Scrap the Religious Discrimination Bill

The Religious Discrimination Bill is a disaster. Submissions are open until 31 January 2020.

You can lodge your own submission or sign my short submission below. Do not let your voice go unheard.


I do not support the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill.

It will:

  • give more power to the anti-discrimination industry – the very industry that is the cause of the oppression of Christians in Australia today;
  • create a new layer of taxpayer-funded, rent-seeking, woke, activist bureaucrats who believe that the coercive power of the state should be used to impose a new moral worldview on Australians – this is the very opposite of ‘draining the swamp’;
  • empower this bureaucracy to determine the doctrinal teachings of organisations such as the Catholic Church and to assess whether individual Australians are actually Catholic – normally a task that is the sole responsibility of the Catholic Church – an idea so bad in principle that nothing good can come from its practical implementation;
  • ensure the return of jobs advertisements open solely to applicants of ‘approved’ religious belief – an idea that ordinary Australians vehemently oppose; and
  • protect ‘religions’ that ordinary Australians find abhorrent, including Satanic cults, and create the circumstances for endless, divisive litigation that only results in the further limits of freedom, especially for Christian Australians.

I urge that this bill be scrapped.

I further urge that the real problem limiting freedom in Australia be addressed. The solution to the religious freedom problem facing Australia can only be found by repealing existing anti-discrimination laws and the abolition of agencies such as the Australian Human Rights Commission.

It is these laws and agencies that have enabled aggressive, vexatious and anti-Christian activists to increasingly drag Christian Australians through pointless and expensive litigation at great cost to numerous individuals and at greater cost to a previously harmonious society.

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