They’re casing the joint

Right now, organised revolutionaries are probing and testing the law enforcement institutions that keep America together.

And, tomorrow, they’ll do the same in Australia.

Make no mistake about it. They’re casing the joint.

Given what we’ve witnessed over the last week, organised, funded, trained, equipped and motivated groups like Antifa who have been waiting to tear America (and by extension Western civilisation) apart must be thinking that it’s almost time.

The key financial centre of the world has literally been sacked.

The key political centre of the world has been brought to its knees.

And the response clearly shows that this civilisation – our civilisation – has all but lost the will to restore order.

It’s happy times for the revolutionaries.

At the national level, it seems that opposing President Trump is more important than coming up with a plan to stop the violence.

Local politicians are not only hanging the cops out to dry but also advocating for the abolition of the police.

Within the security agencies themselves there is division. Those on the corporate ladder are speaking in woke and those on the front line have no idea if they’ll be shot at from protestors or sacked for responding. Meanwhile, America’s peak internal security organisation, the FBI, is tweeting about ‘Pride Month’.

So, in this confusion, some police and national guard have taken to humiliating themselves and kneeling before the mob.

Others are close to quitting.

The media is egging all of this on.

And pretty much everyone who is anyone is celebrating.

Basically the last week has seen the mob burn down American cities and then dance joyfully around the flames. The rest of society has been left with no choice but to assess the situation and conclude two things.

Firstly, they need a gun.

And, secondly, now that all the shops have been looted, boarded up and then looted again no one really knows where they’ll be able to get food from when the cupboard is bare.

America is fast becoming a nation where it’s every man for himself. It took just a week to get to this point from what we remember to be civilisation.

Whatever the government is in America, the average husband and wife with three kids and a mortgage cannot rely on it to do anything at all when someone tries to burn everything they own.

In fact, half the politicians refuse to back the police and provide tacit, if not open, support to violent mobs. And half of the other half have spent so much of their lives trying not to offend the pronoun police that they have no idea how to do anything useful at all. They have become institutionalised losers and are not about to break that habit.

So most normal Americans are probably concluding that if the government does anything at all it will probably somehow manage to make things worse.

America is teetering on the edge. It will get through this crises but no one can be sure that it will get through the next. Other crises will come as tension builds up for the presidential elections. Of that, you can be sure.

And this is the real issue. America is at war with itself already. What we’ve seen in the last week is not anger at the murder of George Floyd. Everyone agrees it was wrong and the cop responsible has not been let off but is sitting in jail awaiting trial. That is about the only thing that has happened in America in the last week that accords with any understanding of how justice is served in a civilised world.

Instead, we are watching the pent-up hate from two generations of brain dead idiots who have been taught to loathe Western civilisation unleash itself on society.

It won’t stop with defunding the police. It is about cutting off all ties with Christian civilisation and ushering in woke world, whatever that may be. The only thing we do know with any certainty about this brave new order is that, just like all the other brave new orders, it will never be satisfied.

There are always new sins that can only be atoned by setting the mob on a new target.

You might say, so what, this is in America.

You might be like the many new age Australians who are cheering this on.

But if America goes, what will happen to us?

Every Australian who values our own nation should be fervently hoping and praying that President Trump successfully keeps civilisation going. Because if the lights do go out in the White House the darkness will be felt here too.

And the truth is that Australia is not all that much different to the United States. There is a war underway for the soul of our nation too.

This war is felt in many ways. But one of the most striking is that ordinary Australians have been fined for eating kebabs recently because it posed a public health risk but now crowds can protest for a radical ‘socially-progressive’ cause.

Our institutions do not believe in equality of the law. Instead, they already cater for the mob and it has not even shown up yet.

Tomorrow, all over Australia, thousands of people will be protesting in solidarity with violent hordes in America. And you can be certain that there will be organised groups in our crowds who will want to test the reaction to violence here too.

The reaction from the police.

The reaction from the mob.

The reaction from the politicians.

They’re casing the joint. But they’re doing it with the approval of many of those who have the keys to front door.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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    The original Russian Black Lives Matter was political. It was not “Black Race v White Race”. The Black Communists were the Left Revolutionary Marxists in favor of Totalitarian Rule without rights, versus the White Conservatives/ Capitalists, who believed in freedom/rights Both sides consisted of all races. regardless of colour. But as usual if you did not agree or convert, you had to go!………The Marxist Antifa did not care about black deaths, they had been trained and waiting for the opportunity to stir up the black anarchists to do their dirty work, disempower the police, impact the election, and start a world revolution. Media did not reveal the innocent black victims of the riots nor did they support the many decent good black people who were opposed to the looting, destruction and violence. The kneeling was not to do with respect!

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  2. Excellent Article Mr Gaynor. Here are some more facts about the riots that I hope some people will find interesting.

    There appears to be no systemic racism with regards to shooting black
    people in the police forces:

    You might also find this interesting:

    More white people (54%) are shot by police than black (28%) and black people are shot more
    often by black/hispanic officers than white). The strongest predictor as to whether or not you will be shot by police is if you are involved in a violent crime.

    So the whole BLM premise that police are systematically shooting black people is just a lie. Meanwhile these rioters are bashing people (how many will have life long injuries) and destroying property.

    And what about Australian Aboriginals? According to the Australian Institute of Criminology (A government department) more whites die in custody than Aboriginals. People die in custody due to heart attacks, and other medical conditions – not one Aboriginal has died at the hands of police or corrections officers since the 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody. Here are the facts for anyone who is interested:

    My opinion is that radical left are only interested in establishing a communist dictatorship. They show themselves to be callus war mongers who don’t care how many people are hurt in their pursuit of power – imagine what they will be like when they have full control.

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  3. Kia manawanui Brother. United We Stand

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  4. Well articulated sir
    I am bewildered by the lack of discernment amongst believers and secular citizens who seem totally deceived by the mass hysteria being played out before our eyes
    I am praying for people all over the globe will be awakened from this dangerous slumber before it’s too late
    The whole western world seems full of “ jellyfish “ who just float in and out with the tide of deceptive opinion
    The socialist revolution empowered by corrupt media and week politicians is gaining some ground but I refuse to dance to their tune
    Come on Aussies wake up and fight back
    Don’t risk loosing your freedoms forever

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  5. Well researched Mr.Gaynor.I agree with all you say

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  6. So these protests will probably be allowed to proceed thanks to all the leftist governments in Australia. And yet we still cannot attend church and our leaders of all denominations have been silent in speaking out. It is almost as if they don’t want to open up again.

    I think we as believers in Australia will soon be meeting clandestinely as our brothers and sisters in other communist lands do now. Institutional church has failed a simple test in the west.I am disappointed but not surprised that our churches have acted this way.

    Thankfully, the Lord does not desert His own and the true church (the body of Christ, not denominations) will flourish under persecution.

    Thanks again for your perseverance Bernard.

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