A bitter defeat for all Australians…

Today the High Court denied me leave to appeal against the Chief of Defence Force’s decision to terminate my appointment as an officer, as upheld by the Full Court of the Federal Court earlier this year.

I have been fortunate to have had so much support in this battle. Today we have been defeated and for that I apologise. I feel that I have let many Australians down.

This defeat does not just affect me personally.

It affects all Australians. And the implications if the laws change on marriage are obvious.

The Full Court of the Federal Court’s decision now stands.

It found that it was legal for the Chief of Defence Force to impose ‘cultural change’ policies that include official support for events like the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and its campaign for homosexual marriage.

It found that it was legal for the Chief of Defence Force to prohibit any private comments objecting to this overt display of support for a radical political agenda and anti-Christian vilification.

It found that it was legal for any private comments against such political partisanship to be characterised as homophobia.

It found that it was legal for the Chief of Defence Force and other senior officers to personally determine that such┬ácomments were disobedience and insubordination, even though the military disciplinary process found that such accusations could not be upheld in law and that their ‘orders’ could not be enforced in law either.

It found that it is legal to sack a worker for expressing views in a private capacity if they go against workplace cultural and diversity policies.

And it found all of this, even though the law of the land is that marriage is actually between a man and a woman.

In Australia employers now lawfully own the political views of their workers.

If the organisation you work for supports policies that require ‘respect’, ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’, the buzzwords of the politically-correct push for homosexual marriage, you can be lawfully sacked for supporting the ‘No’ campaign.

Any such support can be characterised as insubordination, disobedience and disrespect.

If the laws change on marriage, workplaces across the land will not just face increased pressure from activist organisations to adopt policies requiring ‘respect’ of homosexual marriage. The law will require this as well.

And it will be enforced by state-based ‘anti-vilification’ laws that will be brutally brought to bear by politically-correct activists and organisations against ‘homophobes’.

If you put your head above the parapet, the Thought Police will come gunning for you.

I must point out that this is exactly what happened to me.

The Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS), a private lobby group of homosexual Defence members that campaigns for homosexual marriage, came after me.

It helped Defence prepare media statements about me.

It lobbied hard within Defence to have me sacked.

It lodged complaints against me.

And it’s members were the first to highlight publicly Defence documents that identified my position as an officer in the Army Reserve.

I was ‘outed’ by DEFGLIS and then sacked for expressing views afterwards.

Defence has now silenced private political opinion on the basis of its relationship with DEFGLIS and begun marching on the streets in support of its political agenda. Yet it has claimed all along that it is ‘apolitical’.

I’ll let you judge that for yourself.

DEFGLIS is hosting a military pride ball on on 23 September – right in the middle of the marriage plebiscite.

The DEFGLIS website clearly shows its support for the homosexual marriage campaign and it has previously lobbied parliament for it and laws to remove freedoms from Christian organisations.

Yet this ball will be supported and sponsored by Defence through its ‘apolitical’ Defence Pride Network.

Any Defence member who expresses concern about this now faces the loss of their job. That’s how ‘apolitical’ Defence is.

I also spoke out against Islam and ‘affirmative action’ policies within Defence.

Any Defence member who expresses concern about the threat we face from Islam, or who questions policies that prioritise the recruitment and promotion of females over men can also be sacked.

And Australians, in the process, will be deprived of the views of Defence personnel who raise serious concerns about our ability to confront threats to this nation, or who identify policies that weaken military capability.

I have no doubt that I will eventually be vindicated on my views on marriage, family, Islam and politically-correct ‘affirmative action’ policies.

Common sense and truth always wins.

I just hope that it does not take a military disaster for us reach that point.

Thank you once again for your support.

I thank my legal team who have assisted me despite the personal toll on their professional careers.

I also thank my wife, Ellen, who has bravely stood beside me, and our 7.5 children who make us smile.

And I thank God. I have no doubt that He will bring greater good from evil.

“the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away: as it hath pleased the Lord so is it done:

blessed be the name of the Lord. “


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. In Israel homosexual marriage is outlawed. If it’s good enough for the only democracy in the Middle East then it’s good enough for us in distant Australia. However, I’ll bet any money that none of the six Jewish members of the Australian parliament will seek to bring light to the debate by asking that not only that there be the no vote but that they will jointly submit a bill to parliament to outlaw homosexual marriage in order to settle the matter once and for all.

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  2. This comment following shows exactly the calibre of the LGBTI crowd. It was put on a story about Lyle Shelton from ACL. The getup venom brigade are sure onto that story to try and sway people. All it is doing though is showing people just how nasty the LGBTI crowd are.
    dfred4350 from Toowoomba
    “I live for the day that the remaining christians are hunted down and defeated.”

