ABC’s Sarah L’Estrange defends paedophile fantasy comic

Fact Number One: Maia Kobabe, one of the most famous LGBTQIA+ authors in the world, fantasises about paedophilia.

We know this because Kobabe drew a picture in her autobiography of a naked dude with an erection touching a boy on his penis. She described this picture as an ‘elaborate fantasy’ with little thought bubbles containing the disturbing desire coming out of her very own noggin. It was on the page where Kobabe detailed her favoured masturbation techniques and preferences.

That would be page 135 of Gender Queer to be precise.

I’ve blurred the picture above so that you don’t have to vomit. The officials in charge of enforcing censorship laws in Australia looked at the real deal in Kobabe’s ‘elaborate fantasy’ and described it in an important-looking government report. These are the words that they used:

“In this pottery illustration, a bearded male with an erection kneels before a smaller male figure, cupping his hand beneath the smaller figure’s penis.”

Apparently, ‘smaller male figure’ is the official phrase used by government bureaucrats who do not want to admit that they are looking at paedophilia in an LGBTQIA+ comic but who don’t think that they can get away with the word ‘dwarf’. Or ‘midget’.

All this paedophilic pottery ‘penis cupping’ comes with added extras that the pro-rainbow censors also conveniently forgot to mention: namely Kobabe’s flushed face and concentrating, closed eyes. Kobabe’s telling the world that she doesn’t just think about paedophilia for the sake of it.

No. Not at all.

Maia Kobabe lusts over paedophilic thoughts because they give her sexual gratification.

And Kobabe’s autobiography tells us that this has been a lifelong habit.

Kobabe masturbated to images of paedophilia as a young teenager before running out of new sexual fantasies by the age of 16. That didn’t stop her masturbating her way through college and into maturity though, as she is so keen to tell us . It seems that Kobabe ‘got off’ with the fantasies that she had already locked away.

Then, as a 29 year old adult, Kobabe turned once again to these paedophilic visions. She weaved them into her very own autobiography, framing her most intense and personal sexual desires against the image of a man touching a boy. This paedophile fantasy has obviously left its vivid and deep imprints inside Maia Kobabe’s mind: it’s stayed with her for almost two decades and she put it right above the description of her ‘best fantasy’. Kobabe, quite literally, drew herself immersed in it.

Then Kobabe admitted that she drew this paedophile fantasy in legal documents filed on 26 July 2022 in the United States:

The only image in the book of nudity or a sexual act indisputably involving a minor depicts a scene from Plato’s Symposium (p. 135 of the book)…

In fairness to Kobabe, she did only draw a single image ‘indisputably’ depicting paedophilia. I guess that’s a mistake anyone could make. After all, the age of the naked people in the other pornographic depictions in her book is arguable. Are they kids? Who knows?

But I do like that word ‘indisputably’. It’s so absolute.

Does Gender Queer contain an image of Kobabe fantasising about a minor in a sex act with an adult while she describes her preferred masturbation habits? IN-DIS-PU-TAB-LY.

Did Kobabe draw this image at about the age of 29 with the words ‘elaborate fantasy’ and ‘best fantasy’? IN-DIS-PU-TAB-LY.

Is the general understanding of a paedophile an adult who is sexually attracted to minors? IN-DIS-PU-TAB-LY.

So don’t take my word for any of this. Listen to the paedophile fantasy ‘artist’ herself.

Kobabe has told an American court that the image she drew of her elaborate sexual fantasy ‘indisputably’ contains a minor.

That’s about as emphatic an admission as you can get from Kobabe that she thinks about kids in creepy ways.

Fact Number Two: ABC journalist Sarah L’Estrange defends Gender Queer, even though she admits that it may ‘possibly’ contain an image of a sexual encounter between a man and a boy.

We’ll delve into the ‘possibly’ in a bit, but even with that caveat it’s still a rather radical position to hold. Since when are ABC journalists comfortable with a bit of possible paedophilia?

(Actually the answer is that as long as it’s not a Catholic priest it’s kind of fine).

On 12 May 2024, ABC Radio National broadcast a report titled ‘Gender Queer in Australia’. It lists Sarah L’Estrange as the presenter and producer in the report credits.

Here’s Sarah L’Estrange’s report describing the content of Gender Queer:

“Why is ‘Gender Queer’ so controversial?

