NSW government considering covering Burns’ costs

The New South Wales government, on behalf of the New South Wales taxpayer, is considering coughing up and covering the legal costs of serial litigant and anti-free speech campaigner, Garry Burns.

Burns, the ever-offended homosexual complainer-in-chief, is infamous for many things other than just expecting the hardworking people of New South Wales to bail him out.

For instance, Burns likens himself to herpes. And he’s also lodged 37 complaints against me under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW). I’d prefer it if Burns just stuck to his fascination with the former, rather than continuing with the latter.

In 2018, the High Court of Australia ruled against Burns and in favour of me and Tess Corbett in relation to the question of whether the New South Wales Civil and Administrative could even hear his complaints – specifically including a complaint that Burns had lodged against me about a comment that he himself left on my Facebook page.

I said it couldn’t and it turns out that I was correct.

The High Court found that it was unconstitutional for the tribunal to exercise any jurisdiction over Burns’ complaints, which means that the only mob to have broken the laws of the land in this farcical seven year saga are the ‘Thought Police’ working in the anti-discrimination industry.

They trampled all over the biggest one of ‘em all.

Those who were not so correct included the Attorney Generals of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia and, of course, Mr Burns. Don’t ask how much the taxpayers of pretty much every Australian state spent on that fun-filled exercise (I’ve been told by one, more expert in this field than I, that the bill would have topped $1 million) but it did leave Burns with court costs of about $80,000.

And now Burns is hoping that New South Wales will transform itself into his own personal GayTM machine and solve his problem.


Late last year, Burns asked the state of New South Wales to cover the costs of his failed litigation.

And this year the New South Wales parliament was informed that this request was being considered, after questions were by Mark Latham.

Specifically, the Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning, representing the Attorney General and Minister for Prevention of Domestic Violence, informed the parliament that:

Mr Burns’ request for an ex gratia payment in respect of costs that were ordered against him in High Court proceedings is currently under consideration by the Department of Communities and Justice.

Now, while this would help me out, given Burns has not paid me a cracker yet, I do feel that this proposed deal is less than fair on the other people living in New South Wales.

I also didn’t realise that it would take so long to laugh Burns out of the office. But there we go.

Greater minds than mine working in the ever-efficient bureaucracy of the New South Wales government are still mulling this request. Which means that they might say yes.

Taxpayers of New South Wales, over to you. After all, unlike me, you actually get to vote on what happens down there…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I erred…It was Pell, not Gaynor Burns is reported to have wanted murdered. Gaynor has to be satisfied with living in a caravan or in a tent and a mentally damaged man relieved of his ‘safe-money’. This for me has overtones of the genocide in Palestine and the Jewish persecution by the Inquisition. It may not to others of course but this is Nouveau-Australia at its lowest ebb.

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  2. I think you deserve the taxpayer money Gaynor as our silence has enabled this travesty to continue. That said if we pay the costs I think Burns should be sued for it, that would seem rational to him I think if compared with his designs on you.

    One problems with instigation place, encouraging surely the most bigoted types into its control is that they need fights to make a big show of themselves. The greatest racism in Australia in recent years has been accusations and political dissertations on ‘Australians are racist’…what political New Order nonsense. Yes we have, tragically, allowed migration hierarchy to import people who hate each others races and nationality, who have control agendas but in all my years I could never say “Australia’ has been racist. That said, protecting one’s own tribe is not prima facie, racist.

    I don’t think Burns personally deserves our aid, to the contrary and any payment made must surely go directly to the creditor. Whilst justifiable irony were he made to pay his debts directly to Gaynor and others…presuming there are others involved….I think it might be giving him an undeserved dignity and the possibility he may not pay or drag it out with advice from homosexual-test case-obsessive lawyers to add to Gaynor’s costs. Does Burns have the fortitude to say “I’ve done enough damage’ and walk away? I’d respect him if he did….what others think is their business.

