This webpage operates only on the support of donations. I am greatly humbled by the assistance I have received since 2013 and feel the burden of trust placed in me.

Together we have achieved significant victories, including legal wins to protect freedom of speech and success in removing the Defence imam, standing against halal certification and lodging the most well-supported submission in Australia to the Religious Freedom Review.

Thank you for your generosity.

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Australia faces a massive crisis.

It’s culture, values, heritage and freedom are under attack. This webpage exists to fight back and it has done so strongly.

But it can’t do that without your help. This webpage relies entirely on the support of those who read it.


With your support, this webpage has forced the closure of the Navy’s Islamic Twitter account and forced the resignation of the Defence imam. With the pressure it’s been able to create, Defence is now reconsidering its support of ‘genderless’ recruits.

We have also been able to take the fight up in the courts. This webpage has stopped anti-discrimination activists from using draconian anti-free speech laws in one state against persons living anywhere in Australia.

And the legal fight against Defence has paved the foundation for future battles in court to protect freedom of speech.

Most importantly, an army of over 25,000 Australians has been formed as a result of this webpage.

The legal victories we have obtained since 2014 are under attack.

I have been required to commence a number of new legal battles since February 2018 and all of these will strongly defend the gains we have succeeded in obtaining to protect freedom of speech.

Since 2013, this webpage and its supporters have achieved far more than the ‘progressives’ believed it could.

We have developed a reputation for being staunch defenders of freedom and our Western Christian values.

Now it is time to take the fight up to radical extremists destroying our nation with their neo-Marxist and politically-correct ideologies and support of threats to our way of life, such as Islam.

Stay tuned for the launch of Get Real Australia. It’ll knock GetUp! off its perch…




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