The truth of it: do not donate another cent to the Australian Christian Lobby

It’s been a month since Religious Discrimination Bill shenanigans almost engulfed what remains of Christianity in Australia in a raging firestorm. But while this proposed law has receded from the news, do not be fooled into thinking that this threat has passed. It has not.

There is an election coming. Already groups like the Australian Christian Lobby are pushing for a second run at a Religious Discrimination Bill. And if they keep doing so, next time around we will not be so lucky.

So let’s cut to the chase: as ‘chief cheerleader’ of the Religious Discrimination Bill, Martyn Iles is helping to destroy Christian freedom in Australia. As a result, you should not donate another cent to the ACL. And I say this as the very first person to donate to its campaign in support of Israel Folau.

If you only take two things away from this the this debacle, please, take those key and critical points.

I get that most Christians think that the Religious Discrimination Bill is a good idea. If you are one of them, then you’ve been conned. That’s the truth of it.

I know this will shock a lot of people. If your initial reaction to these statements is anger or denial, then please hear me out. All I can do is ask that you read on and learn why I’ve made them and made them so bluntly. I’m confident that you’ll change your mind.

You must understand this: any Religious Discrimination Bill is a time bomb. Regardless of the well-meaning intent of its Christian supporters, the sole purpose of any Religious Discrimination Bill is to destroy the last remaining vestiges of Christianity in Australia.

This proposed law and the political activity around it will not ‘accidentally’ harm Christian freedoms. It will destroy them with precision and devastating force. In fact, if you deliberately intended to eradicate Christianity from our institutions you could not design a better law to achieve your aim.

As such, any Christian leader who supports a Religious Discrimination Bill is, at best, a moron. They have no idea of the danger that they are toying with.

And the danger should be obvious, given what unfolded with Citipointe Christian College and the near calamity during the parliamentary debate over the Religious Discrimination Bill last month.

But Christian ‘leaders’ like Martyn Iles obstinately persist with this stupidity. On the very same day that we came within inches of disaster, the ACL began a new campaign in support of a Religious Discrimination Bill. This refusal to learn from mistakes is unforgivable.

It is true that the ACL was not alone in this madness. Whatever criticism I level at the ACL can be doubly applied to the Australian Catholic bishops who have taken the ability to faff about in the face of crisis to majestic new heights. They should not get your money either.

But it is also true that the ACL promoted this insane idea more than any other Christian group in Australia. And it did so despite warnings that it was playing with fire.

It is madness. It is extremely dangerous. And it should make you very angry.

Unfortunately, I have no doubt that I will lose support for pointing these truths out. But I will point them out because it is too important not to. I’m not in this battle for applause.

I have written about many problems facing Australia. But the one that I care most about is whether I can send my children to a Catholic school that teaches the Catholic faith.

This has been a difficult fight and it’s sometimes hard to work out whether Catholic bishops (who are more concerned with feeding at the trough of state funding than actually teaching the faith) or the government (which uses state funding to turn bishops into puppets) are the main enemy here.

But this battle is what drove me to enter politics. It is what drove me to first speak up. And it directly resulted in my termination from the Australian Defence Force.

That was a hit. But I would happily trade my job to secure my children’s Catholic education.

This issue, more than any other, has driven me for a decade now.

I warned Martyn Iles years ago that he was playing with fire over his support for the Religious Discrimination Bill. He ignored me and hopped into his petrol tanker. I bit my tongue.

I would have kept biting it if there was the slightest hint that Martyn had learnt his lesson last month.

But he hasn’t and my children’s school, which came within an inch of being devoured by the firestorm he fed, remains in danger.

So I cannot remain silent anymore. Too much is at stake for me. And for you. And for every Christian in Australia.

To fully understand this issue, I’ll break this into four parts.

In Part One, I’ll recap what happened and outline the current situation.

In Part Two, I’ll explain why religious discrimination laws – all of them – can only harm Christian freedom.

In Part Three, I’ll answer some objections that have already been thrown my way.

And, in Part Four, I will outline the only logical solution to the issue of ‘religious freedom’.

Each of these articles will be controversial because they focus on facts in a debate powered only by emotion. But Part Four will be the most controversial of all. If you are Protestant and want to understand why you can never win the religious freedom wars being Protestant, you really should check it out.

If you don’t have time to read them all, just know this: you cannot solve the problems of anti-discrimination law with more anti-discrimination law.

So don’t be dumb. Oppose any Religious Discrimination Bill and especially do not donate to any organisation fighting for this madness. They are fighting, whether they know it or not, for the eradication of Christianity in Australia.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Wow! I’ve just stumbled across this blog post. It is, without doubt, ground-breaking. Shocking, in fact, in a positive and constructive way.

    I agree with you – based on my “lived experience” – that Martyn Iles and the Australian Christian Lobby have fallen into a big political trap by supporting this clever Bill. Too clever by half.

    It was pleasing to see it eventually failed, after the January 20-21 hearing in the Senate Legal & Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee. Anybody who listened to the livestream of that hearing can see that the Bill’s unstated agenda is to pushback against the homosexual agenda after the failure of the November 2017 same-sex marriage plebiscite.

    I believe it is a Bill based on naivety and idealism. “Religion” does not mean “Christianity” it means pretty well anything and anything, including Atheism and Satanism. Regarding the latter, the Australian Christian Lobby is probably unaware that the first test-case of “religious discrimination” under the Australian Capital Territory’s anti discrimination law was won by a satanic sex-cult called Ordo Templi Orientis that is recognized as a “religion” in Australia. You can look this up under BOTTRILL v SUNOL & ANOR (Discrimination) [2017] ACAT 81 (9 October 2017).

    Thank you for being the first committed Christian in Australia to come out publicly to oppose this Bill.

    I think people will take notice.

    For I understand there are few other people in Australia whose public statements, arising from religious conviction, have resulted in the waste of so many millions of taxpayer dollars by gay activists residing both inside and outside the NSW Anti Discrimination Board.

    You know these are the people who would be administering the Religious Discrimination Bill 2022 if, through more successful lobbying by Martyn Iles/ACL it was passed in the Parliament of Australia.

    And you would know that putting these people in charge of the Bill to protect the rights of atheists and Satanists to express their anti-Christian “statements of religious belief”, is like putting a wolf in charge of a henhouse.

    I look forward to reading your line of argument (that I have not yet done so)


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