Garry Burns is bankrupt

Garry Burns is bankrupt.

Some might say it serves him right. And it does.

Burns – the most offended man in the world – knowingly lodged complaints against me to bankrupt me. He’s done this since 2014. And he has done it 37 times.

Burns was so brazen about this that he copied me on an email he sent to another wannabe activist on 26 October 2014, stating:

Mr.Gaynor has an asset, namely his house. So if there’s enough complainant’s and complaints are substantiated we can look at taking his house through bankruptcy.

In black and white writing, this ‘human rights’ warrior laid bare the truth of this racket: it’s all about seizing other people’s stuff.

And humiliating them too.

On the same day Burns also sent me numerous other emails stating this:

When I’m finished with Mr.Gaynor he’ll be standing there in his undies having lost everything else.

I hope while he’s standing there in his undies his balls don’t drop out and frighten the little old ladies playing “bingo”.

And this:

The toes Mr.Gaynor steps on today may be connected to the arse he may have to kiss tomorrow”.

I feel it’s all doom and gloom from now on for Mr.Gaynor !

Warm regards,

Garry Burns

Anti-Discrikmination Campaigner & Public Interest Litigant.

And this:

Mr.Burns will have Mr.Gaydar on the mat saying , “ Please Mr.Burns no more

Ol’ ‘Herpes’ Burns seemed to be having so much fun back then that he couldn’t contain himself.

A few weeks earlier, in September 2014, Burns even emailed the then New South Wales Attorney General with this boast:

If damages are awarded in NCAT and Mr.Gaynor doesn’t pay I’ll send the Sheriff around to his home and seize his assets and sell them to recoup the monies awarded or take him to the Supreme Court of NSW.

On another occasion he emailed this to my solicitor:

…but I promise you this if damages are awarded against your client in the NCAT hearing I’ll be coming after your client through his assets until he pays me.

I don’t care if I put him , his wife and his children out into the gutter.

In fact, Burns made rather a habit of letting me know just what he’d like to do to me and my family. Another email stated this:

If he loses his house it’s because of his own actions. It would be sad however to see his wife and kids thrown into the gutter by the sheriff as they take his home from him but it’s his arrogance that will be his lesson in life to learn as he travels down life’s track alone.

And another states this:

If this incongruous imbecile Mr.Gaynor thinks God runs the laws in this state he’s in for a shock because he’s God will desert him and Mr.Gaynor will be forced to learn a very tough lesson when the sheriff arrives to take possession of his house and assets to sell them.

That email was also sent to the former New South Wales Attorney General.

I guess, given the way things have turned out, God may have paid more attention to that email than the chief law officer in New South Wales.

All of this does serve Burns right. He brought this on himself.

And then Burns had the audacity to try and get the taxpayer to bail him out. Burns is proof that the LGBTWHATEVER community sees the state as one big GayTM.

This is a letter sent on Garry Burns’ behalf to the New South Wales Attorney General in June by Alex Greenwich. He asks for the taxpayer to stump up and cover Burns’ legal debts. The demand is so outrageous that Ben Fordham, rightly, criticised him for it on 2GB last week.

Get rid of the public funding for ACON and the Mardi Gras and the Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) and all the other leeching ‘human rights’ rent-seekers out there and most of these activists would not have a job. They’d have to find something useful to do.

But Burns’ bankruptcy gives me no great joy. It is good. It is justice and I am grateful for that. And it will probably bring his farcical complaints to an end, although there is still a process to unfold before we can be certain.

But the real truth is that his pain has been aided and abetted by those who protected him and are now deserting him in his hour of need.

I’m talking about the New South Wales ADB.

This mob of parasites have known about Burns’ emails and motivations for the better half of a decade.

I should know. I sent them to the ADB. And I complained when the ADB, instead of doing something about it, decided that they were ‘irrelevant’. Indeed, the ADB removed all these emails from the files it sent to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The ADB ignored all of this while rubber stamping Burns’ complaints. As a result, Burns was emboldened to continue his legal terrorism.

I can only thank God that I had the support – legal, financial, emotional – to see this fight through. I thank you. Most of all, I thank my wife.

But now that Burns has come to a catastrophic end, the ADB will hang him out to dry. That’s really not fair. The ADB and Burns deserve each other.

And I will not be satisfied, and justice will not be served, until the ADB pays for its role in this mess.

The ADB is where the real evil lies.

In the meantime, I served Burns with an examination notice last week. I’m chasing the money trail and it will be very interesting where it leads..

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Praise the Lord to the highest, you have endured the ultimate trial in your faith and the Lord has not deserted you, but to guide you, strengthen you and to reward you.
    Burns was arrogant, boastful and proud. Just like Pharaoh was when he was dealing with Moses.

