Petition – Cease Defence support for same-sex marriage campaign

Just days after Australians will begin receiving postal votes for the marriage plebiscite, Defence will sponsor a dinner for DEFGLIS – an organisation that campaigns for ‘homosexual marriage’. It is also allowing the uniform of the Australian Defence Force to be associated with this organisation.

This is completely inappropriate and just further proof that Defence is no longer apolitical.

It is actively siding with the ‘Yes’ campaign.

And it is using your taxes to support an organisation that not only campaigns for homosexual marriage, but that also wants all protections for religious organisations removed.

The ‘Military Pride Ball’ will be held in Sydney on 23 September. As the DEFGLIS website makes clear, this dinner is sponsored by ‘Defence Pride’.

Military Pride Ball

‘Defence Pride’ is an internal network within the Australian Defence Force that promotes LGBT agendas.

It was relaunched recently on ‘Wear it Purple Day’.

DEFGRAM - Defence Pride

And as the DEFGLIS webpage also makes clear, it supports same-sex marriage.

It is festooned with the rainbow, the political symbol of ‘marriage equality’ and has urged Australians to enrol so that they can vote yes. It also displays information to ‘help’ Defence members cope with the ‘No’ campaign.

DEFGLIS plebiscite

More importantly, DEFGLIS has long campaigned politically to radically redefine marriage.

It has lobbied federal parliament since 2012 to change marriage laws, lodging submissions calling for homosexual marriage to be legalised with both Senate and lower house inquiries into marriage.

It also supported Labor’s proposed changes to anti-discrimination laws that would remove all freedoms from religious organisations.

A DEFGLIS submission stated:

“We recommend all Government funded services are restricted from discriminating, including religious organisations.”

If DEFGLIS gets its way, religious and private schools will be forced to teach the Safe Schools program and priests will be required to conduct homosexual weddings in Catholic and Christian churches.

And now DEFGLIS is receiving funds from the Australian Defence Force in order to promote its agenda.

I have launched a petition to the Minister for Defence, Shadow Minister for Defence and Senator Cory Bernardi from the Australian Conservatives.

I will be sure to update you with any response.

The petition calls on Defence to cease its involvement with and support of political lobby groups. It must end its sponsorship of DEFGLIS and cease allowing DEFGLIS to use official Defence uniforms for its activities.

Defence should be focused on defending Australia, not taking sides during the marriage campaign.

Please sign the petition today: now is the time to make your voice heard.

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