Petition: Save our war graves from French windmills

Bullecourt windfarm

Up to 2,500 Australian soldiers lie in unmarked graves around the small French town of Bullecourt.

They fell there 100 years ago. But now a French company is planning to build a wind farm on their resting ground, using their sacrifice as the foundation for monuments to political correctness.

This is an insult to these brave men.

It is extremely heartening to hear that the current Mayor of Bullecourt is completely opposed to this insult.

I also want to thank Campbell Newman for taking this issue up so strongly as well.

I ask you to sign the petition below to the Minister for Veterans Affairs, Dan Tehan, calling on him to raise this issue with the Prime Minister and to urge him to protest this plan with the French President. I did hope to have this petition go to the Prime Minister too but his email system has been set up to prevent these petitions.

So I urge you to copy the petition text and paste it into Malcolm Turnbull’s web-based contact form here and let him know your concern as well.

And if Paris is going to dump on our fallen to meet some climate change requirement, we should dump Paris and its insane climate change accord too.

This is the ultimate test of our national commitment to “Lest We Forget”.

Let’s make sure we pass it. We owe it to those who gave everything for us.

Please note that due to setting I cannot change, you will need to type in the state.

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