Sofie Formica’s family-friendly freak show

This article is dedicated to 4BC’s Sofie Formica. She used these words on Monday to describe a planned gay pride march through a children’s park and wading pool in Wynnum this weekend:

A really family-friendly innocent pride walk

Bless Sofie.

She’s either blind. Or deluded. Or both.

Because I wouldn’t want to claim that Sofie has actually paid attention to what happens at pride marches and is just blatantly lying to the thousands of people who tune in to her radio show.

That’d be uncharitable when I do not know for sure or at all if she can actually see or think. There is literally no evidence for either.

Sofie’s on radio so I have no idea if her eyes are merely painted on and the noises that she makes do not give the slightest indication that she possesses intelligence at all.

Anyone with vision and a basic grasp of reality knows that there is no such thing as a really family-friendly innocent pride walk. There’s not even slightly family-friendly and marginally tainted pride walks.

There’s just disgusting and perverted pride walks.

That’s it. That’s all there is. They are the only kind of pride walks that exist.

Sure, some are worse than others but they all come from the same sloppy sewer.

Sofie made these statements while trying to cheer up Wynnum Fringe’s Tom Oliver. And he does need cheering up. Even I’m starting to feel for him a little.

His three week festival is now a disaster – even the dudes who dress as nuns and then strip off have injured themselves (what a real pity that is) – and it seems that all Tom Oliver’s got to show for it is an unwanted and unending relationship with a lunatic Green candidate.

Christ spoke about millstones around the neck for those who scandalise kids.

But I bet no one thought that would literally involve Tom Oliver having to put up with Bel Ellis for three excruciating weeks. She’s wrapped herself around his event and neck so tight that he probably wishes he could find the real thing.

At least it would probably be quicker and more enjoyable than watching Bel Ellis try and drum up interest in the Wynnum Fringe. As bad as Bel has been over the past week, this little effort is probably the greatest stinker of them all. Each time it’s played Tom loses customers because Bel couldn’t sell candy to a kid.


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When Tom does get the courage to tell Bel that it’s not a great idea to dox local families in the name of Wynnum Fringe’s Bay Pride gay march, he might also ask her to forego the advertising as well. It’s just not helpful.

But I digress.

Sofie was trying to cheer Tom up on Monday because he was dealing with ‘fake’ flyers that were distributed advertising his gay pride march.

The ‘fake flyers’ advertising the Wynnum Fringe gay pride march.

When I say fake, it seems that these flyers were not officially distributed by Wynnum Fringe. But the content of the flyers does not actually seem to be fake at.

The three drag queens in the middle of the flyer are the very drag queens Wynnum Fringe is using as the centrepiece of its advertising campaign for a ‘family-friendly’ gay pride march.

The flyers also contain all the details of the pride march including that organisers are encouraging children to attend, details of those who support the pride march such as the Bank of Queensland, Brisbane City Council, local Labor councillor, Sara Whitmee, and state Labor MP, Joan Pease, plus details of other things that happen at pride marches.

Such as an image of a man in a leather gimp costume and dog mask kneeling next to a child along with the caption ‘Pet the Animals’.

The flyer is actually kind of funny. Maybe even hilarious.

Especially when shocked woke radio hosts and television reporters from the ABC or Channel 10 get Tom to describe the fake flyer in all its painful, truthful glory.

Here, let me moan to you all about the fake flyer that sounds like it’s just an actual flyer for every gay pride parade in the entire universe.

So while the flyers may well be fake in the sense that they are not an official Wynnum Fringe announcement, they are probably the only gay pride flyers in the world that comply with the concept of truth in advertising.

Tom Oliver should embrace this rather than sooking. He had the opportunity to have the first pride march in history that truly embraced its shame.

But, alas, he didn’t. Rudely, he also refused to thank the charitable and humble soul who provided him with accurate and entirely free advertising in letter boxes all over Brisbane’s bayside. If it was me, I’d be demanding that I least get my name put up on the Wynnum Fringe sponsor board.

And then he went running off to Sofie and Channel 10 and the ABC where they all asked Tom with hushed tones to describe actual images of kids at gay pride events doing things that everyone is pretending will not happen at all in Wynnum this weekend.

The audience to all of these interviews simply rolled its eyes and yawned. No one but the presenters is being fooled here.

So, for the benefit of Sofie Formica, here are some images of really family-friendly and innocent pride walks here in Brisbane. This year.

I could have gone digging up dirt from Sydney’s Mardi Gras or Melbourne or Los Angeles or New York over many years. Yes, that stuff is disgusting. But I don’t have to.

We have our own home grown and local vomit-inducing muck here. All of these images are from daytime Brisbane Pride while it was ‘family friendly’ and ‘age appropriate’. And they are just a few weeks old.

These are the people who are being encouraged into Wynnum this weekend. I’m willing to bet most people in the area would describe it as a freak show.

Sofie, only weirdos think this stuff is family-friendly or innocent. Normal people don’t want this crap anywhere near their children…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The Pride Rainbow 🌈 is false with only six colours, purple is not a true rainbow colour.
    God’s rainbow He gave to the Earth after the Flood has even colours Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

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    • Well done for exposing the evil propaganda spewed by these mentally ill perverts. I ounce had a “live and let live” attitude to them. Now that they are targeting our kids, we must mobilise to call out their evil agenda.

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  2. Madness and Sofie is such a good look but no moral compass. What a dreadful shame as she clearly has no standards and doesn’t care about the well being of children. Is your career waning Sofie?

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