    The No proponents are being censored in the media and then people with comments like this pass the newscorp censorship brigade. So much for democracy and freedom of speech.

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  3. Hey Bernard,
    You need to list a what can be done on the off chance people want to get off their back sides and do something about it….

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  4. Dear Bernard, am so proud of you – you have fought the good battle on behalf of so so many – from my family to yours – thank you so much!

    Sister Lucia has told us the last battle will be over marriage and the family …. it seems pretty clear where this is all heading

    Saint Louis and Azelie Martin (the only married saints in the Catholic Church) Please pray for our traditional families

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  5. I have never sacked anyone for their point of views and they have always said what ever they want regardless.

    I have very good friends for many years who I don’t respect their positions on, but we are still all great friends because we can see past our differences but we respect that we do have differences in opinions and we do have debate over such things until the cows come home at times.
    Such is life, I never would want others to believe or respect my position only, like some foolish lap dog.
    But in saying that I do listen to their point of views and respect that there is value in some of their point of view, but most of the socialist dribble they are sadly indoctrinated in, is just only one sided narrow-mindedness not to mention shallow, it’s the us verse them mentality that they just can’t shake off till they get into their 50’s.

    Now there are people who are in the workplace who dangled this socialist carrot, it gives them a united front of belonging to, that they think is working for their best interest, fact is such are in fact only using them for their own ends, to empower a socialist utopia where all are equal, it’s goal is to work to destroy Salvation and Grace in Jesus Christ and set up a law of iron, no one can speak freely for great fear takes hold of them.
    I seen this last week with all million air business men running for cover in total fear that their true point of views on SSM but they were all for the yes vote, only because they wanted it all out of their lives and could not care less about any of the details of what’s involved down the track with such a vote. they just don’t care at all ! not interested, I know most real well and I know some hate gay’s totally full on, but they will vote yes.

    This is how Nazi Germany and the Communist got into power, by putting fear into people and bastardising freedom of speech, it’s the key to dictatorships power.
    With True Freedom of Speech dictatorships don’t have a hope in hell.

    Dictators are like loose cannons, they will open fire on anyone and change there point of view like the wind, gays one day and who ever the next, their is no moral compass and we now have a world that has no morals, abortion on demand and we have lost the right to protest on this subject, it’s creep show !

    2 Timothy points out the path our Nation is heading, Will Jesus have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah.

    We have creeps in the greens that are openly claiming to want to kill off 90% of the people in the world and who says boo to such morons, they push crap like Dogs and humans are equal rights subject not to mention trees, there work is in progress and they will make the Nazis look like pip squeak’s to there madness.

    Did the Russians wake up to Communism before it was too late, the same with Nazi Germany ?

    Yet I have people saying don’t worry we will never become communist and others I come across who do want to become communist and I am like why do you want to become a slave or don’t you understand communist can kill who ever they want at any tick of the clock, because you become their cattle, they own you ? the people don’t own the government and you are guilty until you can prove your innocents.
    The Political Correct Socialist sure want to get there communist utopia, only so as to push all people around and the law will not save you as it never did, Grace gave us that freedom, but freedom can not be won without a struggle as it takes virtue dedication with Salvations Grace, Utopian hogwash will not cut it and never has.

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  6. You really don’t have much to whinge about, Bernard.
    I’ll take you back 48 years, to 25th October 1969, when I wore the baggy green as a Nasho going through Canungra prior to service in 7 RAR in Vietnam in 1970. I was threatened with a charge by an NCO in the orderly room when I objected strongly to the fact that I wasn’t going to be able get to a polling booth to vote in the federal election held that day.
    I thought it was morally reprehensible that my country was sending me off to fight on foreign soil in peacetime without being allowed a say in it. It would have been my first opportunity to vote in a federal election. I said as much.
    You, on the other hand, had some choices.
    You chose to join the army. I was conscripted in an unjust ballot that took a small proportion of individuals, whilst my peers continued their lives unmolested.
    You chose to speak out on a controversial topic as a serving member, fully aware of the consequences. I was simply asking that I be granted the same right to vote as every other Australian.
    I was not making a political statement. You were.
    So pull your head in, Bernard. You’re grandstanding for political advantage.
    The only “defeat” occasioned here is to your bigoted and ignorant mindset.

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    • 1735099 with respect you are wrong to suggest that Bernard is grandstanding. Just as you weren’t way back in 1969. Bernard is speaking on behalf of many Australians. Something most of us don’t have the guts to do.

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    • 1735099,

      In a liberal democracy like Australia’s, you don’t stop being a citizen when you become a soldier. Of course, certain restrictions apply to what you can speak about. However, the CDF went way too far in Bernie’s case. It is worrying that the Courts have allowed the CDF to get away with it.

