The end is nigh for Burns…and now the attention turns to the ADB

Yesterday it was reported that the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) has rejected Garry Burns’ complaints against Israel Folau.

And they’ve been rejected because they were deemed vexatious.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to finally hear these words.

On the vexatious scale of one to ten, Burns comes in at eleven. He gets off on dragging people into court. He describes this as ‘work’. He makes a living out of complaining to the ADB.

Burns lodged three complaints against Folau in late 2019 – about a nanosecond after he was hit with bankruptcy proceedings for failing to pay costs to me and Tess Corbett resulting from his rejected High Court case against me.

He must have thought that a cashed-up Folau would be the solution to his problems.

Given the ADB has made a habit of rubber-stamping Burns’ complaints and then flicking them on to the NCAT and the five months of silence, I believed that Folau must have paid Burns his ‘go away’ money.

After all, that was the stunt Burns tried to pull with me.

But I was wrong. And I have never been so happy to be wrong.

The ADB’s decision is good news for Folau. And me. And you. It effectively ends Burns’ ‘career’ dragging others into court.

There is one person who must be thanked for that: Mark Latham.

Burns’ first cottoned on to the ADB gravy train before Sydney hosted the Olympics. Facebook wasn’t even a thing when he started lodging complaints.

In the two decades since, Burns has ramped up a campaign of terror.

John Sunol, a brain-damaged man from Newcastle has borne the brunt of this vicious, vexatious onslaught. He has almost been destroyed and was on the brink of jail due to Burns’ efforts.

Others have been dragged through years of costly litigation.

Burns has boasted that he would lodge complaints until he bankrupted me. My wife and I have had to sell our home. He started on me in 2014.

Yet not one single politician in New South Wales has batted an eyelid at this. Except Mark Latham.

Last year, Latham raised Burns’ campaign of terror in parliament.

And early this year, he introduced a bill to force the President of the ADB to dismiss vexatious complaints. The speech he gave with it is a must read.

That bill is not yet law.

Lo and behold, all it took to get the ADB to act with sanity was scrutiny. Mark Latham’s scrutiny. Any other politician (and apparently the state of New South Wales is run by the conservatives) could have done this.

But they didn’t.

So thank you Mark.

Burns is all but finished. And just as I’ve always predicted, now that the ADB has realised that Burns is all washed up they’ve dropped him like a mangy dog.

The cockroaches are scuttling for cover. Grab the popcorn and watch as the ADB attempts to shift all the blame for this sordid, scandalous affair onto Burns. He deserves it.

But I’m not going to let the ADB get off that easy. This mob, who once complained when I likened them to Dr Evil, have spent the better part of the past decade making Dr Evil:

  1. look like a good guy, and
  2. seem competent.

This is the beginning of the end of Burns. However it’s just the start of the beginning of the world of hurt headed the ADB’s way.

The reality is that Burns is not the real evil in this story. That responsibility rests fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the taxpayer-leeching, do-gooder bureaucrats at the ADB who’ve made careers, complete with long-service leave, out of pandering to Burns. And they’ve done it because they are just as much ‘gay activists’ as he is, except they exercise the power of the state to destroy the people that Burns whinges about.

And while people have lost real jobs due to Corona Virus, this mob is still beavering away accepting Burns’ complaints. I had to respond to the latest one just last week.

The best part about yesterday’s news is not that the ADB rejected Burns’ complaints against Folau. It’s the implications that come with it.

The ADB just nuked itself. It has given up the pretence that it was administering the law with Burns and this politically-correct charade has been exposed for what it is: a monumental abuse of office by those inside the ADB who decided that 1984 was the manual for their ‘jobs’.

This is what the news report states:

But ADB president Annabelle Bennett this week wrote to Mr Burns “declining” the complaint because she was satisfied it was vexatious and “a flagrant abuse of process such that no further actions should be taken”.

She found Mr Burns had not pursued the complaint under the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act “in order to avail himself of the processes afforded under the ADA but for a collateral purpose, as a means to pressure the respondent to settle with him”.

The president wrote that the inference was that the settlement sought by Mr Burns was “directed to the payment of money”.

