If only Albo practised what he preaches

On Saturday night, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese gave a teary, solemn and sombre speech to the Australian nation after his ridiculous ‘Voice’ proposal was resoundingly pummelled from one end of this land to the other.

And in that speech two things were apparent.

Firstly, Anthony Albanese had no idea why Australians overwhelmingly voted no.

Secondly, Anthony Albanese unwittingly explained with great precision why Australians overwhelmingly voted no.

So that means Albanese is either dumb. Or he just doesn’t believe what he says. You can work that bit out yourself and I’ll just unravel the two points above.

It was crystal clear that Head Honcho Albo had no idea why Australians voted no when he blamed the result on Peter Dutton’s lack of bipartisan support for his ‘modest’ constitutional amendment to entrench racial division into our nation’s DNA while massively expanding Canberra’s left-wing bureaucratic class and power base.

Anyone who thinks Peter Dutton could have convinced Australians to vote yes has massively underestimated the political power of the Leader of the Opposition.

If Albanese really thinks Dutton’s lack of support is the key reason his referendum proposal was rejected then, yeah, he has no idea why Australians voted no.

That’s point one done.

And it only takes about 30 seconds of Albanese’s speech to prove point two. That’s all.

Even better, it’s also the first 30 seconds of his speech.

Exactly 18 seconds into his speech, our emotional Prime Minister said this:

“When we reflect on everything happening in the world today we can all give thanks that here in Australia we make the big decisions peacefully and as equals with one vote, one value.”

He finished that quote 15 seconds later.

And if our red-eyed Prime Minister had stopped his speech right then and there he would have said everything that needed to be said to explain why Australians voted no.

Australian democracy has worked for over a century precisely because it is based on the idea that each person gets an equal say in the way our nation is governed.

The whole entire point of the Voice referendum was to radically change this system and insert a new chapter into the Constitution which would give one racial group a second vote for a taxpayer-funded body which could directly influence both the parliament and the executive on their behalf.

If Albo’s pet project got up he would never be able to start any political speech with his words above again.

Australia would not make the big decision as equals with one vote, one value.

Australians rightly rejected Albo’s racially divisive plan for unequal political power based on skin colour. That alone was enough to sink it.

But anyone with a modicum of foresight could also see that any ‘Voice’ would simply become a massive bureaucratic monster.

To have the power to make ‘informed’ representations to Executive Government, any Voice would need researchers and liaison officers and analysts and representatives with staffers and social media communicators and public relations officers.

It would also massively expand the powers of the Commonwealth over the states.

In short, any ‘Voice’ would simply become a mechanism to recruit, fund, train, promote and publicise another army of left wing activists.

No wonder Canberra voted for it. A vote for the Voice was a vote to massively increase the power of Bizarro Land.

Australians look at Canberra and see a vast sucking maw storing huge reserves of fat and blubber gained by feeding off the carcass of the rest of Australia.

And on Saturday Australians said no more, including large numbers of Aboriginal people who also know this: they already have a voice.

They exercised theirs, like all other Australians, on the weekend. And that’s how it should be.


Marcia Langton told us that if Australia voted no we wouldn’t get another welcome to country.

Most Australians found those terms to be acceptable and it is important that Langton keeps her end of the bargain.

The good professor should proudly reflect on the critical part she paid in convincing Australians to vote no.

The deal was made a good deal better later on Saturday night when it was revealed that key Voice campaigners were responding to the Australian public’s generous vote against racial division by huffing that they’d shut up for a week and fly the Aboriginal flag at half mast.

It was almost too good to be true.

Thanks fellas. Go hard in mourning I say. In fact, perpetual silence and taking the flags down for good is something all Australians could get behind…


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Spot on Bernard,
    We dodged a bullet with this latest “Government” effort to exert more controls over our moral and human values. Thank God most Aussies stood tall for our proclaimed belief in a “fair go for everyone” and our continuing wish and hope that this is the Australian way of life.

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  2. I can’t work out who is the biggest clown. Both morons. That’s easy to work out. We have to get rid of both, before they do any morr damage to Australia.

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  3. I fear these LGA (former Shire Councils) will insure we continue to get smoked and ‘welcomed to country’.

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