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    • 1735009, ever hear of a postal vote? If the orderly room NCO in question did not provide you with access with such, ever hear of a redress of wrongs? You were simply screwed about by a lazy NCO and are having a little girly cry about it. Get over it you did not get fined for not voting did you?

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      • “having a little girly cry about it”
        Sexist abuse really does nothing for your credibility.
        And “not getting fined” is hardly the point.
        Obviously, the point I was making whizzed straight over your head.

    • Bernard Gaynor has every right in a democracy to stand up to who ever.
      I thought that a bigot was one that had no or little understanding of others perspectives opinion or is ignorant of such.

      Bernard has a in depth handle on such and could hardly be called ignorant of the facts he is talking about.

      I don’t think that Bernard wanted to become political, but was driven to such, due to the nature of all the underhanded tactics Australians are facing in the ADF and in politics.

      If Australia was changing for the good, I don’t think people would have to come out as they are having to now, disgusted with the rot that’s is going on nowadays, because the degenerate values being touted have no true value worth diddle squat in reality.

      Fact is that Bernard is not just on about himself but is on about the long held virtues of Australians democratic rights that are being eroded by cunning deception nowadays.
      Bernard and others who were dealt underhanded crap by the cunning degenerates in the ADF and in your opinion should he of been just good for nothing little piss boy and ran away from the subject and just because one out ranks you does not make them correct as Bernard has proven he was not in the wrong at all.

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  7. Where does this leave the Chaplains in the Defence Force? What an untenable outcome! Thank you for your efforts.

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  8. Thank you Bernie. You haven’t failed. This finding exposes more reason to vote NO.

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  9. You have taken up your cross. As repugnant as all this is for you and your loved ones, you remain a soldier on the battlefield in a horrible war, but one worthy of great glory. Suffering the effects of moral pollution that is so sickening is a type of martyrdom and God suffers it with you. Viva Cristo Rey!

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  10. This is bad news, Bernard.

    I’m a teacher and I was recently told that we are not allowed to comment on any matters to our local member of parliament or the media. The media are mostly snakes, so I’d avoid them anyway, but forbidding me from speaking freely to my local member of parliament? The Department of Education’s concern is legal action which will cost too much money. My immediate thought was, “Maybe so, but it’s a violation of my individual liberty.” As a matter of fact, I have publicly commented on issues that I disagree with, as you did. For example, I am against Safe Schools, abortion and marriage redefinition. Nothing has happened to me, but the precedent set by your case is definitely bad for freedom of speech, as you said. It’s not good for this country.

    It doesn’t matter if 999 out of 1000 can still say what they want. It has to be everyone.

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  11. The 23rd what a coincidence the first time in history a sign in the heavens of a virgin with ten crowns, What a wonderful time in history to be alive.

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  12. Bernard this decision was lost because you didn’t make out your case for special leave.
    A number of your supporters seem discombobulated as to what is actually going on here.
    I’ve been following your legal dramas / battles with Burns and the ADF.
    I think you are your own worst enemy Bernard because your predominent purpose here seems to be anti-homosexual, anti-islam and anti-women.
    You have been a candidate for 3 obscure right winged political parties. Being a Senate candidate for at least 1. And sacked by another.
    You’ve joined the Australian Conservatives but I don’t believe Mr Bernardi will risk nominating you as the QLD Senate Candidate for the next Federal Election because of your views toward homosexuals and homosexuality.
    Your believe in God is perfectly sound but God or morals play no part in the law.
    Your High Court battle with Mr Burns is going to be very interesting as it seems four other states including NSW support his views in relation to the ADA 1977 in relation to where the public act of downloading occurred.
    I’ve been following the NCAT proceedings between Mr Burns and yourself and I cannot find the claim you make that he is seeking $1.6 million in damages.
    That’s obviously an untruth isn’t it ?
    Bernard if you lose in the High Court with Mr Burns and the State of NSW there’s no more appeals. The matter will come back before the Court of Appeal so the merits of the case can be determined.
    Why don’t you desist from your public brawling about homosexuals, transgender women and the ADF ?
    Get on with being a good husband and father to your children because it seems you are going to lose the High Court proceedings with Mr Burns as well.
    Mr Burns is not seeking personal recompense so why are you stating public that he is ?

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    • David there are 16 NCAT matters. Each one comes with a potential fine of $100,000. That’s where $1.6 million comes from.

      Despite claims publicly from Burns that he is not after money, his complaints to NCAT do claim damages and in some cases maximum damages.

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    • Lindsay said, “Your believe[sic] in God is perfectly sound but God or morals play no part in the law.” Really?

