The Army’s Pride Pins have been humbled

This victory notification is a little late but it is a victory nonetheless. And it is still one worth celebrating. Actually, it’s a combination of three wins which makes all of this even better.

The Army’s ‘Pride Pin’ has been humbled. It is no more. Gone. Thank God.

That’s victory one (which I’m letting you know about for the first time today).

We know it’s gone because a Greens Senator was a tad upset that Defence had banned its rainbow morning teas.

That’s victory two (which you may have been aware of due to media coverage earlier this year, although I have not detailed until now what went on behind the scenes).

And the decision to remove the Pride Pins came directly as a result of ‘negative media attention’ following Defence’s 2018 plan to force soldiers to publicly demonstrate whether they support LGBTWHATEVERISM on its internal ‘white pages’ directory.

That’s victory three (which I have previously told you about).

The best part? Each of these victories were won by this webpage, with your support and due to the bravery of Defence personnel who are sick of this woke nonsense and who contacted me with the details.

Each of these issues then become headline stories and Defence was forced into a humiliating retreat on ’em all.

There is a point to be made here: rainbow madness is spreading across every sector of our society. Similar programs are being rolled out in other government departments, bureaucracies and in big business.

But I am not aware of any similar success anywhere in Australia at pushing back on this crap. It’s only happened in Defence. And it’s only happened because of you. I could be wrong (in fact I hope I am) but I do think that it is true to say that, together, the readers of this webpage are the only group in Australia that has been able to mount any successful counter-revolution against this madness.

This is not to say that we are winning this war. We are clearly not. But it is to say that we can achieve some good and, perhaps, if there was more backbone and better organisation that we could even turn the tide.

I first wrote about the Army’s Pride Pins on 27 November 2013. Nine days later they made the news, where I again pointed out how inappropriate they were.

I will point out now that I was the only person in the Australian Defence Force who said this publicly. I do not do this to boast but to highlight the sad fact that in an organisation that functions on courage, it was nowhere to be found.

At the time, Defence was ‘standing firm’: an anonymous spokeswoman boldly claimed that the pins were a ‘high priority’ for Defence as it underwent ‘cultural change’.

And then, four days later, our current Governor General issued me with a termination notice, claiming that my behaviour was inappropriate, that Defence’s double standards were irrelevant and that my conduct was ‘inconsistent’ with Defence policies.

That last claim stung. Not because it was true but because it was so blatantly false.

Defence had previously charged me with twelve military offences and subjected me to a high-level administrative inquiry alleging that I had failed to comply with Defence policies. If I was found guilty, I could have been jailed.

But I wasn’t. Both the disciplinary and administrative investigations cleared me of any wrongdoing. To this day, Defence still cannot point to a single finding against me.

The termination notice also stated at paragraph 3a that I had provided ‘official information’ in contravention of Defence policy and at paragraph 13e that the Chief of Defence Force accepted that I had not disclosed ‘official information’ in contravention of Defence policy. So I guess the entire document made about as much sense as the Army’s Pride Pins.

But I was thrown out anyway and gay activists inside the military were allowed to stroll around with rainbow bling. Policies allowing this – and participation in political activity – were then introduced. Changing them after the fact was how Defence conveniently ensured that its homosexual campaigners did not act ‘inconsistently’ with policy.

Anyway, in early 2018 Defence admitted to Senate Estimates that it had forked out over $11,000 of your money for its gay jewellery. Then a year later Defence told Senate Estimates that it had just given this stuff away. Army Headquarters authorised the transfer of 6,000 odd lapel pins to the Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS), a political lobby group.

And then silence.

Until June 2021.

Greens Senator, Janet Rice, was all hot under the collar at Senate Estimates about the ban imposed on the ever increasing number of rainbow morning teas on military bases earlier this year.

The Chief of Defence Force, General Angus Campbell, was also probably just as hot under the collar. After all, he had allowed these divisive, pointless and woke displays to fester and then explode under his command. And then he was publicly humiliated and ordered to end them.

What a legacy.

Some Australian generals stopped the Germans in France during the First World War and then pushed them back. Others defied Rommel or defended Australia from the Japanese. The most exciting thing Campbell has done is give a speech about White Ribbon Day and lose a morning tea war.

By the way, I can’t think of anything worse than wandering about Russell Offices in winter looking for the bland conference room with a tin of International Roast and a couple of balloons to celebrate ‘Wear it Purple’ or ‘IDAHOBIT’ or ‘International Pronouns’ or ‘Transgender Remembrance’ Day.

Fortunately, this hell on earth is now forbidden.

Why? Because whistle-blowers contacted me with the glossy 24 page communication plan (yes – someone (actually an entire team) at Defence People Group was paid to put it together) to celebrate ‘IDAHOBIT Day’, including associated efforts to prohibit solders from using offensive words like ‘husband’ or ‘wife’.

That’s a real war winner there.

Within 24 hours this had become national news and Peter Dutton had Angus Campbell on the mat. Rainbow mornos were no more.

