Sack the Defence imam


This petition was successful. The Defence imam is gone.

All details can be found here.


The Defence Force imam, Sheikh Mohamadu Nawas Saleem, has backed Hizb ut Tahrir and called for Sharia law. He was a key member of the Australian National Imam’s Council when it opposed Defence operations against the Islamic State and criticised laws that prohibit the advocation of terrorism.

Yet he has been appointed to increase Islamic recruitment into our Army, Navy and Air Force, even though more Muslims from Australia have signed up to fight for the Islamic State than the Australian Defence Force.

He gets paid over $700 per day to do this.

For more information, see my previous posts:

Ben Fordham has covered this debacle on 2GB and also discussed it with Mark Latham:

And now the Daily Mail is onto this issue as well:

The Australian Defence Force’s chief imam signed a petition protesting against a push by former prime minister Tony Abbott to ban Islamist extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Sheikh Mohamadu Nawas Saleem added his name to this petition in February 2015 after Mr Abbott proposed to prohibit the group, which campaigns for a global Islamic caliphate based on sharia law.

Now, federal Attorney-General George Brandis is again rejecting a call for that group to be banned, despite its recent calls for ex-Muslims to be killed and its advocacy of domestic violence.

The Defence imam’s views are dangerous, his position is untenable and he must go.

Sign the petition to have him sacked today.

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