      1. An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia [9th July 1900]: WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God”

      2. So there is no connection between morality and law? What, a man having sex with a child is not an immoral act but just illegal? So, in your uncircumspect assertion, relevant legislation against such behaviour is just the mere spontaneous thought-bubble of law makers getting out of bed one day and saying, “Gee, let’s make paedophilia illegal because, paraphrasing and contextualising that great philosopher Jerry Seinfeld, not that there is anything wrong with child molestation”?

      Lindsay, man, get some education!

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    • Lindsay,

      Bernie’s freedoms, like yours and mine, do not depend on his political alignment. Shame on you for thinking so.

      My position in this regard is no different from the ACLU’s. In many cases I do not like another person’s political view, but I love freedom of expression. Often, in my experience, fearing freedom of expression reveals one’s intellectual insecurity at being unable to make an argument, let alone win one.

      This is a case where the Federal Court got it essentially right, the Full Federal Court got it badly wrong. The High Court should have reviewed the Full Federal Court’s decision. This is far from the last time you hear about Bernie’s case in the academic literature or, indeed, in the case law.

      Your contention that morality plays no part in the law is fatuous.

      The fact that four other states support NSW in its quest for jurisdiction outside its borders is just sad. It only goes to show that you can always depend on governments to try and expand their power. It should be noted that the Commonwealth opposes NSW in the High Court, and rightly so.

      Oh, and Bernie is right about how he calculated the $1.6 million. (He’ll also win against Burns in the High Court, by the way.)

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  13. John the baptist lost his head…Bernard they may have kicked you in the teeth but there are a host of good men in this country who will carry on the fight..you have been a witness and appreciated

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  14. Thank you Bernard. You are honourable and courageous and you speak for more of us than the other side understands.
    Well done.

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  15. Thank you Bernard, you have failed no one.
    The courts have failed all Australians.

    God bless you and your family.

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    The Decision is clearly contradictory in its logic. WHY ??? This is fundamentally scary for everyone & against our Constitution. It threatens ALL OF US – including LGBTI community.

    Defence Instructions and Standing Orders are no longer worth the paper it’s printed on. Following Defence policy & the law of the land can get you sacked – really. The Chief of the ADF is above the Law – Really. Whatever a senior Public Servant thinks is LAW – really. What you say in private is now punishable by loss of employment – really. You now have no right to have your own opinion – really

    The High Court is now clearly & obviously compromised. It has breached the constitution, it has breached our basic human rights.

    Australia just died & nobody noticed. Australia is now a totalitarian Stalinist State in which nobody is safe. If the LGBTI community thinks it’s safe they’re kidding themselves because as V.Lenin would characterise them, they’re the “useful idiots” who will be amongst the first to be be shot when the revolution comes. Do they really think Islam will tolerate them ?

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  17. You gave it a good crack, Bernard, and I thank you for doing that. Somehow, good WILL come out of it- and that’s a promise from Him!! ­čÖé

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  18. Thank you Bernard for flying the flag of common semse. The army recently stated it requires of its soldiers, there be no domestic violence. Never before has this been raised. Portrays a weak, jilted outfit, not fit for service. No wonder they reject going to war. Let’s hope that fine leaders as yourself be installed, for order to be restored. All the best.

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  19. Thank you Bernard for standing up for truth. Where to from here?

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  20. This is a blow against freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

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  21. Thank you for your efforts Bernard! You are a real Australian patriot.

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  22. This is ridiculous. The argument that same sex marriage somehow effects Bernard at all. He is not just expressing an opinion through freedom of speech but oppressing a group of people who should have the same rights as everyone else. Religion should never play a part in politics, and I am sick of this being used as an argument. I am gay, I have had a loving partner for 6 years and I want to marry him and call him my husband so that we can begin our life together like any other couple. And the fact that people believe that denying me this right is simply an expression of free speech is so insulting, I don’t know what else to say. In honesty, I do not wish for anyone to lose their job, but if you think about it at all, the same response would come for anyone who is racist or sexist. This is no different, it is discrimination and exclusion from people who think they are better than others.

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    • Well said Peter Stand firm and call out these bigots and haters.They wish to impose their warped Christian sharia law on us and have been defeated in the courts.

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      • Tony, I think you are a bit twisted up here. Christians are not the proponents of sharia. That is more along the lines of the gays best pals, the islamists. Islamists and gays would make very interesting bedfellows. Probably on the top floor too.
        And to correct you and Peter, It is clear on these comments and on news comments exactly who the bigots and haters are. It is the homosexual’s that are the ones being venomous, violent, hateful and discriminating. I have seen this locally this week when gays didn’t like the idea of someone saying they are voting no. They ended up causing criminal damage and vile abuse that was borderline sexual abuse.

      • It seems that you and many other supporters of the yes vote like to consider that the only opponents of the yes vote are Christian Orientated people.

