Vaccine mandates are evil

Almost ten years ago I was sacked for standing up for truth after the Australian Army tried to force me to accept its politically-correct insanity. Since then I have battled against the anti-Christian madness now engulfing our society.

Sadly, I have watched in dismay this year as my family members, friends and millions of Australians have been forced to choose between their ability to feed their children and a vaccine that they honestly do not believe that they need or want.

I know from the very core of my being and with all my intellect that forcing medication, no matter its effectiveness, on a person against their will is evil and that no good can ever come from it. This violates fundamental principles regarding free will, consent, bodily integrity and the natural instinct for self-preservation. There is no upside for a single person in relation to these mandates.

However, every time I have been asked about or heard of new litigation in relation to vaccines my heart has sunk. I know the difficulties and costs of these battles as well as the frustrating legal absurdities that come with them. I hope that as few people as possible are ever asked to face them.

It is increasingly clear that vaccines do not work as promised. It is also increasingly clear that they come with far higher risk than our political leaders have ever admitted – especially it seems for the young. Unfortunately, the same people who have (one) imposed vaccines that don’t live up to their promises and (two) who deny the reality of their side effects also believe that they can make better decisions about your health than you can.

If they’ve already failed twice, why should anyone expect them to get it right the third time? Especially when failure affects you and your health, not them.

And the guesses that they are now making for the third time are already fundamentally flawed.

When the vaccines were first approved, it was on the basis that there would only be two shots and that they would be safe and effective. Now people are staring down the barrel of their fourth injection and Medicare is adding in new item numbers for treatments for vaccine-caused heart disease.

Exactly when was it decided that there should be a trial for a fourth booster anyway?

It’s a pretty fundamental question. And you all know the answer to it.

The answer: about five minutes ago.

There has been no large scale or long term testing of a fourth or fifth or even sixth jab, which is where we are gonna be in less than twelve months (the first Australians to get their third shot are already about half-way through its effective period).

The booster package now underway is the human trial. You are the guinea pig in an extension of program that already has been more dangerous and less effective than was promised. So, yeah, I guess just pumping more of it through your veins will work out fine…

I am not a doctor. The decision to get vaccinated is a prudential one that must be left up to you. In a sane world, you would be able to make this decision free from financial fear and with all the facts: risks, benefits and other options. But we do not live in that world. Instead we live in a world that now forces people to take a politically-mandated medication for purely economic and political reasons.

The claim that those imposing these measures are acting in the common good is simply nonsense. It is entirely irrational. How can it be good for our collective health to impose health directives that destroy the ability of every single person in society to make decisions about their own health care? The answer: it’s not. It cannot be. The only way to improve collective health is to increase the ability of each individual to make better choices about their own health needs. We’ve gone the other way.

These directives instead impose blanket determinations about medication, regardless of personal circumstances or health requirements. These blanket determinations are also deliberately blind to the actual risk Covid presents to different cohorts in society and, more importantly, to the increasingly clear risk of adverse vaccine reactions in younger people, particularly men.

What we are watching is full frontal assault on the common good, driven by those already drunk on power.

The result? Propaganda that raises levels of hysteria about Covid far beyond the actual risk that this disease poses to most people and a concerted political campaign to silence any debate or discussion about the risks to health resulting from the vaccines themselves.

Plus other insanities and hypocrisies.

I never thought Australia would ever be so wracked with madness that doctors and nurses would be turfed from hospitals in the middle of a ‘pandemic’. I never imagined medical professionals could risk their registration simply for speaking about clinical observations of the impacts of a medication forced on their patients by politicians and bureaucrats.

Indeed, I never imagined that a Catholic bishop in Australia could dictate that every worker in his diocese take a vaccine or be sacked and in the same directions state that, if the worker suffered an adverse reaction, the diocese would not cover his medical costs because getting vaccinated was a free ‘decision’. That is just callous evil. There is no other way to describe it.


Text from the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document sent out with the Archdiocese of Brisbane’s directive to all employees that they would be sacked if they were not vaccinated by 17 December 2021.

But here we are.

Vaccine mandates operate on the same principle as the abortion movement: your body, my choice. It should come as no surprise, then, that these vaccines have been developed or tested on cell lines stolen from aborted children.

There should be an outcry about this. But there isn’t. Not at all. Big pharma is free to test on them thanks to the government, so it’s only logical that it would try the same with you, once again, thanks to the government.

These are difficult times. Our very governments, which are supposed to act in the common good of society, have divided us and split families apart. They have forced our elderly to die alone and our young to marry alone. They have caused huge economic misery for small business while enabling massive corporations to monopolise wealth. They have built an informant/police state and even opened fire on citizens. Citizens are fined for protesting government regulations, online or by themselves in a park, and have even been jailed.

Worst of all, our governments have refused to provide urgent life-saving medical care to children to keep arbitrary internal borders shut while allowing exemptions for sport and movie stars ‘cos money. And, of course, our new masters can travel. But you cannot.