Well, there are depictions of menstrual blood, sex toys and sexual fantasies but there’s this key image that’s constantly referred to when people are objecting to it.

There’s a comic panel in the style of an ancient Greek vase and it depicts a sexual encounter between two men – possibly an older man and a boy.”

Here are the final words of Sarah L’Estrange’s report:

“In Australia it remains to be seen whether the case with ‘Gender Queer’ is a one off or the beginning of a tsunami. So, keep reading the books you love and defending your right to read.”

And here is Sarah L’Estrange’s tweet promoting this report.

Just in case you have any doubt about Sarah L’Estrange’s unbiased journalistic integrity or the the good faith way that she approached this report, note that she starts her tweet with these words:

Don’t let Australia import US style book bans…

I, for one, have a suggestion that might help Sarah achieve her goal of preventing US style book bans here. How about we not import US style paedophile comics either.

But consider these words from Sarah’s report: “Defending your right to read.” And: “Sexual encounter between two men – possibly an older man and a boy.”

If I ever put those words together I’d have a good, long think about all the ways my life had gone wrong. That’s where Sarah and I differ. She’s promoting her ‘report’ defending Gender Queer like she’s proud of it.

And that’s not the end of it.

Poor Sarah knows that ‘possibly’ is not possible at all. There is no doubt here. Maia Kobabe’s book shows her fantasising about a man fondling a boy’s genitalia. And everyone knows it. Including poor Sarah L’Estrange. She just cannot bring herself to admit this truth although it took only two days for her to cave and give up the pretence of any other possibility.

This is how Sarah L’Estrange described Gender Queer in a separate ABC interview just 48 hours after her first report:

“And there is an image of the author’s sexual fantasy based on the ancient Greek Plato’s “Symposium” which, as we know, the ancient Greeks, umm, homosexuality had a very different concept – idea then, as now, ahh and, so, this is considered troubling for some…”

Spit it out, girl! What exactly are you trying to say?

This whole thing is actually kind of hilarious.

Yes. I do want Gender Queer banned because it depicts paedophilia. But I’m not so troubled by the book that I cannot describe its contents coherently.

Poor Sarah L’Estrange, on the other hand, seems desperate to keep the book available for anyone to read, including children. But she is so troubled by its contents that she’s petrified to tell anyone anything about it.

Ask her what’s inside Gender Queer and poor Sarah L’Estrange can’t string a sentence together. She turns into a bumbling idiot. I’ve never seen someone have more difficulty stating the facts than our intrepid ABC reporter.

At this point, it seems that poor Sarah L’Estrange’s only redeeming feature is that she is not a callous, point blank liar like whoever wrote this article about Gender Queer for SBS last year. It contains this line:

There is no suggestion the book promotes paedophilia.

Thanks for that, Pinocchio. You’ve put the BS back into the SBS.

As much as I get the impression that poor Sarah L’Estrange would love to be able to roll that line off her tongue, she just can’t do it. It’s like she’s been hit with the same well of inner unhappy goodness that caused Jim Carey so much trouble in Liar Liar.

Maybe there’s hope for poor Sarah after all.

While poor Sarah L’Estrange ponders why she’s brought to a stammering mess when asked to describe Gender Queer, she might also ponder the findings of a 2010 report published by the Unites States’ Center for Missing and Exploited Children profiling child sex offenders:

“…Books about human sexuality, sex education, and sex manuals are also used to lower inhibitions. Children accept what they see in books, and many pedophiles have used sex education books to prove to children such sexual behavior is acceptable. Adult pornography is also used, particularly with adolescent boy victims, to arouse them or lower inhibitions.”

Well who woulda thunk it? Paedophiles use books like Gender Queer to groom their victims.


Just who was Sarah L’Estrange unwittingly encouraging when she so boldly declared at the end of her episode on Gender Queer to ‘keep reading the books you love’?

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The distortion of truth and morals, thru the sexual exploitation of children to justify the sexual satisfaction of some adults must never become acceptable in any society and a standard must be raised up against such literature which elevates & celebrates such behaviour. Children are just that, children, and must always be protected from literature that distorts truth, misrepresents truth and replaces it with concepts which can lead children to utter confusion in their teenage years and for the rest of their lives. The king is NOT wearing any clothes.

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    • This is just sickening. I’m utterly lost for words to describe this abomination of morals. Utterly disgusting!

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