Andrew Thorburn reaped what he sowed

The saga of Andrew Thorburn and his one day stint as the CEO of the Essendon Football Club makes me mad.

Like really, really angry.

Not at Essendon. Not at the AFL. Not at the slimy journalist at the Herald Sun who likes promoting rainbow flags at the footy.

Not even at the Dictator of Danistan.

All of these people have acted in all of the ways that we now expect anti-Christian haters to act. There’s nothing new here.

I’m furious at Andrew Thorburn.

Thorburn had an opportunity be brave. To stand tall. To fight hard.

But he squibbed it. Big time. He’s run away with his tail between his legs.

Andrew Thorburn acted like a cowardly loser. That’s fine for him. He was CEO of NAB. I’m sure he can afford to be a cowardly loser.

It’s a different story for the rest of us. The little people need blokes like Andrew Thorburn to do his duty. The little people can’t afford to lose their jobs like him.

That brings me to the second reason to be very, very upset with Andrew Thorburn.

While Andrew Thorburn was CEO of NAB he empowered and fostered those who sniff out Christians and persecute them. That’s exactly what he did.

Thorburn was CEO of NAB between 1 August 2014 and 28 February 2019.

Throughout his time as Head Honcho, NAB implemented a plethora of LGBT ‘initiatives’. You can read all about them here.

NAB was the primary sponsor of the perverted ‘midsumma Festival’. This is just one of the events that Andrew Thorburn was happy using NAB money to promote:


The stage is holy, and this is how we pray

Queerly beloved, we are gathered here to worship all that glitters, all the shade, and those that are not afraid! We’ve prepared a service that will have kings, kweens and everyone in betweens feeling born again, and have you gagging for more. This is your explosive celebration of ground-breaking circus, burlesque, sideshow & cabaret aimed to leave you dripping with sin.

Because let’s face it, sin is in. A hetero non-confirmative night of entertainment including cabaret sensation Tash York, burlesque superstar Bettie Bombshell and Australia’s queerest and dearest circus creeps and fabulous freaks. It is a great honour to welcome you all to worship with us.

The stage is holy, and this is how we pray

Under Thorburn’s watch, NAB promoted gay marriage.

And it was Thorburn’s leadership that saw NAB awarded ‘gold’ status by the Australian Workplace Equality Index or AWEI.

AWEI is a dreary and bureaucratic way of labelling the Commissars of Christian Eradication who have succeeded in turning all of our nation’s major businesses into Christian-sacking beasts.

AWEI’s single purpose is to count the number of out and proud employees in Australia and to pressure companies to promote them and to fire anyone who doesn’t worship the rainbow.

To get the gong, NAB had to implement all the usual programs: diversity training, creepy staff surveys about what they sleep with and ‘Wear it Purple’ morning teas.

The centrepiece seems to be celebrating ‘World AIDS Day’.

I’m sure that party would be an absolute doozy. Who wouldn’t want to eat stale chocolate cake on paper plates in a corporate office with a bunch of NAB bank clerks swapping stories about HIV and monkeypox?

All of this occurred under Thorburn’s careful guidance.

Basically, while Andrew Thorburn was in charge, every single NAB employee knew that they’d be risking their job if they ever said boo to the rainbow bullies.

But it wasn’t enough. Thorburn had to personally sign up, pretend that he was on board and then wax lyrical about homosexuality.

And that’s just what he did. I gotta say, Thorburn’s pandering of the LGBT mob was outstanding.

I’m sure he now looks back proudly on the day that NAB sponsored the very first ‘Pride’ game of AFL. NAB’s website still glowingly remembers this moment. And it fondly quotes Thorburn himself who was overjoyed that he was involved in this madness:

NAB Group Chief Executive Officer Andrew Thorburn said he was delighted that the AFL had joined with NAB to celebrate diversity in Australia.

“At NAB we believe in diversity – we want everyone to be themselves at work, home and at the footy,” Mr Thorburn said.

“The NAB Pride match has been created because at NAB, we don’t just sponsor the game. We want to use football’s reach to demonstrate our support for our people and our customers in the communities we serve, regardless of their gender diversity or sexual orientation.

“We’re committed to doing the right thing by our customers and people and delivering an inclusive culture in everything we do.”

For good measure, some fella at the AFL then stated the obvious. Thanks to Thorburn’s stash of cash, the AFL could now welcome all people:

AFL Football Operations Manager Mark Evans said football is a game for everyone and a game that challenges prejudice.

Oh, the irony.

Andrew Thorburn was THE DUDE who funded gay footy. And now he’s not welcome. Not at all.

At least Thornburn can comfort himself in the knowledge that, even if he can’t be involved with the AFL, at least the AFL website still proudly promotes his central role in that very first ‘Pride’ match.

Let Andrew Thorburn be a lesson to us all.

Don’t be a coward. Don’t pander to the mob. Because eventually that mob will get you anyway.

Truth be told? Andrew Thorburn got what he deserved.

He enthusiastically empowered anti-Christian zealots and then he slunk away.

Unfortunately, the rest of us have to live with the consequences and they are only going to get worse.

