So this almost happened…

What happened late last year was bizarre. I have no idea why it occurred. Here are the facts.

Rebecca Hosking is a magistrate in the New South Wales Local Court. She was appointed as a Local Court magistrate by the conservative Liberal New South Wales government on 19 May 2021.

I had never heard of Magistrate Rebecca Hosking until 25 August 2021. However, on that date I was informed that Magistrate Hosking would take over New South Wales Local Court proceedings in relation to complaints lodged against me by the gay activist and serial and vexatious complainant, Garry Burns.

NSW Local Court listing showing that Magistrate Rebecca Hosking was panelled for the hearing on 19 November 2021.

This news concerned me. This matter had already been part heard before a different magistrate and it seemed strange to me that a new magistrate would be brought in to hear the second half of this matter.

So I ‘googled’ Magistrate Hosking. She has a LinkedIn profile. What I found there concerned me even more.

The LinkedIn profile of Magistrate Rebecca Hosking.

Magistrate Hosking’s LinkedIn profile is typical of social media accounts that could be broadly described as supportive of ‘Left Wing’ political activism.

It contains posts that she has ‘liked’ about climate change, #MeToo, ‘reproductive health’ and in support of vaccine mandates. It shows Magistrate Hosking to be a fan of US Vice President, Kamala Harris. Most people perusing her profile would probably form the view that Magistrate Hosking is an extremely vocal feminist.

But what most concerned me were the pro-homosexual articles that Magistrate Hosking had also ‘liked’. These included posts supporting ‘Wear it Purple Day’ and ‘IDAHOBIT Day’, homosexual activism within the legal profession, drag queens, transgenderism, same-sex adoption, pro-homosexual theatrical performances and pro-homosexual children’s toys.

Screenshot of Magistrate Rebecca Hosking’s LinkedIn profile.

Screenshot of Magistrate Rebecca Hosking’s LinkedIn profile.

Screenshot of Magistrate Rebecca Hosking’s LinkedIn profile.

Screenshot of Magistrate Rebecca Hosking’s LinkedIn profile.

Screenshot of Magistrate Rebecca Hosking’s LinkedIn profile.

Screenshot of Magistrate Rebecca Hosking’s LinkedIn profile.

Ironically, given Magistrate Hosking was hearing a vilification complaint, she had also ‘liked’ a post promoting gay activist Benjamin Law.

Screenshot of Magistrate Rebecca Hosking’s LinkedIn profile.

Benjamin Law gained notoriety in 2017 for the crude and offensive tweet depicted below:

Screen capture of tweet from Benjamin Law posted on 31 August 2017.

Magistrate Hosking’s LinkedIn profile also states that she was a partner at Carter Newell just prior to her appointment as a Local Court magistrate.

Carter Newell is a sponsor of ‘Pride in Law’, a homosexual legal networking organisation, and it also hosts annual Mardi Gras events.

The Managing Director of Carter Newell is Paul Hopkins. His wife, Jane Hopkins, is the President of PFLAG+ (Parents for Lesbians And Gays) Brisbane.

PFLAG+ is a political lobby group that aims, among other things, to promote the idea that homosexual behaviour does not ‘lack morals’. As part of her involvement with PFLAG+ Brisbane, Jane Hopkins labelled Margaret Court ‘abhorrent’ and called for her to be stripped of her Companion of the Order of Australia.

Magistrate Hosking had also ‘liked’ a number of pro-homosexual posts by or featuring Paul and Jane Hopkins on LinkedIn.

Screenshot of Magistrate Rebecca Hosking’s LinkedIn profile.

Screenshot of Magistrate Rebecca Hosking’s LinkedIn profile.

Screenshot of Magistrate Rebecca Hosking’s LinkedIn profile.

I believe that most people would form the view that Magistrate Hosking’s LinkedIn activity demonstrates that she is supportive of homosexuality and various pro-homosexual political causes and events.

Most people would also probably form the view that Magistrate Hosking had professional working relationships with pro-homosexual activists and that this may also have involved personal friendships with these people.