        That is quite presumptuous and typically a battle ruse of those who want to denigrate and nullify potential opposition with hateful, and often untrue accusations. A practice that was used so effectively in the 1930’s when Nazism was endeavouring to overpower the voices of opposition with violence and segregation.

        There are many in this country that will vote NO who are not Christian, who are Buddhists, Muslims, and of the many other faiths followed by peaceful Australians. These are the millions who will quietly make their vote and go about life as normal.

    • Bernie, thank you for saying what the silent majority only wished they had the balls to say.

      Many thanks to your family in supporting you while you go about your work.

      Keep up the good fight, for even in times like these (when traffic to your site is obviously at its max) you’re bound to be successful in pointing out the bleeding obvious to those who previously haven’t seen the forest for the trees.


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    • Peter,

      You do have the same rights as everyone else. I am very happy for that you have a dude to call your own. You can marry a woman anytime you want.

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    • Peter, you need to learn that there are just as many Atheists as Christians who are against the alleged SSM vote. Masha Gessen said it perfectly in 2012 in Sydney. She is a lgbti activist for those who don’t know and she said that the lgbti don’t want marriage, they just want to destroy the construct and institution of marriage for those who do deserve and believe in it. Your mob will not be happy with a yes vote so don’t even pretend you will be. You will see. Australia is going to stand up and be counted and that count is going to go the way of the NO NO NO vote because we are sick to death of vile little bigots bullying us into submission. Also are you all too stupid to realise why the islamic population is supporting the yes vote? It is so they can further infiltrate themselves into our society and when your lot have finished bending over backwards for them they will have plenty more to throw off buildings because that is their custom not ours. But it will not get to that because my self and many thousand others are going to work bloody hard to make every Aussie realise just what they will lose with a yes vote. Thanks Bernie, You are legend….

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    • Peter, thank you for your thoughts.
      May I share my thoughts with you. You already have a marriage. It is a de-facto marriage that is the same marriage that many happy heterosexual couples also have. So, my suggestion is that it is not a heterosexual marriage that is missing in your life but it is a heterosexual relationship that is missing.

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    • Why are you waiting for a ‘marriage ceremony’ to begin your life together? Why do you need to be ‘married’ to validate your relationship? Why does the bulk of our society have to alter their idea/belief of traditional marriage (between a man & a women) to accomodate your wishes? Instead, how about a’same sex commitment’ act created by law affording same sex couples equivalent rights/obligations as traditionally married couples? I would have thought this solution to be a win/win for all involved – you & your partner can have the security & recognition of a legally binding same sex ceremony whilst members of our society like myself get to remain in our traditional marriages – between a man & a woman. Then we can all move on with our lives. Respectfully & with tolerance of each other & our relationships with our significant others. CP

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  23. If the gay fraternity get marriage rights that won’t stop them from demanding more. They never wanted marriage in the first place, in fact they originally protested against marriage and wanted to put an end to it.
    The LTGBQIPA is a lobby group first and foremost.
    The endeavour is to broaden the well of sexual partner to choose from. That’s why we have safe schools.
    They will find something else to lobby for and foist upon us that will then be the most important thing in the world and god help anyone who says it isn’t.

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  24. For the life of me I don’t know why you are apologising. We did not donate on the condition you win your appeal. Nor does the High Court judgement reflect on you personally, because, as you’ve indicated the issue goes beyond you individually.
    We live in quite a different political climate to that of even ten years ago, never mind forty, fifty years back, and the battle against political correctness needs to be fought almost from scratch again, and it seems we can only do that by developing a conservative counter narrative. The Australian Conservatives and our One Nation allies is one way, but we need to do so individually by getting our own voice out there too.
    The hard left have had it their own way for far too long now.

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  25. Isaiah 5:20 wrong will be right, right will be wrong last days.
    2 Tim 4:3 last days accumulate teachers to suit own passions.

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  26. Bastards!! Utter, Utter bastards… This country is going to hell in a hand basket because of issues like this, gay marriage, safe schools, politicians swearing on a bloody Quran for Gods sake…

    Hats off to you and all that have helped you Bernard, I feel sorry for you and your family and friends and the stress and pressure you must all be under…

    I feel sorry for all Australians that are not aware of how damning this ruling is for free speech..
    I’m not a christian, but I say to you, God Bless You and God help Australia, because we are in serious trouble!

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  27. Bernard, Thank You. You stood when many of us were too infirm or injured to do so. I am ashamed that the ADF that I served diligently, for 38 years, has become so dis-loyal, so corrupted and putrified by this PC Filth.
    You can hold your head up high, you have done so much more than others in this fight and mate, it is not over yet!
    This is one of many battles that we have to fight because none of us wants to leave the fighting to our grand children.