She noted the activist had disregarded the confidential nature of the process by issuing a media release which stated, in part: “Fellas, I’m just like a vicious Alsatian dog. Once I grab hold of the leg, I don’t let go until the bone is bare and bloodied. One way or another, I will get that remedy from Mr Folau.”

Dr Bennett also wrote that Mr Burns had sent numerous “inappropriate” emails to Mr Folau’s lawyers.

Now it’s time to find out why the ADB has so completely changed its tune. After all, the ADB has been happy for Burns to act like this with me since 2014. It’s even decided that I have to jump through hoops after Burns complained about his own press release that he posted on my Facebook page.

Why has the ADB refused to even investigate whether Burns’ complaints against me are vexatious?

Why has the ADB removed my evidence that Burns was lodging complaints to bankrupt me or that he was using the process as a form of extortion, labelling it ‘of limited relevance’?

Why has the ADB ignored the hundreds of vile and harassing emails that Burns has sent me?

Why has the ADB ignored the similar emails that he has sent to my legal team, including calling on people to assault them, and me, at NCAT hearings?

Why has the ADB ignored the fact that Burns lodges complaints simply so that he can put out slanderous ‘media releases’ about me?

And why has the ADB done this 37 times and still allows it to continue after almost six years of serve after serve of vexatious drivel from Burns?

This farce has cost the taxpayer millions.

It has also cost me my home and all my assets. It has imposed a huge burden on my family and destroyed our lives. This suffering, caused by the ADB, demands restitution.

When this process is over these questions will be answered. Those responsible for allowing this to occur, including the current and past ADB Presidents and their cronies who have harassed me since 2014, better get their dancing shoes on because the music has just started…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Interesting. Vexatious complaints are also entertained by local courts regarding AVO’s.

    One wonders whether bureaucrats at local courts & CJC are also ‘eager for business’.

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  2. I never thought I would say this. but I really, really like the newly evolved Mark Latham and I really, really love his PHON. I am delighted he has taken the Bernard Gaynor issue head on. Someone with some pull had to, and hopefully to see it through to its rightful conclusion.
    GOOD LUCK and know that you have a lot of support in your endeavours to getting rid of this ghastly Burns person. The ADB is, and has always been, a Department for Losers, whingers, ethnic grizzlers and is, without doubt, the most anti-Australian department ever formed.
    Bernard Gaynor should have the right to sue this Department for the enormous expense he and his family have endured since 2014.
    I am at a loss to understand why a Liberal NSW Government isn’t taking more of an interest in the ADB.

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  3. I wish Mark Latham were our Prime Minister. My eyes have been opened by the likes of David Icke and I have come to the conclusion that we live in a fallen world ruled over by demonic entities whose only mission it seems is to make our lives Hell.

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  4. Bernie you are to be admired for your guts and determination for standing up to such a creep and sadly to bureaucracy that failed in its responsibility to you and those like you but also to the taxpayer. Time for a cleanup and reparation to you and those like you.

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  5. Wonderful news Bernard for you, your family and others who have suffered at the hand of Burns and the ABD.
    Two victories in one month – the quashing of Cardinal Pell’s conviction and now this news. Thank you Mark Latham for your courage. We need more politicians like you.

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    • Helen,

      Cardinal Pell’s quashing should also be “only the beginning”. This innocent, gentle and humble man has a forgiving nature and is no doubt pleased that he has at last been vindicated and released from a place he should never have been put in the first place. But I fervently HOPE his advisors have urged him not to let it stop there.

      Unless he sues for compensation, unless the Catholic Church demands a public inquiry into the whole sordid process, his persecutors will learn from what has happened that there are no consequences for them, that they can go on pursuing him… and anyone else they damned-well please… because there is no accountability, no being held to personal account, for actions which have been sustained for years, WAAAY beyond the limits of their legitimate authority.

      Much as it might go against his personal, gentle, non-judgemental grain, Cardinal Pell needs to take this action – for the protection of all of us.


