Hold the Anti-Discrimination Board to account

The New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) is an out of control body of political activists that is a threat to free speech in Australia.

Since 2014, I have been forced to sell my house and pay more than $200,000 to defend myself. Not a single one of the 36 complaints from a serial homosexual activist against me for my views on marriage has been upheld. But the High Court has found that the ADB failed to abide by this nation’s most important law, the Constitution, each time it referred the activist’s complaints to the Tribunal.

And now the President of the ADB has stated that she is going to continue referring complaints to this tribunal.

This organisation is out of control.

In recent years, it has:

  • unconstitutionally referred more than 24 complaints to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal,
  • refused to accept evidence that serial complainants are lodging complaints to financially hurt those they oppose,
  • refused to accept evidence that serial complainants are lodging complaints to harass and damage the reputation of those they oppose,
  • accepted complaints from activists who have complained about their own comments on the Facebook pages of those they harass,
  • accepted racial vilification complaints against those who express concern about Islamic immigration,
  • accepted homosexual vilification complaints against those who condemn naked homosexual men who stand in front of children,
  • claimed it is unbiased even though it marches in the Mardi Gras, has pledged allegiance to ‘Wear it Purple Day’ and campaigned for homosexual marriage,
  • allowed a serial complainant to lodge hundreds of complaints against a brain-damaged man incapable of understanding the law, and
  • met regularly with a group that seeks to decriminalise sex in public.

And now it is ignoring the High Court.

All of this has cost the New South Wales taxpayer millions. And it is costing ordinary Australians too.

Their livelihoods. Their sanity. Their savings. Their reputation. Their freedom.

The ADB needs to face serious scrutiny for its actions, culture and failure to abide by the law.

Please sign the petition to the New South Wales Attorney General, the Hon Mark Speakman SC MP to hold an inquiry into the ADB.

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