Plenary Council 2020

The Catholic Church will hold a Plenary Council in Australia in 2020.

This is a dangerous time for the Church. There is an external hatred against it that has infected society and has even been acknowledged as a reason for the wrongful jailing of former Adelaide Archbishop, Philip Wilson. Within, there is a strong push to radically overthrow Catholic tradition.

The Catholic Church is not a democracy but is the Church established by Jesus Christ. Faithful Catholics must defend that Church and the truth.

Although there are only 24 hours until submissions close on Ash Wednesday, please feel free to sign my submission.

It essentially calls for a return to the basics: Mass and sacraments and a strong defence of the Church’s traditions.

Those involved in the Plenary Council must be faithful Catholics.

The Church must once again engage in Catholic political action.

The Catholic education system has failed and must be thoroughly overhauled so its graduates know and love the faith.

The Mass, sacraments and the Rosary should become central to the lives of every Catholic family.

Bishops must teach the faith.

And the sexual abuse crisis must be thoroughly addressed, including the issue of homosexuality and the vicious anti-Catholic bias that has infected the justice system.

You can download my entire submission here. You can also lodge your own submission here.

Please sign the petition below.

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