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  6. Bernie in some ways your fight and your family’s trials have been because of the withering of our democracy. When basic freedom is purged from society then we all lose. I have never met Burns but I instinctively don’t like him because he apparently seeks to misuse the law and distorted PC for his own selfish ends. I will bet he has a lonely life and yet he has touched the hearts of so many people in the most catastrophic way. I wish you well in seeking justice for yourself, your family and all Australians.

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    • Well spoken Kent,we agree on yet another matter.

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  7. Good news. An answer to prayer. Now I will pray for your restitution

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  8. I couldn’t agree with Bernard Gaynor more.

    The proverbial has hit the fan for the Anti Discrimination Board of New South Wales (ADB).  

    This is thanks to the Hon Mark Latham’s brilliant speech to the NSW Legislative Council on 27 February 2020.   And thanks also to Bernard Gaynor’s dogged persistence, patience and perseverance in refusing to buckle under a sustained attempt by Garry Burns, working with ADB staff, to destroy him.

    All of us other victims of Garry Burns’ vexatious complaints – aided & abetted by ADB staff, do owe Gaynor and Latham our gratitude and respect.

    The ADB had been operating with impunity for many years using Garry Burns as a social-media complaints production contractor, a patsy, a fall guy.

    Burns together with his minders on the staff of the ADB are going to be made accountable for their reprehensible behavior, wasting millions of dollars of taxpayers money on trivial social media complaints trawled up from the Internet by Burns who, it seems, has nothing better to do with his time.

    In early 2014 Burns discovered a one-paragraph comment, on the subject of same-sex marriage, that I had made on Facebook. He lodged a complaint to the ADB.  Then he wrote to me asking for $10,000 “settlement” to be paid into his bank account in exchange for him withdrawing the complaint.   Of course I was disgusted by this cynical and mercenary abuse of the legal process. The ADB referred his complaint to the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) for external judgement, because all Burns‘ hundreds of complaints are always referred, and never conciliated.  I fought every inch of the way to defend the scientific veracity and reasonableness of my one-paragraph Facebook comment. So I was tied up in the tribunal with a total of 2 case conferences and 3 public hearings, spanning 2 years of my life. Then it took NCAT another 2 years to publish a decision, which came out on the eve of the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in March 2017. Can you imagine the decision was 85 pages long and mostly obfuscation? There were 5 sentences in my 1-paragraph Facebook comment, and each sentence was forensically discussed. From memory, only one sentence was deemed to be partially substantiated. There was no punishment of myself apart from the humiliating and lengthy process that consumed $10,000 in legal fees from my pocket, and I estimate hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money paid into the pockets of NCAT members and staff. All in all it was a humiliating, irrational and perplexing experience for this consulting engineer more acquainted with rational and pragmatic discourse

    The whole process was an eye-opener for me and has convinced me that the handling of “homosexual vilification” complaints in NSW was rotten to the core, due to “institutional capture” by LGBT ideologues who have a “phobia about homophobia”. They can wield an unworkable law (49ZT) to flex their muscles in an attempt to destroy natural heterosexual homophobes.

    You can see where the rot first set in to the ADB’s homosexual vilification complaints-handling procedure. Read this account published in The Daily Telegraph May 2, 2003.

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  9. P.S. Mark Latham has been an absolute legend, he has not just help expose Burns and the ADB, but also how useless and complicit the NSW Liberal party is

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  10. Bernie is there anyway we, your readers, can help i.e petitions etc?

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  11. I hope you do get restitution from the ADB and their cronies. I am sad to hear you use the phrase “destroyed our lives”, even though I know it is a very apt description given what you have been through. I support you for many reasons, but one is you are going though this so we don’t have to, and I cannot express my gratitude to your bravery and dedication in this fight. But your life is still very rich. Your wife is still with you, a loyal and strong woman, and your eight beautiful kids are still with you. You have a richness of family love that I hope sustains you in your dark times. And regarding the NSW Liberal party – nothing explains the loss of their moral compass than their abject indifference to your plight as someone who not so long ago they would have revered as the core of their base.

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  12. I am so glad that this vermin is being seen for what he really is. I have followed this story since this pos began hassling you, it boils my blood what he has done to you and your family! I hope he and the ADB get what’s coming to them!

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