriate a natural phænomenon for wicked ends and, anyway (b), they use a defective rainbow of only six colours. For some reason weird reason they don’t like indigo.

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    • A fake rainbow for fake people
      John Abbott

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  20. What a despicable and disgusting hypocrite.

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  21. Yes! It is long road you have chosen.
    Against horrendous odds that in reality do not deserve a second thought or the time of day.
    Yet! Here’s Hoping Israeli is a soldier prepared to stand to the end? Some good may come from putting the truth on trial?

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  22. Not to worry, Hell awaits this unrepentant homosexual (just as it does any unrepentant sinner)
    Let’s hope & pray he does repent before it’s too late!!!

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    • GOOD one bernard keep at it is the australian way, Q is this bloke burns a Born aussie ?

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    • What religious neurosis you display. It is, also not your position to judge who goes to hell or anywhere else. Bernard’s plight against the Burns mania brings our the pathetic ‘religious’ fascists.

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  23. This Burns is out of control but I pray the Lord Jesus Christ give you strength and help you to overcome.
    God bless

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  24. Oh Holy God.. this is terrible.
    I hope you are getting the emotional and financial support, as I do Israel does.
    Are you aware if the ACL are supporting Israel with this? Are they supporting you?
    This could easily happen to anyone of us.
    Thank you Bernard for your courageous fight. Have a very beautiful Christmas with your family and God bless..?

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  25. I wish someone could put this clown out to pasture and let him wallow in his own filth.

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