    How the arrogant fall.

    God bless you and your family for what you have endured.

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  2. God will not be mocked. (Galatians 6:7) Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. (Hebrews 10:30).

    For Bernard: Well done good and faithful servant! (Matthew 25:21)

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  3. Gazza must be a terrible disappointment to his boy friend…

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    • Well done you have won a great fight,any other person would have given up. God Bless.
      from 43 year Vet.

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  4. I am so impressed by your resilience and fortitude in the face of relentless persecution. I thank you for all the service that you have rendered to our country and your courage to stand up for what you believe.

    Kudos to you Bernard.

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  5. I am delighted to see this burden lifted of you and your family. WE talk about wanting to see miracles to correct injustice. I hope the tide is turning on those with the audacity to defy the Father’s Word and pay the price such actions deserve.

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    • Unfortunately, there is no fear of God in the general population and that is why they embrace evil so willingly. I admit that I was glad that justice has been done, but I still hope Burns comes to his senses and realises the only person he has eternally hurt is himself. Bernard, I salute you, but, even more so, I salute your wife. She must be a lady of extreme faith and fortitude to have had the courage to stand with you in this series of trials. God bless you all.

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    • Bernie this result is a tribute to your tenacity and I sincerely hope that you are further rewarded by sinking the ADB.
      However I suspect that Burns will be better organised for his bankruptcy than you were. It was a heavy price to pay with losing your family home. Bankruptcy is simply a procedure and if one is not bothered by any loss of face then proper organisation of one’s affairs before one embarks on a crusade that has potential risk will avoid any significant disruption to one’s family life and fortunes. There are many, many bankrupt people walking around without a care in the world and not stripped naked of the comforts of life.
      I urge you to undertake the examination of Burns with the utmost vigour and press every point to its limit.

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  6. No, he doesn’t have anything better to do because when a person sells their soul to the devil as he has he is in it lock, stock and barrel and normal life ceases to exist.

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  7. Pride Terry. Don’t be so ridiculous. The man does not have an ounce of pride in him.

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  8. God is not mocked, whatsoever ye sow ye shall also reap. Why didn’t we know this is how it would end, judging by that Scripture alone? But there are many more. I am sure the best is yet to come. One thing the Most High must do is vindicate Himself: He must show those who do evil are not sent by Him. And raise up those who are His. Let us pray and command our spiritual enemy to give back seven times what he has stolen from your family, as it is written in His Word.

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  9. Hallelujah! Never has such a loathsome reptile as Burns more richly deserved such a come-uppance! Now the evil ADB must be brought to book, and made to pay for its persecution of an innocent man. This has been even worse than the Pell saga in many ways.

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  10. So glad to see the outcome Bernard. Not only has justice been done, but it is great to see common sense has prevailed in today’s weird world of “political correctness.”

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  11. So the ADB has aided and abetted trying to destroy a family and take away their security and especially that of the defenceless Gaynor children. I wonder if the ADB has done anything to support defenceless children having a loving mother and father thereby protecting children from the discrimination of not having their very own mother or father to love them in the safest, most secure environment.
    It’s a pity adults are blind to the issue that children’s lives matter.

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  12. Congratulations Bernie, you faced an evil soul destroying cancer, one that has been around far too long. Hopefully you have beaten it and all its tentacles. It has been a long and painful struggle for you and your family. One can only hope that you receive some justice against state organisations who continually supported the cancer trying to eat you alive and not supplying equal treatment to rid the world of this cancer. This is certainly one evil cancer that has been around far too long as a parasite on humanity!

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    • Thank you for standing 100 fold. up to this bully. I pray that you will be blessed and reap 100fold.

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  13. WHO is Burns? “By their fruits ye shalt know them”. The Agenda never varies.

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    • Vengeance is Mine, says the LORD

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  14. My hat comes off to you Bernie. What courageous warriors for Truth you and your stalwart wife have proven to be during these evil times in this world. A world where Christianity has been under constant attack for many decades now, while Satan’s religion and its followers, are heavily promoted, and there can surely be no second guesses as the source of all this evil!

    Unfortunately, Garry Burns through his lifestyle choices became part of that evil. In my humble opinion, Burns actions display all the classic signs of the psychopath, a condition which I believe is demon related – maybe an exorcism could relieve Burns of this burden – and I don’t add that lightly.

    And I am proud to add, that I was one of the many who stood out at their local polling stations and stumped up for Mark Latham – Mark doesn’t yet realize it, but he is doing God’s work. I see in Mark a champion for Truth, and regardless of the media and vested interest smears he had to endure prior to his election into the N.S.W. Parliament, I see him as a future Prime Minister of this country.

