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Early this year the Australian Financial Review reported that Australia’s new $50 bazillion submarine program was already late and that the there was no proof that the truckload of cash already spent on it had achieved anything useful at all:

The navy’s submarine program is officially running nine months late and the Defence Department is unable to show that spending of $400 million on design work has been “fully effective”, the auditor-general has found.

You’d think, then, that the Navy would have better things to do than organising morning teas for International Women’s Day and basically turning this arm of the services into some kind of perpetual and bureaucratic version of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

But you’d be wrong.

Below are two signals that someone in the Navy was paid to write, others were paid to send out and the rest of them were paid to read. And, on top of that, your money continues to be spent paying for the waste of time that these signals drone on about, including coming up with an acronym for the Navy’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.

This just happens to be ‘NDIC’.

Personally, I couldn’t think of a better word myself to describe this organisation.

Normally you’d hear about this kind of thing in some satirical comedy. Or maybe even watching re-runs of Monty Python.

But this joke is a serious business for the Navy, which proudly boasts on its website that it’s ‘winning’ ‘human rights’ awards and how NDIC gives the Navy its ‘capability edge’. I kid you not.

I suppose this is to be expected when you set up a committee with a ‘Diverse Sex, Sexuality and Gender Advisor’ to meet regularly with the Deputy Chief of Navy to discuss capability and strategy and how many ships the Chinese have.

If you don’t feel safe, there’s a good reason for that…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. What gives me the shits with all the LGBTIQ crap is the lines are blurred between sexual preferences and sexual identities. My point is…..
    L- who you screw
    G- who you screw
    B- who you screw
    T- who you ID as
    I- who you ID as
    Q- who you screw
    Now why are we needing to entertain this and where is the
    H- hetro- who you screw??
    To be all inclusive.
    This blurring of lines between preferences and ID is a dangerous spiral to justify other acts.

    In the same context as the trans movement bases it’s whole argument, you could argue FOR career criminals, rapists, thugs, kiddy fiddlers and many other mental illnesses.
    Their response to that is ‘no, but this is real’
    It’s just as unreal as all the other delusions

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  2. Look at our diversity. I can’t believe we’re a multicultural military.
    But we’ll win. We’ll be using our trans- diverse weapons, safe space defence systems and equality trained special forces.

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  3. I pray this is some sort of disinformation campaign to try convincing our potential enemies that we are an impotent force and not worth preparing against.

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  4. Depends on what NDIC classes as a male. Love the idea of a diverse crewed submarine. They could have Democratic leadership with a vote for everyone on everything. The mind boggles but in the Australian context where the inmates run the asylum who would be surprised. Will the torpedo’s be painted pink or brown????

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  5. Keep tip the good work, sick to death of this LGBTIQXYZ pandering. Next being a straight white male will be illegal in the Forces

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    • Being a straight white male in the Western World is bad enough without this socialist dog plop added to it.

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  6. It doesn’t matter that the navy has spent billions on a submarine that doesn’t exist……It only matters that LBGTQIXYZ community feels good about themselves.

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  7. Hi Bernard, I get some of your emails, but not this post.
    There is no provision for me to forward this to my ex-Service mates.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.
    ex-RAN Vietnam

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    • Thanks Rod – for some reason the social media share function was not working. I’ve fixed it and it should be back up and running.

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  8. Really, a‘Diverse Sex, Sexuality and Gender Advisor’
    If there has to be someone there to organize others who are ‘sex-gendered’ it is a waste of time and totally ridiculous. Either they can fit in with male and female and do the job required or they can’t. We need those who are capalable, regardless of who they are, or who they have become, not % of he, she or others. As the saying goes, “All for one and one for all.” Dedication and capabilities shouldn’t need a supervisor or committee meetings.

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  9. Are there any actual men left in the Navy?

    Just wondering …

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    • Not really Jim…then again many I served with from all ranks over 10 yrs ago were just overgrown teenagers still trapped in puberty.

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  10. There are only two sexes. God created man and woman. If you got a “dangly” bit you are Male … not some sort of hybrid. If you were born without a “dangly” bit, you are female, not some sort of hybrid! That’s how it is!!! Male and female. Get over it!

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  11. Surely these ‘advisors’ would stop any BRAHMOS missile or H-6k bombers coming at our ships!

    As for that rubbish French submarine program, it is a white elephant in the making and those responsible for it will sadly not be held to account. Well what do you expect when defence ministers have either been fat Jabba the Hutts or stupid former lawyers.

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  12. We want and need the best Navy we can afford. Selection of staff is critical, but all I read is diversity first and foremost.
    No and No, if we can get best navy to protect Australia from our enemies with a 100% women’s navy then I support it, equally if it is to be 100% male I support it.If the best navy whose role is to protect Australia from people wishing us ill, is a mixed gender Navy then great, BUT wasting time and money on stupid committees to in effect select people on the basis of sex or even gender rather than ability is a disgrace, and should be stopped immediately.

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