Wynnum Fringe: tension certain, violence possible after Pride sponsor & Green candidate unleashes mob intimidation campaign

Unfortunately, there will be high tension in Wynnum in Brisbane’s bayside this Sunday and it may spiral into violence.

The local Greens candidate, Bel Ellis, has doxxed a large Catholic family, put photos of their house online and urged a gay mob to show up at their front door at 11 am on Sunday.

Why? Because Ellis is incensed that this family has dared to oppose the Wynnum Fringe/Bay Pride gay march through a local children’s park and wading pool which will kick off an hour later.

Given this is the type of behaviour that has occurred at other ‘family friendly’ and ‘age inclusive’ gay pride events in Brisbane this year, it is not surprising that there is considerable community concern about the pride march planned through Wynnum this Sunday:

Men in leather dog gimp masks play with large lego blocks and a connect 4 set in front of a boy at the Brisbane Pride event in October 2023.

Ellis admits that she has been visited by Queensland Police over her social media posts. However, she refuses to apologise or to call off her intimidation campaign. Instead, she now thinks that she is being clever by organising a ‘glittery gay picnic’ directly across the road from this house which also happens to be away from the route of the planned pride march.

In other words, Ellis and any thugs who answer her call will go out of their way to turn up at this family home. The only reason to meet there is to intimidate a specific large Catholic family and Ellis has made that reason very clear in her numerous social media posts.

Ellis is a sponsor of Wynnum Fringe/Bay Pride through her business ‘The Little Gnome’ bookshop and cafe. She has also received support from local Bay FM radio presenter and Bay Pride promoter and organiser, Callum Cantrill.

Cantrill has liked and provided supportive comments on two Instagram posts made by Bel Ellis in the past week which specifically reference this Catholic family’s home and which remain online as at the time this article was published.

Bay Pride organiser and promoter, Callum Cantrill, supported a video post from Bel Ellis in which she stated: We’ll be right out the front of your house, buddy!

Bel Ellis has even publicly invited Wynnum Fringe organiser, Tom Oliver, to join her mob outside this family home.

Wynnum Fringe/Bay Pride sponsor, Bel Ellis, has publicly invited Wynnum Fringe organiser, Tom Oliver, to join her mob outside a large Catholic family’s home this Sunday.

Ellis’ public invitation contains this wording: you know where to meet me.

This appears to indicate that Ellis has also privately communicated to Tom Oliver her plans for this Sunday, although given Ellis’ history of blatant mistruths it may instead be a deliberate attempt to falsely portray support from the Wynnum Fringe organiser. This webpage certainly hopes that the latter scenario is the case.

This webpage has personally contacted Tom Oliver by social media and via his official Wynnum Fringe channels and is aware of other direct communications made to him. Oliver has also received hundreds of emails since this website’s campaign commenced yesterday evening calling on him to condemn Bel Ellis’ outrageous behaviour.

Unfortunately, Oliver has refused to answer any questions or to even respond to these communications regarding his sponsor’s dangerous statements or the fact that Bel Ellis has personally invited him to join her mob outside this family home.

However, Tom Oliver has found time over recent days to give numerous interviews to woke outlets like the ABC and Channel 10 to complain about community opposition to his gay pride march. He claims that this opposition is bullying – which he says that he opposes – and that he is compelled to call it out.

That seems a little hypocritical to say the least.

Let’s be clear about what is happening here: Bel Ellis is engaged in a vicious intimidation campaign against a large Catholic family, pure and simple. It is backed by an implicit threat of mob violence and the public support of some gay pride march organisers.

It is disgusting. It is unacceptable and totally contrary to Australian values. It cannot be tolerated. As such, it is completely unsurprising that the Greens continue to back their candidate in. This party represents crazy.

Let’s also be clear: Tom Oliver cannot pretend this problem away and his continuing silence now verges on complicity.

Oliver, at the very least, needs to understand that his failure to act in these circumstances will only exacerbate tensions over the weekend. If Sunday spirals out of control it will be in no small part due to Oliver’s ongoing failure to rein in his rogue sponsor and condemn her dangerous and explosive statements.

The Queensland Police are already involved and their involvement will only need to escalate unless sensible decisions are taken between now and Sunday.