    I may be old but I have so much less to lose than my grand children. They have their whole lives ahead of them and I will do my damnedest to make sure it is without this evil hanging over them.

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  28. Bernard
    mate you fought the good fight ,sadly it seems these days if one speaks up against a minority and one will be punished in some manner as you have found out.
    Mate the battle may have been lost but not the war it will go on as long as there is 100 honest and true men and women and they come down to one .we will still cry out against injustice and fight for what we believe in , Be it some court makes such a decision that fly’s in the face of logic.
    Bloody sure i would not to be led by a hand bag swinging Officer,in my Army days they were men not those who are not sure what they are.
    Stand tall stand proud you done us well ,as i said the war will go on .

    Stand proud cobber you tried forget the Micheal’s and Cathy,s of this world ,one could lay London to a brick from which side they come

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  29. Thank you Bernard for your good works. For every action there is a consequence and it seems that the judiciary are not thinking past the action. It concerns me that our defence forces are not longer so, and what concerns me even more is that the government currently in power has allowed this to happen. Surely they have and over arching right to stop all this watering down of our ability to defend our country in it’s tracks. It has become a tsunami (to coin a popular phase now) of action by the ADF to weaken it: women only in combat, women only to fly combat, transgender to be catered for. Where will be the testosterone when we need it. Doesn’t anyone know anything about hormones and the difference they create in the human body? Me thinks not! Soon they will rewrite the medical text books to eliminate the difference between estrogen and testosterone as they are for men and women.

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  30. Welcome to the rule of law ???

    Thanknfully it doesn’t march to the beat of your ignorant bigotry and homophobia.

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    • Stephen, you’re as triumphant as a bellicose bigot at cross burning ceremony in Alabama

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    • I say Thank you Bernie for your courage and for posting these comments from the LGBTI alphabet mob. It shows them to be the viscous bigots that they are. They are a minority but they are forcing their views onto everyone else. We will rise above them.

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    • Stephen Krauss,

      Er no. Under the present “law”, the CDF can terminate, under the guise of promoting “tolerance”, “diversity” or “inclusiveness” an ADF member for expressing a political opinion that the CDF finds “inappropriate” or “disrespectful”.

      This is arbitrary, and antithetical (look it up) to the rule of law.

      You might want to reconsider who is the ignorant bigot here (though I’m sure you won’t).

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  31. Help us all if we can’t have a personal view on something and express it

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  32. Couldn’t be more proud of your efforts and we should be ashamed of ourselves for not speaking up ourselves. I believe the government is the one that pushes for LGBT rights. We the people need to stand up instead of hiding our head in the sand.

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  33. Dear Bernard,

    Do not think for a moment that you have let anyone else down – you and your legal team have clearly done your best, which is all that anyone can ask for.

    It is very clear that the high court of Australia has let all Australians down, by establishing the legal precedent that your employer now has the right to censor and dictate your private political views, and to sack you for not agreeing with and publicly supporting theirs.

    Imagine how many people in places like Qantas, Google, ANZ, AirBNB, Foxtel or Fairfax now face the sack, if they dare admit they might vote no in the upcoming plebiscite…

    This of itself takes Australia a great leap backwards, closer to a time when our country was effectively a penal colony run by dictatorship.

    I stand in admiration of your bravery, and dogged persistence, to act in defence of your beliefs, and commiserate with you on what must be an enormously disappointing decision of the court.

    Tonight, after what you have been through, you are fully entitled to drown your sorrows. However, we are going to need you back in the fight soon, so make sure you organise a designated driver first!

    For what it is worth – thank you for taking one for the team today. You are not alone, and you are not wrong.

    Kind regards

    Daniel Phillips

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  34. This is sad day and one the Courts will have to fully explain one day. What a horrendously stupid decision and it offends me and troubles my family. We live in Sodom and Gomorrah. Bernie you have more than done your fair share and I am proud to know you.

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    • What really happened in Sodom and Gomorrah? We used to joke that it is one thing to legalize homosexual intercourse as long as it is not made compulsory. That may be what happened there. As we recently saw sex with a female is a sackable offence (AFL). What if these two men had had sex with another male and got sacked. The rainbow crowd would be marching in the street.

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  35. All it takes Bernard is for good men to remain silent!!
    What a travesty of natural justice this judgment is. Now, for any who had doubts, we know that those who seek to undermine our ‘comfortable’ Christian lifestyle in Australia, have some powerful friends in high places.
    BUT there is a day of reckoning ahead. I fear for the Australia which is being bequeathed by this generation to my grandchildren. Shame Australia shame!

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  36. I don’t think you have let Australians down at all. I think you stepped up to do battle with well funded/organised forces that intend to do down the founding population of the Australian state: the White and Christian of European heritage.