So a few weeks later Janet Rice pleadingly asked Angus if the gay activists would at least still be able to wear their rainbow pins.

But Campbell must be so deflated that he even fizzed out on answering that.

He had previously supported the idea (he was the Army’s chief administrator when they came in) and must have known the answer. But he didn’t give it.

Instead, the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Rick Burr, responded. And his response was that the Army Pride Pin was scrapped in 2018.

Now there is an admission to behold. It’s an acknowledgement that the Army’s not so proud of its Pride Pin after all. Campbell et al spent five years gleefully promoting them. And then they spent the next three years hiding from them.

Would anyone notice that they were gone?

Well, yes, thanks to the fact that a Greens Senator was unhappy, I did. I did notice it. And now you all know it too.

And the reason they’re gone?

Well there are two.

The Chief of Army says the Rising Sun Badge is protected, must stand alone and should not be combined with other symbols.

Ok. Fair enough.

I guess that’s kind of like saying it’s completely inappropriate to place the Rising Sun Badge inside a gay rainbow. And I guess that kind of means the Army now accepts that I was correct all those years ago. And that the generals were wrong all along.

So an apology would be in order right about now but I’m not holding my breath.

The second reason is pretty good too.

The decision to remove the Army Pride Pin was made due to ‘negative media attention following reports detailing an initiative to use the rainbow flag to identify LGBTI allies in the Defence Corporate Directory.’

Answer given by the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Rick Burr, to Senator Janet Rice to a Question of Notice in Senate Estimates earlier this year.

Ah yes. I also remember that story. It made its way to the front page of the Daily Telegraph, also after brave Defence whistle-blowers contacted me.

That plan was to ask soldiers if they were LGBT ‘allies’. Those that said yes would get a little rainbow next to their name on the Defence Corporate Directory. Kind of like a tick of approval.

And those that said no? Well, I’ll let you work that out.

Defence now sheepishly admits that this little plan was ‘premature’. It went off early and Defence was left with an embarrassing mess. And it’s still causing problems for the generals nearly four years later.

As I mentioned above, none of these victories would have been possible without your support. I greatly appreciate it and the trust that has been shown in me by people inside Defence who are extremely concerned about the addiction senior officers have for woke applause.

I have no doubt that there are more battles to come. I am ready to fight them.

But, right now, our little Christmas present is knowing that the Army’s hated Pride Pins have been humbled. And that we won this fight all by ourselves.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Marvellous News Bernard. Thank you!

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  2. A victory indeed,thankyou for your stick- ability to righteousness.

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    • Great move & a beautiful kick in the guts to the mongrel elitist bastards .now lets win the fight against the rotten lawyers, ABC & senators who are aiming to destroy our ADF Admit it Liz ….you photo shopped this didn’t you? ..very nice entry for the Horsham show!

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  3. Brilliant work, Bernard.
    Our warmest congratulations to you.
    You deserve a bravery award for your tenacious courage in fighting this nonsense.
    I wonder how our defence forces would manage if this country was faced with a real threat from a hostile nation. (Just surrender, put up the white flag and put on a rainbow morning tea for the enemy?? Aside – maybe that should read ‘rainbow’ flag.)

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    • Thanks Leighton – the reason we fight is because our ADF has sserved us so well in the past and we can rightly be proud of its history.

      It must maintain its capability if it is to serve us into the future.

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    • Bernard, I`ve followed you right from the start,I`m now pleased that you and all who hepled have got afew wins.
      Now for me I`d like to know what is going down with our S A S lads that so called general(lower case intended)
      I know of 3 that have resigned after 5 tours of Aphganistan and the Philopines,they all say the same ,to much crap from above.
      Stay safe ,keep atem .Patrick.

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      • They have been thrown to the wolves. Justice and due process out the window.

  4. Sad to think that I was in the forces for 21 years and this kind of crap wouldn’t have been tolerated. You are a member of the ADF first and foremost, not a gay activist. The Senator needs pulling into line. Nothing but trying to divide the ADF, the vast majority of whom are heterosexual..

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    • The Greens Senator is one problem.

      The CDF is a bigger one.

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      • Thank you

  5. Well done Bernard.

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  6. Marvelous to read this news Bernard and the banishment of the rainbow insignia nonsense. Bernie there are so many of us out here that applaud your perseverance and courage. Put simply, you beat the Australian army and won a war being waged against Ordinary Australians. As a fellow Christian I am so very pleased and proud, thank you. As is said in country Australia…..”You done good Bernie”.

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    • Thank you.

      All goodness is from God.

      And I could not continue without the support I receive from so many!

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  7. A small win in the scheme of things but worth celebrating. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Thanks, Bernard, for fighting this fight. Never before have I been embarrassed to be an Australian, than when Defence started all that LBGT stuff.

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  9. Thank goodness sanity has prevailed, a pity it went this far and beyond!

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    • Thanks Roy – it took a while but we succeeded!

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      • Army should stick to its job which is defence of the nation, leave social posturing to the rat bag green party.

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