The BS-o-meter has just exploded

Alright, alright. I know.

COVID-19 has seen politicians all over the world say stupid things. It’s like this disease has also destroyed the functioning brain cells of those running the joint.

But Chairman Dan Andrews, the Chinese Lord Vizier of Victoria, has just topped the lot.

In a speech today he outlined increased restrictions, forcing workers to remain at home under threat of new fines. And he’s even set up a hotline so that informants can dob in their boss.


Well, in his very own words, this is why:

And we know that if just half the people who normally use public transport start driving to work, we will see our freeways and other major roads grind to a halt.

The number of people on the roads and the transport network is already starting to increase and we cannot let that creep continue.

If we do, then we’ll see commute times worse than anything any of us have ever experienced – two hours from Werribee to the city, 90 minutes from Reservoir and two and half hours from Mulgrave.

So, in other words, new state wide restrictions on work travel are necessary because of the traffic in Melbourne.

Normally, bad traffic is a reason to vote a government out. In this case, the mere thought of a traffic jam is enough to allow the government to lock you in.

And it is just a mere thought. The reality is that traffic has plummeted with Transurban reporting a 50% drop in traffic volume in April. Melbourne just happened to have the greatest fall in all of Transurban’s toll networks.

The truth is that Dan Andrews is a control freak who enjoys overseeing every aspect of your life. COVID-19 has been the answer to this tyrant’s dreams.

Bad traffic is not a reality now. Yet it was a constant daily feature of life before Andrews seized this opportunity to let loose his inner dictator. And it has nothing to do with addressing a pandemic.

I know that Dan Andrews is not alone in this shameless grab for ever more power.

Western Australians can now be legally detained and forcibly vaccinated without permission, defying the very basic medical principle that patients must give consent. Queenslanders are enduring a closed border and ridiculous rules that allow more people to enter a church for a property sale inspection than for a service.

But Dan Andrews has grabbed just a little more power than most.

So it is no surprise that Dan Andrews, who signed up to the Communist Chinese government’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, has decided that the answer to his infrastructure problems is to take people’s freedom to travel away.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Graham, you have hit the nail accurately! Politicians of any breed can only be there if voters don’t use their god given common sense and understand who and what they vote for is their responsibility not just to themselves but to thr greater community! Unfortunately too many drones who believe sport is their bible follow the herd mentality syndrome!

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  2. trying hard to keep us in lockdown so we cannot protest the slaughter of the brumbies in the alps but it wont work we will not give up

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  3. XixinDan of Meljing has gone nuts…

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  4. He is using the panic to brainwash the public. Do this, do that or the virus will kill you!
    Unfortunately “Stockholm Syndrome” may start happening if he is not stopped.

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  5. Can you add the proposed Brumby cull to his list of crimes to enable the destruction of our National parks so the Chinese can facilitate the “new world” and destroy our identity.

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  6. And he just blew up our power station. And gave away $1 billion because the wrong union had control. And allowing his police to pursue Pell in an unwinnable case has shown his judiciary to be mere sycophants. Someone must have voted for him… does not say much for Victorian voters.

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