    These Marxist forces are conducting their Long March through the Australian institutions. They are now embedded at the top throughout all branches of government, the bureaucracy, the defence forces, banking and finance, the unions, all media, education (especially the universities), sports, entertainment, culture. They have their bases covered and they are badgering away 24/7 to configure the minions of Australian society to the new model of world order and Communist/Globalist society.

    That you lost this battle in the courts means that all the current battles now in progress across the board – every aspect of Australian social and economic life will be tougher. More people will have to step up to contend. To name just a few contentions currently in play: the No to SSM in the plebiscite, the effort to do away with ANZAC Day, the imposition of political correctoid rulz across the workplace…etc.

    Bernard, you made a good and fair fight for the principles upon which Australia was founded. Your opposition does not fight fair – we already knew this. But we didn’t know the court system had completely capitulated to the interests that are taking away the right of Australians to voice an opinion – even one that the enemies of this country have politicised. Now we know. This is useful information.

    Your battle in the court system counts for a lot and those who are currently in the toils will study your court battles. It is early days yet.

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  37. Devastating news, Bernard. Firstly, My heart goes out to you and your family. Secondly, my heart goes out to all Defence members who are now going to be subjected to a destruction of their freedom of speech, thought and actions. Thirdly, my heart goes out for the Australian people who are still not awake to the threat to their freedoms. This decision will have long lasting and far reaching consequences that will only become apparent when they decide that enough is enough. The ability to speak out will have been taken away by lawmakers and any dissent will be crushed under the law of this country. As I found out, speech is only free until you decide to exercise that right, then you are hammered from pillar to post by extremist cultural Marxist ideologies aided and abetted by our so called leaders.

    God bless you Bernard for attempting to redress the balance. Your fight was not in vain. It should serve as a warning to the Australian people not to believe in the self serving politicians and, more importantly, public servants who push this heinous agenda. It is not about SSM but the very real threat to what makes us human. The ability to think and act for ourselves. Take this away and we are nothing but slaves to a system. I for one will never back down to this. I value my freedoms and will continue to support anyone who seeks to preserve them.

    Good luck for the future Bernard and I wish you peace and happiness.

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    • Bernard,you are a poor example of a Christian.
      Who exactly are you fighting for?You were defeated today because of your obsessive hate filled comments

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      • Youre a hateful bigot Cathy, not Bernard !

      • It is actually you, Cathy, who comes across as more than a little twisted.

      • Cathy we are to stand up for right living whoever makes it law
        There is hate of the laws the Governments are bringing in but no hate of the person him or her self
        Same sex activities are an abomination to our Heavenly Father who created us man and woman

      • Cathy you are so wrong. Bernard was not just fighting for himself he was standing up in the breach for many of us with similar Christian views.

      • Apart from him being a homophobic bigot, he is simply trying to avoid getting a real job and getting millions out of the Australian Government….GOD has nothing to do with Gay-Nor’s bigotry…

        Hey Bernie, what happens if one of those many kiddies you have comes out gay one day?? Are u going to disown or worse???

        Go get a real job you PIG

      • Stand your ground Cathy against the hypocritical bigots who try and impose their warped Christian sharia laws on our tolerant society.

      • That’s a terrible statement Cathy. Who the hell are you to judge?

      • Where is the hate? Towards whom? Speaking the truth in love goes against modern culture but is totally for others’ benefit.

      • Cathy, is homosexuality a sin?
        Please forward us the passages in the Bible that command Christians to condone and promote sin.

      • Cathy,

        Please get help for your psychological projection, and work on your punctuation!

      • Michael Moore, Bernie’s kids have a very sound, stable home they are growing up in. Not so with your upbringing by the sounds of the venom you spew.

      • Cathy no hate filled comments. You have a right to an opinion and so do we. A good example of the gay group to me is the gay mardi gras where people go half naked half drunk displaying themselves down the street.

    • Well said,I did not realise how bad things were until recently.thankyou Bernard for your courage!

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  38. I am sad ??Thank you for standing up for your convictions. I am fearful for our future and yet I know that “fear can paralyze,but faith propels us to follow God.?

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  39. Well done Bernard you have fought the good fight. We are proud of you-God bless.

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    • No…..don’t ask God’s blessing on this awful act/habit/whatever. God does not listen to those who do not obey his laws. Jehovah prohibits same sex association (having sex) and there is NO WAY round that, in spite of what the High Court or any other authority says. So Bernard has not fought the good fight, he is attempting to disobey God and he will ultimately pay for for that as no doubt you will.

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      • What are you talking about?

      • Michael – I don’t think you understand the context of Bernards post. Maybe go back and re-read it…

      • Michael it is the opposite to what you think it is, read it again

      • Michael I think you may be disturbed.