The Greens candidate and event sponsor has openly set the wheels in motion for religiously-motivated mob violence and the specific targeting of Christian family homes. Who knows what the people she is encouraging will do, but none of it will be good.

There will be an understandable reaction to this intimidation campaign. It represents a radical shift in the way political and social differences are resolved in Australia. Conservatives cannot even protest. Woke crazies, however, will turn up at your house.

It is entirely reasonable for other conservative and Christian families to form the view that if gay activists across South East Queensland are allowed to assemble outside a family home in Wynnum that similar actions will be taken against other families in the greater Brisbane area. It is entirely reasonable, also, for these families to form the view at this point in time that the Queensland Police are unwilling or unable to prevent this from occurring. Bel Ellis’ map and photo of this home remains online, as does much of her inflammatory rhetoric.

To be honest, I get the impression that neither Tom Oliver nor the Queensland Police fully comprehend the level of community anger or concern that Bel Ellis’ intimidation campaign has stirred.

Good people in Wynnum at the very least are likely to take precautionary actions to protect their family, friends and property from a deranged and unhinged mob of blue-haired crazies on testosterone supplements who may turn up in their front yard this Sunday.

On top of all of this remains ongoing community concern over what many view as an inappropriate gay pride march which will ramrod its way through a local park and children’s wading pool in the middle of a Sunday. There will be a protest against this situation as well and those who wish to express their concerns over this event are well within their rights to do so.

A flyer promoting a protest against the Wynnum Fringe/Bay Pride march through a children’s park and wading pool in Wynnum this Sunday.

With this tension, heated clashes are almost inevitable, especially around homes. Violence is not out of the question.

Tom Oliver’s sponsor, Bel Ellis, has organised for a mob of hissing baboons to descend upon Wynnum this Sunday from all over South East Queensland with a single intent of intimidating one local family. Oliver knows about this but has been silent throughout.

Promotional imagery for Wynnum Fringe showing Bel Ellis (left) and Tom Oliver (right) taken in September 2023.

It is his sponsors who have threatened and intimidated. It is his sponsors who have doxxed a local family. It is his sponsors who are organising a mob to converge at the front of a family home. There will be an understandable reaction to this on Sunday.

If Tom Oliver was sensible he would cancel the event that is being used as a pretext to bring the mob to Wynnum. He would cancel his pride march. However, that would take courage and maturity.

Given Tom Oliver has not even had the courage or maturity to even condemn the call by his sponsor to congregate at the front of a family home (c’mon Tom that bit is not even hard – it’s a no brainer), it seems that Tom will not have the courage or maturity to do the hard bit either: cancel his divisive and now high-jacked gay pride march.

Tom Oliver’s failure to condemn Bel Ellis days ago has allowed this situation to fester. It is now getting beyond his ability to control. Sunday is unlikely to be a pleasant day in Wynnum.

And however it plays out, violent mobs will be watching and learning about how much they are allowed to get away with. And conservative families across South East Queensland will be forming opinions about whether law enforcement really will protect them and their homes. So much for Wynnum Fringe bringing the community together…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. We should all rally at this home to assist this family in any way to do what ever they wish to do, leave or return to their home, which is their right. Or it used to be!
    Not to be harassed by those weird agendas
    It getting to be enough is enough

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  2. Totally disappointed and disgusted with the council who allow this ‘Pride’ debauchery to infiltrate a neighbourhood and children’s playground!
    This sick agenda trying to normalise perversion to our children must be stopped.

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    • This is clearly not family entertainment! Good on the Christian family for calling this out. I pray Our Lady Help of Christians protects you and that the organisers rethink these events. They are an affront and especially out of place as we prepare for Christmas.

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    • There was NO debauchery at the Wynnum Pride parade. I think the group of protesters could clearly see they had been called there under false pretences. It was a happy, loving and inclusive gathering of thousands of our Bayside community. Wonderful to see and experience.

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      • Hey Mike – have you always sounded like a goose or do you practice regularly?

        This video shows a gay pervert exposing himself in the Wynnum wading pool during the gay pride parade. He’s one of yours. When will you lot start dealing with the fact that these are the people you promote and protect?


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