Support Mark Latham’s Bill to end vexatious complaints

Mark Latham has introduced a proposed law to force the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board to:

  • reject vexatious and frivolous complaints; and
  • reject complaints against people with brain damage.

This bill also clarifies that the ADB has no power over people who do not live in New South Wales and closes a loophole that allows vexatious complainants to bring matters to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal, even if they have been rejected.

The truth is that none of these changes should be necessary. However, the ADB has become so drunk on its own power that it is out of control. So much so that it needs to be spelled out in black and white writing that vexatious complaints must not be processed.

The ADB has allowed one man, Garry Burns, to lodge hundreds of complaints against me to bankrupt me (even though I don’t even live in New South Wales) and to destroy a brain-damaged man, John Sunol, who has mostly been unrepresented in the legal system and fined over $50,000 for his incoherent commentary for over a decade.

This is an enormous scandal.

You can lodge submissions in support of Mark Latham’s bill here until 26 April.

You can also sign my petition below – which I will include in my detailed and lengthy submission.

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