And the very worst thing that can happen out of all of this is a renewed push for a Religious Discrimination Bill.

It’s a bad idea. And you can find all the reasons why in this five-part series here. Or you can watch the videos here.

In a nutshell, a Religious Discrimination Bill will give the very same people who march in the Mardi Gras and who have already made lives hell for Christians in Australia legal power over religious belief itself.

Any Christian leader who supports this idea is insane.

They are building their own guillotine. They are walking down the same well-trodden path of losers like Andrew Thorburn. And they will get the same losery results.

We don’t need any more losers. We need fighters who will do the hard work of standing to up to and then eradicating the anti-discrimination industry. That is the only way we will succeed in ending this persecution.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Again, thank you Bernard for standing up to be counted among the faithful for Christ alone, true to the Gospel. Unlike the compromisers like Thorburn, who thought promoting LGBTIQAP+++(Sin pride) would be a way to reach them but being counted AMONG them doesn’t save a single one of them just enables them to pull down Christ’s weaker disciples who claim it’s just about love, but His love is definitely NOT their version of it. 1Cor 6:9-11. Keep up the good fight for Truth in a world of lies.

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  2. Thank you Bernard.

    I am sure God will reward you for what you do and for what you have suffered.

    The NAB (and other banks) are way too woke.

    Further the NAB are climate alarmists – probably as they know taxpayer dollars will flow their way.

    Bernard – keep going. Truth eventually shines through.

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  3. Thank you Bernard for your thoroughness on backgrounding this story and your courage to shout the truth of it out in public. I didn’t know all that (or had forgotten) and would have approached the posts we’ve made at FLI differently had I. God bless you my friend.

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  4. Good article. To be completely balanced it would have been good to get a quote from Thorburn to know if he has indeed changed his mid and views. Are those views and opinions he held at the NAB ones he holds today? I’d hate an article written today, sighting some of my past beliefs or behaviours as just deserts for things that may happen to me today due to my beliefs today. Additionally, does the write of this article know what pressures he was by the board to see these changes? Surprisingly to some, the things at the NAB could well have been instigated at Board level. True he could have walked, but so too could anyone else who was/is a Christian there. Note I have no idea who this bloke was prior to the recent media noise nor do I follow AFL. This is a good article but again without any input by Thorburn it is yet another article based upon an outsiders observation…..maybe it it spot on but perhaps it is incomplete as well……just something to think about

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  5. Bernard THANK YOU for telling the truth. The amount of “Christians” supporting Mr. Thorburn is perplexing. But we know what God says so clearly. Let others have their feet in the world, with the hypocritical attitude of declaring their lying loyalty to Jesus Christ.

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    • Thanks Nina.

      I think Andrew Thorburn does need support. What happened to him is wrong and he has taken a hit for his Christian beliefs. He now has an opportunity to stand up and to correct the past.

      And the key lesson is this: if you feed the monster it will eventually eat you.

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      • Poor old Andrew, after stiffing the NAB for everything he could, still couldn’t stand up for the good guys. After protesting that the comments in question were made before he was there, he doubled down by saying he doesn’t agree with everything the church said and he was only in a governance role. Even if true he wanted the impression given to the public to indicate that he personally didn’t agree with the statements made. Possibly he thought that it would be enough to get him off the hook. That’s not a winning strategy for anyone.

      • Pat Byrne summed it up well in yesterday’s Australian. A lack of tolerance.

      • I can see what Bernard means but the actions of the club appear to be religious discrimination governed by State and federal laws so Andrew Thorburn probably has a good case and he should go to the courts for all of our sakes, I think. He also may have a good claim for constructive dismissal. The whole thing seems to me to be just so ridiculous, as well, when religion has patently nothing to do with football.

      • Thanks Lisa.

        The Thorburn saga illustrates very well the danger of ‘Religious Discrimination’ laws.

        Victoria has one. It has not and will not protect him. The Head Honcho has already publicly stated that she will not accept a complaint from Thorburn and congratulated Essendon for forcing him out.

        He may be able to pursue his claim against Essendon under different workplace laws but the anti-discrimination industry is intent on destroying Christianity. Putting them in charge of ‘religious freedom’ will be a massive mistake.

  6. A former NAB employee from Thorburn’s time, I had to suffer through “wear it purple” day and keep my mouth shut because it was bleedingly obvious that you either had to be “woke” or keep your mouth shut so you didn’t get downgraded on “soft skills” (which are not a measurable metric on which to base someone’s party).
    Poetic justice I say.

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  7. The photo of that sign at the top of the page is a real doozy; it’s a massive encouragement to male perverts to check out girls and women in public toilets.
    Don’t believe for one minute that males using shared public toilets don’t do it for sexual gratification, despite what “progressives” tell us.

    You are correct, Bernard; never ever give in to the left or apologise to them.

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    • BTW, the linking of shared public toilets with “Gay Pride” flags is a very troubling and extremely disturbing juxtaposition IMO.

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  8. love you Bernard..God bless you and keep you. Amen

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    • Here here thank you Bernard for being a Christian who walks the walk 🙏🏻🇦🇺

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