According to the SBS, being innocent is a mere ‘technicality’

This appears proudly on the SBS’s webpage today:

And this is what the High Court said yesterday:

…there is a significant possibility in relation to charges one to four that an innocent person has been convicted.

I know the SBS does multicultural stuff but, all in all, I’d prefer it if this taxpayer-funded outfit wasn’t such a champion for foreign ideas, such as innocence being a ‘technicality’ when it comes to criminal charges…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I believe SBS is being very unAustralian.The Australian way is to give others a Fair Go. Cardinal Pell was not given a fair go by many journalists and editors, Andrew Bolt being an exception. Obviously SBS does not hold this aspect of Australian culture.

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  2. He was convicted by a rabid mob on NO evidence, that this can happen in Australia scares the hell out of me but it was the peoples Socialist republic of Victoria.
    I have no time for George Pell and believe he did cover up / Ignore things he should not have but there is no way on earth he should have been convicted, the judge should have dismissed the case for lack of credible evidence.

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  3. The SBS has gone “Full Soviet” with views like that.

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  4. The release of an innocent man from solitary confinement based upon the malicious, show trial charges of a Communist state and its propaganda organ the ABC is a victory to be celebrated in Paschaltide 2020. I thank God for Cardinal Pell’s release. He is a Conciliar and therefore on board with the Revolution ( which acceded to power in the Roman Catholic Church with the VII Council ) , but I still thank God for his release with a prayer this can help stem the tide of persecution against the Church and all who are Christ identified in Australia.

    Meanwhile Grond Rolls On. This week , among other tragic losses for Australia we lost our right to trial by jury.

    Did the bought and paid for media whore jobs on message and on point with the latest CoVid19 blather and RULZ manage to report this?

    Trial by jury has been a foundation of English law and jurisprudence since the time of Magna Carta. Gone. Overnight.

    To construct the police state / control grid our Commissars are going to need a lot more bandwidth and network power than 3 and 4G. So watch for the tower near you. They will probably stick it on the roof of a church or school or local playing field.

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  5. Bernard, we all need to reflect on what has occurred here remembering we have now reached what needs to be a turning point in Australia’s History.

    This must never ever I strongly and Loudly Repeat every happen again as the ramifications for us all if we don’t stand up and work tirelessly to fix this issue of one having to prove ones Innocence will impact seriously on us all.

    I can say being an Acolyte in the Catholic Church I always new Cardinal Pell was innocent and loudly made this known, but now lets never forget this magnificent occasion of Cardinal Pell now being proven Innocent by the High Court. Yes proven innocent, and the joy to see this man finally walk free was a day of great emotion for myself and it still brings up the raw emotion penning this reply to you and your readers.

    I will be working both in person and with others like yourself to ensure that we return Australia to a nation that not only believes in the Principal of Innocent until proven otherwise but a nation that stops and reflects on this great Occasion and uses this as a catalyst to take Action.

    Some in our Judicial System, many in the Press and many Politicians need to take a long hard look at themselves yes themselves, what do they actually believe in and actually stand for.

    It is time for us all to demand Decency, Ethics, Values and above all the Principal of “Do it Once and Do it Right” for all in Positions that ultimately will effect our lives.

    This is now a call to Arms (Personal Inner Strength) not brute force, for us to stand up and shout NO this was not right FIX IT.

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  6. The Stasi Broadcasting Service.

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