It also seems to me that Magistrate Hosking’s LinkedIn profile raises other broader concerns about the culture in the legal professional generally and specifically within some firms. For instance, given Carter Newell’s openly pro-homosexual advocacy, it would seem highly unlikely that a person with conservative views about the morality of homosexuality would be welcome to work in that organisation.

In other words, it seems likely to me that career progression in firms like Carter Newell is dependent upon being openly supportive of homosexuality. The same could also be said of Colin, Biggers & Paisley Lawyers who are also sponsors of ‘Pride in Law’. Magistrate Hosking worked in that firm from 2014 until 2018. Over time, there can be no doubt that judges appointed from a background in major law forms are likely to hold and profess the radically anti-Christian and anti-conservative views of the firms in which they worked.

Magistrate Hosking’s personal support for homosexuality did not bother me. They are her business. What greatly concerned me, however, was that she was suddenly panelled half way through a hearing to adjudicate on my personal business, namely my conservative and religious views opposing homosexuality.

This immediately raises a number of questions that remain unanswered.

Why was Magistrate Hosking suddenly brought into this matter?

How could I possibly receive a fair hearing in these circumstances?

Would actual or even merely perceived bias deny justice or the appearance of justice in this matter?

I had a teleconference with my legal representatives to discuss my options in relation to Magistrate Hosking a day or two before the 19 November 2021 hearing.

During that teleconference the Local Court of New South Wales court management system was updated. Magistrate Hosking was removed from this matter just as suddenly as she had been placed on it.

I have no idea why that occurred either. The entire series of events is just bizarre. It could all be a mistake. But it is also possible that someone decided Magistrate Hosking should be suddenly parachuted into this matter and then it was just as suddenly decided that this should not occur.

Who knows?

And I remain gravely concerned that magistrates who have openly supported homosexual activism will be empanelled in the future to determine homosexual vilification complaints about the expression of Christian and conservative political views. I think most Australians would share those concerns.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Thank God that Bernard Gaynor has the courage to stand up and fight for God’s immutable laws! My donation to your cause is on the way.

    Supporters of this brave man can help to enlighten the ignorant by posting the link to this website with a comment on the social media accounts of Big Media (outlets and commentators), the Deep State (political parties, politicians and government departments), Big Biz (corporations and executives) and Big Show Biz (production companies, actors, etc.).

    Let’s show the radical Leftists infesting our public and corporate institutions that their plan to destroy Western democracy will face stronger opposition than they bargained for.

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  2. I cannot understand why gays and trans genders think that everyone is against them and make a big noise about their gender who cares if that’s how you want to live so be it but you don’t have to parade it to the world, they are no more special than anyone else.
    I am heterosexual but I don’t spruik it to world.
    I thought we had the right of free speech and cannot understand why someone in public life is prosecuted for speaking up about what he believes.
    Surely this doesn’t give the police, judges. lawyers and magistrates the right to hound a person for saying something that some people don’t like.
    I am sick of the people who think they are the top dogs in this country but they are not better than the next person. Money doesn’t make you a better person it just makes you a bigot and think that you can do what you like.

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  3. Magistrate Hosking must be excusd from this matter as she has openly admitted that she is pro LGBTQA+ and therefore could be perceived as being biased in favour of that group and should never have been allocated a case such as this.

    What is the NSW Attorney General doing to ensure that Bernard Gaynor is going to get a fair hearing by an unbiased Magistrate? If Magistrate Hosking fails to excuse herself from the case then there would be serious grounds for an appeal which would be granted on the grounds of transparency in justice.

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  4. The march through our institutions is complete as can be seen by the quality of those appointed to our judicial system, journalism the teaching profession, university lecturers and our parliaments, especially the Senate. I am not accusing all of having a biased agenda they fervently follow but it would seem that the a majority in many cases have already been appointed to positions of power. The Pell case surely must be one of the worst examples of the failure of the Victorian courts to administer the law of the land in a fair and honest manner. Thank God the High Court of Australia has not been corrupted by leftwing agendas and a man finally received proper justice. The hierarchy of the Victorian and other state police forces have been infiltrated by the Left agenda. We need to retake these places of learning and return to a democratic society where everyone is equal in voice and body, where dissenting voices are not silenced.

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