    I was also one of those who wrote to Mark in an effort to alert him to your ongoing battle against a non-elected, and therefore, unaccountable, agency of the N.S.W. Government, and some individuals within the government who should be taken to task for their active role in assisting a disturbed vexatious complainant that they had no legal right to meddle in.

    You’re on the home stretch mate! God looks after his own!

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    • It’s almost unbelievable that the ADB keeps being funded by the NSW taxpayers through an LNP Government.
      Where is the accountability and where are the Government auditors and in fact the Christian parliamentarians in this debate.
      As always the buck must stop at the top and I believe the Solicitor General and Premier have some serious questions to answer.

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      • Ted – I believe the rot within all governments became uncontrollable with the Australia Act of 1986. This ‘law’ was introduced by the Hawke Federal Government that alleviated the need for ‘royal assent’ from the Governors-General on any Bills passed by any parliament within this country. What was once – and still is according to our original Australian Constitution – a required protocol to have those Bills passed by parliament enacted into law via the Governors-General office, was conveniently subjugated by the very people we chose to elect into office.

        And at the time I do not remember there being much of a protest from the then Federal Opposition against such a subjugation of our law of the land or, even from the media, our supposed Fourth Estate.

        As a consequence, parliaments since that time, have been passing thousands of laws that are in effect, illegal.

        In practice, our Law makers have become a law unto themselves.

        We are today being run, and literally, by criminal cartels whom we have the privilege of ‘electing’ and are not beholden to the Australian Constitution as the law of the land – unless it suits their political purpose – and are really beholden to a foreign oligarchy known as the United Nations.

        Which then brings me to the Human Rights Legislation, as used to persecute folk like Bernie, and was enacted as part of the United Nations, Human Rights agenda, supposedly put in place to counter the despots, dictators and oligarchies of this world, but in effect, has been used to subvert our own Australian Constitution as well as other Western countries that rely on constitutional government. Such legislation has even affected that bastion of individual liberties and freedom, the United States.

        This world is run by criminals who will stop at nothing to keep their power and wealth from being eroded, who blackmail the willing to aid and assist them in their illegal enterprise, or just kill off those who contest their positions through either ‘lawfare’ and sympathetic media, to first denigrate and then to bankrupt them, or use other and more permanent means, to be rid of them forever.

        The major political parties are controlled by bought off power brokers. Folk like Mark Latham only get elected due to the voters who have come to realize just how corrupt the major political parties have become. We need more people like Latham who understands what they are up against and have the right morals and principles in place to be able to ward off the corruption that eventually comes their way.

        While ever many of us keep voting as our parents once did, those we elect will forever remain unaccountable.

  15. Great News Bernard, congratulations. Unfortunately the emotional cost you and your family paid can never and never will be repaid in full. The ADB hopefully will be disbanded, rightly so. I hope some of them end up in goal along with Burns. What a low life imbecile he is. My and others donations have not gone in vain. You are a true and courageous soldier. Full of spirit, backbone and your commitment to standing up for your values and principles is outstanding. WELL DONE THAT MAN.

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  16. So glad that you &your family’s long term patience & strength has been successful.

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  17. Fantastic news Bernard. You’ve won this battle and hopefully you’ll win the war too!

    The money I’ve been sending has been well and truly worth it!!

    Bless you and your wife and kids.

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    • Fantastic news Bernie and I praise God that he has been your support, and also the many Christian friends you have.

      I pray that any obstacles thrown in your way until all is over and done with, are cleared from your path by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I’m so glad that my donations and those of others have had a positive result. I will continue to donate as I can afford. God is great.


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    • Nice to see a little bit of justice

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    • Fantastic news. Thank you Brian for persisting – against all odds. It is my honour to send you a contribution

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  18. Congratulations on your courage and faith. Keep going. I have given you some money before, and will do so again.

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  19. Great news! Thanks Bernard you’re a true warrior.

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  20. Good to see progress on dealing with the Burns serial pest. Glad that I was able to chip in something to help Bernard. I agree the ADB is a disgraceful example of gross negligence and stupidity to aid Burns for so very long. I knew that when Mark Latham brought this issue to light in parliament that the writing was on the wall for Burns. Mark is an excellent role model of the type of conservative political leader our society is desperately in need of.

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    • It is interesting to note that when the farmers were given money recently as part of donations taken up around the country that the ATO decided to tax them for this as “income” So when people give donations to this fellow Burns, will he declare it as income and will the ATO come after him for undisclosed income. Fair is Fair. if the farmers are to be taxed, so should he! Nice to see that God is not going to be mocked.

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      • Could it not backfire on Bernard? They might try and tax him on donations, heaven forbid.

      • it will not be taxed as it is not earned income.