I know families who have suffered from Covid. You are in our prayers. But I also know many who have also suffered from the vaccines or the mandates. If you have lost your job or face that prospect under recent directives, you are also in our prayers.

I can’t say anything else to give you comfort other than this: have courage and do your duty. Difficult times are an opportunity to be heroic. And that I know that the God who carried His cross to Calvary for you will help you to carry your cross now.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I’m not anti-vax.

    I’m anti experimental gene therapy’s being forced upon what was once a free society.

    I remain unvaxxed & I’ve NEVER had a Covid test & nor do I intend to do so until the day a proven SAFE vaccine is available.

    Here’s an analogy for you:

    Would you board a commercial airliner if you knew it would NOT crash 99% of the time ???

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    • I’ve been listening to the Orthodox Bishop Emmanuel Marmari on YouTube.
      Everything he says is based on thoroughly researched information.
      Our so called church leaders could learn a thing or two from him.
      I’m very disappointed with the number of people in my age group who sheepishly follow this madness, but my heart goes out to the young people who don’t really believe in the ‘vaccine’ mandates but feel compelled to do so if they want to live. Evil. There’s no other word to describe this lunacy.
      Pray without ceasing folks, we need no other Source.

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  2. The Propaganda that we are under from the Governments and the MS Media is truly beyond that of Nazi Germany nowadays and not to mention of all Communist Governments.

    They are full on lieing about why the Hospitals are lacking starff, number one problem it’s because of the Governments forcing such people out of their Job, because such people do not want the Covid Jab and are refusing to be violated ! raped with such a highly Expermental drug, that’s not a triditional Vaccine at all.
    The definition of a Vaccine was changed 3 weeks before this totaly new expermental drug came out.

    All The threats that the Governments are peddling is insane, undermining peoples Jobs and destruction of our industrys.

    I believe that they are perparing us all for Communism, get use to having your fundamental freedoms taken away, not to mention they have total lack of regard for freedom of speech.

    Just look at what Bernard Gaynor has been dealing with, to think that one would have to put up with what has been dished up to him and all, come on ! realy, is this Australia anymore, it sure as Hell is not the one that i grew up in and my forefathers faught for. I know that for a fact. and i am pissed off about it all.

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  3. God Bless you Bernard and your family for your stand. We have not and will,not have the vaccine as we have seen many deaths and much suffering from people we know that have had the vaccine, I could go on, most of our church brethren have decided against having it, unfortunately a few have lost their jobs, some are still waiting to see if their employers bring in as mandatory. It is so wrong and not legal. The sooner litigation is commenced the better. Our premier has become a dictator the power has gone to his head. I am so glad God is in control, I cannot see how people who have not accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour exist, it is still a battle being a Christian but we know God’s Word tells us that we will have persecution and trial more so, but we know the end.
    As a previous post said we have been fed lies, deception etc. etc.
    We will support you as much as we can, we support ACL and many missionaries, but we know our treasure is not in this world. Remember the fight is the Lord’s and your reward is in heaven,

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    • The whole problem is in the USA a vax maker is above the law as they are exempt from prosecution WHY THEY kill or cause BRAIN DAMAGE well we all should make their share price zero
      and no one would have a vax as the buggers would be no more it’s that simple.




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    • I’m with you Bernard. The whole thing is evil and there simply has to be another agenda. I will not be vaccinated.

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  4. It’s heartening to read the well reasoned, logical, sensible observations on what is happening to our people, by the governments (Federal and State). Also to report the thousands who are directly affected and the millions indirectly affected, and the sheer lunacy of the directive to inject everyone with the same substance and say it’s good for us all. That eliminates the individuality of every human being, total contradiction to God’s creation, where He made us all individual and made us so we can all be identified as special, a treasured creation everyone with a special talent given by God alone. The injection is made by man and proclaimed by man to better the immune system God has given us to ‘keep us safe’. the insistence that the vaccine will ‘keep us safe’, is a direct challenge to override God’s immune system, His mandate to ‘keep us safe”.

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  5. Bernard, given the contents of your article I believe that you, and others, will be very interested in this slideshow – which covers nearly every question that might be asked about the vaxx and Covid. Many dozens of hyperlinked references and pretty pictures.

    By the Children’s Health Defense Australia. It has apparently been fact-checked by lawyers in Aus and by RF Kennedy’s team in the US, took about 500 hours to research and prepare.

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  6. You’re ‘spot-on’ Bernard.
    I’m not surprised the slogan “my body, my choice” slogan of the pro-abortionists has been conveniently forgotten. (That’s just human nature I suppose.)
    As another wise man recently said, the whole covid issue has created (a) fear-mongering and fearfulness, (b) deception and mis-information, and (c) division and strife – from the family level right up to the wider community.
    Every blessing to you and your family this Christmas.