      • Misdirected. There is no disobedience here. Just a secular court of law saying yes to dismissing a decorated defence member on account of expressing views that uphold a good moral code and truth. That ‘crime’ means others may follow suit.

      • Classiccase of dunning-kruger i think michael….

      • Michael you are an idiot. Bernard is most definitely opposed to same sex marriage. Read the whole article. Anthony

      • Michael, Bernard is quite right to confer a blessing upon those who have sought to do him harm. Romans 12 tells us:
        . Bless them that persecute you:
        bless and curse not (v12);
        . Recompense no man evil for evil
        . Dearly beloved, AVENGE NOT
        YOURSELVES, but rather give place
        unto wrath: for it is written,
        Vengeance is Mine; I will repay,
        saith the Lord (v19);
        . Therefore, if thine enemy hunger,
        feed him; if he thirst, give him
        drink: for in so doing thou shalt
        heap coals of fire on his head (v20)

        And here’s the key in v21:
        Be not overcome of evil, but
        overcome evil with good.

        Jesus also tells us in Matthew 5:44-45a:
        Love your enemies, bless them that
        curse you, do good to them that hate
        you, and pray for them which
        despitefully use you, and persecute
        That you may be the children of your
        Father which is in heaven

        This is also repeated in Luke 6:27-28.

        We know that homosexuality is evil. We also know that we are living in the “last days” of the Bible where evil will seem to be rampant throughout the world (see 1 Timothy 3:1-7). But – again – God will deal with them (see Isaiah 5:20, 24).

        Ours is to preach the Message of the Cross, with a fervent expectation that those who were once our enemies would come to the Knowledge of the fullness of Christ.

    • I have talked about this issue with those for and against, I really think that christian communities amongst other organisations in the modern day should be able to patent this well documeted practice, tradition or ritual, making it a simple issue where as we have little control over the actions of others, but if they want to create a bond it would be farer if they came up with an idea of their own.

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    • You and your supporters are sad, evil bigots. Our courts have acted with great justice here. Crawl back from whence you came.

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      • You are dressing a decorated soldier. Have you no shame?

      • So you support the idea that a person cannot express a view privately that differs from his or her employer. Totalitarianism. The courts are wrong and they have caved in to minority clammering.

      • Bernard was in the right and am so sorry for him but also for our country that his case was ruled against him. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech are in danger of being lost. God never forces anyone against their will but the opponents to Him use bullying and force to get their way ­čÖü Thanks Bernard for standing up for truth and what is right.

      • Definition of “bigot”

        One who is intolerant of another’s point of view.

        You are a classic example.

      • Shaun, please let me know which rrock you are under so that I maygo to a different field.

      • You, Shaun Warnock, are the evil bigot. I encourage you to actually look up the word bigot. Right here waht you wrote is a cassic example of bigotory.
        And how dare you address a decorated soldier this way. He has done more for this counrty than you have or ever will achieve.
        This ruling is a total threat to the freedoms that our veterans fought and died for.
        I am now ashamed to be Australian! Disgusted with our court system and the political leaders of our nation!!!

      • Shaun Warnock,

        What is it with all the trolls on this thread projecting their hatred and bigotry against Bernie?

        Also, “great justice”? I suppose the next thing you’ll say is “All your base are belong to us.”

        (Yes, I am down with the popular culture.)

      • The courts have not followed the actual law as it stands today so they are outside of their framework. Shaun the man has had his job taken away with no legal support for the stance they have taken. Are you going to join the defense force and help protect this country as it would seem you are the type of person the current hierarchy are after. Oh that’s right that would mean some sacrifices on your behalf for others – I am picking up on a vibe that you may not be that type of person- unlike Bernard

    • Congratulations Bernard on taking a stand for the truth.
      I believe tougher times lie ahead for Bible believing Christians. I hope and pray we will have courage as you have shown

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    • You Bernard have my respect and admiration, Australia needs more people like yourself !
      Please stay strong, you will be vindicated in the light of truth and justice in the coming days, not to long into the future now !??

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    • Well done to Bernard, his family n all the team. Your reward will be great where we faithfully expect to go.
      But who are these ‘fantasy world judges’ – by name? They wont forever be able to avoid their fate after failing yet again to meet their obligations to protect our basic rights n institutions.

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    • You didn’t let us down! The ADD & the Courts did.

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      • Well said. It may take time. However, I believe that history will show that Bernard was correct.

    • Couldnt have happened to a better person…. you are a disgusting vile person

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      • I am sorry you are gay, Michael.

      • Disgusting is what you want to wash clean. You cant make a sin clean buy telling people its ok now!

    • One step back but time will see many steps forward. Fairness will prevail just not as quickly as it should.

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