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  3. The homosexual “marriage equality” was a farce, run by people of mania who were permitted to put into print disgusting conclusions about their opposition. This was a media setup presumably to make money over the , for me, sickening sight of men sexually kissing and fondling men, a very different thing from loving someone. The depravity of the orgiastic ‘mardi gras’ has been inflicted upon us by a mentality which claims ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ without thought of the ultimate future. I have no religious view on homosexuality, I think it has to be treated with circumspection. ‘Normal’ people don’t dress up in Toga’s , nuns outfits and others to prance down the public streets in lascivious behaviour. A normal, measured, society doesn’t promote either heterosexuality or homosexuality by engaging in ‘gender’ parades. Unfortunately yet also fortunately the catholic church…the primary target…Rabbis and others have been found as perverts in the sense of homosexual (title now removed) paedophilia. The other religions were swept aside to take apart the catholic church, which I think good…the partiality was not good. In my view the crescendo was evident…no longer calling homosexual paedophilia ‘homosexual’, a rising tide of fanatical homosexual activists controlling media and government and the disturbed minds of depressed people. The “poll’ was a farce, the lies disgusting and the ‘outcome’ twisted but not only ‘spun’ but used to change the laws in favour of licentiousness and an equality which benefits a few people, not the rest of us, who either for their power seeking or in true belief, demand heterosexual marriage become clouded and demeaned. In saying that many heterosexuals have themselves demeaned marriage but homosexuals marrying and adopting children is not the answer. I noted also that the Federal Police conducted investigation which eventually broke into the homosexual
    ‘sex swap’ organisation was swept under the carpet after one screening. The Feds were appalled and disgusted in what they discovered…the pictures for example. Homosexuals world wide…including Australia…adopting babies and children and grooming them as ‘sex swaps with others as they travel, for example. We had to be denied a parliamentary enquiry,multi-media report of this appalling reality because the homosexual marriage equality may have fallen flat were the truth on the abomination well publicised. That was not the plan…show it once…flick it and let it die. I don’t support or not support private, in private homosexual arrangements. I do object to homosexuality being proselytised at the level it now is.

    I am not inexperienced with predatory homosexuals having been several times solicited and what would be called today ‘aggravatedly sexually assaulted’. The problem I see with Gaynor and Burns is that Gaynor has religious outlook, upset the new order in the military and imagined this was still “Australia”, where people could express views.

    We are at such a level of sickness now that the Discrimination Board, having been controlled over some years by a person I regard as an outstanding bigot is fired up to spend taxpayers money encouraging what seems to me to be a narcissistic and venom-spitting homosexual or homosexual defender who acts like the right hand of god or mammon.

    He wants to destroy Gaynor, it seems from what I read and thinks we should all carry him along, perhaps like a potentate or a major deity. He has, it seems, no sense of decency or perspective or ‘equality’ in his apocalyptical war on anyone who dares to have an opinion contrary to the one he has adopted for whatever reason he has adopted it. Perhaps he belies the preposterous but very successful humbug that everyone in Australia wanted ‘homosexual marriage equality’

    He doesn’t pay his legal bills it seems and has cost Gaynor. who presumably does, his home and finances. We have older expression ns for types like that, when Australia was Australia but Australia is no longer the great Nation it was as the New Order steeps it in debt, depression and fanatical mania of narcissism.

    If nothing else for me Burns portrays the worst outcome of the promenading of ‘homosexual marriage equality’…’do not disagree with me or I will destroy you’. It’s not a TV programme one can turn off, Burns is I would say quite intelligent, well supported, energetic and driven individual….but why the venom spitting?

    I noticed from school that the most vicious punishers of boys later became known as having been homosexuals. We didn’t rush and sue them or try to destroy them. I think however Australia in the twisted mess it is through the homosexuality agenda, the multi-culture agenda, the bigoted, religious agenda, the supine government and the loss of integrity in supporting genocide in Palestine, Iraq and Syria (for example) tries to look good through sexual licence. It has descended to a point of insanity where one cannot say “gee you look pretty today’ or ‘that dress looks good on you’ without risking arrest and or persecution by the Australian Discrimination Board. I presume that telling burns he does/doesn’t look handsome would find the same sort of manufactures and malevolent outcome

    The point is…how much longer are we to be inflicted with these vexatious suites and characterisations. Once we could say to a child with its mother, say, …’what a lovely doll’…or ‘what a pretty dress’ as my mother did often …now the level of academically and ignorance derived paranoia is interrupting natural society from natural interaction.

    I don’t agree with all Gaynor’s views especially religious ones. I think his views on Burns sound rational. I think it a societal hierarchical travesty that Burns has been permitted if not encouraged to relentlessly persecute Gaynor and, with impunity, say vile things of him .

    In suing a mentally ill person, who reminds me very much of Burns….the absolutism, the lust for publicity, the fixations and who will be financially destroyed when Burns pursues him for having the gall to express an opinion not ‘Burns-Ok’ Burns has his own style of ‘index’.

    I understand Burns has also requested a large sum of money from Filau to NOT sue him. Does that come under blackmail’?….I don’t know but it sort of sounds like it to an inexpert type as am I. Perhaps the desire to have Gaynor murdered…as it seems…is also a threat to buy his way out. Who knows? Does even Burns know?

    In closing… The courts seem to have become powerless to stop this person from his malevolence ….which includes I read, wanting Gaynor beaten to death with a dumbbell in jail. Perhaps Burns might find jail a more satisfactory place for himself but however revolting he is to sensibility who would want him ‘brained’ with a dumbbell.

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  4. Bernard,
    Why is there no ‘Share’ with this post?

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