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  7. Loving Blessings for enduring COURAGE, for good health, safe days, our gratitude to You and your Family and Friends, here, there and anywhere on this fragile planet, right back from the beginning of time! Amen! Loving Blessings to All!

    Please remember and share:

    Ms. doctor CHANT, in the presence of the ex-disgraced premier of New South Wales, at a Press Conference in the open (probably in Canberra after the premier had been stopped from delivering her infernal daily ‘lectures’ … “Get more vaccines…etc.” ,

    Dr. Chant cried out in a wicked way to the Nation:
    “You’d better get used to it!
    You will get the Winter Flu Vaccines
    And all the COViD vaccines and all the boosters!
    You’d better get used to it!”

    A cry from hell from a wicked doctor (like the ones in Aktion T4 Nazi Germany and elsewhere in Europe WWII)

    And the wicked ex-premier stood there agreeing with the wicked doctor.

    Who wants more women in Government or public office?
    Not the likes of these! Definitely NOT!

    The absence of TRAINING to live a Virtuous Life for all Boys and Girls from Early Childhood to Compulsory Education and on to Tertiary Ed., is the cause of most evil destructive behavior in our societies – therefore our boys and girls cannot become Responsible Parents … and the vicious cycle repeats itself ….
    one most unspeakable consequence due to lack of TRAINING to live a Virtuous Life is the STATISTICS of The NSW Family Court:
    1 mother murdered at least every week
    1 child “””””””””””””””””””””””2weeks
    1 male “”””””””””””””””””””””” month.

    These are murders in the FAMILY alone!
    An unspeakable National Tragedy for which both Church and State Governments are guilty for failing to TRAIN the people! And the rest of us who say we are “good-people” – Christians???

    Q. “Good People?” = good for nothing good!

    Thank You!

    Please see the Public Education Bill Speech by the truly Honourable Mr. Henry Parkes M.P. (5 five times Premier of NSW) speech in the Legislative Assembly Sydney NSW Parliament in September 12, 1866.

    (No doubt with the blessings of Archbishop John Bede Polding RC, who founded the Sisters of the Good Samaritan to educate our children)

    Sir Henry Parkes quoted Lord Macaulay speaking in support of resolution submitted to the House of Commons in England, urging to prove that it is the duty of Government to educate the people!
    The Honourable Henry Parkes therefore quoted in his Publ. Ed. Speech saying:
    ” This, then, is my argument. It is the duty of Government to protect our persons and property from danger. The GROSS IGNORANCE OF THE COMMON PEOPLE is a principal cause of danger to our persons and property. Therefore, it is the duty of the Government to take care THAT the common people SHALL NOT BE GROSSLY IGNORANT…… if You take away education what means do You leave?” end of quote.

    Indeed, says i, indeed!

    Our educations has been repeatedly said to be ‘wanting’ in many respects.

    The latest ‘catastrophic hole in the Ed. System is the CONSENT PROJECT! (consent for sex activities outside of the marriage contract…)
    No interest in teaching self and reciprocal hand on RESPECT from Conception and at the right age to educate and train us about the POWER of SEX!
    And the many SKILLS necessary to become Responsible Parents (we are employing Foster Parents at great cost to the TAX payers and at a much greater cost to the little children of biological parents who cannot be responsible for the lives they put on the planet.) National Tragedy indeed!

    People are ignorant of their human rights.
    And of their rights and obligations in their interactions with their elected governments.

    Prayer and Petitions and battles in Courts of Law alone….will NEVER fix these fundamental lack of TRAINING TO LIVE a Virtuous Life.

    Failures of our society deprived of Church and Government’ TRAINING which is the birth right of every child!

    Concerned Families International Network
    The Christ-like Way!
    Friends of humanely ethical, moral science and legislation in all matters re Church and State Governments’ Population Policy.

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  8. I asked my GP for a c0v1d v@x exemption on physical and mental grounds.
    I hardly started with my explanation when he yelled at me, saying he ‘would not listen’!
    So much for discussing personal health choices with your physician!!!

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  9. I am thankful that you are still fighting a good fight, I am happy to support financial when I can and in prayer, noting that the battle is in the Lord’s .
    I have a confidence that you will be triumphful in the end.
    God bless and keep you and your family in these stressful times.

    James W

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  10. I had two astra venaca jabs after second one i had a massive stomach bleed then 2 weeks later a very rare blood clot in the back of my brain,
    left me on right side of both eyes had to give up my driving licence also affected my balance so have difficulty walking . cant talk to a doctor as the say its difficult to say what caused it end of subject. I think there is some pressure from above.

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    • I am very sorry to hear about this.

      Too many people have been harmed by this. Best wishes with your recovery.

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  11. Good job Bernard heard your talk at q society and have been following you ever since .great

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    • Thanks Barry – it’s been a hard year.

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      • merry Christmas Bernard I hope 2022 gives you the peace and happiness u deserve

      • I can’t agree with you more, Bernard. I think you should be running our country which has become a dictatorship. Are you running for the next election? You would have my vote.

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