    • I totally agree with you! Mark Latham is not a yes man, he calls it how he sees it and will not bow down to the left political correctness blackmail. We definitely need more politicians like him to stand up for a just and moral Australia instead of the mess we have at the moment.

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  21. Well done Bernard, however the emotional cost to you and your family could never be calculated or reimbursed.
    The law should allow for cease and desist notices to be taken out against serial pests like Burns and enforced with mandatory gaol time for breaches.

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  22. Great news. I pray that the Lord will bless you and look after His own. You and your family will be in my ongoing prayers for God’s continued protection.

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  23. I’ve been praying for you, Ellen and the children/young people for a long time now, and it is wonderful to see things falling into place for you. Praise the Lord!

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  24. Great news Bernard. Never give the bastards an inch!

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  25. Careful Bernie, the skirmish may have ended but the battle probably hasnt ended !! There’s enough of his ilk to go via GoFundMe to keep at you. Tread warily until you feel FREE, my friend.

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  26. Bernard, there is light at the end of the tunnel and you have fought a great fight against injustice, keep on going you have the support of the quiet Australians.

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  27. Good on you mate, time the underdogs won one. I so happy for you and your family for this outcome.

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    • A farce worthy of John Cleese and the whole Monty Python Crew

      It is a joke that the so called legal system allowed this travesty to continue

      I am not a Christian but I believe in fair play

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    • My GOSH Bernard, doesn’t this weasle have anything better to do with his life. What a sad sack he is. I wish you and your family all the best Bernie. Please stay STRONG mate !!!!!

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      • No, he doesn’t have anything better to do because when a person sells their soul to the devil as he has hi is in it lock, stock and barrel and normal life ceases to exist.

    • Wow! Praise God that you stayed strong where most may have crumbled.
      It’s one thing to bring down a man – but a family – Burns is a LOWLIFE.

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  28. Oh my goodness Bernard… really is SO crazy that Mr Burns was ever allowed to even continue back in 2014…..there was a very strong agenda which has finally been so magnificently thwarted! May the justice of the Lord give you double for your trouble (Is 61) and these Tribunals be brought to nought in NSW. I honour you, your beautiful wife and children. I also pray that in all of this Mr Burns will come to face to face with the Living God and be a man transformed by His Mercy and Grace shown liberally through the Lord Jesus Christ ????

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  29. It really is unbelievable what you & your family have had to deal with. So much hatred & anger! The courts should have dealt with it ages ago & stopped him. I pray you are repaid 7 times for what the enemy has tried to steal from you. God bless.

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  30. Well done Bernard. I am so pleased that you and your family have survived this terrible ordeal. I hope the ADB gets thrashed then trashed.
    Be careful though, of pride, lest you fall. May the God of heaven bless you as you commit your way to Him.

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  31. Praise the Lord Bernie and Bless you and your family.

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  32. Congratulations on this win, Bernard. Fight the good fight, for the Lord has put away indescribable treasures for those who persevere to the end!

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    • The problem for Burns was an is that he doesn’t believe in God so he thrashes around in darkness. I am so pleased the tide is turning Bernie and God bless you and may your families future be blessed.

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  33. With much sympathy have been observing this revolting charade being perpatrated against this outstanding man of principle by a …..Govt Department?? The Australia that I grew up in is now being trashed. The stupidity & power of the devious left is getting out of control. Thank you Bernard for your courage & sacrafice.

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  34. The injustice of this whole saga is mind boggling. The end result , ironic to say the least.

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  35. Congratulations on your victory! And you have my admiration for being restrained in victory. You’d have every reason to gloat – not doing so marks you as a gentleman and a servant of the Most High.

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  36. Thank you for standing for righteousness. Thanks to our mighty God for answered prayer

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  37. Congratulations. Sometimes the good guys actually do win!

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  38. I am continuing to pray for your victory, vindication and compensation for this wicked persecution, and it looks very much like God is answering our prayers.
    I am also praying that God will become a reality to Gary Burns and create in him a clean and changed heart. Our God is the God of miracles. Thank you for having the courage and perseverance to stand up for what is right.

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    • Truth and justice prevail.I have great respect for your courage and endurance to bear the slings and arrows thrown at you and your family.May many blessings flow on to you from hereon and remaining issues be quickly cleared in a debacle beyond all logic and understanding of a democratic nation that allowed this to proceed.

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  39. Well done to you, your brave and wonderful wife and your children Bernard.
    I’m so happy that the lid is about to be slammed down on that can of garbage, the ADB.

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  40. Hey Bernie they threw every thing at you except a nuke bomb, well that part is over but sounds like your not finished with them yet ,go get em champ all the best
    Barry Read

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  41. Well done Bernard- hopefully this is the end of your torment

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