Archbishop Coleridge

Whatever Archbishop Coleridge is doing, it is hard to see how he is doing the “bishop” part right.

His statements on moral issues, at best, are confusing. At worst they directly condone grave evil. Regardless of his intention, the objective reality is that his statements on issues such as abortion, homosexual behaviour and adultery can, and are, interpreted to mean that Catholics can approve of these evils.

Archbishop Coleridge’s statements on the kingship of Christ, his decision to allow a Catholic church to be used for scandalous conduct and his failure to prevent nonsense being taught in Catholic schools in his diocese also are of the greatest concern.

Finally, the Plenary Council in Australia, which he is largely responsible for, has been used to promote heresy and schism. It is a trainwreck unfolding before our eyes.

Archbishop Coleridge would need prayers, even if he was perfect. Bishops have very difficult jobs. Please sign up to pray the rosary for him each and every day. May he become a truly great bishop, bravely defend the Church and lead the souls under his care to Heaven.

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